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I’m always learning about myself
If you want to achieve success in any field, keep burning the candle at both ends. _________________________
❄ This holiday season is definately making me want to go back to the snow.
My favourite thing about family portraits is stepping outside of the box to capture scenes that induce metaphors. In this photo I see their long journey away from home, their new home and their drawing attraction. Love.
There is something to be said about the cold of the North. On this day I remember the feeling of my gloves crumbling on the focus ring. My boots failing on the frozen lake. I was somewhere in between an amphitheater of mountains and Jasper, AB. The wind, fierce as it gripped my face and the snow that surrounded me, throwing it into a constant mist, obscuring my vision, testing my resilience. Not a lot is made to live in that chaos and the fallen trees reminded me of that. #lr_cooltones
just gotta dial it back to the best season of the year
I have spent hours photographing birds. Capturing precise unreal moments of split seconds, yet I am most captivated by the vastness of this image. As this is the start of something new, I look up to the sky and begin to connect the dots. My start, my new, my migration...
you don't think twice about me And maybe you're right to doubt me~
Baby, it’s cold outside. ________________________
Summertime feels in the Wintertime in Los Angeles. 🌞🌝☀️🥑🥖
isothermal ?!? if you can’t tell, i like taking pictures here
as myself as i could ever be 😏
next chapter, begin
좋은 밤 네티즌
i’ve found myself again
Difotoin @doniwigunaa dari jauh, iya dari jauh. Soalnya kalo difotoin dari deket gaakan terlihat sekecil ini. Iya kecil.
🦂 What if this was the stairway to your house?..
Directly after walking through the main entrance of the abandoned Lew Wallace High School. I continued down a corridor and into the very large auditorium.instantly knowing I would be here for the next 2 hours, shooting exposures of 10 minutes or less. Mind you I completed this shot on my own. So I could have completed this in a smaller exposure had I had more painters, however, I thoroughly enjoyed running around in complete darkness, visually seeing as I was lighting the space. ______________________________________ #artofvisuals #longexposure_shots #super_photolongexpo #amazing_longexpo #citykillers #ericpare #nocturnal_visionaries #kingoftones #murderdotcom #urbangathering #ig_captures #lightjunkies #longexpo_addiction #decay_nation #longexposure_world #otherpath #rising_masters #thecreatorclass #explorecreateshare #eyeem #m3xtures #longexposure #lightphotography #vibetones #insidetones #tonekillers #nightphotography #lightpainting
had to help him show off the 1’s
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