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I took out my #spiritual mama out dancin’ last night. She loves to #dance , and #sing , #smoke #Pot !! She is extremely embracing, and is always accepting of anyone who comes into her life. She heals, she unconditionally loves, she nurtures countless plants in multiple gardens, THIS WOMAN spreads & seeks; #light , #truth , quotes, #ideas !!! LMJ has SO MANY talents and abilities and BEST OF ALL, she has a heart of GOLD! THANK YOU UNIVERSE for answering my prayers by bringing in an influence that aligns with my HIGHest greatest good!!. She #kickboxes and teaches a Cool & Sculpting class and lastly, has the ability to punch a man’s face off. Grateful to be a considered partner if we were ever to jump into the Amazing Race!!! Blessed to ride with this #BADASS mama
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