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Can we just appreciate how adorable Bruno Ora is!!? I WANT A BENGAL 😭😭😍😍😍😍 (sorry I have a very bad obsession with cats" @ritaora @elenaora @veraora @oranick @kyledevolle @kathyjeung @itscherthebear @iamkaj @thisiswatt @vasjmorgan @thereal_don_ora @roararepublic
B&W Ora!! I love you! I really hope that I am able to come to the album tour!! 😍😍💖 @ritaora @elenaora @veraora @oranick @thereal_don_ora @itscherthebear @iamkaj @thisiswatt @vasjmorgan @kyledevolle @kathyjeung @roararepublic
If someone dares to tell me that Rita can't sing,I will show them this video 💖💖 @ritaora @elenaora @veraora @vasjmorgan @thereal_don_ora @itscherthebear @iamkaj @thisiswatt @vasjmorgan @kyledevolle @kathyjeung @roararepublic (REPOST FROM @riitaaora )
I'm dead!!! BEEN WAITING FOR A LIFE TIME FOR YOU BEEN BREAKING FOR A LIFETIME FOR YOU WASNT LOOKING FOR LOVE TIL I FOUND YOU @ritaora @elenaora @veraora @oranick @thereal_don_ora @itscherthebear @iamkaj @vasjmorgan @thisiswatt @liampayne @k1047 @roararepublic (repost from @ritabotsora )
Happy Father's Day!! @oranick 💖 love you!!!
My whole entire life!! @ritaora @elenaora
Song featured- walking trophy - by hood celebrityy @ritaora @elenaora
Song featured- "Everything is everything" by Lauryn Hill @ritaora @elenaora
I don't know what I would do without you!! You always cheer me up!! I love you!!!! @ritaora @elenaora @veraora @oranick @kyledevolle @kathyjeung @thereal_don_ora @thisiswatt @itscherthebear @vasjmorgan @iamkaj @roararepublic
One of the most kind humans ever! Thank you for always making me a lot happier 💖 @ritaora @elenaora @veraora @oranick @thereal_don_ora @itscherthebear @iamkaj @kyledevolle @kathyjeung @vasjmorgan @thisiswatt @roararepublic
I am so lucky to have this incredible idol!! I love you so much you always make me so much stronger and happier!! I love you so much 💖 thank you for everything Rita! Before I made this account I wasn't always happy but I always pretended to be for others but now I have made this account I have new friends and feel so much happier 💖 @ritaora @oranick @kyledevolle @kathyjeung @veraora @elenaora @iamkaj @vasjmorgan @itscherthebear @thereal_don_ora @thisiswatt @roararepublic
Her name is Lara we learnt a lot ah how to do it like we do it like we wanna we just know yeah we just know! @ritaora @elenaora @veraora @oranick @thereal_don_ora @itscherthebear @iamkaj @vasjmorgan @thisiswatt @kyledevolle @kathyjeung @roararepublic @k1047
My beautiful baby!! (Ik this isn't Rita but I also love my cat 😂😂)
Song featured - "shame shame shame" by Shirley & Co @ritaora @elenaora
I adore her style!! She's so different and unique and I love that so much!!!! @ritaora @elenaora @veraora @oranick @thereal_don_ora @itscherthebear @iamkaj @thisiswatt @vasjmorgan @kyledevolle @kathyjeung @roararepublic
@elenaora 💖💖
Make Up for these two @kyledevolle & @kellyosbourne .. for last nights @henryholland Event in London! Two different looks but both using colour and Flawless Skin! .. Will be posting product breakdown on individual look images... #makeup #MFW #henryholland #kyledevolle #kellyosbourne #artist #flawless #colour #colourpop #fun #fashion #london #mua
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