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崖の2m以内に近づくとガイドに離れろ!!!って怒られた。 . 登山したいね。登山。 夏になって欲しいね。夏。 2017.7,? 世界の中心で愛を叫ぶとこだね。 #Australia #kingscanyon
{We played hide n seek in the forest today for the last time. Peter Pan’s headed to Hawaii}
I hope I never grow to be someone who can no longer see the beauty in small things · #fixingShar
Our morning commute! #kingscanyon #lparborcare
Welcome back to another #mythbustinmonday ! This week’s topic: Mega Fires. MYTH: Large Mega-Fires burn mostly or entirely at high intensity. TRUTH: All fires, including so called “mega-fires”, burn in a mosaic “patchwork” pattern, mostly in low or moderate intensity. _______________________________________ This image is of the 2015 Rough Fire, a lightening caused fire, that burned 151,000 acres in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park and Giant Sequoia National Monument. ONLY ~ 20% of the entire area burned at high intensity! This landscape would look completely different if this fire burned at 100% high intensity.
On this Thanksgiving I’m thankful for clean cold water! This girl, and her man, were hanging out at the bottom of this weird hole on the South Fork of the Kings River. Only about 6 or 7ft in diameter, it had three different small runs dumping gobs of water into it. After drifting a caddis dry through some really churny stuff, I dropped a double-tungsten birds nest looking thing I tie into the wash cycle. Because when on the Kings, you fish every square foot. I was rewarded! #flyfishing #kingsriver #centralsierra #kingscanyon #southfork #rainbow #trout
Garden of Eden, a sacred waterhole that you have to cross in order to get into the South rim of the canyon
Still have so many photos to share. Not sorry at all. #KingsCanyon .
Lewis Creek Trail #kingscanyon
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