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"And if I told you how safe I felt in your arms, you probably wouldn't believe me. It's not just warmth that I feel nor just a familiar love. You're more than that... you're home." ❤️ ft @aleesadanielle + @joshy.beee | 📷: @vnrxo • The story behind these photos was that in our final days of LA, @erico.marcelino and I asked if we could be taken to a lookout that overlooks the whole of LA city. As we took in the beautiful sunset, we thought it would be the best opportunity for a couple photoshoot. Thanks Alyssa + Josh for letting us take photos. We miss you! (+ Jollybee!) 🇺🇸 @monalisa_olive ❤️
why is it raining ew I miss LA weather and this bby ☔️
spring forward 🦋
Deluxe, Burbank
Sophisticated pieces make for a polished ensemble
为什么手机上的颜色总是和电脑上不一样orz 有点想重新排版下ins但是舍不得删自拍诶
Drove out to LA for this picture📸📸 . . . Decided to take a spontaneous birthday trip out to LA for a couple of days! Had to swing by and check out this spot while i’m in downtown! Excited to head down the coast tomorrow for my birthday! Let’s get it🔥🔥 . . . #imfeeling22 #downtownla #losangeles #streetwear #urbanfashion #conquer_la #weownthenight_la #losangelesgrammers #conquer_ca #lagrammers
Alice Top 💜 Check out our website for more 📸s. Link in bio 👆🏽
When she BIG mad 🤷🏾‍♂️
The Human Figure from Perú. 📸 at @nhmla.
Pasadena you’re so pretty✨ • Is it just me or has this already felt like the longest week ever? We’re barely at Wednesday and I’m already itching for the weekend. I think the post-vacation blues are coming at me with full force • Cheers to (almost) being halfway done with the week and cheers to dreamy ‘dena twinkle lights that never fail to make me smile☺️
Not a strange position at all...
Guys! Maxine & I will be in the R&D bar at @harvardandstone this Thurs 3/22! I’m gonna make some of my favorite menu drinks from my past year @badnewsbar , and Maxine is going to give hugs to everyone! Joey is going to drink and tell everyone Max was his mother first. Who knows... maybe Sué will drop in and we can bond about being dads. #idratherhaveabottleinfrontofmethanafrontallobotomy #guitarsthattunegoodamdfirmfeelingwomen #workisitsownreward #momager #raddad
THANK YOU so much for coming to our class last night and for everyone who has reached out since and shared your kind words about it. It truly means so much to us. 💙 . We made it a goal earlier this year to spend more time teaching and sharing what we’ve learned, because we know how crazy navigating this space can be. It’s pretty overwhelming and super scary putting ourselves out there like this (especially when we get some negative comments too 😬), but it’s so worth it, because we love being able to help even one person feel inspired to reach a new goal or work harder for their dreams. 🙌🏼 . We’re working on a plan to be able to continue to share new (and free) things with you, and we’d love to know what kind of topics you’d like us to cover. Photography, videography, wellness, how to fit 30 hours of tv into one day 😂, you name it. Let us know in the comments below! 👇🏼❤️
good things come in small packages✨ ladies, go ahead and treat yourself to 2 undies a month! they’re super cute, and for every #undermatters post $1 gets donated to charity 💕 thank you @bootaybag_ 🙈 #bootaybag #ad
Decided to try Mantra Coffee and what a great find it was! The coffee shop itself is cozy, caters to students, and offers an extensive menu. We kept it simple and got a berry scone and a chai latte. The chai was the smoothest most creamy latte I’ve ever had and the berry scone was also delicious. This spot is great! It’s simple, casual, and they even have outdoor seating with heat lamps... major plus!
Shoutout to that bird for making an appearance. . . . . . #venicebeach #venice #california #californiaadventure #californication #lagrammers
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