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fairy tale
Did you know that we are one of the busiest air ambulance and critical care teams in the South West? Over the last four days we have been dispatched to 16 jobs! Best wishes to all of those involved 🚁🚁 #helicopter #gwaac #flying #criticalcareteam #view #lensbibe
sometimes you just have to appreciate where you are. you have a long way and you are still learning and growing. be grateful for the lessons.
Starting to plan my next trip for 2018, can't wait to explore more of the world.
All I want for Christmas is world peace. Failing that, a MacBook Pro would be great.
We get so caught up in the materialism of Christmas that we forget it's really about God getting a married woman pregnant.
From the series “STILLS FROM A FILM NOIR THAT DOES NOT EXIST” You can find the rest of the series on my website. Yes, I have a website now (Link in profile) After some lengthy arguments with myself I thought I’d launch a website. For all my many photos of strangers I would consider myself as a bit of an introvert so giving it the magician assistant big reveal with twirling hands over my website is a little cringy for me. All I can say is take a look around, make yourself comfortable and there’s plenty of biscuits in the top cupboard so help yourselves.
Manchester Central Library
Bus stop.
BREAKING - Met Office has issued an amber warning for incredibly dull conversations around the water cooler about the weather.
Bernard remembers the winter of '77 when it was very cold. He burned all the snow to keep warm. It wasn't that effective.
Late night Christmas shopping makes way for red wine. T’is the season.
Bus Stop. Northern Quarter. Manchester.
Rise above the concrete jungle and admire the man made beauty #london #lensbibe #thames #towerbridge
Manchester, colder than Melania Trump’s shoulder.
Sick weekend #lensbibe #silentpixels
NY silhouettes
This girl 😍 tomorrow we are heading to the "butterfly house" here in Stockholm. I'm excited! It's like a huge greenhouse with a rainforest inside
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