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Who wants a sample??? You must agree to take a before & after photo and write a review on your social media and tag me in it! 😘 Yes?? Inbox me for a sample. xoxoxo . . . . . . . . . #healthyhair #happyhair #veganhaircare #glutenfreehaircare #crueltyfreehaircare #monat #monatsamples #yyc #yycmom #yycmoms #calgary #calgarymom #calgarymoms #albertamom #canadianmom #momsofinsta #instamoms #momlife #momlifeisthebestlife #sahm #sahmlife #thisis33 #laptoplife #nurse #retirednurse #nurselife #monathair #igers #followme #instadaily
LAPTOP LIFE Some people ask me why I’m working whilst on holiday? To me it’s about about building a life you don’t need a holiday from. Working hard all year to have 25 days holiday just doesn’t make sense to me. Why not make life one big holiday and live your best life!! Even better when your holiday is paid for by your company.
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Sunny peaceful moment...😍🤩
One way to grow your Instagram following is to use different hashtags. Great for exposure and meeting new people. This is one way you can avoid the Instagram Shadowban. Read up more on my blog. Link is in bio @mommyfinance and tap on image for more info.
I love to teach. Its a passion of mine. I love to take complex ideas and make it simple. The best part is seeing the light bulb go off in people's faces.
Gorgeous images that you only get while travelling! 🏄🏽‍♀️ . . . #travelwanderlust #sonyphotography #bali #digitalnomad #laptoplife #alphacollective #cannon #nikonphotography
🍉Delicious Vanilla Watermelon Breeze🍉🍉 High Protein Superfoods Smoothie!!🌱 I swear I could live on shakes because I love them so much! 💚I start every single day -no matter what -with a different recipe that most days don’t even need the blender! Energy Appetite control Protein Super antioxidents fruits Supergreens Pro & prebiotics Cravings curbed Immune system support & more! 🙋‍♀️Think about it...are you getting what your body needs from your breakfast? 👉Wanna hear more about what over 70 all natural superfood ingredients can do for you? Drop your favorite emoji below and I’ll let you know. 🙂 . . . . . #empoweredwoman #ladyboss #bossworld #veganfortheanimals #earthlings #weightlossmotivation #healthyeating #losingweight #fatloss #veganweightloss #weightlosstransformation #fitnessjourney #vegannutrition #healthylifestyle #healthyfood #getfit #cleanse #healthyliving #laptoplife #friendsnotfood #empoweredwomen #veganmindset #fitnessmotivation #weightlosssupport #weightlossaccountabilityabe #vegangirl #yogagirl #animallover #veganism #doitforyou
SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast is turning 100! (Episodes that is) We want you to celebrate with us by being a guest on our 100th episode which will be recorded the week of November 6th. We are looking for "Entrepreneurs on the journey" who are in the middle of fighting for the life of their dreams. A few requirements we have to ensure that we provide awesome content: 1. You must have been in business for 6+ months 2. You must have your website launched 3. You must have your social channels up and ready for visitors (IG is a firm requirement) Head on over to the link in my bio if you feel like this is you! . . . . #podcast #happybirthday #ilovepodcasts #businesspodcast #businesscoachforwomen #girlboss #momlife #solopreneur #adventure #adventurepreneur #feature #guest #bemyguest #onthejourney #episode100 #sweetlifecompany #sweetlifepodcast #itunes #top100 #coach #boymom #workfromanywhere #laptoplife
What would the world look like if we all spoke to ourselves kindly? Happy Sunday ❤️
Do you ever come up with a really great idea and then forget to write it down? Here's my reminder to you to WRITE THE DAMN THING DOWN! I am constantly coming up with all of these great ideas (at least they're great in my mind) and then I go to get cracking on said idea a few hours later and COMPLETELY forget what my idea was. It's the worst! ⠀ --⠀ Switching gears for a second...I feel as though I should acknowledge my friend that's in this photo. Why? Because it's important to acknowledge the important people in your life and remind them that they matter. Everyone needs a little reminder and pick-me-up every once in awhile, so go ahead and be the person to give it to them! ⠀ --⠀ Moral of these two stories? ⠀ 1. Write down ALL of your ideas!⠀ 2. Tell your friends and family how much they mean to you and remind them that they matter. You never know who is hurting. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #BUILDINGANEMPIRE #WOMENOFTHEWORLD#BOSSLADYLIFE #CHANGEMAKERS#WOMENWITHGOALS #THEBOSSBABESOCIETE#SAVVYBUSINESSWOMEN #LEADERSINHEELS#LADYBOSSLIVING #WOMENWHODO#GIRLBOSSHUSTLE #BOSSWOMEN#BUSINESSRULESFORWOMEN #WOMANBOSS#MOTIVATEDWOMEN #FREEDOMBASEDBUSINESS #kentuckyblogger #INNERCEO#WOMENINLEADERSHIP #LAPTOPLIFE#FREEDOMSEEKER #BOSSBABECLUB#ONTHEROADTOFULLTIME #GRACENOTPERFECTION#GIRLSINBUSINESS #BOSSBABEMOVEMENT #BIZBABECREW #BOSSBABEMOVEMENT#BABEYOUGOTTHIS #WOMENINBUSINESSROCK
My working-the-weekend rider: neverending @keepcup almond lattes and a stack of pancakes from @proteinbreadco please. ⚡️⚡️⚡️
Absolutely. 😂😂
Daily Affirmation: I get to work from anywhere I desire at any time. 💜 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ For, me the beach has always been my happy place. It's one of those magical places where anything feels possible. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The funny thing is that when you have that feeling, the possibilities actually are endless. 🎉 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I'm sure you've all heard the quote, "The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do". ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The same applies here! Believing in yourself is a super-power. 💪🏼 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ If traveling or changing location gives you that power then I say, DO IT! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ What is the most magical place you've ever been? (Comment below! 👇🏼) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #millionairemindset #moneymindset #femaleentrepreneur #abundancemindset #bossbabemindset #workfromanywhere #girlbosslife #workfromhome #laptoplifestyle #womenuer #girlprenuer #manifestationcoach #millionairementor #personaldevelopmentcoach #passiveincome #wealthcoach #wealthmanagement #createcultivate #womenwhoboss #parisisalwaysagoodidea #laptoplife #laptoplifestyle #traveloften #workfromanywhere 🌎 #digitalnomadlife #digitalnomadgirls #digitalnomad #believeinyourselfie #parislife
I know you have been following my Journey over the last year and I would LOVE to have you do this with me and end the year having achieved your GOALS!! It's totally possible! You will receive: 🍁Access to over 800 workouts for 1 year 🍁Superfood Nutrition to fuel your body 🍁Sample Meal Plans to get you started right 🍁100s of recipe options and the Fixate Cooking Show 🍁Portion Controlled Containers and Program Materials 🍁ME as your dedicated Coach & Access to my Private online VIP Group Here are just a few comments from the ladies in my Current Group after the first 30 days: "I lost 6lbs and 12inches all over... 4inches of my waist... I’m over the moon!!" Let’s start your journey!! Message me ✨
Face them head on! Don’t go to social media, it doesn’t solve anything🤯 - - Follow @worldklassmindset for more! - 👉🏽 @worldklassmindset @worldklassmindset @worldklassmindset
Just two days until digital nomads, remote freelancers and full-time travellers are united in our co-working tribe, in Ölüdeniz (Blue Lagoon). We look forward to letting our stories and ideas collide, but also breathing space between the moments of productivity, through some quality pool or beach time... #digitalnomads #digitalretreats #laptoplife #coworkers #coworking #gogetters #jetsetters #designspaces #firstclassretreat #poollife #beachlife #oceanview #brighttribe
The problem is.. you think you have time...
So my lil sis is moving out of the country for 3 years. I’m definitely planning a visit. I need luggage (after downsizing all mine away!)... 😬That’s alright. They were pretty shot after 12 years! 🤔 . Let’s take a poll! . Which suitcase is more “me”?
Enjoying A Rare Day Off 🍾🍾🍾 Want to join my exclusive team and earn a second income straight away? . . ➡️ And yet you still haven’t . ... . WHY NOT LET US PROVE HOW WE CAN HELP YOU EARN MONEY FROM ANYWHERE.... . . All you need is.... . . - to be 18+ . . - 10-15 minutes per day to place trades . . - £325 deposit to invest and start to turn into profit. . . . 📩 DIRECT MESSAGE ME TO START . . . - #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurlife #socialmedia #workhard #lifestyle #forex #earnfromyourphone #trading #millionaire #forexcourses #trader #laptoplife #travel #goals #promotion #influencer #luxury #2018 #modernworld #earnwhileyoulearn #travel #travelblogger #travelpreneur
EURGBP H4 (Also English): Clara oportunidad de continuidad mediante un rompimiento y retesteo. Dicho esto, esperaremos a que el precio corrija hasta la zona de confluencia marcada por el rectángulo negro. Una vez la corrección este completa, podremos entrar en corto después del rompimiento de la linea de contra tendencia. SI quieres iniciaros en el trading de manera GRATUITA, solo tenéis que descargaros nuestra guía de trading en el link de la BIO. Por otro lado, si queréis llevar vuestro trading a otro nivel y operar con nuestra estrategia personal bajo nuestra tutela, solo tendréis que adquirir nuestro curso de trading, para ello visitar el link de la bio. __________________________________________________________________ Clear break and retest setup. With this in mind, we will let price correct to the confluence area represented by the black rectangle. Once the correction is complete, we will be able to sell short after a bearish counter trendline break. #forex #trading #Fibonacci #Fibtrading #swingtrading #tradeandroll #trendfollowing #pips #bolsa #inversiones #libertad #libertadfinanciera #acciones #indices #materiasprimas #analisistecnico #acciondelprecio #divergencias #commodities #futures #laptoplife #entrepreneur #digitalnomad #tradingroom #wavetrading #waveanalysis #bitcoin #criptomonedas #criptocurrencies #cripto
Just had the realisation we have six months until the big day.... and still lots to organise 💕 . . . Excited!! 😆😍💕😘
we GET to do this. 💜 life is amazing - it is what it should be. 🙏🔥🥑
A daw was after our dessert 🍨. #dessert #daw
Saturday morning is shopping for pretty paper for my accountability charts whilst sipping green juice and munching chocolate almonds from health food store ❤️❤️❤️ xoxox Success Coach Gina
This week’s Savvy Sister is the talented, creative, and beautiful Izabela! She is the founder of @the.cake.mama , a vegan company that makes the most gorgeous and delicious baked treats! Read more about this beauty in her own words below.⠀ ⠀ “I remember growing up and have fond memories of baking with my sister during summer break when my parents would be at work and we’d be home alone. My mom always made European style cakes with fresh fruit and I loved licking the spoon when she was done. Baking was something I did for fun but I never thought in a million years I’d be here today as a baker! ⠀ ⠀ I started baking cakes for friends and family just shortly after my eldest daughter was born and then moved on to custom cookies, macarons and then having a thirst for learning new recipes and creating them myself. It’s been so amazing to be a part of other people’s special occasions in such a sweet way- and so much fun!⠀ ⠀ Now with 3 kids in tow and becoming a bit more conscious about what we eat and how we treat our planet, I’ve shifted my baking into creating delicious vegan treats! From cakes to sugar cookies and hopefully much more as I explore this new realm, I hope you’ll all get an opportunity to try my treats around town and realize that vegan food isn’t scary, it’s delicious!”
"Destroy the idea that you have to be constantly working or grinding in order to be successful. Embrace the concept that rest, recovery, and reflection are essential parts of the progress towards a successful and ultimately happy life."⠀ .⠀ On that note, Marc and I are nearly 50 days from @couplesresorts Jamaica for some much-needed relaxation! 🍍 As you can tell from the sunburns, we love the beach! 😋 ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #solopreneur #girlpreneur #socializeyourbiz #marketingconsultant #socialmedialife #socialmediaconsultant #socialmediaexpert #marketingexpert #getsocial #creativepreneur #creativeentrepreneur #risingtidesociety #theeverygirl #smm #businessgoals #marketinghelp #digitialmarketing #marketingtips #freelancemarketing #freelancer #smtips #brandingexpert #branddesign #brandingstylist #rochesterny #laptoplife #restandrelaxation #vacationmode #vacationready
Now THIS is how we like to travel 🥂 what’s your #1 vacation essential? #repost @domperignonofficial
Welche Aufgaben übernimmst du eigentlich genau, Jacki? 🌸 Ich habe mich als Virtuelle Assistentin auf die folgenden der Kernbereiche spezialisiert: . ▪️Social Media Betreuung - Hierzu zählt die Einrichtung und Pflege der Social Media Kanäle auf den Plattformen Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, XING und LinkedIn sowie die Unterstützung bei der Zielgruppenrecherche und -ansprache. Außerdem erarbeite ich zusammen mit meinen Kunden die besten Maßnahmen zur Steigerung der Reichweite Sichtbarkeit, übernehme das Posten von Bildern und die Erstellung von Redaktionsplänen. . ▪️Korrektorat / Lektorat - Dieser Bereich beinhaltet das Korrekturlesen und Lektorieren von Social Media Posts, Blogbeiträgen, Fachartikeln, EBooks uvm. . ▪️Büroservice - Hierzu zähle ich den Kundensupport (telefonische und schriftliche Korrespondenz), die Erstellung von Präsentationen und Handouts, Formatierungsarbeiten sowie die Pflege und Erstellung von Content. . Das sind die Bereiche, die mir BESONDERS viel Spaß machen. Ich sage jedoch grundsätzlich nicht nein, wenn eine Kunde mich fragt, ob ich neben diesen Aufgaben auch weitere übernehmen könnte. Sich regelmäßig weiterzuentwickeln und neue Bereiche zu erkunden, gehört nicht nur zur Arbeitseinstellung einer VA, sondern sollte meiner Meinung nach von uns allen beherzigt werden - ganz egal, ob Angestellter, Selbstständiger, Hausfrau oder Arbeitssuchender. ✨ . #leipzig #virtuelleassistentin #mademoiselleva #nebenberuflich #selbstständig #unternehmerin #lebedeinentraum #einfachmachen #girlboss #erfolg #positivesmindset #solopreneur #onlinearbeiten #digitalesleben #erfolgreichefrauen #businessfrauen #frauenpower #socialmediamanager #laptoplife #beyourbestself #korrektorat #socialmediamarketing #instagrammarketing #gesetzderanziehung
Phase 1: Purpose | Health & Fitness Let's just start out by saying as entrepreneurs we are BUSY. So busy. ALL. THE. TIME. #creativityneversleeps am I right? 🤣 Taking care of ourselves may seem like an obvious chore but it's so much more than that. Have you ever heard the saying "You can't pour from an empty glass"? This is probably THE most true thing in all of business. The people you impact are COUNTING on you to show up as your best. And I dare to say that your physical state has a lot to do with how you show up for your audience. No, they likely don't care if you have a shredded 6- pack (maybe they do, I don't know your tribe) but they DO care about you being mentally sharp, well rested and fully energized. 🤓 Spoiler Alert: You can get ALL of these things everyday by just getting up and getting moving! We entrepreneurs are people that are often looked up to and admired for what we've accomplished. Let's use that platform and influence to show people how to live a successful AND healthy life. #eatyourveggies 🌱 As always: If you don't know what phase of Business you're in- head to the link in my bio to take the personal assessment! . . . . . #lifestylenetrepreneur #adventurepreneuer #workfromanywhere #laptoplife #workfromwherever #loctaionfreedom #timefreedom #onlinebusiness #sweetlifepodcast #startup # femaleentrepreneur #businesscoachforwomen #momlife #boymomlife #lifestyledesign #parentpreneur #familylife #podcasthost #podcastlove #businesspurpose #girlbosslife #entrepreneurmindset #solopreneur #family #burnthepicketfence
This Place Is Amazing, You Know😀 . . . Follow👇👇👇 @medellinviptour . . .
Mood: when he tells you his credit score💋I rarely get a shopping bug but I had time to kill earlier this week while @apple was diagnosing my iPhone (s/o my tech, Phoebe, who put me back in the game!). Anyways, this @fentybeauty “hustla baby” glow is 🔥 & I love supporting other women-owned businesses💰 what’re YOUR favorite women-owned brands 👇🏽
Struggling itself isn't ever the problem. It is our perspective on whether we allow ourselves to struggle and whether we should be ashamed about struggling. . We all struggle! ☝️ Learn to laugh about your struggles and share them 🤭
A lot of green🤔 still fairly quiet however...could this be the calm before the storm we are waiting for?? Only time will tell. I have increasing feeling that the #bullrun 🐃 will be a little more gradual to end of the year. The #stockmarket is correcting...I think we steam role into 2019 into the largest #bullish run of any trading market in history....Just a personal feeling!😀 . . . . . @mbhinvestments #financialfreedom #financialliteracy #financialeducation #realestate #entrepreneur  #laptoplife #invest #loveyourwork #cashflow #decentralized #crypto #hardwork #loveyourlife #cryptocurrency #trader #cryptomining #altcoins #hodl #4thindustrialrevolution #blockchain #bitcoin #ethereum #eth #ether #binance #coinbase
🔥 Generators: The easiest way to block your manifestation is to limit how you show up and lose your passion⠀ ⠀ 🌸 Projectors: The easiest way to block your manifestation is to think you have to tell people to do what you want (they most likely already know, and will if you give them the opportunity to - you're magical like that)⠀ ⠀ 🌊 Manifesting Generators: The easiest way to block your manifestation is to doubt whether what you're doing is enough (and then get so wrapped up in the hustle that you lose your passion)⠀ ⠀ 🌴 Manifestors: The easiest way to block your manifestation is to get too much up in your own head - you already know the way⠀ ⠀ 🌕 Reflectors: The easiest way to block your manifestation is to spend time around people who don't support your highest good⠀ ⠀
Being receptive to money is a vibrational experience. When you're vibrationally receptive to money, the money comes or you're guided to the money, or both. ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Money isn't about money, money is about feeling good. More money is about feeling better. When you let yourself do that anyways, you become receptive to the money. ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ When you maintain that? More momentum which means more money, more feeling good, and more momentum which mean more money, more feeling good, which means more momentum and more money and more feeling good. ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Money flowing into your experience can be as easy, normal, and natural as oxygen flowing into your body.
Saturday work life in a nutshell: Sipping coffee. Creating meal plans. Seeing clients. Selling healthy market products. Reading and learning. Life is good 💙 • • #worklife #work #saturday #weekend #rainyday #simplyforlife #coffee #reading #knowledge #learning #books #laptoplife #nutshell #clients #health #wellness #makingadifference #mealplans #lifeusgood #nutritionadvisor #truro #novascotia #hustle #helping #people #workinghard
We're a crew, but not like the others. You can sit with us. And on Wednesdays, we will probably be wearing black. Or just whatever we want.
EXTRA WITCHY VIBEZ 👻 🔮 ⠀ .⠀ October is my FAV!🍂🍁 Okay, not only because it's my birthday month (heheh🍾) but also because it's my fav season (autumn🍂) AND I just love the extra witchy vibez🔮🖤🦇 that comes with the cold and the beautiful coloured leaves and the smell of earth.⠀ .⠀ Even more, I just love the idea of witches🕷. Not the burning people alive for no reasons 😬🔥but more the idea of those strong ass ladies that did their thang (and some others that were caught in the crossfire) and were misunderstood in every way possible to the point that they were persecuted. I just have this thing for weirdos 👽✌️⠀ .⠀ I kind of identity with it. Being weird and different and just owning it.🦄👽🔮⠀ .⠀ I'd wish more ladies would do a bit more of it, owning that they are different and being okay with it!✨⠀ .⠀ So ladiiiiiiiiies, you are all amazing creatures and never compare your personality versus somebody else. You are your awesome self and that is BRILLIANT! Go be a unicorn or a weirdo or a witch, whatever floats your boat.🦄👽🖤🔮✨⠀ .⠀ #witchesofinstagram #witchery #witch 🔮 #witchything #advancedselfie #weirdos #autumnvibes #fallvibes #october 🍁 #birthdaymonth ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #visualsgang #dreamchaser #businesswomen #successmindset #laptoplifestyle #savvybusinessowner #womenwhohustle #femaleentrepreneurs #startupbusiness #liveyourpassion #pursueyourpassion #lifestylegoals #laptoplife #livethelifeyouwant #bossladiesmindset #savvybusinessowners #creatorsregime #loladesignstudio #graphicdesigns #brandingdesign
How truthful are you about your goals? Are you sure it's what you really want? I'm a physiologist and wellness expert. I help my clients live in exquisite health with mind, body and soul coaching. So often I see clients express a huge goal....I want to lose 40 lbs or I want to be a millionaire. The first questions I always ask is WHY? What's it for? Who's it for? Sometimes we aim for something just because it sounds good and then get totally stuck because it's not actually what we really want. Take a look at your goals as you start to close out the year. What do you really need to happen? What is it for? Once you are clear it should feel awesome in the present moment and exciting to call in. That is when you know it FITS!!
🔥 Kingz Kill Shot 🔥 Slow your scroll, The Kingz back. And by now you should all know exactly where I'm at. Gonna be huge on this track, Kodiak. I keep it congruent. My sh¡t is so fluent. Go toe to toe, with the flow, rope a dope, dosey doe, bout to blow! And just know, If you don't like what I'm tellin', you're not buyin' what I'm sellin', no need to pretend, just unfollow or unfriend. Not mad, I promise, it doesn't offend. You see, It's become so damn clear to me. Your opinion will not have effect on my destiny. Name is Ryan, and I'm flyin', I ain't tryin', ain't lyin', no time for negativity. grab a gat bust a cap, feed it lead, That sh¡ts dead to me! Instead. I'm a positivity preacher, not religious, not a sermon, I just burned one, I'm determined. I'm still just learnin' from my teachers. I'm a student. Self improvement, it's a movement. This much I've absorbed, from my GAZ Family. #FuckTheJoneses , Gary Vee. Only want to be around, the people who inspire me, who I aspire to be. It works like magic, the sh¡ts Enagic, It's so so tragic, the way that some people act. Walking around all day with their thoughts hijacked. As matter of fact, I think that sh¡ts wack. I'll just sit back, roll a dub, rep my city, show some love, crack a smile, reconcile. Gonna be here on this earth for awhile. Don't ever let stress or someone's opinion f**k with your style. I hate to boast, I never gloat. I'm always humble, Cause in life I fumble, stumble. So, I'll be subtle. But latley, been thinking... yo' boi may be GOAT 🐐 . . . . . #KingzKillShot #King #Ambitionz #Authentic #RealShit #SpitHotFire #FuckTheJoneses #ComingForWhatsMine #Entrepreneur #Entrepreneurship #LaptopLife #AffiliateMarketing #Inspire #Believe #Motivate #Succeed #Mindset #ThinkBig #BeBig #HustleHard #WorkHard #CantStop #WontStop #BuildALifeYouLove #LoveTheLifeYouLive #KingAmbitionz 👑
HAPPY SATURDAY! 🍁I’ve been kind of sick-ish since we got back from our trip this week, so I thought last night was going to be a bust, BUT I was feeling better so me and my handsome hubby got a little wine at @chwinery ! 🍷 I love doing our monthly tastings there and grabbing a bite to eat after. Do you guys have any fun or random traditions as a couple? Give me some more ideas below! // Tap photo for outfit details - @express is having a major sale right now so you can get some of these items at a steal! . #chicagoblogger #midwestbloggers #dateideas #styleblogger #casualoutfit #ootd #datenight #winetasting #dinneranddrinks #camoeverything #leggings #leatherjacket #topknot #expressclothing #targetstyle #oldnavystyle #dateyourhusband #fridaymood #saturdayvibes #bossbabe #photographer #realestatebroker #socialmediamanager #laptoplife #fallstyle #midwestgirl #sweaterweather
Work retreat this weekend - laughing and being silly while we are learning from each other❤️ This is work?!?😍
Nobody has it all together! ____________________________________________________ It doesn’t matter how many followers they have, how long they’ve been in business, or how many free masterclasses they offer...NOBODY has it ALL together. Some are just farther along than others. ____________________________________________________ Don’t spend time comparing your chapter 2 to somebody else’s 22! You’ll always be hurt and disappointed. Be happy for others successes, (if you can) learn from their mistakes...most importantly, find value in the resources around you & PUT IN THE WORK! ____________________________________________________ If you need help starting, building or taking some pressure off of your plate, consider a virtual assistant. I love working with my virtual clients but I also have a great love for those that ventured off into a brick & mortar. Let’s talk about streamlining & getting it together! ____________________________________________________
Don't just keep planning and planning and planning - Be an Action Taker - Discover what's your true "Why" your driving purpose of life - Then translate that into taking ACTION so you can fullfill your Purpose - Follow this recipe and you will have the momentum you need to push forward, faster than ever - What are you taking action on today? let me know in comments 👇👇👇
⚠️ All my #SMMA Owners, Consultants, FB ads agency owners...Keep Grinding 🔥💯 . 😫When you feel bad or you don't want to do the direct outreach, cold email, cold call, strategy call, follow up, etc...Because you don't want to "bug" or "bother" people... . 🎯 Remember we are getting bombarded by shitty and untargeted advertisement all day long.... . 🚫 Stop feeling bad for trying to help a business owner/entrepreneur.... . 🧠 He should feel bad about his marketing...You shouldn't feel this way.... . 📈 If he doesn't get it...On to the next one bro but it is your duty to inform your public and to SALES if you truly believe in your product/service. . 🙏🙏🙏 God Bless #Capitalism and #Entrepreneurship !
I’VE BEEN THROUGH TRAUMA, AND IM FAAAABULOUS, THANK YOU VERY MUCH 💜 No more apologizing for being “less than” ITS TIME TO OWN OUR TRAUMAS AND NATURAL TALENTS AND GIFTS!!! I wrote this to give you a voice, to hand you the baton of warm self compassion, confidence and other-worldly insight, and to speak the words for you, when you can’t. So come on into these words. Have a seat, Girl! Feel the music in them, the love, the wisdom, the rhythm beneath the river in them, and speak them as your own. Repeat after me, my Beautiful Sister, who has “been through it...” I may have been through trauma, but the level of empathy and compassion I offer is rare. I know pain and when you tell me of yours I feel it and you as if it were my own, as if we are one (which, in another dimension, where I simultaneously live in, we actually ARE one being!) I may have been through trauma, but the insight I have into the human condition, coupled with my particular brand of intelligence, creativity, diamond sharp and clear intuition, and warmth, is far from an every day occurrence in normal people land. And YES, I am super sensitive at times, but so are you. I’m also reactive, nervous, overly-cautious at times ... AND SO ARE YOU. I just get more deeply embarrassed, more often than you do, about my very human qualities, because my armour isn’t as thick. It never was, but I’m working on that. Every day, I’m working on strengthening my shield, without sacrificing this beautiful, rare, sensitive heart I offer. You know, there are Grammies and Emmy’s and Oscars for musical and dramatic talent, but what I want to know is where is the recognition for overcoming such deep levels of shame, programmed into certain humans from the day they were born, who are then given little (if any) support to move forward and figure out this life thing? Where is the award for the heroic strength it takes to stave that shame off, which is not only internalized early on in life, but then conditioned and confirmed by society who automatically shames at first detection of anything or anyone “not normal”? It takes Olympic strength to stop the tornado of self-sabotage... (contd in comments below)
A few weeks ago I had a lot, a lot of piccies taken in my beautiful Californian homesit by the amazing @krystelfromthewoods but before this took place I asked my own group members what their impression was of me/my brand.⁣ ⁣ The responses were amazing and filled my heart with so much joy.⁣ ⁣ I got calming, powerful, yellows and sunshine. I got authentic, funny, natural. The hair came up A LOT.⁣ Peace and strength. Creative, the 4 elements, boho, Stevie Nicks.⁣ ⁣ Needless to say, earthy, grounded, free spirit, fun and creative came up a number of times...⁣ ⁣ So here I am, half naked in the bloody plants 😂😂😂 just for you guys!⁣ ⁣ It was a LOT of fun!⁣ ⁣ Who are you?! Find her and do her fearlessly!
Would love your opinions on this. Now, this isn’t my FULL vision for the future but I’ve been doing some imagining around the ideal way I would like to make a living🤔 ~ This is already the direction I’m headed: 🥊 Becoming a skilled fighter 💻 Becoming a skilled programmer 🌎 Becoming a skilled entrepreneur/influencer/digital nomad ~ Now comes the fun and difficult process of creating something out of nothing, a job that has never existed🤩... A way of merging my unique set of skills to create something amazing to give back to the world🌍 ~ What amazing, unique thing can I offer this world?🤗 Do you ever ponder questions like that? Or is it it just me? Xoxo, Codebreaker ~ Gym: @teamtainomartialarts 🗓 13 days till Fight Day ~ Nov Fights Sponsored by: @adrienne.tacke @dvlpr.io @mikhailarden @themuaythaiguy @timcasonjr @fueledonbacon @devstickers @marvizusd @kicksta.co @devherobrand
✖️Leaving behind my 700sqft shoebox to grow into bigger and better things ✖️ . . About a year ago I moved into this teeny weeny shoebox of a home after I had recently came back from a solo journey through Africa, Nepal and other parts of Asia. . . I remember coming home from my trip and thinking I could go back into my old life, live in my hometown, work my old job and eventually the anxiety would subside and things would be “normal” again. . . Ha! Didn’t happen quite like I had imagined. . . I ended up having a panic attack one night and thinking “holy fuck, is this actually going to be my life?” . . The next day I started to look for a place in the city, and moved out 2 weeks later. No job, no money, not able to emotionally keep my head above water. But, I did the damn thing anyways. . . I took radical acceptance for my life and started going after everything I wanted. I cut out toxic relationships, I learned to embrace uncertainty, I built a business, I did some intense soul work, I invested over $30,000 into myself and my future. . . Why? Because I fucking deserve a life that excites the shit out of me. . . As I sit here typing out this post for the last time in this teeny tiny home, I am filled to the brim with gratitude for everything in my life. 🙏 . . I believe in the power to consciously and deliberately put yourself in new situations that force you to grow. I believe that when you become stagnant you need to shake the comfort out of your life and find a deeper version of yourself. . . The reason I am moving is because I want to grow. I want to be forced into a new environment to navigate, I want to pushed to peel back more subconscious layers and figure out deeper depths of myself. I want to consciously and deliberately force myself into adaptation response for higher levels of uncertainty. . . I am here to grow and learn. I understand that the deeper I understand myself, the more skilled I will become at helping you understand and love yourself too. . . So, wish Ginger and I luck on our new adventure! We are on to bigger and better things, and let’s get one thing clear... this shit is just getting started. 😜
What’s it gonna be?? • Tag someone who is working on changing their life👇🏼 • @mikk.marketing @mikk.marketing @mikk.marketing
THE POWER OF A DECISION. . . Sometimes even the thought of making a decision can be hard. Maybe you’ve dipped your toes into something but not fully committed, maybe you’re putting off making a life changing decision, maybe you feel trapped in your current situation and don’t realise that what you need to do is make a decision. . . I have felt and been in all of these situation and at every stage of my life I know that what matters for me to feel happy and progress is to make a combination of daily decisions to act, do one or two small things that move me forward in some way. . . And recognise when something bigger needs to change and be firm with a yes or no, I am doing this thing or that. . I was thinking about some of the big decisions I’ve made in my life and how differently things could have turned out if I’d kept treading water and not committing one way or the other. . . In essence I am indecisive but I’ve trained myself to notice when I need to decide firmly about something. It’s hard to commit to a course of action when you know it’s really important but sometimes when we don’t decide we end up feeling miserable and moving in reverse rather than forward. 🤷‍♀️ . . Recently I felt a bit lost and knew I had to decide what to do so I could start taking daily action one way or the other, instead of taking the easy route of plodding and doing nothing, which was effectively pulling me backwards. . . I got clear on what I wanted by writing it down. I made a new vision board to help me understand why I wanted it and I took action. I moved forward because I decided and it’s amazing how quickly the universe started acting in my favour, bringing things to me, when I sent out the right signal about what I really want. . . Does anyone else struggle to make decisions and have you felt like it holds you back?
Enjoying the view over the valley. #view #rofan
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