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He might walk around with crackling joints. He might be a little slower on the trails than he used to. He might not be able to jump into or out of cars without help. But this this guy, when he sees water, he turns into a 6 month old puppy and is his happiest self. Cheers to you Rio for never letting some aching joints slow you down or keep you from doing what you love. I hope I’m just like you when I grow up.
Definitely making the most of these sunny days! ☀️😍 Mountains, I’ve missed you.
Larch bokeh. Thankful for hiking friends and adventure buddies. I wouldn't have the same love for what I do without you.
NEW Drive-in camping post on our website! (Link in bio) Visit our website for outdoor tips and trail guides. TWOHALFHITCHES.COM @twohalfhitches #TwoHalfHitches #NoMattertheMountain
Admiring the desert landscape. It’s a refreshing experience stepping away from the usual mountains. TWOHALFHITCHES.COM 📷 | @smlskl @twohalfhitches #TwoHalfHitches #NoMattertheMountain
Epic rock pile climbs. #campfireadventure #firstcoffeethenadventure Thanks for the amazing photo @sarahtitan
I can’t really describe what it felt like to be back in the mountains. My mountains. If I’m being honest I haven’t seriously hiked in Colorado since a little after Iceland 😳. Sure we camped all over, but we mainly road tripped and didn’t find any trails to jump on. 〰️ My body feels it, and my heart hurt a little for it. It felt good to take some time to be where my feet were around our home and rest, and the truth is, I needed it. I really needed the rest. But I missed being out there. I don’t regret taking that time to explore new places via car instead of foot, and I don’t regret taking time to stay home because sometimes we are called to slow down. Have you ever taken time off of something that you love because you knew you needed to? 🌿
Absolutely awesome day bagging Ontario and Bighorn with @allyouseeis
Days in the desert
This weekend was a bit intense. We headed out to Kansas City to visit friends, shoot one wedding, and attend another wedding. All my friends are buying houses, getting married, and popping out babies. Meanwhile I’m still working on the James Bond lifestyle. Minus the cars...girls...jet packs...gadgets...wait. 📷: @lexishutters • • • #coloradogram #coloradofall #impeterpan #nevergrowingup #adventureactual #adventure #dontdieonthecouch #wilderness #photography #fallismyfavorite #getoutthere #theoutbound #intothewild #themountainsarecalling #letscamp #livethemountainlife #choosemountains #amongthewild #goatworthy #wildernessculture #campeveryday #findyouradveture #wildernessnation #seeyououtthere
We know Mondays can be a whirlwind. Hope everyone's having a great start to their week! | 📸: @happytrails28
Summit naps are good. ~ #35mm #alpinelakeswilderness #fujifilm
Happy Fall Y'all!
Happy 42 years of marriage to my amazing parents 🖤
•Thousands of years have they stood in the sky exposed to rain, snow, frost, earthquake and avalanche, yet they still wear the bloom of youth.• - John Muir . . . . . [ You can't go to Yosemite and travel along the John Muir Trail and visit places that he himself once stood in the 1800's and NOT quote him, let's be real here. ] . . . This national park was one of the single greatest outdoor experiences I've ever had. I'll be making multiple posts about some of the personal experiences that left me in awe and moments that gave me peace.
The Matterhorn of the Cascades. With how beautiful the weather has been the last few weeks it’s hard to believe that this picture was taken earlier this fall...
Prairie moonrise
I am still seriously dying over this. Compass Paper Co in @rei 😍 I honestly had this as a goal. A goal that was way down the road. When I had employees and a production team. And a wholesale manager. And all these other crazy things in place. But when they seek you out well before that point you don't say no. So here I am. Hustling by myself out of a spare bedroom in my house jumping head first into work each day before I change out of my pajamas making this dream of mine work. You don't need a whole team of employees to make your biggest goal happen. You just need a ton of drive, an insane amount of confidence (read: the ability to fake confidence when needed), an amazing support system, lots of coffee and the skill to keep it together long enough to get the order out the door. After that you can sleep / cry / eat / shower / eat tacos / binge a show or two. Because you FREAKING DESERVE IT. 🌮 What goals are you working towards?? I seriously want to know (so I can cheer you on!!) . . . . . #compasspaperco #rei #optoutside #smallbusiness #outdoorwomen #forceofnature #outdoorbella #letscamp #radgirlslife #radgirlscollective #womenwhoexplore
watching the ghostly pale light of the moon highlight the canyon walls. say goodnight to these beasts of time.
Stormy morning above Zion. ⚡️ Swipe to see the day before. The difference in lighting and color is wild but the beauty remains.
Chilly nights. photo: @chrisbobekphoto
Everything about this morning was warm and inviting. You couldn't help but soak up the surroundings and wonder what's around the next corner.
Give your grill one last hurrah before the season ends with these Grilled Buffalo Wings and Yogurt Blue Cheese dipping sauce. Just grill, baste, and repeat! It's that simple. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Get the full recipe on our website. Link in profile. We developed this recipe in partnership with @kettlebrand - whose chips go great with wings, so long as you don't finish the whole bag before your done cooking. (which nearly happened to use shooting this video!)
It’s with a bittersweet kiss and a happy little dance which I send this summer off into my treasure chest of beautiful memories. And for now, it’s desert season, babay 🧡
I remember the first time we drove through Seeley Lake en route to Kalispell. I LOVED it. Sandwiched between the impressive Mission Mountains on the west, and the Swan Mountains/Bob Marshall Wilderness on the east, with large pine trees all around, and about a dozen lakes right off the highway, it doesn't get much better! We didn't think we'd be camping again after the Tetons last month, but Mother Nature gave us a great opportunity to explore this new area. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect weekend. 🚗👫🏕️🍂🏞️
We ate our first “home cooked” dinner in the rv last night. Frozen pizzas and grocery store salad by the fireplace while watching YouTube on my phone. It was a good time but boy am I ready to eat REAL food again. Nick and I keep joking that as soon as the RV reno is done and we move in we’re doing a Whole30 because we’re so sick of processed food. But I’m thinking I might need a Whole60 😂
If it's yellow let it mellow
i am missin this place so much. i have to settle in texas for a bit, but i will be back here very very soon (that’s what i tell myself but it will actually be many many months)
Still here. Still the same. Still unfazed. Still dreaming of a different kind of life on the road. Photo by one of the most solid dudes I know, @xwesx.
Beautiful trail in Yosemite 🤠
It's getting chilly here in the greater #portlandoregon area, which means #fallcamping nights are in full swing! DM us to snag one of our available dates before we head south ✌. . . . . . #glamping #THEPOPUPBNB #canvascamp #canvastent #camping #fallcampsite #campsite #glampers #letscamp #luxurycamping #luxurytent #uniquestay #uniquecamping #boho #fall #pnw #oregon #portland #safaritent #outdoors #coolstay #airbnb #airbnbtent #glampinghub #letsglamp #belltent #fancydigs
Action shot!! Swipe to see some of @hannahnholden 's adventures! 🌊💫🌱 #packleashes
Rockin all the pink, or is that more of a magenta 🤔 @hiker_handwerker
Sometimes you need to just stop and breathe in the fresh mountain air.. and sometimes you need to stop on a single lane bridge and try and take a photo before any other people trying to cross the bridge get mad at you. Anyone wanna take a jab at which one I did for this photo? 🤗😎🗻🏞 . . . #wildernessculture #optoutside #wayoutwest #wild #exploreeverything #weareOUTDOOR #letscamp #theoutdoorist #stayandwander #roamtheplanet #outsiderculture #getoutstayout #gooutside #keepitwild #neverstopexploring #mountains #rei1440project #happyadventuring #exploremore #madeforyourmap #lifeofadventure #earthpix #mountainstories
Tag friends you'd like to do this with in the comments? 👇 🔴 Photo by: @johnwingfield
The west coast of Iceland is one of the most breathtaking drives I’ve taken. A day I’ll always remember.
Prepping the trailer for sale and celebrating our top 10 moments from a year on the road. #5 : Finding the most idealistic boondocking spot in the middle of nowhere Arizona. We could have stayed here forever. 😍 . . . . . . . . #optoutside #adventurelife #explorethestates #getoutside #getoutdoors #goodtimes #happywanderer #keepexploring #lifewithoutlimits #travel #outdoors #naturelovers #greatoutdoors #letscamp #homeiswhereyouparkit #campingcollective #discovertheroad #casitatraveltrailer #rvliving #camperlife #rvlifestyle #rvlife #casitaforsale #traveltrailer #casita #fiberglassrv #fiberglasstrailer #adventuremobile
Lets go explore. Thanks @rfrasca11 for knowing all the good hiking spots. 🙏🏼
I’m sad to be leaving the west coast much sooner than I expected, but I’m also really excited about all of the new opportunities I’ll have during my next adventure in life. In the meantime, I’m squeezing in as many beautiful moments with my time left here!! I spent my last weekend on Orcas Island - certainly one of the most special and beautiful places I’ve ever visited. Orcas and the people of Orcas have always been so wonderful and positive, and I know that wherever I travel to in my life I’ll always return here after some time has passed. I love you Orcas Island. ❤️😄
The reason I went with @msr_gear #windburner was because they can boil the shit out of water in windy weather. It was windy as heaven all weekend. @bictorious and I literally boiled several gallons of water for our whole squad! #camping #notultralight #msr #msrgear #water #boiling #coffee #beach #sand #letscamp @hydroflask @rei #rei #notsponsored #paidfullprice #assateagueisland
It’s hoodie season, people. Only a select few left. Get yours before it’s too late. Link in profile. 📷 @sarah_ann_gracee #trektheAT #thetrek
I miss the mountains already
Well 👀 what we’ve got here. @thebraidedhiker is giving us a run through of the gear she used on the PCT this year, including why she liked or disliked each item. Check the link in our profile to read this post. #trekthePCT #thetrek
Love coffee? Swing by @wateravecoffee for our Cocoa Espresso S'mores Kit featuring their flagship El Toro Espresso Roast. Heaven over the stovetop or the open flame! Photo: @weromantics 🔥
doin the pee pee dance
The face of missing the weekend. 😟🧡🐶 @veetee #packleashes
Congrats to @genderqueer_hiker for tackling New England’s 100 highest peaks! No small feat. #thetrek
I was proud of the strength I’d found. I was the one who asserted he take me back; I caused him to listen. I was no longer a passive Doll Girl, trapped. This was me learning I could trust my voice—I’d used it, and it finally worked! I was triumphant. This escape showed me: I had grown, and grown vividly • • • • • #highsierras #instagram #letscamp #montegrappa #backcountry #exploretocreate #mothernature #winterwonderland #rockymountains #inmyelement #science #mountcook #montagna #fireboxstove #nikonphotography #closeup #trees #tropical #hunting #ourplanetdaily #hashtag #optoutside #visualsoflife #campfire #instanature #pnwdiscovered #earthpix #germany #sunrise #hawksbillcrag
Last week was my first good week in a while...like truly good week. I: 1. Got cleared from hospital-acquired pneumonia four months after getting it. 2. Got cleared by my physical therapist to start jogging (at a 🐌 pace but still), nearly 8 months after hamstring surgery, and 3. Got my first new car, EVER! I’m cautiously optimistic that this is the dawn (get it?) of a good luck streak after nine months of the worst year I’ve ever experienced. Rosy, bright, and renewing skies ahead 🤞🏼
I got some weird looks for standing in this freezing cold lake for an hour. Mount Rundle from Vermillion Lake. #banff #banffnationalpark #banffcanada #mybanff @cascadiaexplored @banff_lakelouise
Trying to dodge Monday's responsibilities like.. 😧🐾😩@spartacusandathena #packleashes
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