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lines. ••••••• 👣🚚🏗🛤straight lines go too quickly to appreciate the pleasures of the journey. they rush straight to their target and then die in the very moment of their triumph without having thought, loved, suffered or enjoyed themselves. broken lines do not know what they want. With their caprices they cut time up, abuse routes, slash the joyous flowers and split the peaceful fruits with their corners. it is another story with curved lines. the song of the curved line is called happiness.🚚🛤🏗⛩
Wanna know about my experience with my faith journey in Southern California? Go to my link in my bio & go read my blog post 😘 I shared just a few of the revelations I had! Jesus is so so faithful. • • How have you seen the Lord be faithful in this season? ✨
Ya no digo lo que pienso, ahora los mato con mi silencio 👽🔥 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Fotish By: @goldshot.studio #panama #panamalife #pty #photography #shooting #zara #picoftheday #urbex #streetstyle #streetphotography #latinos #model #urbanmodel #shoot #panamazing #punk #punkgirl #instagood #instapic #girlpower #lifeofaventure #visualthinking #visualart #nikon #vans #flamencos #flamingo
I am pretty tired I think I’ll go home - Forrest Gump 👈🏼 @ts_xiv
Flower child ✌🏽
this dress !!! #indian #style #nail
with indian traditional (No cuticle cut)👗 #sari #nail #japanese #ネイル #artnails #Acryl #pink
Only two weeks until @jassonmatteo & I take on a whole new continent !!! Dropping our second collaboration exactly 1 year after our India project which started it all 🙏🏽 XYZ represents not only us but the feeling of not belonging & the moment you realize that void feeling is a sign that you're suppose to be somewhere else, doing something different. Our motivation is deeper than money, fame & any material thing 🤘🏽#xyz
✨ Calling all my insta friends ✨ I believe Instagram is what you make it- either you can fill your newsfeed with comparison or encouragement. So with that- I would love to fill my Instagram with encouraging, uplifting women! Tag some of the ladies that have inspired you to be closer to Jesus and walk in the identity that comes only from Him! 😍☀️
"Il y a tant de gens qui ne sont pas heureux et qui, pourtant, ne prendront pas l'initiative de changer leur situation parce qu'ils sont conditionnés à vivre dans la sécurité, le conformisme et le conservatisme, toutes choses qui semblent apporter la paix de l'esprit, mais rien n'est plus nuisible à l'esprit aventureux d'un homme qu'un avenir assuré. Le noyau central de l'esprit vivant d'un homme, c'est sa passion pour l'aventure. La joie de vivre vient de nos expériences nouvelles et donc il n'y a pas de plus grande joie qu'un horizon éternellement changeant, qu'un soleil chaque jour nouveau et différent." #lifeofaventure
which. ••••••• ⚡️🌏“which of my feelings are real? which of the me’s is me?”🌒🌓
I used to think I was pretty if someone told me I was pretty. If I didn’t get affirmation from someone then it meant I wasn’t pretty. But Jesus came in and wrecked me with the truth that how I was created was enough. The way the Lord handcrafted me was beautiful whether someone thought so or not. • • So much of the time people think their beauty comes from likes or people’s compliments but that doesn’t matter. What matters is knowing that you’re created EXACTLY how you’re supposed to. We try to look like that gorgeous Instagram model when really- WE ARE THAT GORGEOUS INSTAGRAM MODEL. JUST THE WAY WE ARE. • • If we keep trying to be someone we’re not- we’re not embracing the beautiful person that God created us to be. If you struggle with self image- know that God didn’t make a mistake with you. He knew exactly what He was doing- He doesn’t make you in order for you to fit into all the fads- He made you to be YOU. 😍
YALL I HAVE SOME EXCITING NEWS FOR YOU COMIN’ SOON. God is doing some big things 🤩 Hope you are all living confidently today because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND HAVE THE SPIRIT OF GOD IN YOU!!! Also I just had a peanut butter vanilla latte & my taste buds are incredibly confused 🤭💓☕️
unknown world 🌳
Explore the world that the Lord has created☀️
Nailed it! AXE-citing Saturday @lumberjaxe_clt
He will. He will provide. He will be exalted. He will will my confidence. • • • Man. I am overdone by the amount of love I have been given and shown the past few days. God never wants to withhold anything from His children- He wants to bless us & allow us to have fun. While I’ve been on this faith journey, the Lord has kept telling me to enjoy myself. To buy myself that latte that is $7. (yikes lol) The word He has continuously given both Natalie and I is the word “fun.” • I have found myself trying to calculate every purchase I make to see if I’ll have enough. I’ve been trying to save enough money so that when I get back home to Sacramento- I’ll have a little bit saved. But that’s not how God wants me to do it. He wants me to be present, enjoy my time here, have some good lattes & grow in more intimate trust with Him. • While processing all of this- I realized the donations I have been given while being here have been perfect amounts for how much I need while being here. Then the Lord had someone text me this morning asking me if I’d be willing to do some house cleaning for them. (They didn’t know I was away!) This may not be a big deal to y’all - but the Lord had them do this to show me that YES He is faithful in giving me what I need during this trip AND He is providing money once I get back so I can stop worrying and just enjoy everyday. • COME ON GOD. You are so good & you love taking care of your children. Friends- I encourage you... PUT YOUR TRUST IN THE LORD. HE WILL NOT FAIL YOU. 🔥💕🌊☀️
He’s totally crazy for his tuggy!
It’s so beautiful here & Jesus is so rad ☀️🌊😍 • Check out the new shirts @clothandpalm just released and use “rach20” for 20% off! They’re SO cute 🔥🙌🏼
Fueling great stories in #Texas since 1882! @southsidebbq #liveagreatstory #foodporn #txbbq @visitelgintx
~ Give me your hand and we can run.” ——————- Wil je ook zo’n natural daylight shoot? Vergeet dan niet tijdig te boeken. ————————————- Photo by @zeypje ——————————— #pnwedding #weddingdress #fashionblue #weddingsday #trouwenin2018 #trouwfotograaf
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