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Would you like to learn to crochet? or if you already know how, is there someone you know that would like to learn? I’m teaching crochet on YouTube! Check out my channel “Crochet and Beyond “ and subscribe. I would love to see you there. Crochet is a fun skill anyone can learn, and seriously, all you need is yarn and a hook. Who is going to give it a try? 🙋‍♀️#learningcrochet #aprendercrochet #häkelnlernen #crochetersofinstagram #crochet #easycrochet #crochetisfun #alwayscrocheting #handmade #lovetocrochet #crochetaddict #crochetlover #crochetart #ilovecrochet #workinprogress #crochetando #hekeln #handgemacht #handgemaakt #haken #hakeniship #hekle #hakenisleuk #ganchillo #virka #tejer #uncinetto #häkeln #häkelnisttoll #häkelliebe
Old school/ new School.. 1975/2018 Putting a goose eye draft into Weaveit. Time to get Katie dressed.
Hello Katie, So lovely to see you again. Poor Katie has been sadly neglected in her bag for a long time. But she’s needed for tomorrow as I have someone coming to Craftanoon to learn how to warp an 8 shaft loom. Tomorrow’s Craftanoon is booked out, but don’t despair if you missed out this week, there’s another next Saturday. Bookings are essential and numbers strictly limited. I want you to get the most out of the session, so make sure you let me know what you need help with when you book.
New banners have arrived! I’m planning on doing markets again. Any suggestions on which ones I need to apply for?
“Yes, I do need to have yet another craft in my life.” I keep seeing lots of lovely labels on handmade scarves and hats. Being a compulsive maker I knew I needed to make my own. Why buy them for $1 a piece when you can make them.... after of course purchasing all the tools. Thanks to Sue from Custom Brows’n’Leather @custombrowsnleather for the personalized delivery, was lovely to meet you. I’m hopeful I can keep this new craft under some sort of control.
#crochet #learningcrochet my little mate 😍😍
You knew I wasn’t going to resist. Strawberries and scream just happened to jump onto my hook. I do need samples in the shop.
#crochet #learningcrochet 😍😍 not finished yet.... tidy up cuffs etc but love her 😍😍
Whirls and whirlettes now on the shelf ..... there’s a few gone already! Will sit down tonight and get them listed onto the webstore.
10 colourways of Scheepjes Whirl, now in store, 1000m!!! 215-225gms 60%cotton, 40% Acrylic Recommend hook/needles 3.5-4mm
SOLD OUT - more coming Looks what’s arrived! Scheepjes now in store. 50 x 10gms $60
Perfect Instagram and Facebook feeds, curated to eliminate all humanity from a business are not me and not what my business is about. I’m about: people creativity inspiration fun daring to be different, learning helping others to love learning Adding to my community. I don’t want to be just a pretty picture, I want substance, humanity and warmth. I want to be the Elephant in the room, not fitting in but standing out. The unicorn, never repeatable me.
So I decided to pick up a new hobby I'm learning to crochet, not bad for day one #learningcrochet #crochetfirsttry
🇦🇷 Buen día, hace ya varios días que me pidieron que les mostrara cómo hacer el cambio de color, y con tantas cosas por hacer me quedé debiéndoles este video. Anoche lo filmé con la luz que tenía pero no quería dejar pasar más tiempo. Lo importante para que vean es hacer el cambio de color, tomando el nuevo hilo en la última lazada del último punto del color anterior. En este ejemplo, tengo que hacer 5 mp en rosa y 5 mp en blanco. Entonces tengo que hacer 4 mp (single crochet -sc) en rosa y al hacer el 5to mp en rosa aprovecho la última enlazada de hilo para tomar el hilo blanco. De esta forma,el 5to mp en rosa queda bien terminado y a la vez ya tengo listo el color blanco para comenzar los 5 mp en blanco. No sé si se me explico bien. Cualquier duda que tengan me chiflan. Que tengan un lindo día ❤ Ah... si no se entiende bien el video lo vuelvo a grabar. 🇬🇧🇺🇸 Good morning, several days ago you asked me to show you how to do the color change, and with so many things to do I was left with this video. Last night I filmed it with the light I had but I didn't want to let more time go by. The important thing for you to see is to make the change of color, taking the new thread in the last loop of the last stitch of the previous color. In this example, I have to make 5 sc in pink and 5 sc in white. Then I have to make 4 sc (single crochet) in pink and when making the 5th sc in pink I take advantage of the last stitch loop to take the white thread. In this way, the 5th sc in pink is well finished and at the same time I have the white color ready to start the 5 sc in white. I don't know if I explain myself well. Any doubt that you have, ask me please. Have a nice day ❤ Ah ... if you didn't understand the video, I'll record it again. Video by #tokidokijuguetes #crochet #amigurumidesign #amigurumi #aprendiendoatejer #tokidokijuguetetutorial #cambiandodecolor #changingcolor #learningcrochet #aprendiendocrochet #videotokidokijuguetes
The magic that is blocking. Opens up the lovely cables, evens out the fabric and helps control the curl. The first video for the crochet cable beanie CAL is now loaded onto the Knit Spin Weave YouTube Channel. There’s a link on the Facebook page.
Introducing....... Saturday Craftanoon at Knit Spin Weave. 1-3pm Need a little help on a current project? Would like to learn to crochet, knit, spin or weave? This craftanoon could be just what you need. Whether you need just a little guidance, want to learn a new skill or just want a social outing, you are very welcome. Bookings are essential. Phone, message or drop in to book. Cost $10 a session, does not include materials. Spaces are limited to allow you to get the most out of the session.
Trying out my skills in crochet.. will be attempting a dinosaur rug for my sons big boy Dino room makeover 🦕🛏🦖 • #crochet #learningcrochet #skillimprovement #changecanbegood #dinorugcomingsoon #bedroommakeover #boysbedroomideas #dinobedroom #dinodecor
5:20 pm band ready to be joined. Just love this Heirloom yarn, 10 ply merino flecks. Great yarn and fabulous price! Hopefully I can get the first trial hat finished tonight. Crochet is so fast to work up.
Time to design. I want a cabled crochet beanie. Swatching it. Love my swatching 💕
Weaving away on my latest project a log cabin wrap. Pop in store this morning for a demonstration.
More Malabrigo sock in stock! 856 light of love 850 Archangel 863 Zarzamore 866 Acrco Iris 886 Diana 474 Caribeño 100gms 440yds I’m very excited we have some fabulous new Yarns coming next week. If you’re a member of the KSW brains trust group on Facebook, you already know what’s coming. In the next few weeks Knit Spin Weave will launch its loyalty program, special prices on workshops, member only free Weave alongs, first pick of new yarns and even more benefits!.
YEAH!!!! I did it!! I finished my first crochet project. #crochet #yarn #learningcrochet #learningnewthings #handmade
Today was our first Craftea Corner Group. We had so much fun helping people learn to crochet. Thank you all for coming. https://m.facebook.com/groups/171249903519243 #crafts #crafting #crochet #learningcrochet #learnsomethingnew #eatdrinkcreate #thecrafteacafe #supportsmallbusiness #lincoln #lincolnshire #lovelincoln
Fiddlesticks Acrylic Superb Big is a premium acrylic with anti -pilling properities. This HUGE yarn knits up on 8mm needles. 100gms/80m. The beanie took me less than 3 hours to make with 2 balls. $6.50 Great value, premium acrylic yarn. Not squeaky in anyway, very soft and very even. Buy quality to make quality! Spending an extra dollar or two in the yarn, is well worth the results and investment.
Another new arrival. This is Malabrigo Lace 50gms 100% Merino 470 yds 50gms. Not on webstore as yet, I like my shop iPad at home 😮
This is Nube by Malabrigo. Hand dyed merino rovings. I am preparing for our very first Fibre Fest in Auburn SA on July 1st There are many new Yarns and fibres on their way!
Making a scarf using the single crochet stitch, that's the only stitch that I can manage for now. #crochet #learningcrochet #yarn #scarf
I’d love to learn some new stitches. What are yours? #crochet #newstitches #learningcrochet
Find us on @etsy We'll launch our crochet pattern collection soon! Help us reach our first 100 followers, cause we are planning a giveaway soon Happy weekend!! Bon cap de setmana!! 😊💕 • • • • Handmade by @yarnandmonsters following the monster pattern by @yarnandmonsters , bear pattern by @picapauyan , ballerina pattern by @la_crocheteria , bunny by pattern @lanukas • • • #crochet #crochetpattern #welovecrochet #learningcrochet #crochetingaddict #crochetlover #crocheting #crochetinglove #etsy #etsystore #etsyshop #etsyspain #etsysuccess
Cast on Thursday, cast off Tuesday, wear on Wednesday. Feel like I had a mini holiday to Iceland! Listened to a great audiobook and clicked along with the needles. More productive than a video game. AudioBook was Burial Rites by Hannah Kent. Jumper knitted in Icelandic wool Einband held double. I stock it if you want to make your own authentic Icelandic jumper. It’s listed in the webstore.
Knitting myself an authentic Icelandic pullover with Einband Icelandic wool, working double stranded. I casted on last Thursday and at the second section of the yoke. Really loving this knit, can’t wait to wear it. Knit Spin Weave stocks Einband, also listed in the webstore
Not all acrylic yarns are created equally. This is a gorgeously soft yarn in paint like colours. Elit Baby Muare by Nako 250m 100gms $10 a skein.
A couple of the new colours I have added to the Dazzle. Perfect for dolls and bears.
Crypto 8ply Gypsy is back in stock. $7.50 a cake be fast as this colourway has sells out quickly
Have you discovered the ‘magic’ of stitch markers? I use them to keep track of all sort of things. As I need to cast on over 200sts! I have placed the markers after every 20sts. Makes counting much easier.
Practice what you preach. Taking the time to plan projects saves many wasted hours and tears. My swatch is knitted, washed and blocked. Gauge is 4 sts per inch Yarn is Lopi Einband held double. Pattern (recipe)is from Tin Can Knits. Love the feeling of starting a new project!
Finished my Midsummer Socks by @niinalaitinendesigns Knitted in Australian Superfine Merino, @ausyarnco pure pleasure to knit. Knitted on AddiCrasyTrio needles. Rather pleased with the results and being lace, Peter is less likely to try to claim them! Rose did make an attempt!
Another day off, another coffee shop and yet more socks! This time in Burra at St just Cafe. Socks are in Australian Superfine Merino by Cleckheaton, a very luxurious choice! Pattern is Midsummer socks by Ninna Laitimen Designs, free on Ravelry. And I’m on my AddiCrasyTrio needles again. Just loving these needles, they’ve reignited my sock knitting passion.
Odd ball socks for Peter. I will tell him about this mornings delivery of the Patons EXFM after I’ve given him these. 😊
Now stocking blanket binding. For all those lovely handmade blankets. $3.25 per meter
My sock knitting addiction has taken hold again. I’m loving the new Addi Crazytrio needles. I’ve added more to the webstore unfortunately no 2.5 or 2.75 available at present.
Feeling virtuous today..... might have to try not to glare at anyone who dares to remove a ball. 😂
Spent this afternoon facing up the shelves. Looking much nicer now.
Three new colourways of Vivacious 4ply. In store now and soon on the webstore 630 Strawberry 631 denim 622 peach Bellini
Two new colours in Fyberspates Vivacious DK now in store. Will shortly be listed on the webstore
Just arrived! Fyberspates Vivacious DK and 4ply Stolenstitches Nua and more Katie Davies publications!
Today’s Special! I’m making room for yet more stock so out it goes... Magnum 12ply only $3 a ball!! Nako baby angel $5 No reorders. Instore sales only.
Mirrix Heddles back in stock. Plus I now have the 8”, 12” and 16” looms back in store. Pricing and details on webstore
New stocks of Mirrix Looms are on their way from the US. I have a 16” and 12” arriving early next week. There are currently 2 x 8” Looms in stock. Check my webstore for details on how to order and pricing. See a demonstration of these looms at the Auburn Wool & Fibre Fair on 1 July 2018 Auburn Institute 9:30am to 4 pm
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