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Te Marama 🌕 🌑 ✨ She surely is magical ✨❤️ Camera ➡️ phone . . . .
End of week 2 Another 5cm overall lost And that's with very minimal exercise. . This weeks challenge was my cousins wedding, where I couldn't eat anything on the menu. Thank goodness for the carrots, cucumbers and 'safe' crackers on the kids grazing table. . Cleanse week this week. Day 1 is done and dusted, my drink is prepped for tomorrow and my gel eye masks have worked their magic. Time for bed. . #arbonneaunz #arbonneessentials #arbonne #arbonne30daystohealthyliving #30daystohealthyliving #30daychallenge #30days #vegan #notsponsored #kiwimama
💡PARENTING TIPS 👶 We already know that positive touch (such as skin-to-skin care) makes a real difference directly to babies in neonatal care & helps parents to bond with their baby. A study, by University of Oxford and Liverpool John Moores University also found that gently stroking a baby reduces activity in their brain associated with painful experiences. #motherslove #kiwikids #kiwimum #nzmum #nzmums #kiwidads #nzbaby #kiwibaby #kiwibabies #kiwimama #kiwifamilies #kiwifamily #kiwimamalife #dailyparenting #happynappyz #greatadventures #parentingtips #parenting #mumlife #dadlife #kiwimums #kiwidad #copingwithpain #thepoweroftouch
Whipped this up the other day, nothing special but is gluten free, wheat free, dairy free & vegetarian 🌱 . These @vogelsnz Gf burger buns are amazing & so yummy! Even this @veeseynz dairy free cheese is good! . Actually feeling so good eating no crap food! Currently half way on the @arbonneaunz 30 days to healthy living! 💚 . . #kiwimamaproductreviews #notsponsored #lovetheproducts #nzmum #kiwimamalife #mumlife #cleaneating #healthyfood #arbonne30daystohealthyliving #arbonne #arbonneconsultant #fitmum #30daystohealthyliving #dairyfree #glutenfree #burger #vegetarian #foodblog #healthymum #recommended #reviews #kiwimama
Term 1 is fast approaching so we're kicking things off with a Swim Bag giveaway over on our Facebook page. 🎉 Head on over to enter - link in our bio. ❤️ We've also got FREE NZ SHIPPING until midnight 27th January with coupon code SWIMFREE 😁
“The children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside.” – Whitney Houston Moments before a meltdown, you can see Poppys brewing on her face
Another day, another bush walk with my baby 🌲👟
It’s Monday Mama’s - hope you’re starting the week with ya positivity pants pulled way up high 😘 #wegotthis #fuckthefunk #happymonday
At the beginning of summer I had a dream ☁ A dream to visit as many beaches as possible🐚 We are now half way through summer and I've gone to ONE... This one, where I got no more then my knees wet as these two lambs were not having a bar of it 🚫 Also, I got stung by a bee... that was cute 🐝 #poharabeach
Sliding into Monday like
Mermaid life for a weekend 🧜‍♀️
🥦 Our new plant-powered toddler's snacks are 100% vegetable and bean-based! It's a whole new way for your little ones to get the protein they need to grow! ✔ Available in three different flavours: Broccoli, White Cheddar, Sweet Potato & Cinnamon #govegan #toddlersnacks #plantpowered
Let what you go through make you a stronger person not bitter 💪🏼 #loststudiosnz
I’m trying really hard to make “me too” time; as most mum’s do, I put my needs behind everyone else’s. So this year, I’m making an effort to make some time for myself too. I’ve applied to do a certificate in arts (creative writing and travel writing) for this semester (distance) and am getting back into my creative hobbies where I can - even 15 mins a day is enough to reset 👌🏼 #makemetootime #takemetootime ♥ Ps how pretty are these flowers 😍😍
My world, these guys have bought so much joy and love to my world, I can’t wait for our little family to grow by one this year. I am so thankful to have my husband by my side for this ride called life! 😘 . #thankful #family #myworld #myfamily #gratitude #love
Where did my squishy little newborn go?!? • xoxx
Flash back to the gorgeous wedding of our lovely friends. It was so nice to spend some time with my husband and enjoy each others company 😊... and there was Mr Whippy... what more could you want! #taurangawedding #mrwhippy #parenttime #sunnyafternoon #fountaingardens #parenthood #kiwimama #kidfreetime #celebrations #mrandmrsgarrett #friends
Tonight I gazed out my lounge window and spotted a full moon beaming across a high tide & I thought ‘this is too beautiful to observe from my lounge’. So I wrapped myself up in my fluffy leopard print dressing gown 😂 and crossed the road to the beach. I walked down the stairs to the seashore and spotted this magnificent sight! We all know photos never do nature justice. I stood on the stairs, my jandals only centimetres from the ocean, and marvelled at Gods creation. I took a few photos like any person does nowadays and stayed a little longer as I listened to the tide coming in and sloshing against the rocks and the faint giggle of a family with small kids who were camping next door. Then I waddled and puffed my way back up the hill like the boss chick I am and crossed the road back home and was greeted with a sloppy kiss from my girl 🐶 Someone mentioned to me that a full moon = a baby. I didn’t entirely know what she meant by that so I googled it and found out that there’s an old wives tale about full moons bringing on labour. Now, there’s no scientific proof, but my inner hippie visualised a beautiful water birth during a full moon and high tide 🌊 Tonight may not be the night that my Jesus has planned for my little boy to arrive into this world, and that’s okay. I know God has a plan and a beautiful one at that. Tonight I just gained some peace that it is all going to happen when it needs to and after receiving prayer from my amazing friends at church this morning I have a renewed strength to get through these last days before my son arrives. On another note, church this morning was beyond incredible and I’m so grateful to God that it was because it may well be my last service for a few weeks if I have my boy soon! Many, many tears, hugs and prayers today as I said ‘see ya soon’ to the people who have spiritually and emotionally carried me at my lowest points and celebrated and praised with me at my highest points. It’s time for this Māmā to get some moe (sleep). Pōmarie (goodnight) Moemoea reka (sweet dreams)
💕 Scarlett has been very excited about walking. This weekend she has been standing up and walking herself a lot more. She is now even standing and dancing to the music of one of her toys. 💃😁 . This super pretty romper is from @hushbabynz love the fabric and ruffle details! 👌💕 . . . . . . . #nzmums #nzmum #igmums #instamumgang #instamum #kiwibrandreps #kiwimum #kiwimama #nzbrandrepfeature #hushbabynz #cutebabies #babygirl #toddlerfashion #toddler #letthembelittle #letthemexplore #letthemplay #parenthood #parenthood_moments #dailyparenting #b1withbabies #b1withgirls #b1withoutdoors
The kids had so much fun with their cousins today at our family picnic 🧺 ☀️🍦
This is Zeb 🐶 He’s our original fur-baby 💕 I can’t believe he’ll be 8 in March! He’s taken a bit of a back seat since master Knox arrived on the scene.. but we still love our Zebbie dog! It’s been really interesting watching the relationship between Zeb & Knox - it’s kinda a love/hate one at the moment 😂 Do your animals and children get on? #dogsofinstagram #malteseshitzu #mansbestfriend #liveyourbestlife #sahm #momprenuer #healthandwellness #balance #helpingothers #changinglives #mumlife #toddlerlife #nzmum #kiwimama #myownboss #beyourownboss #womaninbusiness #workfromhome #socialmarketing #lifestyleblogger #growthmindset #selflove #selfcare #girlboss #bossbabe #thebossbabesociete #networkmarketing #workfromanywhere
We played in the park, visited the fountain, had a gelato and caught up with a cousin. . . . #successfulafternoon #nzmum #kiwimama #nzmumma #nzmumofboys #parklifenz
We run everywhere these days! (Well...Leon runs and I chase 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️😆) Great morning exploring the tracks, bird hides and boardwalks at Seafield Park and now we're all ready for a great big nap 😴 . . . #christchurchnz #chchnz #babyboy #catchmeifyoucan #energiserbaby #kiwimamalife #kiwimama #chchparents #familyoutingsnz #familywalksnz #whanautime #nofilter
The boy who first called me Mama ⚡ 23 days since he hopped on a plane to spend some quality time with his Dad, 7 days until he is home. He is homesick, & I still go to his room to check on him before I go to bed 😭 #thefinalcountdown #mylion
We love that we were featured in Aleisha’s list of newborn essentials recently! Aleisha has used our cotton soother clips since her wee boy Max was a newborn so it’s lovely to know she’ll be using them again with her new babe who’s due very soon! You can check out @aleishakate full newborn essentials list in her blog! . . . . . . #maciandco #newbornessentials #thetoplist #sootherclip #cottonsootherclip #jerseycotton #100percentcotton #babylist #newbornbaby #kiwimama #nzmama #kmlnz
Exploring the far north 💦
🏃🏼‍♀️RISE & SHINE 🏃🏻‍♀️ Out for a morning walk along the beach nice and early today. We got up to 28 degrees here yesterday 🥵 Beach 🏖 coffee ☕️ family time 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 exploring ⛰ and hopefully some paddle boarding later 🏄🏼‍♀️ = the perfect Sunday 👍🏼 Refreshed and ready for week 2 in the THTG clinics. We are so overwhelmed with the support we are getting from our new referrers, patients, family and friends. Thank you everyone 🙏
Race 1 DONE!!! Perfect day for it too. Signing up is the hardest part, it’s not too late there are two more runs in the series!! . . . #albanylakessummerseries2019 #firstraceoftheyear2019 #nzmum #mumswhorun #kiwimama #nzmumma #nzmumofboys #firststepisthehardest #runningeventsnz #wererunnerstoo
Oh poor baby 😉
Being a late term prem Mila would only feed from me every second feed - no longer than 5 minutes at a time (Expressed milk was fed to Mila for every other feed through a feeding tube) I watched in amazement as colostrum turned into milk and cried way too many times over seemingly unimportant issues while my body adjusted. My hormones had a party and took my emotions on a wild ride. Engorgement gave me a rare glimpse into what I would look like with implants (terrifying by the way) while everything adjusted to their new role as sole food source for tiny wee Mila. • Once we were discharged from hospital I suffered through 7 weeks of an infection. Every single feed I would tell myself I couldn’t continue. My nipples cracked, bled and were too painful to even have under the running water in the shower. We took it one feed at a time and we finally got the help needed and everything got better. • Cluster feeding, let down, foremilk, hind milk, breast pads, breast pumps, engorgement, rugby holds, lactation cookies all were hardly part of my vocabulary before having Mila but is now so normal to hear, read and say on a daily basis. • Before I know it this part of my parenting journey will be over so I’m enjoying it while it lasts. • Don’t get me wrong - there have been times I haven’t enjoyed it. In those moments I have wanted to give up - sometimes it was the reliance on me 24/7 which can be overbearing but those moments have passed - for now it’s her comfort which brings me more joy than frustration. • It doesn’t make me a better Mother than those who found nursing didn’t work for them for various reasons - it’s just something I am so thankful I have been able to do for us as Mother and Daughter. • xoxx
👨‍🎨 Let's paint! Let's make a mess - a lot of mess! Because otherwise, it's not as fun 😁 #toddlerlife #messyplay #thiskid
Lego. Took awhile but they got there in the end 😁 A good way to entertain them for an hour on this damn hot day!! So nice having these three back together again ❤️ When Maia was a baby we used to live with Marty's Family and she got to grow up with all her Uncles but her 2 younger Uncles mainly. That was until we moved to Australia when she was 2 years old, but now they've reunited it's like they were never apart for 4-5 years 😍
Two seasons are almost over...hydrangeas, and that bloody bottle 🙄🍼
Run bunny run my boys are coming for cuddles . . . #freeroamingpetrabbit #nzmum #nzmumma #kiwimama #nzmumofboys
#selfiesaturday because the stars aligned and my hair and makeup looked good at the same time 😉
Just a bit of learning fun... don’t do it if it’s not fun! Bennett learns most through conversation so sitting down and talking to him while he’s doing a simple activity like this yields the best result: him being interested in what he is learning. . . . . . #earlychildhoodeducation #earlylearning #toddlerplay #kiwimama #learningthroughplay #playbasedlearning #wherelearningmeetsplay #nzplaycommunity #playandlearn #nzplaycommunity
This kid 😍
Getting the nursery all set up is so exciting but also makes it all feel so real! 😳😍 5 weeks and 6 days until my due date! Going so fast but getting so exciting to meet my second daughter 💓 - - - - - - #pregnant #pregnancy #pregnantwithnumber2 #babygirl #exciting #cantwait #newborn #newborncuddles #baby #nursery #littlegirl #motherhood #mumlife #kiwimama #nzmama #lovelife
I was excited to try some new oils this month but after running out of all 3 of these I quickly discovered there’s no way I could live without them😅 All 3 come in the starter kit amongst 8 other beautiful oils that I use pretty much every day🙌🏼 . LEMON🍋 I use lemon drops on my lymph nodes first thing in the morning to wake me up and I also put a drop in my water every morning to help with digestion! I’ve definitely noticed a difference in the last few weeks since not having had any in the way I feel in the mornings, so glad to be reunited👌🏼 . LAVENDER💜 You can literally use this for pretty much anything and it’s most likely going to work! But a few of my favourite ways to use this is firstly for all things sleep. I diffuse it at night and put it on my baby’s feet to help settle her for the night, or my own for that matter. It’s also amazing for skin so I mix it in with my moisturiser and it’s always the first oil I reach for if one of us burns our skin by touching something hot or being sunburnt, or any little cuts or sores in general as it’s amazing for speeding up the healing process. . STRESS AWAY😎 My favourite oil so far (besides Thieves). I put this all over myself on my chest, neck, wrists, wherever! It smells AMAZING so doubles as a toxic free perfume👌🏼 It’s also incredible to diffuse! I was a little skeptical about oils helping with emotions but the scent and blend of the oils in Stress Away actually really do calm me down so much and when I have a moment of feeling totally overwhelmed, I’ll put a drop of this in my hands and cup them over my nose and breathe deep and it helps me so much! I’m a highly emotional person and have a hard time managing that sometimes so having something practical like this that I can reach for in those moments has been a huge blessing. . I also adore diffusing all 3 of these oils together, particularly at the end of the day to wind down.💕 . There’s SO many ways you can use oils, these are just a few of the standard ways I use them on a daily basis. If you haven’t got essential oils in your life yet and you’re at all curious and want to know more or want to get your hands on a starter kit, PM me and I can send you my link💗
It was worth the drive ☀️
Pink lamingtons and red bands; pretty much sums up our Harpie 💗
My childhood. I'd spend hours in my Nanas paddocks. Squashing sections of this grass into a bed to lay on & watch the clouds pass by ☁ #childhoodmemories
Maaaate...... I decorated this!! What the? Im not a massive baker and Aria and I stalk Instagram cakes waaay too much, so I may have an unrealistic expectation of what my cake should look like... But just putting it out there, I'm definitely not a "baking Kiwi Mama", but I managed to get a pass on the unicorn cake. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up. 👍👍🙌 . . #nzmum #unicorncake #kiwimama #kiwimums #nzmums #mum #mumlife
With less than a month until the party is over and we have a school boy 😱 I'm hoping to cram in as many little adventures as we can. I'm going to miss my little mate!
4️⃣0️⃣% off New Customer Trial Packs!!! This is the perfect way for you to try our products, which should last approximately 5 days of full time use. For $14.99 you will get a pack of Ecoriginal nappies AND a pack of wipes 👪 Follow the link in our bio to order. #motherslove #kiwikids #kiwimum #nzmum #nzmums #kiwidads #nzbaby #kiwibaby #kiwibabies #kiwimama #kiwifamilies #kiwifamily #kiwimamalife #dailyparenting #happynappyz #ecoriginals #ecofriendly #econappys #ecowipes #greenideas
Get to know me 👋 Middle name: Maree First job: Ironing clothes for a couple once a week (I was around 12!) Fave food: Donuts 🍩 but I really love ALL food What makes you laugh: Funny movies, jokes, people just being goofy & not taking themselves too seriously 🤪 What’s your job: Helping people create a life full of choices & excitement through social marketing and sharing incredible products they love 💕 Share one thing below about you! #liveyourbestlife #sahm #momprenuer #healthandwellness #balance #helpingothers #changinglives #mumlife #toddlerlife #nzmum #kiwimama #myownboss #beyourownboss #womaninbusiness #workfromhome #socialmarketing #lifestyleblogger #growthmindset #selflove #selfcare #girlboss #bossbabe #thebossbabesociete #networkmarketing #workfromanywhere
Just over a year ago, it felt like we were losing our little girl before our eyes. ♥ You were so unhappy. All of the time. You would cry for hours on end during the day and at night. Teething? Sick? Sore tummy? You have no words so I just have to try and guess. And be there for you with love. Your words left you and you didn’t like being touched. You wanted comfort but we’re overwhelmed when it was offered. It was a catch 22. ♥ For 6 months we had been fighting for you. I dragged you to doctors and nutritionists and specialists. To anyone that would listen. In desperation to find someone who would help. I could feel you slipping away like the sand washing past my feet at the beach. ♥ We kept pushing. Kept moving forward like your Granddad would have said. Dada and I read all that we could about SPD. We bought things that would help - activate your senses, calm your senses. You would throw your furniture, bang your head, cover your ears; we would scoop you up, swing you, rock you until you smiled. That smile that we had to work so hard to find. ♥ Finally someone listened to us. They could see how much you were struggling. They helped us, offered advice, gave us a plan. We changed your diet. We gave you supplements. We made sure your senses were satisfied every day. And it worked. All of a sudden, you spoke an unsteady “ma-ma” and my heart filled again. There were glimmers of you coming back to us. ♥ A year of hard, but so much progress! Every day we have more of you back my little girl 🥰
Cheers to Friday, new nails, long weekend ahead, summer, sunshine! Oh and did I mention kid free weekend 😎 . . . #foreveryoungjn #trushinegeljn #athomemani
There’s so much going on these days and lots of big and exciting things happening this year but amongst all the busyness it’s moments like these that matter the most.♥️
I can't even deal with this munchkin absolutely gorgeous watch out ladies 😍😍😍 Photo credit: ❤️ His mumma ❤️ Wearing the: Camo Winter Set $25 Sizes 6months - 24 months To view this product click the link below ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ https://sahmaia-rose-boutique.myshopify.com/products/camo-winter-set #nzkids #nzkidsfashion #kiwi #kiwikids #kiwiskids #kiwikidsarecool #nzmamas #kiwimama #afterpayobsession #afterpay #afterpaynz #usakids #americankids #aussiekids #aussieaussieoioi #aussieboutique #nzboutique #kidsboutiqueclothing #kidsboutique #americanfashion #amerianboutique #nzboutique #afterpayobsession
Introducing the BanD-IT headband! These cute headbands are such a great and versatile accessory. With the BanD-IT it’s easy to slip on and off and keep its shape with the wire that holds it in place. I will have these for sale at the Papamoa @thelittlebigmarkets tomorrow!! #inspiredbyjett #tauranga #papamoa #newzealand #market #headband #wireheadband #BanDIT #wahm #kiwimama #kiwimum #madebyme #thelittlebigmarkets #thelittlebigmarketspapamoa
When photos were printed as 4in squares and 2012. I am well overdue to revisit and take this photo again. . . . . #muriwaibeachnz #surfbreaksnz #nzmum #kiwimama #nzmumofboys
I bought this beanie for Mila when I was pregnant thinking it would be perfect for her when she was born (being a winter baby) the funny thing is the pompom was just a little bit smaller than her head at birth..... what do you think my chances are that it will fit this winter? It’s too cute to not use! • Her face in the second she photo matches Jordan’s face when I first bought the beanie home. The Uhm... do you think that will fit a newborn??!? • What were your pre-baby buys that ended up a fail? • Xoxx
Introducing Solids the easy way, made with love by a mama using high quality organic vegetables, herbs, fruit with free range or grass fed meats. We only source the best ingredients for your baby’s introduction to solids and beyond! #nzbaby #babyfood #madeinnz #kiwimama #startingsolids #mumtrepreneur #nzmama #mumlife #kidsfood #organicbaby #gourmetbaby #fedbaby #healthybaby
#Repost @nzbabybox (@get_repost ) ・・・ We're on the hunt for our first Brand Rep for 2019!😍 If you have a little one between 0-12 months old, and think you have what it takes, please head to our website, and click the "brand rep search" tab and apply! . . . #nzbabygifts #brandrepsearch #nzbabybox #subscriptionbox #newmum #newborn #kiwimama #mumnz
@adele.wilson two years ago we did a #cakesmash when our boys turned one and today here we are doing it again for our girls 👧🏼👧🏼 There’s more cuteness on my stories 💕📱 #besties #thursdaytherapy #sugarhigh
That’s some tasty looking sand little bro 😂🤦🏼‍♀️🌊🌼 #whythough
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