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This looks like fun 👀🐬
Good night
Talk about getting physical . We love getting inspiration from traveling the world, tasting different flavors, and seeing many colors but a greater one is by seeing now celebrities, artists, music producers, and models like the beautiful @kendalljenner 🌿 at Gala! I know it’s still summer but could the •sparkle of this dress bring beautiful sparkling holiday ideas to our new designs?! Yes I think so ! ✨✨✨✨ •Make sure to see all of the cool pre order styles that have now been uploaded online! Reminder too this will be the last week to get your discount online by inputting the code YES123 shop $100 get $10 off shop $200 get $20 off shop $300 get $30 off on our web at www.shopellison.com, Orange Shine , Fashion Go, and FashionDomino🛍💻 • • • • • #kendalljenner #Gala #sparkle #green #redcarpet #fashion #model #Saturday #holiday #ideas #designs #wholesale #boutique #online #onlineshopping #discount #goodvibes #EllisonGirls
Bleu 🐬
Good Night 🔥😍
days like this. 💛🌿
And tomorrow i need to woke up early and i didn't do my bag and clean my room 😬😬
The kind of life I want to live. 🌿
i come back at my house only for one night and tomorrow i go back to my sister's home 🙄
@?? i just heard my door jiggle but i’m the only one home :)) how fun !! -logan
Wish I was on vacation. Where do you want to explore? 💛🌿
Good Night Only To My Bitchy #kendalljenner 🤗👑😍
Couldn’t find the exact location of this pic... where do you think this is? I’m guessing Positano 💛🌿
Nate; hello it’s your babygirl jess. I’ve known you for about 9 months which is a lot and I don’t know how the fuck you can put up with me but anyways. When I first met you, I couldn’t stop laughing because you were so energetic and for some reason I developed a crush on you. Then like a month past and I liked you and I never told you because I was afraid you wouldn’t feel the same. You saw me go through shit and you were there for me and I wanna say thank you for that. But it’s different now cause I’m officially yours. I can call you my boyfriend or my happiness and I’m so fucking happy I get to because I’ve been waiting for so long. You say you’re not amazing or perfect but you are to me. I love every flaw, I love every mistake, and everything you do because I fell for you months ago. It’s true I did and I don’t know how the fuck you did it but you did. I don’t know how long this paragraph is but imma keep going cause you make me happy. like super happy like of course you annoy me but you’re my best friend/ lover now. Anyways I love you feo so fucking much. I promise for whatever reason something happens things won’t change and that’s a facted. I love you, nate. 🥀 - #openrp #haileybaldwinrp #haileyrp #newopenrp #jailey #justinrp #rp #anyrp #daddyrp 🌸 #introrp #kylierp #literaterp #kendellrp #selenarp #maggierp #madisonrp #roleplay #singlerp #kyliejenner #kendalljenner #acefamily
who likes this look ? @kourtneykardash
Kendall & Kylie ❤️ *opinions on them? * * * *tags: #kendalljenner #kyliejenner #jenners #kardashian #explore #model #sister #stormismom
hey guys so imma deactivate soon, forever, bc honestly, there's just nothing to post about and i cant post about what i want to without the posts flopping and people unfollowing . its really discouraging and hard to ignore . besides, i need to focus on myself because i stress out sm when i realize i haven't posted in a really long time . i've had this page for over a year and it has given me some really nice memories but i think its time to go . i will miss it and who knows, i might even come back because that happens every time 💀 maybe not today or tmmr but soon, i know its better for me to leave. that doesn't mean i don't love justin, because i will, forever. but i need to give it a break, a real break .. not just a few days, like always smh . most of you wont even miss me lol but i just wanted yall to know 💙 . and if not sooner, definitely when jb5 comes .
Kendall Jenner: She had always been the quiet one of that 😤 show KUWTK. Those lips HAS SHE GOTTEN PLASTIC SURGERY I CAN’t TELL?? Okay straight i don’t like that girl i don’t like many so DONT TAKE IT PERSANOL OKAY LFKCKDCJXJJXCLX i can’t spell personal HEEEEELP okay bye -#rihanna #flyliner #fentybeauty #fentyxpuma #savagexfenty #unapolegetic #anti #talkthattalk #loud #kendalljenner #kyliejenner #justinbieber #music #love #cool #hi #instagram #instagood #camilacabello - #rihanna #drawing #drawings #hit #instagram #story #instagood #gaintrick #uglygaintrain #gaintrain #gainpost
Missing you.
Pregnancy x After giving birth 😍😩🙌🏼 @kyliejenner cr: @kylie.glamm
“it’s not always just the heart. sometimes your mind breaks as well”
queen queen queen [ @lexiwood ]
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