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la tragédie se terre, elle attend la foudre et les éclairs
Hope but never expect. Look forward but never wait.
Summer with @solene_robinho
Yet another one of this session with the beautiful Kurri. Last week the federal government has authorized the transfer of 500 acres of land to the Kahnawake aboriginal reserve, which is where we shot, and she is from. This is a major win, but there is still 800 000 square metres of land that remains to Quebec. Hopefully all this stolen land goes back to the First Nations, who will take care of it, way better then we do.
Throwback to a photoshoot I did a few years ago with this amazing artist. Leyla was already making some waves with her unique paintings when I met her in this big apartment that was her local workshop, and now she is travelling the world to create, sell and expose her art. Check out her stuff if you're into pop icons portraits with a unique twist.
Choose everyday to forgive yourself. You are human, flawed, and most of all worthy of love. . . Today has been rough. I forgot my wallet with my gas light on, left my lunch in my car, and spilt coffee all over me the first 5 min of work. I had to take a minute and reset myself to stop myself from getting into a toxic grumpy mindset. I recognize the events, appreciated the feelings, and let them pass. Then I reached out for help. I got a good morning work out running to my car, and my wonderful hubby is dropping off my wallet after work. Sometimes all you need to do is a take a breath. What to you do to reset yourself? . . @tracyjaneweidel . . #fitness #fitinspiration #workout #sportsbra #gym #fitnessmodel #gym #fitspo #gymlove #fitspiration #bodymodivation #fitnesspic #fitnessstyle #bodypos #realbodies #bodyposi #dietculture #bopo #allbodiesaregoodbodies #bodyconfident #selfiesforselflove #selfacceptance #everybodyisbeautiful #fuckyourbeautystandards #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #selfcare #selflove #selfcaresaturday #kelsienick0531
SWEET WORDS 💌 Fun fact : I used a real letter that the wonderful @shehasaboysname sent me a few seasons ago✨
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