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If your start with excuses ; you end up with excuses. Who are you and what are you starting with today? 💛🙏🏻 #goodmorning #letgoandletgod #workhardprayhard
God goes before us for the Greater Good and that takes time. So keep waiting on God and keep praying. He has it under control. #walkinfaith #letgoandletgod #christianlife
Day 320: I AM GRATEFUL FOR LETTING GO AND LETTING GOD #gratitude #letgoandletgod
Being concerned with other people's opinions, what they may or may not think holds so many of us back. . . 🌸Get to know yourself, ask yourself what makes you happy, how do you want to live your life, what does that look like for you? . . 🌸Often other people's opinions about you and your decisions are simply their own projections and fears and a reflection of what is inside themselves. . . 🌸Meditate, press pause, listen to your heart and lead with that. Trust your intuition. Life is too precious and beautiful not to fully express who you are. As Wayne Dyer said, "what other people think of me, is none of my business."🙏🏼💕 . . .📷 @gabbybernstein 🙏🏼💕 . . . . . . . . #drwaynedyer #waynedyer #gabriellebernstein #freedom #truth #letgo #letgoandletgod #gratitude #followyourheart #meditate #meditatedaily #gowithin #yoga #growth #higherself #befree #selfexpression #followyourdreams #leadwithlove #purpose #selfcare #innerpeace #peaceofmind #quote #quoteoftheday #spiritjunkie #wisdom #kindness #mindbodyspirit #affirmations
Life is a little like a tunnel - sometimes we walk in daylight and are able to see what lays ahead of us. Sometimes we walk in darkness, exploring what’s outside our comfort zone, and are then not able to see what’s ahead of us. To the dark tunnel: lead me somewhere new - some place I have not seen and let me experience emotions I have not yet experienced. Let me grow and be amazed by what’s ahead of me - embracing whatever’s to come if not in the moment then afterwards. #readinguk #godisgood #thankful #letgoandletgod
Especially during this busy, special time of year, when life seems to fly by, remember all your blessings from our great God Almighty. He walks with us always. #letgoandletgod #usestressawaydaily #livelifefully #prayallthetime #relaxitsallgood #yleototherescue #livehealthyandclean
Those who stress suffer twice 🤞🏽#selfgrowth #letgoandletgod #workhard #quotes #quotestoliveby
☝SWIPE LEFT FOR TODAY'S KHUTBAH☝ ✨ JUMAAH MUBARAK ALL! 🕌 . Salam #learnislamsg community! ✨ . The title of today’s khutbah is: Rasulullah's Approach to Living Within a Society . ✅ Life within our social, household and professional spheres require that we interact and cooperate with others. It is not uncommon to find that when dealing with other people or exchanging views, instances of misunderstanding may occur, or that various suggestions may be brought to the table. If such is the case, should we insist on our opinion without even considering theirs? What then should be the proper way to address such a situation? . ✅ The Prophet s.a.w. interacted and communicated frequently with his companions, asking for their ideas and encouraging them to voice their opinions. He would then take all of them into equal consideration. In fact, when the Prophet s.a.w. spoke, he would use respectful language and polite mannerisms. He was always receptive to his companions’ feedback, and would listen to the advice of his wife. Let us ask Allah s.w.t. to bless us with peace, patience and the strength to face the challenges and trials of life. May Allah s.w.t. gather us together with His righteous servants. Amin Ya Rabbal⠀ ‘Alamin.⠀
You can! You can quit sugar right this minute and have a sugar free day tomorrow. I'll do it with you, you are not alone. Tell me tomorrow night how it went for you. I'd love to hear from you. #quitsugarnow #youcanquit #sugaraddictionrecovery #letgoandletgod
Many times I have manipulated myself into believing I just had hope regarding the potential or outcome of a relationship, a job, a gift, a reaction from others but then realize when the outcome is not what I was “hoping” for I became resentful, victimized, angry and judgmental of myself and others. This is called an “expectation”. It takes practice to learn and put this into play but once you see the difference it prevents you so much future hurt for yourself and towards others and leaves room for endless possibilities! #hope #expectations #learning #acceptance #resentment #honesty #peace #peacefulheart #optimism #selflove #loveofothers #respectingothers #blessings #gratitude #blessed #workinprogress #lettingo #letgoandletgod #mindful #minfulness #selfawareness #sober #sobriety #soberlife #recovery #recovering #addictionrecovery #findingbalance
Salam #learnislamsg community! ✨ We're sad to announce that Kuliah Mufti this Sunday, 18 November, is cancelled. See you the following Sunday! 👋 •⠀⠀⠀⠀ •⠀⠀⠀⠀ •⠀⠀⠀⠀ 💌 Join our LearnIslam community and support our work at www.learnislam.sg 📱 Follow us on Facebook @learnislam.sg 🎬 Subscribe to our Youtube channel @LearnIslamSg 🐦 We are on Twitter!: @learnislamsg #learnislamsg #officeofthemuftisg #weareLItogether #islamicreminder #islamicquotes #islamicposts #dakwah #ramadhan #halalsg #halalsingapore #muslimsg #muslimah #muslims #Islam #Allah #Ameen #learnislam #mashallah #alhamdulillah #allahuakbar #bismillah #subhanallah #letgoandletgod #faith #hadith #hijab #blessed #dua #prayer
Nobody post prayers... think ill leave this up for a bit. Maybe bless a soul or two. #letgoandletgod imma take down my acting website n post this link. 👩‍🎨❤️
#lovelife #livehappy #letgoandletgod ♥️🙏💯🙌
Let go and let God, He knows where you are meant to be and who you need to be when you get there so trust that everything that happens in your life is meant to help you become the person God intended you to be. #godfidence #meditatetoelevate #faith #hope #love #lifelessons #letgoandletgod #onelove #trustgodsplan #positivevibes #thoughts #thinkingoutloud #spirtitualgangster #thingsiteachmydaughter #peaceofmind #dontsweatthesmallstuff #innerpeace #bekindtooneanother #liveyourbestlife #whentheygolowwegohigh #strength #motivation
去制約之旅開始了快將三個月,有很多的覺悟、發現與得著。其中一項是,制約都是頭腦想出來的事情,頭腦是將已知的事情串連在一起,然後創造出合乎這堆想法的邏輯。 有位老師曾向我說:「於當下想像未來,是沒有未來的。」意思是指,於當下這個頭腦,只是不停地以過往經驗歸納出它認為可行的方法、方案。但事實上,我怎能知道半年後、一年後的我會怎樣想?有什麼新的事情進入我生命?別想一年了,一星期前的我也不會知道我正在打這篇分享。 於我而言,去制約其中一個關鍵部分,就是承認自己不知道。在我的人類圖圖表中,頭腦及邏輯中心都沒有著色,意指我的頭腦沒有固定的能量發放開去,容易受到別人想法的影響、也會放大這些想法信以為真、以為是屬於我自己、執迷於計劃、追求答案。 在這三個月裡,我在練習放手、不追求特定的答案。我放下計劃、所有的「應該不應該」、承認自己真的不知道未來會怎樣:唔知就唔好扮知。而我慢慢發現,規劃的確是有的,只是不是我做的。 它在生命的無形之手裡。❤️ . . . #人類圖 #去制約 #活出自己 #生產者 #顯示生產者 #薦骨 #相信生命 #BelieveInLife #Surrender #humandesign #做自己 #Truth #真相 #真實 #香港 #hongkong #占星 #卡巴拉 #脈輪 #易經 #64卦 #hkgirl #勇氣 #放下 #放慢 #臣服 #letgoandletgod #日記 #等待
“A Prayer Honoring Marriage” Father, one of the greatest mysteries in the human experience is how You blend two individuals and make them become as one when they join as Husband and Wife. The “me” becomes “us” in our shared interests and goals in life. Things are no longer “mine” but “ours.” Our times of celebration as well as times of sadness and loss become shared experiences. We Honor Marriage, recognizing the sacrifices and blessings that come to those who are joined in Holy Matrimony. We also recognize that our archenemy, satan, is intent on destroying the very foundation of marriage that You established from the beginning. We uphold the institution of marriage as defined in Scripture and honor it when we speak of it and the way we live it out with our spouse.
30-33 “If God gives such attention to the appearance of wildflowers—most of which are never even seen—don’t you think he’ll attend to you, take pride in you, do his best for you? What I’m trying to do here is to get you to relax, to not be so preoccupied with getting, so you can respond to God’s giving. People who don’t know God and the way he works fuss over these things, but you know both God and how he works. Steep your life in God-reality, God-initiative, God-provisions. Don’t worry about missing out. You’ll find all your everyday human concerns will be met.” Matthew 6:30-33 The Message. #forsuchatimeasthis #daughtersofzion #advancingforthekingdom #movingforward #bibleverse #bibleverseoftheday #godisfaithful #jesus #god #abba #trustgod #trustjesus #motivated #encouraged #matthew6 #matthew633 #justdoit #persevere #godsgotyou #letgoandletgod
You can go to the gym, drink your water and take your vitamins but if you don’t deal with the things going on in your heart and head, you’re still going to be unhealthy! Do. The. Inner. Work. #mindset
24小時後我們將正式成為夫妻,踏入充滿期待的人生道路,要親手建立屬神的家庭。 我心情無比的興奮甚至很激動,搞到自己很緊張,比以前做show或比賽還要緊張~ 想到我們經歷的一切讓我感動到要哭出來了。預備好心情,今晚逼自己睡好覺🙈 一切交給祂,在神凡事都能💪🏼💪🏼 我們一起加油蛤😘 . . #PPnMM #mrmrskatoon #godbless #letgoandletgod #Godwilldotherest
Jumma Mubarak 🙏🏼 Thank you God for your rich blessings and for your continued workings on me! 🙇🏻‍♀️ . #friday #fridayblessings #jummamubarak #iamnear #letgoandletgod #restored #renewed #thankful #blessingsonblessings
🌍 WE pray that you all have a most wonderful evening❣️ God bless you and your family...🙏🙏❣️❣️
Come and listen, all you who fear God, and I will tell you what He did for me. For I cried out to Him for help, praising Him as I spoke... Praise God who did not ignore my prayer or withdraw his unfailing love for me. | Psalms 66:16-17, 20 . . . I’m currently working on sharing a part of our testimony and how much God has moved in our lives this year. Oh, it would be such an amazing platform to share God’s healing powers and unfailing love with the world. We have been tested beyond belief, but have been blessed beyond measure. God’s will is not mine - and I’ve often struggled with accepting that. His timing is always right, even when it doesn’t align with my desires. So, please pray for wisdom and courage as I completely open myself up in an attempt to share God’s blessings in my life - our lives - with the world. . . This year has left us with many scars (some visible and some not. ha!), but despite the physical and mental turmoil, I’ve never felt more healed. More whole. So fully redeemed. No - every day isn’t like skipping through a field of daises. It’s a constant battle. But every storm passes, and when I look around - God is still here and He is still good. So sooo good. . . #godisgood #godredeems #godslove #letgoandletgod #throwbackthursday #testimony #testimonial #godstiming #godswill #godswillnotmine #doitagain #ramblingsofachristianmomma
😫😫😫😍🤗👶🏽 I’m putting it into the universe: I will have a baby/be pregnant by this time next year. 🗣🙏🏽 #mixedbabies #babyfever #letgoandletgod
Trust God and let God take care of everything! Stop trying to fix it yourself and let God fix it for you. Stop trying to do it alone and Let God do it for you. #trustgod #letgoandletgod #spiritual #godwilldeliver #jesuslovesyou #letgodhealyou #letjesusfillyouwithlove #godwillmakeaway
Sometimes we feel like you need to hurt those who hurt us but it’s better to forgive them, move on and find peace. . . . Let go of how we wanted things to be and let God manifest His will. Stop trying to figure out why things are the way they are. Pray and praise God, know he’s in control. . . . #Godisincontrol #thebattleisnotyours #letgoandletgod
#letgoandletgod ...🙏🏼🙌🏼 . #praying on what needs to go with me on my move.🤷🏻‍♀️💼👜 3.5 years in one place and now I need to see what is worth taking and what’s part of the #past ⏲⏱ To new #beginnings #2018 year of #breakthrough ⏳🕰
If I could give myself advice. 15 years ago. 5 years ago. 1 year ago.. It'd probably be the same. BELIVE IN YOURSELF. Take ACTION in alignment with your VISION. Trust what you feel inside you. The ONLY WAY you will grow into the woman you want to be and feel in your soul you are destined to become is if you LEAP into action based on your vision. Your dream. Now. And so this week I've been taking the same advice. As I leap again way outside my comfort zone. Making decisions that the FUTURE Kirsten. Needs me to make NOW. So that I can become THAT vision of me. GROW into that version of me. The me I feel in my soul. And so I leap. Will YOU leap? "Should" you leap? I don't know if we all are leapers. But I'm a mofo leaper fo sho leapin for mo. And it's time again. TO QUANTUM FREAKING LEAP. And so I honor what I know the future Kirsten will likely say.. You were born for this. You know it, you've known it. Trust your gut, your intuition, do it. Do it NOW. Show up NOW. Believe in yourself NOW. Cuz really what the future US always says is... Why didn't you leap sooner? AMIRITE? What would your advice be to yourself one year ago? I wanna hear in the comments 👇🏽
Something I’ve been thinking on. The changing of seasons. Seasons change so balance is sustained. The winter is harsh but spring gives life. Summer is vibrant but autumn sheds the old. We hold onto so many things that we should shed but we like those leaves. We feel safe, secure, content. Nothing new to shake us and mold us from what feels like the unknown. What we forget is when those old leaves are shed and we end up feeling the cold of winter.. we come back even stronger in the spring. We’re more full, we’re whole. No gaps where the cold can harm us like last time. Don’t be afraid of your season because when spring comes, so does more life! God bless you guys! #peaceofmind #pieceofmymind #lifelessons #blessup #itstimetogrow #beatpeace #Godbless #seasons #alwaysforwardneverback #letgoandletGod
The objective that I was given was to write a goodbye letter to my addiction, but to treat it as it was a person.. this is my goodbye. . . . #goodbye #sober #addiction #letter #cleanandserene #emotional #hard #onestepatatime #letgoandletgod #recovery #justthebeginning #gay #dcgays #learningtolivesober #happy
We laughed, we cried, we came, we saw, we conquered. 🙌🏼😐 Shout out to @noe_izzy for taking my usual spot as the youngest person in such a group! #weclimbedallthemountains #adventuring #climballthemountains #letgoandletgod #tours
Remember 2 things: 1) God has a plan 2) He may not always come when you call but He’s always on time ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . . . #wednesdaywisdom #quotestoliveby #godsplan #letgoandletgod #growingisbelieving #BYOB
#30daysofprayer Thank you for praying and for your prayers! Who are you praying for today? I’m praying for you! Thank you @the_everyday_mentor #day15 #prayforsomeone #giveittogod #thankful #grateful #letgoandletgod #prayer #sayalittleprayer #muchprayermuchpower #believe #havefaith #empoweringwomen
Time to give thanks! Never forget to say thank you for your blessings, big or small, every day. God would never fail to give you blessings. See God in everything even through life's predicaments. Let your mind and heart rest in God, rest in Jesus. And thank God for solving the problems you cannot fix alone. #bibleverse #letgoandletgod #godsplansareperfect #crazygirladventures
#letgoandletgod 🤗💕
Our dear customers, We want to start by saying we so appreciate you and all your support. We had every intention of being at the Festival of Lights this year since so many of you searched for us last year, and missed us (and believe us, we missed you too). Taking last year off was not an option, but a must. Due to circumstances outside of our control we will not be participating this year. We will be at other events, and will be taking platter orders for all of your Holiday needs. We want to thank you all for coming along for the ride thus far, and look forward to the future! #momsminidonuts #familyfirst #holidaydonuts #christmasdonuts #familybusiness #godisincontrol #letgoandletgod
Hoy al salir del trabajo tenía pensado bajarme en una determinada estación para sacar efectivo y comprar tomates enlatados. Al final de mi tarde, mi amiga del alma se ofreció a buscarme, y me fui con ella, aunque me preocupaba tener que bajarme mañana al cajero.Entonces ella me dijo que fuésemos a otro lugar. Así que como ven, tuve éxito en mi misión. Ese lindo gesto de mi amiga del alma me permitió comprar los tomates más baratos, y conseguir la vitamina D que llevaba semanas buscando, sacar efectivo ahí mismo, y no menos importante, me evitó lidiar con ese raro mix de nieve/lluvia. Pero sobre todo me recordó que si yo tengo una intención clara, El Universo puede venir con un mejor plan que el que yo tenía en mi mente. Y obviamente, ya no estoy hablando del tomate enlatado😉. Gracias a mi amiga tan bella que con su dolor me fue a buscar, a la divinidad por darme tanto y a mí por estar aprendiendo a soltar la ilusión de control. #sin365peroigualagradezco #letgoandletgod
Creating new content and stepping up in my business always made me feel shifty, stressed out...STUCK! Spinning around in circles without a compass, preaching self Iove when in reality, I was working out because I hated my body, not because I loved it, or myself!😳 #truthbomb I’ve always had a heart for helping, but how was I supposed to help effectively if I wasn’t feeling what I was preaching? I felt FAKE!...I needed to feel something more authentic that aligns with me and who I am! I had to STOP 🛑 the insanity (doing the same shit over and over expecting a different result)... On my quest for direction and ways to sort through my inner world I had found some modalities that intrigued me!! With only a few appointments, I was surprised at how quickly the heaviness started to lift!! sometimes you just need some assistance in getting rid of that stuck energy! ✨🤲 I started feeling lighter, happier, was able to focus, wasn’t nit picking myself to death... The gentle shifts within me had me wanting to know more! So much so, that I decided to pursue courses, certifications and am apprenticing with my Naturotherapist! THIS feels right for me, THIS feels like a great way for me to help other women learn to love themselves from the inside out and have our workouts compliment the inner work... I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned with the new group outline I’ve been working on!! Creating this content has been FUN, has been with passion and direction...trusting that the universe has my back, I am simply picking up what it is throwing my way... It’s so amazing the synchronicity that will flow into your life when you FINALLY decide to give up control, take your hands off the wheel and start #livingloved ... #myjourneytoselflove #createdwithlove #letgoandletgod #theuniversehasyourback #gowiththeflow #yourequitethedreamerwhenyouhavefaith #newmaterialcomingin
Hanging on to the past can harm your future. Don’t be afraid to change, leaves never know how beautiful they can be until they fall. So why don’t you jump? Fall into who you were meant to be. Start with one simple change. One affirmation. One new healthy habit. With the change of the seasons, life changes too. We get together with family more often. Which means more judging of where you are in life. Questioning where you should be at over where you currently are at. Or where you have been stalled at for the last 3 years. Often when we allow others judgement to affect us, it is often because we judge ourselves the same way. Why am I not married yet? When will I have children? Is this the career I want to be in for the rest of my life? Is my hair too short? Am I overweight? If you are happy in your life then stand your ground and be happy, no matter what Aunt Betsy says. If you don’t want kids and are constantly asked when are you going to have kids? When you are going to get married? When you are going to move home? When you are going to lose weight? When you will ? Speak your truth, even if it’s no. If they ask why? Simply say because this is my life and I will live it the way I choose to. Then confidently smile and walk away. If this speaks to you, please share. Maybe it will help someone else too.
#Repost @paovarelarossi with @get_repost ・・・ Aquí estoy entregándote todo lo que siento y lo que quiero. Visitando al Santísimo. #sercatolicoescool #lashijasdelcura #letgoandletgod @lashijasdelcura
Aquí estoy entregándote todo lo que siento y lo que quiero. Visitando al Santísimo. #sercatolicoescool #lashijasdelcura #letgoandletgod @lashijasdelcura
You know it’s been a long day when you’re drinking black coffee at 7pm. . Today took a big emotional toll on me and a lot of things from my past (the things I keep in my vault) came to test me. . Last night I prayed for God to just let me know that I’m okay, I’m forgiven, and my past doesn’t need to haunt me anymore. I stood in my dining room and said “God please give me a dream, talk to me, open my eyes so I can see.” . Then, I had a new friend message me on Facebook. God laid it on her heart to reach out to me, and it was everything I’ve been praying for. . “Christina, I hope you are having an amazing day! I had a dream about you last night. You were trying to keep going back in the past to different times of you life. I don’t know if there something holding you back or what the devil keeps trying to bring up from the past but God wants you to let go and let Him! He has so many great things in store for you. Just let go and let Him lead you there. There’s nothing from your past that needs to come with you! And there’s nothing from your past that would change the way God feels for you.” . I’ve never had anything shake me to my core the way this did. I am not worthy, but I am so thankful for his grace. . My only hope is, that if you felt any of this. You’ll take time tonight to dig into your bible, talk to God, let go & let him.
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