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I am in process of setting up a hiking group for Gay and Bi men for this summer. This group main goals is place for men to meet other men of the community for friendship and discussing issues that effect us as gay and bi men in the community. If you have interest and are in the San Diego area lease let me know. #gaymen #bimen #lgbtq #biguy #bimenhikers #sandiegopride #pride #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealth #mentalhealth #lifecoach #love #life #live #follow #oceanside #sandiego #california #hillcrest
The best person to talk to besides God is yourself. Learn to understand yourself better each day. Spend time with yourself. Look at the mirror and question yourself. I'm looking at a new venture for myself not just one area but all areas. I don't know what's lies ahead so those who stays those who Journey together those who left thank you because today I get today i get to know myself better because change is important and change necessary for growth. #blessed #thankful #love #life #journey #fitness #workout #fitnesswomen #fitnessmotivation #fitnessmodel #quotes #igers #inspirationalquotes #motivationalwomen #womanempowerment #charissimlifejournal #qotd #lifecoach #quotestoliveby #quotesaboutlife #changeisgood #changestartswithyou #mindfulness #mindset #keepgoing #neverstopexploring
Go green! 🍵 It's no secret that green tea improves the body in many ways. But did you also know the same components of green tea also boost the brain? Green tea contains polyphenols. These phytochemicals are powerful antioxidants that have been associated with preventing cancer and heart attacks. Recent research has also shown they may help maintain positive mood states and protect against Parkinson's disease and other brain disorders. Compounds in green tea enhance insulin sensitivity, keeping the brain running smoothly on steady levels of glucose. Tannins are another important set of compounds found in green tea. They too have also been shown to have brain boosting benefits: they may prevent the brain damage that occurs after strokes and other brain injuries.
//ENERGY FORECAST TEASER// . Hey Sacreds, . Just a gentle reminder the energy forecast for this week is OUT NOW 😉 . Here is a little teaser of what's inside ✨ . This week we vibrate on the number 9! . 9 REPRESENTS COMPLETION . This week is set to be a straightforward week of SELF-LEADERSHIP and ACTION. . This is a reminder that you must not let go of your dreams of what you want to do this year. . When number 9 shows up - it means YOU MUST SHOW UP!! . So no hiding, no excuses, no falling into old habits that don't serve your Higher Self - it's time to unleash the power within you to RISE UP and SHINE the heck out of your dreams and witness yourself produce some of your finest work too. As always, if you ever need assistance, guidance is only one prayer away! Are you asking? . You will be brilliant this week in ALL THAT YOU DO. . Question is - will you be BOLD and BRAVE AND MOTIVATED ENOUGH to take action this week? . Come on. I know you can do it. . There is no time like the Present. . Not signed up for my energy forecast already? . Click the link in my bio to receive yours for FREE... . . . . . #brave #action #leadership #dailyinspiration #motivate #lifecoach #empower #riseup #focus #shine #angels #angeltherapy #numerology #metaphysics #clairvoyant #faith #angelicnumbers #spiritual #spirituality #energyforecast #universe #intuition #reiki #reikimelbourne #crystals #crystalhealing #healing #energy #energyheaing #sacrednotscared
Are you Stressed?, Confused? Seeking guidance? Is He/She the one for me?? Looking for ANSWERS? Allow Gabriella To help & guide you on a Spiritual Journey to peace and happiness, Love. Gabriella is A world Renowned certified psychic, spiritualist, and healer. specializing in : Love & Relationship guidance - health and family matters - Career and finances - Luck 🔮Call Gabriella today for ONE FREE QUESTION 🔮 - ✨✨️Contact for more information✨✨ (214)299-0520 Call / Text / Dm #psychicreading #PsychicReader #Tarotreading #Psychic #Medium #Lifecoach #chakrabalancing #chakra #Spiritualpath #relationships #Lost #unbalanced #Lonley #Depressed #depression #lovespells #voodoo #voodoocaster #spellcaster #realspells #soulmate #soulmatesearcher #findmysoulmate #follow4follow #like4like #followme #follow #LoveSpell #realvoodoo #spellcasting
The answers we’re looking for, live in the field of emergence. We have to get quiet and still to hear the. #naturespeaks
Rise above whatever problem you are facing and see it from a higher perspective. . . We get so caught up looking at our problems, trying to solve them, making up what they mean about us. . . It doesn’t matter though, we don’t need to know. Knowing just sends us deeper into it. . . Shift focus to what you’d love and align yourself with the emotion of that. Then, move towards it and watch the current problem magically disappear. #breakthroughstrategist #focuscreatesreality #perspective
Ever feel like your life feels like a Wind Sock thrashing around in the stormy wind? It doesn’t have to be! I help people design the life they want and deserve! Stop feeling like you are not in control and drop me a line so I can help you be in a better place! #lifeimprovement #lifecoach #lifestyle #startuplife #outofcontrol #stormy
So, God dropped love bombs on me today. I just checked my mailbox and this is what I found with this note: I AM SOO OVERWHELMED BY HIS GLORY AND LOVE. #lifecoach #lifecoaching #lifecoachtraining #train #experience #growth #itstime #win #waiting #gifts #love #appreciation #
Bach flowers work to re-balance our energies. They can help with tension, anxiety, depression and many other undesirable emotional states. Flower essences seek to restore emotional imbalances in a safe, gentle, highly effective way, thereby restoring health. #live #liveauthentic #life #lifestyle #lifecoach #bach #bachflowers #bachflower #remedy #flowers #therapy
Metta.... compassion... gratitude. I’m choosing these over anger, frustration and fear. Compassion always wins. I hope the police win too 😘 #recoveryispossible #compassion #metta #meditation #gratitude #recoverandrise #recoverycoach #beanexample #lifecoach #theft #heneededitmorethanme #karma #love #courage #sober #sobriety #sobermovement #saynotodrugs
🙏🏻💯 #EmPoweredCouples Bigger challenges = Bigger growth. p.s. if you’re experiencing any challenge in your relationship-whether money, intimacy, communication- just know that it can make your stronger than ever if you work as a team together through it. 🙏🏻
“Be here now!” Live in the moments that shape your life. The good & the bad! They all teach us something. Feel it! “Embrace every moment!”
100% WOKE
Welcome to my weekly Beautiful and amazing you journal prompt: You have been ditching the ugly chat for a few days. Now let’s take it a step further. Find a bowl, vase, or piggy bank to catch your coins when you knock yourself, and watch your self-awareness soar and your habits change. We can all change our language - and our minds. #photographybyalexk #lifecoach #lifecoaching #healthcoach #selfcare #selfcareprompt #health #selflove #loveyourself #selfworth #bodypositive #bodypositivity #beautifulyou #amazingyou #lovethyself #journaling #journal #acceptance #dreams #hopes #desires #selfacceptance #loveyourbody #effyourbeautystandards
Food for your soul always has substance! 💜✨ | Subscribe to #linkinbio ! #highheelshigherstandards
Life is the best teacher and I am learning how to sit back and watch things unfold. You don't always have to defend your honor or what has been said about you. Once forgiveness take place....Go in peace. #lifecoach #lifecoaching #lifecoachtraining #train #experience #growth #itstime #lessonlearned #purposed
#VIP seats available now! Only 10 spots available! Get access to the Be A Badass Online Program PLUS two 1:1 coaching sessions with me!! All at a discounted VIP price through Friday 4/27!! . You ready to up level your life?! This seat is for you! . >>Link in bio<<👏🙌💪🎁 . . Let’s go!! #beabadassprogram #uplevel #coaching #lifecoach #noexcuses #growth #entrepreneur #leadership #selfdevelopment #guide #mentor #support
Last call to join me at my workshop this Saturday 28th April @seedyogawellness from 1-3.30pm. We are going to be diving deep into some juicy conversations on happiness. ⠀ The Heart of Happiness is a 2.5 hour transformational workshop that will leave you feeling inspired! Say yes to you by taking this precious time out from the demands of daily life to pause and reflect. Together we will explore what currently feels in flow and what feels stagnant or stuck in your life. ⠀ I will be sharing proven and practical tools with you that you can implement immediately and that complement your yoga and meditation practice. With a combination of awareness building activities, there will be time for introspection and self-enquiry as well as sharing in the safe and sacred container of the group. We will tap into your heart and intuition, uncovering how you can feel good more often and consciously create a life you love. ⠀ Book via @seedyogawellness ⠀ I can't wait to spend a cosy Saturday afternoon with you, complete with chai and a delicious afternoon tea. x
Why I am A Star Above.. Because I am focused and driven. My work ethic is out of this world and I strive myself on being extremely organized (almost obsessive) and detail oriented. I am that go to person for my clients, when something needs to be done- I take care of it, without hesitation. I need very little direction, it is mostly getting to know my clients and making a connection to know how they do their tasks. But, once the connection is made, great relationships are obtained and I am able to be their right hand- know what needs to be done before it needs to be done and take care of it, and streamline their processes to make them have more efficient days of focusing on their business and growth.. some just wanting that extra time with their family... I listen, I am patient, understanding, and loyal. I love the saying to succeed, you need to begin working ON your business instead of IN it. I love helping clients see the magic when they realize how much time and energy they save by utilizing my services. I am a Jill of all trades when it comes to anything in the administrative field or social media. I attended college for a degree in Business Management and have always been passionate about creating and finding ways to make employers I have worked with more organized and efficient.. So, where I may can do just about anything you need done, my passion is paperwork and administrative tasks. Haha. Social media is another focus of mine, simply because I love creating things and being able to make connections whether its with my brand or my clients. Really take some time and think about what tasks you are doing daily or weekly that take your focus or time from growing your business? What is the hesitation or the reason why you are not delegating or outsourcing these tasks? It can be hard to give up the control, I have a few clients that say they just didn't know where to start or how they could get someone to do it like them because (myself included!) they want things done a certain way. Which is understandable, it is their business, just like mine- it is their livelihood and passion. Cont’d in the comments.. 😉
Raise your hand if you've been underestimated before💁🏻‍♀️ I know I have. So incase you needed to hear this today: I see you working hard, I see your potential, I believe you're going to make all of your dreams come true, so don't give up and never listen to the people who can't see your value.❤
✨VALGO✨ De tanto perder aprendí a ganar; de tanto llorar se me dibujó la sonrisa que tengo. Conozco tanto el piso que sólo miro el cielo. Toqué tantas veces fondo que, cada vez que bajo, ya sé que mañana subiré. Me asombra tanto cómo es el ser humano, que aprendí a ser yo mismo. Tuve que sentir la soledad para aprender a estar conmigo mismo y saber que soy buena compañía. Intenté ayudar tantas veces a los demás, que aprendí a que me pidieran ayuda. Traté siempre que todo fuese perfecto y comprendí que realmente todo es tan imperfecto como debe ser (incluyéndome). Hago sólo lo que debo, de la mejor forma que puedo y los demás que hagan lo que quieran. Vi tantos perros correr sin sentido, que aprendí a ser tortuga y apreciar el recorrido. Aprendí que en esta vida nada es seguro, sólo la muerte… por eso disfruto el momento y lo que tengo. Aprendí que nadie me pertenece, y aprendí que estarán conmigo el tiempo que quieran y deban estar, y quien realmente está interesado en mí me lo hará saber a cada momento y contra lo que sea. Que la verdadera amistad sí existe, pero no es fácil encontrarla. Que quien te ama te lo demostrará siempre sin necesidad de que se lo pidas. Que ser fiel no es una obligación sino un verdadero placer cuando el amor es el dueño de ti. Eso es vivir…La vida es bella con su ir y venir, con sus sabores y sin sabores… aprendí a vivir y disfrutar cada detalle, aprendí de los errores pero no vivo pensando en ellos, pues siempre suelen ser un recuerdo amargo que te impide seguir adelante, pues hay errores irremediables. Las heridas fuertes nunca se borran de tu corazón pero siempre hay alguien realmente dispuesto a sanarlas con la ayuda de Dios. Camina de la mano de Dios, todo mejora siempre. Y no te esfuerces demasiado que las mejores cosas de la vida suceden cuando menos te las esperas. No las busques, ellas te buscan. Lo mejor está por venir” ✨Jorge Luís Borges✨ #lifepoetry #lifepoems #lifepoem #jorgeluisborges #lifecoaching #lifecoach #coachlife #lifelessons #choosewellness #chooselove #choosepeace #innerpeace #pazinterior #peaceofmyheart #fillyourheart 💛
Hello Beautiful Souls and Happy #TransformationTuesday ! If you truly want to reach your goals and turn your dreams into reality, you must be willing to take daily inspired action steps without fail. This means that you actually make decisions, put in the work, and get it done, even on the days when you're not motivated to do so. Remember, turning your dreams into reality is quite possible, but it takes more than just a wing and a prayer. It also requires good old-fashioned grit and determination to see it all the way through!
There’s no happiness found in obsessing over the past or anticipating the future. “Happiness is not something you chase or catch. It’s something you choose.” - Steve Aitchison. It’s a bad mindset to have standards or goals to then be happy after because that’s a mindset flaw. The I’ll be happy when....I have that job or when I have that much money or when you achieve whatever, is a bad mentality. What will happen once you achieve these goals where you thought you’d find happiness? You will find yourself looking for something else to fill that void of not being satisfied or content with where you’re at in the moment. Live for the moment and let everything fall into place; you can’t control the past and the future is an unknown.
Thank you to the ANZACS who gave us the gift to enjoy our everyday luxuries like enjoying each other without fear. We are so blessed in life with FREEDOM. Life is a gift and is not to be taken for granted 🌺 #anzac #grateful #lifeisbeautiful #thankyou #freedom #love #lifecoach
Purpose, passion, and perseverance lead to a #fulfilled life.
Simple law of cause and affect. # #extremeownership
It's hard to remember a time where fitness was not a priority in my life. A time where I couldn't spare 5 minutes to take a quick walk let alone a whole hour to focus on my health and well being. But the truth is, there actually was a time when I didn’t make fitness a priority! Have you seen my before/after photos? . Today, 2 decades into my health journey, fitness is an integral part of my day. More than just for my health, exercising is a way for me to spend some quality time with me. A time for me to connect with myself, my body, and my intention. . Now, I look forward to my daily workout and can't imagine life without them.
My secret weapon, ghost producer Neo! He looks like he is ready for a feature lol:) 😂😂😂😂
There is nothing wrong...⠀ ⠀ with your body or your sexuality.⠀ ⠀ What is wrong is all the messages that tell you that feeling sexy is wrong. ⠀ ⠀ That being a sensual woman makes you a slut. ⠀ ⠀ That’s just plain stupid. ⠀ ⠀ Loving your body, enjoying it’s beauty and embracing the pleasures it offers you is the greatest gift you can give yourself and your lover.⠀ ⠀ In my workshops we have an entire focus on why we have lost connection with our sensuality and how we can get it back. I also talk about the shitty messages that we’ve all picked up and the techniques I’ve used to overcome them. ⠀ ⠀ If your ready to turn up your volume, feel amazing in your skin and finally own your sexiness then come join us in our next workshop. ⠀ Register Now - link in the bio.⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 📷@sexyfoodtherapy
В удивительное время живём товарищи: лайфкоучи с ошибкой в каждом слове и фото на фоне советского ковра, безработные бизнес-консультанты, без бизнес-проектов в кейсе, экс-санитарки-косметологи с плохой кожей, выдающие себя в Инстаграм за докторов. Люди, без образования, красиво называют себя -нутрициологами, Бьюти-консультантами, стилистами, дейтинг-коучами (при этом наличие отношений ыз нот рекваед, но а если повезло побывать у какого-то парика на содержании, то вообще дело в шляпе, ещё лет 30 после развода, можно презентовать это как сексесфул сотри), посетив одну-две страны, обязательно надо стать тревел- блогером, если попа ниче, то прямая дорога в фитнес-коучи и пофиг, что пока делала попу про@б@л@ спину, пользуешься камерой телефона - фотоблогер, а если на каком-то китайском сайте тебе сделали десятипроцентную скидку за то что попустил фотку в их купальнике, ты -модель. Тут главное не стоять в стороне, быть в курсе «трендов» и правильно определиться с нишей, а то, если попа ниче, камера в телефоне есть, фото на фоне ковра и пара фоток из ближнего и дальнего зарубежья - это ж вообще непонятно кем быть!!! Хотя нет, и на этот случай есть решение #lifestyleblogger !!! #moderntimes #bloger #blogers #instagram #lifestyle #lifecoach
Allah swt blesses everyone in different ways so never be jealous of anyone! Always be content with what you have and be grateful. #mercy #worship #dua #islam #deen #muslim #muslimah #quoteoftheday #life #lifestyle #spiritual #Allah #patience #quran #lifecoach #inspirationalquotes #instagood #instalike #humble #money #wealth #forgiveness #charity #rich #poor #thanks #pray #prayer
A bit of a throwback on the #WellnessWednesday to walking in my Kitsilano neighborhood. The weather is perfect for getting outside in nature and practicing some self care. Did you know that not all therapy sessions require an office either? See link in bio or message to learn more about Walk & Talk sessions. 👌🏻
I have a major secret. Ok I don’t but maybe that got your attention lolllll I just wanted to pop on here and tell you that success takes Fucking time. I legit have been non stop 🛑 working on my dreams for years and it’s been a lot of ups and downs. There’s no easy way to the top, and really there is no top...you’ll always want to climb higher. I guess this bedtime story is to let you know that patience truly is a virtue but also alignment is key 🔑 I can’t wait to see you win. Because it’s only a matter of time ⏱
My friend speaks truth! Another gem from @kandrewgilzene . Y’all go follow my cross breed British Jamaican motivational speaker! Love ya K! 😂#procrastination #justdoit #getstarted #startscared #livefull #dieempty #purpose #lifecoach #motivation #inspiration
#legacytalktuesday is being postponed until Thursday! I’ve been out hanging on the lake and I have a lot to share with you!
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