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LM5 Is Coming 👭?👭 ••••••••••• #LM5isComing #Mixers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #jesynelson #jadethirlwall #perrieedwards #leighannepinnock #littlemix #LM5 #Mixers #LM5isComing
Beauties😍😍😍😍Can't wait to hear their new song on Friday!!🙌🙌👀👀😍😍 @littlemix #LittleMix #LM #OnlyYou #Friday #PerrieEdwards #JadeThirlwall #LeighAnnePinnock #JesyNelson
I graduated in the english course.. I'm so happy!! 🎓🎓
clinical care 🏥 pt 25 • »“How is she looking?” I asked sitting down the nurse as Jackie and I came back from breakfast. “Good,” she nodded. “And she’s sleeping which is good. Her body can work better when she’s sleeping.” The nurse eventually left and Jackie and I talked again. Harry walked in holding two coffees. “I’ll go get some fresh air,” Jackie smiled. Harry walked past her and sat beside me. “What do you think you’re doing Dr. Styles?” “Having a nice coffee date.” “Oh so this is a date?” I smiled. “See there’s the smile I’ve been missing.” I met his eyes and shook my head slightly. “You’re a mess.” “That I am.” “What game are you playing?” I asked giving him a skeptical look. “No game. Seeing you just made me realize I want a second chance that’s all.” “A second chance?” I asked taking a sip of my coffee. “Yeah,” he smiled pushing some hair out of my face. “Mama?” I heard Skylar. I turned to look at her and stood up. “Hey baby,” I smiled rubbing her cheek. “How do you feel?” “Okay,” she said looking behind me. “Hey mister what are you doing?” “I just came to say good morning,” he smiled standing up. “Would you like me to put a movie in before I go?” “Oh I can do it. You don’t-“ “It’s fine,” he smiled turning the tv on. “So, Skylar, any movie suggestions?” “Tangled,” she said, her face lighting up. It was her favorite movie. “Tangled, coming up.” He put it in and started it. “There you go.” “Hey mister?” “Hmm?” “Can you stay and watch for a little bit?” “Well I have something scheduled for 9:30, but maybe after that I can come and watch something with you okay?” She nodded. “Thank you,” I mouthed. “No problem,” he replied before walking away.« • Tagged→︎ @harrystyles @calums.watermelon.shirt @_.savvay.__ @textingurloves @layan.damra @pokemon.lashton @mamasgurl922 @__jetblackheart__ @hungrylittlemonster • Tags→︎ #onedirection #5secondsofsummer #1d #5sos #edsheeran #cherlloyd #littlemix #harrystyles #louistomlinson #niallhoran #liampayne #zaynmalik #lukehemmings #michaelclifford #calumhood #ashtonirwin #perrieedwards #leighannepinnock #jesynelson #jadethirlwall #5sostext #5sosimagines • 2 comments=new post
I think they both look beautiful. And you, what do you think? - #perrieedwards #alicechater #jadethirlwall #leighannepinnock #littlemix #jesynelson
READ AS THIS IS IMPORTANT AND WE NEED EVERY MIXER POSSIBLE!!!! My name is Becca and I’m looking to meet Little Mix to create a ‘special event’ that focuses on Mental Health, Cancer Research and the LGBT community! In order to hopefully get this noticed, I’m hoping to create a fan project with the community. This project is for fans WORLDWIDE so that means EVERYONE can get involved. If we get this project to be big enough, they may see it, and if you also put your pictures in all Little Mix posts then they’re bound to see it! Either hold a green ribbon, pink ribbon or LGBT flag with a sign saying ‘@LittleMix to meet @Make_It_Change for a special event! Or draw the three symbols on a sign with the same text on it. Make sure to take pictures and DM’ing me / post them under this in the comments since I will be making a video of how the project turned out. All you have to do is post everything under the hashtag #LittleMixforSpecialEvent  I will be making a video of my favorite outfits/signs sent in. ALL PICTURES ARE DUE BY THE 1st OF AUGUST 2018! If you don't understand any part of the project feel free to ask me anything on my here! Or I’m more than willing to explain everything step by step and go into as much detail as possible! For any questions contact me through my comments or my DM’s. TELL YOUR FOLLOWERS, PUT UP TONS OF STORIES, POSTS AND DM GROUPS OF OTHER MIXERS AND LARGER MIXER ACCOUNTS TO GET THIS NOTICED!!!! ------------------------------------- @little.mix.updates_1 @thatjesminda @_little.jesy_ @littlemixoutfitz @littlemixfacts_x @daniellepeazer @dani24snoopy @pezsnews @lmmemes.pt @perrielovers1 @littlewwefanandmixer @littlemix_fannxx @dailylittlemix.news @leavelittlemixalone @littlemix_currentnews @perfeectlittlemix @mixermanagement @jerrie.lover.x @katyperryandlittlemix @littlemix_lover.19 @myjesminda @jesynelson @jesynews @jesyphotos @jesysdream @littleshadymix @littlemixtribute @little.mix_pandas @littlemixocean @littlemixforever_xoxo @sinfulperrie @aboutthejade @littlemixersunited @freak_mixer #jesynelson #perrieedwards #leighannepinnock #jadethirlwall #littlemix #lm5 #onlyyou
Didn’t really have many favorites but their were mostly from the GDT 🌸💜 ____________________________ Qotd; Do you play any instruments? If so what? Aotd; I do I play Drums, Piano, and Trumpet _______________________________ @leighannepinnock @jadethirlwall @perrieedwards @jesynelson @littlemix _______________________________ #jesynelson #leighannepinnock #jadethirlwall #perrieedwards #littlemix #salute #dna #getweird #glorydays #lm5 #onlyyou
Only you is out on Friday I CANT WAIT !!! AND JADE VOICE 👌🏻(Credits too @missperrieeele for the video) 😘
He is goregous ❤❤❤❤❤😍
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