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If you don’t imagine, nothing ever happens at all.
| beam like a rainbow | and colours why don't you let it show | we are beautiful | never forget that this belongs to you and I | no matter where we are, we know where we've come from | I can feel it inside of me, in my bones | I am made out of all the things that I love | Return to Borneo-Malaya-Singapore | #balikkampung | monsoon season | 🌴🏙🌴🏖🌴 |s
Hell-o 💐 Dream come true!
What’s the best part ab new material? - Freestyle lyrics before anyone knows the words! - - - Hey everyone! I’ll be on a solo tour around the Bay Area to promote my new album, A Waste of Flesh! Stay posted for a list of dates and venues. #new #music #live #artist #singer #guitar #instagood #killtheunderground #sanfrancisco #california #fun #feelgood #rock #studioone0one #songs #soundcloud
One day maybe long from now you're gonna wake up and realize you never needed a compass to get to where you were going, everything you needed was in you. You are and always have been your own compass, and you know where to go next, even if you think you don't. So just go, leave and don't look back
I’m back
So lift your eyes if you feel you can 🎵
You only need me when it's convenient.
needed eye drops.. #subwaybodega .
...històries de metro...metro’s tales...
only love her partly
Идиллия безлюдности
Highest mountain in Germany... Covered in fog 🤷🏼‍♀️😅
⚜️World Champion @brisco_s3 rocking the Black Marble 🌑 www.sphere-paris.com (link in bio.) 📷 @colindtn
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