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Ready for a weekend of cold-water swimming! Happy place! 📷 @ben___heath
早上喝牛奶 🥛
👥Продолжаем знакомства👥 ⠀ Вторая пара выбрана и уже ждёт вашего внимания😉 ⠀ ▫️Первый профиль, о котором хочется рассказать - это @tdianaa 👻 Визуал просто прекрасен😍 Светлые оттенки, уютные раскладки, интересные идеи для фото - всё это можно увидеть, перейдя по ссылочке👆 ⠀ Бонусом ко всему этому служат посты на экологические темы🍃 ☑ за что от меня отдельное уважение =) (Все же знают мою любовь к биологии, химии и экологии?😉) ⠀ А ещё скажу по секрету🤫, что она из другой страны, бывшей в составе СССР, ведь не одной мне интересны профили людей из других государств, правда?🙃 ⠀ ▫️А эта прекрасная девушка со мной уже больше месяца ➡️ @elenro_19 ⠀ Как только заглядываешь к ней в профиль, встречает тебя запах весны, романтики и утренней атмосферы☺ ⠀ И кто сказал, что розовые профили остались в 2016? Елена докажет вам обратное, ведь невозможно не влюбиться в её фотографии 💕 ⠀ Это настолько девичий уголок в многограннике Инстаграма, что невольно потянется рука остаться с этим милым человеком надолго😚 ⠀ Как вам сегодняшние герои? Не забудьте проголосовать за понравившийся профиль в сторис👆
”choose consciously and with conviction” - N.L.C shot for @northlondonconstruction lookbook ‘19
Another cute and cheap spot for breakfast was @lacacharreriadesevilla 😍 Your typical hipster joint but where you can eat and have a hot drink for as low as 2€ 🙌🏻 Tho if I see a waffle on the menu the choice is really not up to me is it 🤷🏻‍♀️
041318 | bet a lot of people miss this too 😭
Wishing everyone a lovely Easter weekend 🐰 #Easter
⋒ the space in between pain and joy, defeat and victory - there’s a miracle in motion. There’s a movement of life that says to what it looks dead: Not today / during the quietness as we wait, the loneliness of not knowing when... the Saturday that left questions... none of this stops You // because You hold the Key of Life and Hope safe in Your hands. Meanwhile, we stand FIRM in this space in between mystery and revelation, because another day is on its way. #CrossEqualsLove
031819 | escape door from life?
123118 | soft waves 🎐
Фрагменты из жизни одной собаки
“È ancora possibile distinguersi dai più e plasmare la propria vita secondo le proprie convinzioni? Si possono ignorare vie precostituite, norme sociali e religiose, giudizio degli altri, per costruire la propria esistenza in accordo con le proprie e più intime esigenze? Con i propri ideali?” Non di facile lettura, ma amo questo libro. 💚 . . . #rincorrerelabellezza #ilmioritmolento #henrydavidthoreau
_ we will never forget the night we gazed at the stars, listening to the distant roaring waves as the warm ocean breeze gently grazed our faces. _ it was a truly magical experience! a full immersion in the indigenous nature of the yucatán coast. que mágico!✨
@truemanandhall is a new online marketplace, championing British products. 🇬🇧 Spend £35+ this Easter weekend and receive one of our Leather & Patchouli candles for free! 👌🏻 A unisex fragrance that is deep and rich, perfect for scenting any space with 40 hours burn time. 🙌🏻
"Your intuition rarely lets you down; follow it and know that avoiding the signs can hurt you more than your fear of change." 🍃✨ wearing - @kanoahbyadelenedsouza captured by- @omii_clicks
happy 4/20!! 🍀 from denmark’s hippie dippie anarchist town, where love is free and the green is (kinda but not rly) legal 😙💨 every year, thousands of tourists flock copenhagen to get a sight of christiania’s infamous green light district, where cannabis is sold and smoked openly; and is (often) tolerated by police. after the shootings a few years ago, however, christianites are now asking the public to purchase their weed elsewhere in an attempt to push out gangs and gang violence. still, residents support legalization, and it is not uncommon to see the plant being grown in people’s homes and gardens 🌱🚬
Holford Dress @eastbyeastwest_ | An oversize linen dress in a woven check. Wide cap sleeves, mid length, half concealed waist tie to create a more fitted look. Perfect for a spot of English garden picking . . . . . . #ShopsOfInstagram #EverydayLuxury #LifestyleShop #Design #InteriorDesign #Home #TheShopkeepers #ShopLocal #Curated #Edit #Gifts #Shop #IndependentRetail #Bruton #Somerset #Travel #Boutique #Hospitality #ShopKeeper #IndependantHighStreet #IndependentShop #LocalBusiness #Shopkeeper #IndependentShop #ShopIndependent #KinfolkLife #CuratedLife
@darwinhedgie had his first adventure outside yesterday and it was the cutest 🌸🦔
Found this awesome masked crab yesterday, a burrowing crab, he was waving his little claws about to say hello and blowing bubbles. Bean was so gentle it was like he knew the crab was special! Had such a wonderful day yesterday in the sun on the beach at Duporth, had my first dip in the sea this year, and knitted lots of hemp rope on the rocks while bean played in the rockpools. He had this cute little game where he dug all the white pebbles out of the pool and then deposited them on the bank, made me cackle! Afterwards had a lovely meal at the pub with some dear old friends. Bean was so shattered after tearing round the beach all day he was willingly carried home in a wicker basket, unheard of for Mr Bean, and his coat is super soft from the sea water. He is all recharged this morning ready for another day of fun! If you want to see a video of a crab blowing bubbles and Mr Bean playing in his rockpool I popped them in my stories ☺️ ✨#beachbling
Happy Easter weekend! I hope you’re finding some time to rest and some space to breathe. Battling an unexpected bout of the flu and couch-bound for the past few days, I thought I would just share with you a little reminder for this long weekend: Your to-do list can wait. Read that book you’ve been leaving on the shelf. Watch that TV series you’ve saved on Netflix. Go on a picnic. Do whatever it is you want to do, without the guilt.
I’ve had the best few days with my eldest this week.....girly days together, meals out and a lovely sunny walk into Hebden Bridge yesterday ☀️ She’s off back to London today, but only 2 weeks until we go to visit them in London 🎉 And now I’ve got a lovely few days with my youngest to look forward to!!! 💖💖 #happymomma
I’ve recently discovered the joy of slow starts. Of sitting in bed just for a while, sipping tea and flicking through magazines from back to the front (is that a thing or is it just me?). . Today I’m here pondering on life and deciding It’s been a strange year so far. I had plans that haven’t amounted to anything yet and accomplished things I hadn’t really planned but that’s ok, sometimes that’s just the way it is. How about you? Is the year shaping up how you imagined or are you like me a little off track but enjoying the ride 😊
Доброе утро 🐣
久々に…登るにも丁度良い季節やね。#kinfolkbicycles #kinfolklife #baaw #roadclimb
Мне нравится, когда мои друзья подходят ко мне, чтобы обсудить тему, о которой я писала в Инстаграме. Ещё больше мне греет сердце, если люди вспоминают мои посты спустя время. Приятное чувство, что посредством блога я немного меняю реальность, возможно даже в лучшую сторону 😂 Все, кто читает мою писанину - вы прекрасны!
Maude’s first visit to the bach. It’s a little different to her city home. There’s real grass for starters! And lots of it. She runs until she conks out. So much to explore and see and dig and sniff and eat - including the cheese she just pinched off the platter that was all ready for our guests tonight. 🐶😳#goodlordymissmaudie #perfectlyimperfectliving #cavoodlesofinstagram
Сахарная пудра 🖤 Вдохновение в деталях #julia_moments
Ostern fällt dekomäßig äußerst dezent bei mir aus, wie man unschwer erkennen kann.😅 Das eine Ei ist wirklich alles! Ein paar Zweige, Gänseblümchen oder Flieder in der Vase sind mir da viel lieber! Okay, der Frühstückstisch wird Ostern auch noch ein bisschen feierlich aufgehübscht. Ich wünsche euch und euren Familien wunderschöne, erholsame Osterfeiertage! Kann ja eigentlich nicht viel schief gehen bei dem Traumwetter oder?!
I wish everybody beautiful Easter days full of sun and warmth!⠀ I spend the next days with my family at my moms. She lives in a beautiful little village in nature. It’s always so nourishing to be there and get energized.
We always have some ready stock dried flowers bouquets ; so in case of any floral emergencies, kindly contact us! 🌸 #eternalbysavine
My golden hour 🌅
My styling work for LUXWTR 📸 @nyimaslaula 💫
There are two ways to face the wind when you're out in the open. You can put your back to it, waiting it out and hoping it will change. Or you can lean forward, taking the next step even as the strength of a headwind pushes back at you. Depending on the day - on how well I slept, how strong I feel, who I have with me - I might take either approach. I don't think there's necessarily a wrong one.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ We're used to the winds of adversity out here. Sometimes they're literal: 60 mph gusts that knock out power and leave me thankful for my unlimited data plan. Sometimes they're more metaphorical: a plan that didn't quite work out, or an opportunity that fizzled. Every creative business owner has had some breezy days.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ So give yourself some grace. If you need to turn your back for a second until the wind dies down, I'll stand right next to you. If you feel like pushing onward, I'm up for that too.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The thing to remember, no matter what path you choose, is that the wind, eventually, calms.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #creativeculture #enjoythejourney #inthemoment #rural_love #offthebeatenpath #feelfreefeed #seekthesimplicity #everydaybeauty #kinfolkstyle #kinfolklife #pnw #pnwonderland #pnwlife #entrepreneur #entrepreneurlife #horses #horsesofinstagram #horsefamily
. . 2019 04 19 [농사일지-토마토] . 트렉터로 오전내 토마토를 심을 땅에 갈고 뒤집는 로터리 작업을 했다. . 친정부모님 댁에 있는 관리기 (경운기 앞부분처럼 생긴)를 들고와 땅을 깊게 파며 골을 만들어주는 골타기 작업을 한뒤 . 쇠스랑으로 남은 돌을 골라낸 후 . 토마토 모종을 받아 왔다. . 월요일에 모종을 땅에 심어주어야한다. . 2019 04 19 #관하리라이프
. . 산책이 좋은게 아니라 함께할수 있어서 행복해 하는것 같다는 내 말을 기억해주는 좋은 반려인, . 성곡저수지 둘레길에 있는 안산정은 다산과 부를 기원해준다며 나를 데려간 그녀와 그녀의 반려견 ‘이리’ 그리고 산책후 우리는 읍에 나가 수세미와 고추, 가지와 애호박 모종을 사왔다. . . 2019 04 20 #관하리라이프
With a sumptuous look & an incredibly opulent feeling fabric, this top will become your fast favorite. Comes in 4 colors & sizes, XS-XL. Made with 💙 in NYC by #LolaAndSophie .
Flower hurricane 🌿🌸
Everything is illuminated ✨ 🌸
came up to Marsworth, about an hour outside of London, for the weekend. I find myself in this idyllic cottage setting so beautiful, I have to pause every few minutes. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I close my eyes and feel the gentle sun on my face. the sound of Louis Armstrong and Ella’s harmonies intertwined with the laughter around the dinner table. moments I cherish. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ —— canon 5d mark iv canon 85mm f1.4 edited with lightroom
“You don’t need to escape your surroundings to find peace. Now, I know sometimes escaping might be the quickest route to peace. I know how easy it is to sink into your thoughts and let the world melt away. And I am not discouraging you from that if that is genuinely a fulfilling experience for you. But, I realised that for me, at times, this was a response I was having out of fear. I was anxious that I wasn’t prepared or strong enough to cope with my immediate surroundings and thus needed to flee, even if the direction was into myself. But, here’s the thing, presence is about being aware of your surroundings and completely at home in them no matter what they are. Here is a quote I find suiting: ‘Peace is not the absence of chaos. It is the presence of tranquility and joy in the midst of chaos.’ —Debasish Mridha So, if I’m always attempting to escape the chaos instead of embrace it, I am not truly finding peace. I may feel peaceful, but it is a fragile peace. It is a peace dependent upon avoiding the current circumstances. A more lasting, stronger peace would only come from being fully present in the moment at hand and uncovering the peace, the preciousness within it, like selecting sea-smoothed stones on a rocky shore.” . . This is an excerpt from my most recent blog post about cultivating slow moments in the midst of travel anxiety.  Alongside photographs of beautiful linen fabrics (#gifted from @magiclinen ), I explore various practices that can be employed to help feel the full preciousness of the present moment, even if its one spent on public transit surrounded by the noise and general chaos.
We love a long weekend! 😍
can someone tell me how i managed to LOSE all my pictures from junior homecoming ??? what’s wrong with me & howw did this happen. this is a SCREENSHOT from my personal account lol WHERE ARE my pics helpp
Absolutely magical time watching a “siege of herons” at Hartsholme in all their gawky, brilliant, prehistoric looking glory. I’ve photographed these birds before but they were truly breathtaking this evening against the setting sun. #herons
We never mind unexpected guests #pacificnatural
i love spring. i think it might be my favorite season, just to see everything coming alive and the weather getting more warm. it’s the best and really makes you marvel in the genius of our Creator. we have new life because of Him and Him alone! don’t forget that mind blowing truth this weekend or ever really. we serve a RISEN savior!🖤
Best afternoon with this one. Just another photo of a babe looking beaut on a cobbled street 👌🏻
So what’s the chances of any eggs left of the shelves for me to buy?😳 . . ✖️✖️Free shipping all Easter weekend! Code: freeshipping!✖️✖️
a few easters ago, i read these words about Jesus for the first time: “he had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him”. those words made me want to cry and it took me a while to figure out exactly why. those words and this truth settled themselves deep in my heart because there are so many moments when i feel that i’m not beautiful/majestic/charming/accomplished enough. there’s a persistent little bird perched on my shoulder (fellow enneagram type 1w2s, you know the one!) that’s always trying to tell me lies like, “they probably think that you're incompetent” and "you could have and should have done that better". i struggle with the thought that i am inherently missing something or that i’m failing to meet the standards that i should. and i’m not afraid of outing that crazy bird, because don’t we all have a lying bird of our own? but in Jesus, i encountered something that brought, for the first time in my life, true, lasting and steadfast peace to my frenetic & anxious heart. it was like all of my longings to be better - to be perfect - evaporated as i was being hugged by a huge force of unending love. i realised that i had been spending my whole life searching for that embrace - the only thing that would make my soul feel whole, at peace and enough. i think the easter story is crazy and almost unbelievable, but i'm so convinced that it's true. Jesus cast his majesty aside and came to earth as a humble, plain-looking man all those years ago; seeking only to fulfil his Father's rescue plan for the world rather than seeking the praise of men. he died a horrific death that he didn't deserve and rose to life again, all so that God could throw open the gates of heaven to us - the broken, imperfect and lonely. Jesus sings lullabies of grace that silence that lying bird perched on my shoulder and he tells me again and again, "you are whole and you and completely loved. your value is not afforded by the gaze of others or of yourself. i created you, redeemed you and freed you - you are beautiful, accepted, complete and lacking no good thing." and you know what? he offers to say the same of you too, friends ✨❤️
Ladies, this PSA is for you! In the past year alone, I've saved about 300 tampons from ending up in a landfill 🌎, & have also saved about $200! I won't lie - it takes some getting used to, but it is so worth it! If you have questions, I have answers! Shoot me a DM for some real talk on all things cup related! . . . #shoplocal #sustainability #sustainableproducts #sustainableshopping #sustainable #sustainableliving #sustainablehome #sustainablelife #ecoconscious #ecofriendly #ecoliving #lowimpact #consciousliving #zerowasteliving #zerowastelife #zerowaste #zerowastejourney #lesswaste #reuse #notrash #loveourplanet #plasticfree #reusable #naturalhome #zerowastetips #savethemermaids #kinfolk #kinfolklife #kinfolkliving
@nirhod The Night You Left’ by Nir Hod #blackcoasters . www.hostinghouse.shop #nirhod
Perfect match номер 2) Обожаем нашу работу за ежедневный визуальный экстаз😍 А чем ваш труд радует вас?
Spot my mama!
Spring and light 🌿☀️
Magnolias and morning light. Spring is coming 🌿🌸
Balling with my boys 🏀❤️
Bowl of goodness
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