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Kalahkan takutmu buang ragu Ransel, sepatu menunggu atur ulang kompasmu. Kinabalu, Uluwatu koordinat tertuju this is #Lifeontheroad • Feeling super blessed! There ain’t no reason not to be grateful for everything that comes my way since i started the writing procces for my next album • All i need is a lil bit of luck from the angels and drips of wisdom from the devils by my side.
There’s just something so pleasing about a putting session that goes until it’s dark⛳️ If you were to ask any golfer I guarantee they’ve had a competition against a mate that’s gone until they could barely see their ball 🏆 . Who was your putting buddy? And who would end up taking the cash? 😂 (Don’t forget to tag them) . . #SheshanGC #WGC #HSBCChampions #China #Shanghai #LifeOnTheRoad #Rolex #FinalSeries #EuropeanTour #Golfino #PlayYourBest #SunInternational
Don’t know for how long I stayed in Gardena pass this summer. What I do know is that a piece of my heart is still there
R O B B I E T H E C A R A V A N 🌻 swipe Headed in for the first of LOT of work on him today Shaun and I lived in our last van and travelled for 3 years before we had Lani, and I grew up travelling Aust in a caravan with my parents. Cant wait to get my girls on the road next winter for a few years 👌 #butfirstletsenjoysummer Head to toe in @childrenofthetribe . . . . . . . . #leilanisunny #havanawilde #barbradog #staffordshirebullterrier_feature #endlesssummer #travelwithchildren #travelkids #lifeontheroad #wanderlustkids #wanderlust #childrenofthetribe #caravan #caravanlife #livingourbestlife #letthegoodtimesroll #staffylife #sistersontheroad #homeschool #bestlife
"...The desert is a good school in which to observe the cleverness and the infinite variety of techniques of survival under pitiless opposition. Life could not change the sun or water...so it changed itself." - John Steinbeck
Back to the work week grind and it’s made us curious ... What do you do for work + WHY do you do it?! ⏳💰 The why is huge for us. We’re following dreams that the Lord has placed on our hearts. Chasing after experiences rather than dollar signs + trusting in a greater picture. We want to live our lives fully alive and don’t believe gadgets and gizmos can do that for us. It’s the experiences that make our lives full + sharing them with you is an absolute honor. A job we’d take any day over riches and earthly things. 📷📄🎥 So what’s your why? Why do you get up on a Monday morning and do the job you do? 👇🏼👇🏼 #arboursabroad #vantrails
When you're so busy having fun that you forget to reapply your sunscreen 🔥 . We spent half a day exploring the very beginning part of Lake Argyle by kayak. It felt like we got to see so much, only to look at the map later and realise we had barely scratched the surface. It definitely put into perspective what a holding capacity of 21 times the Sydney Harbour might look like. Absolutely colossal 💦 . Would definitely recommend getting out to have a paddle and a splash if you're heading to Lake Argyle 🙌
⬇️ My BesT AnGle 😆 . Are you someone that needs to cram every single thing into a weekend and exhaust yourself for the Monday work week? ~ unlike Troy, I was! I didn’t want to miss a moment of any social weekend fun... and with a very bad case of FOMO I tended to lock in way too much . This carried through to our year roadtrip, every day feeling like I was wasting time and needed to explore more. It was exhausting but more importantly we were seeing things but not experiencing them. My fast paced social weekends and busy work life was hard to forget and I couldn’t just sit still and relax ~ until NOW! . Red bluff has this intoxicating chilled vibe which was the perfect push I needed. Each day we would pack an esky and wander to the point, sit for hours (minus some sneaky wee time swims) and enjoy the scenery and talented surfers . I’ve even started reading books (no, not picture books 😆) which is huge for me! I’m always been too distracted to even start a book . When this place is on your caravan doorstep there seems to be nowhere else that you would rather or need to be . 📍ReD BluFF CamP - Quobba Station, Cape Cuvier. McCleod Region WESTERN AUSTRALIA ... Southern end of Ningaloo Reef World Heritage area
We loved our stay at waroora station! Stunning sunsets, great snorkeling and beautiful beaches! Unfortunately it's crazy windy but apparently that cant be avoided on the west coast! Lol #westernaustralia #westisbest #justanotherdayinwa #thisiswa #exploremore #thebiglap #sunsets #camping #lifeontheroad #travelislife #downunder #travelcouple #travelholic #instagood #wa #vanlife #instadiary #travel #travelinsta #lifeexperience #landscape #4wdaustralia #camping #beach
Diesmal geht es um das Thema Minimalismus. Wir haben uns auf dem @campervansummitmeeting zu einer Talkrunde getroffen. Natürlich durften, passend zum Thema, besondere Gäste nicht fehlen. Mit dabei waren: @rebecca_on_the_roof , @pataschasworld , @vogeladventure und @lukas.buerger.personaltraining . Nicht zu vergessen unser tolles Publikum was fleißig mit diskutiert hat. Minimalismus ist nicht nur Vanlife allgegenwärtig sondern begleitet uns jeden Tag. Ihr erfahrt wie jeder unserer Gäste den Weg zum minimalen Leben gefunden hat und bekommt unfassbar gute Tipps wie man sich bewusst reduzieren kann. Christian stand besonders im Fokus der Gesprächsrunde da er noch am Anfang des Themas Minimalismus steht und feststellen muss, das der Weg dahin definitiv nicht einfach ist. Jetzt aber genug gelabert: hört mal in diese sehr lustige und informative Folge rein (Link wie immer in unserem Profil unter Linktree). Vielleicht bekommt ihr noch ein paar Tipps die ihr vielleicht nicht auf dem Schirm hattet. Ansonsten schreibt uns Anregungen oder Fragen in die Kommentare. Wie denkt ihr über das Thema? Schönen Montag euch da draußen. 🙏❤️🚐☀️ . . . #lifeofbalu #roadandboard #vanlife #vanlifeeurope #vanlifecommunity #lifeontheroad #parkitwhereyouloveit #homeonwheels #digitalnomad #vanlifestyle #blogger_de #podcaster_de #wanderlust #hippiebus #vanlifers #vanbus #vanlifeconnections #campervanlife #vansofgermany #vanlove #tinyhome #camper #europaistgeil #campernomads #campernomade #vanlust #bewusstaufrädern #campervansummitmeeting2018
After a tough few days, it was nice to spend some time knackering Eli out. Snapped this picture of holly while she was throwing the ball for Eli 🐕 Everyone told us we'd struggle with a big dog in the van. That the space would be too small for him. He's used to a big house in West Wales, so going from that to a 20ft van is a bit of an adjustment. But so far he's spent most of his time outside, chilling on the grass. And when he wants to play we can toss a frisbee or ball for him until he's sleepy. He loves that he gets to explore a new place every couple of days and curling up at the end of our bed at night. All in all, this dog doesn't seem to mind vanlife 🚌 #vanlife #vanliving #campervan #dogontheroad #vandog #walkies #exploringtheuk #picoftheday #girlfriendphotography #smitten #dogwalks #vanlifedoggo #instapic #landscapephotohraphy #loveatfirsttravel #lifeontheroad #twogirlsonevan #twogirlsonedog #lifeontheroad
Do you believe people are brought into your life for a reason? I do!! This is the beautiful Asher she is a friend of Trent’s and now a dear friend of mine. Asher reached out to me when she noticed I was travelling around Australia, she never left my mind when I read her heart felt message and she was the first person I contacted 6 weeks ago when I arrived here in Byron Bay. In that 6 weeks she is constantly looking out for me providing me with words of encouragement and support. All she wants for me is to experience joy, play and positive vibes while I’m here and so far she has given this to me. There are some genuine good people out there and I’m so blessed you Ashy girl have come into my life. We definitely have a soul bond 💚 I think in life we have to be conscious of who we give our time to. Sometimes you can give time and energy and not always receive it back so therefore make sure each second spent to you is meaningful.
Picked up our new home for our South Island adventures 😊
GYPSY GATEWAY 🥥 via @the.dream.time
Views of lush green cityscapes, happy people touring in cable cars and a mesmerising southwest coastline is what makes South Africa's Cape Town worthy of a #SelfDrive destination. #ItsYourRoad , DM us to discover the best of Cape Town, visit: http://bit.ly/2CtB6Ut #SelfDrive365 #RoadTrip #SelfDrive #Bikes #Cars #Adventure #RoadTrips #Instahub #Instapost #Instalike #Instadaily #exploretheroad #theroadnottaken #adventurediaries #bikerides #mountainrides #mountaindrive #sunsettrips #traveldiaries #lifeontheroad #cartrips #indiantravellers #indianriders #indiatravelgram
Happy birthday babe @hutcho22 your one of a kind and Cheers Sammy boy @sam_bridgland for helping Hutcho mount the boat trailer 👌🏼 I hope you wrote the instructions down for me 🤔😂🤞
This past week has been absolutely beautiful 😍 The weather has just showered us with hot sunshine and it’s been amazing, I have gotten a bit of colour to my skin. My acne has been soaking in the vitamin D. It’s been absolutely fabulous ☀️ Wearing: @laceandjoy Photography: @naznikora
🕺🏼our 4 year old nephew Fermin and his kindergarten buddies dancing “dame tu cosita “. Cuteness factor is pretty high, don’t say you weren’t warned! Nuestro sobrino de 4 años Fermin y sus amiguitos del jardín bailando “dame tu cosita”. El nivel de preciosidad es alto, no digan que no se les avisó!! . . . . #travelingterrills #travelingtheworld #lifeontheroad #highcutenessfactor #dancingkids #dametucosita #supercute
This guy. He’s my favourite. Today is his birthday. I love him more than I could possibly describe. The way we have decided to live means we rely on each other more than ever. We never run out of chat, we always have a laugh, we never fight, we support each other through it all and I think that’s pretty damned incredible. My partner in crime, my handsome hubster. You are amazing. Happy birthday. I love you to the MOON and back. Xxx
I don’t know what it is about road trips but.. damn they are my favorite. I love not knowing what’s around the corner and feeling that gitty “are we there yet” feeling, even if I don’t say it. Often I’m so excited to get to my destination I forget to stop when I see a shot I know I should get. But hey, I can find it again or be distracted with a million new ones. I am forever grateful @curlzzy loves them just as much as me and gets me Reese’s and a Pepsi between gas station stops in the midst of these adventures.
That's a wrap, Goodbye Queensland & hello NSW 🌅🤗
And then she drove away. After 12 months of driving through South America we parted ways with our vehicle. Those were some of the best months of our lives and we will cherish those memories forever. 25,000 kms, 6 countries. . . . . #travelingterrills #travelingtheworld #lifeontheroad #argentina #discoversouthamerica #renaulttrafic #motorhome #homeiswhereyouparkit #itsnotaslowcaritsafasthouse #southamerica #overlanding #coronelsuarez
Hello beautiful land of fairytales! Now where's that maiden that love to makeout???
How cool is this shot of Jack croc hunting from up high, instead of being eye level in our 3.5m tinny topper. We were on the hunt for some serious off grid Barra spots, thanks to our main man Rhys for a wicked heli fishing experience at the Tip of Australia. _________________________________ #lapofoz #explore #4x4 #wilderness #crochunting #capeyork #australia #helifishing #friendsinhigherplaces #wanderlust #thisisaustralia #livingmybestlife #barramundi #offthegrid #slowdown #explore_australia #seeaustralia #travel #vanlife #lifeontheroad #fishing #wildernessculture #bold_notold #offthegridaroundaus #billabong #bungyhelicopters #shimanofishing #greatnorthern
🌴ADVICE FROM A PALM TREE🌴. - Soak up the sun. - Stand tall and proud. - Remember your roots. - Drink plenty of water. - Be content with your natural beauty. - Enjoy the view. #couldntagreemorewiththis #vitamindisgoodforthesoul #soakupthesunandbehappy . 📷@rhythm_and_drift_photo
Now this is truly being parked in autumn paradise 🍁🚐. One of the things we were longing for when we decided to quit our jobs and travel fulltime, was to experience the nature and the shift of seasons in all its glory. Well, think we are full in that experience now 🤩 Ps if you are traveling with a van in #croatia at this time, this is actually a free spot to park for the night! Great location if you are about to visit the Plitvice National Park. GPS location: N44.849751 E51.407550
Our simple little life. 🌿
Lážo plážo. Nic to nechce, jen hrát lehce. Udělejte si to pondělí něčím příjemné 🙏🏻🤘🏻
. The road to enlightenment, Best ridden on a motorcycle.
“They see me rollin’...” Peddling our way into a new week. 🚲🚐 x Did you guys know that we have mountain bikes stored in the van? They get stashed in the “garage” under the bed and in all honesty we’ve only actually used them on two occasions whilst on the road so far. 🙈😆 We’re tossing up whether or not we’ll leave them behind when we head west and save the storage space, but then who wants to bet that we’ll end up wanting to use them? 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️ #murphyslawisabitch x Are there any travellers out there toting bikes with them, or if you’re building a van out do you plan on bringing some? Do you love them or like us, find they’re just not used enough? Or maybe you use a scooter or even a mini car with your rig? Would love some tips to help us make our decision: Do we toss or keep?... 🤔
Our favourite camp spot by far ~ Bunda Cliffs 🙌 Even a gloomy day couldn't stop us from enjoying its natural beauty 🙈 @southaustralia @australia #seeaustralia #seesouthaustralia #bundacliffs @wikicamps
California is not shy of amazing places to visit! Whilst we road trip, we like to break up the journey to stretch our legs and to let the kids run off some energy and we stopped off at Calaveras Big Trees State Park. We are so glad we did! Some of the Sequoia trees are huge! They are so beautiful and they have a very powerful presence in the forest as you walk the trails. The walk was a couple of miles which was perfect and our kids love being outside with nature. They never get bored. It feels humbling that some of the trees are 2000 years old!!!!! I wish we could show you the smell off the park as well. The wood is so strong!!!! Swipe across to see a HUGE uprooted tree. Are you a nature lover???? #nature #bigtrees #adventure #adventurefamily #explorers #roadtrip #igtravel #travel
Yep those are some green eggs fresh from the chickens bum this morning @bay_hideaway ham anyone? #greeneggsandham #freerange #freerangechickens #freshas #freshasyoucanget #lifeontheroad #doesntgetanybetterthanthis
Motivational Monday ✌️ “When you know what you want and you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way to get it” Jim Rohn Our plan to travel Australia all started with one little idea. After saving up for a year we bought our troopy outright. We worked some more while decking it out and making it into our home. Then when we had enough money to hit the road we said goodbye to our families and have been travelling ever since. We left our hometown on the 1st of April 2015 and continue to explore our beautiful country to this day (and we’ve also been sneaking off to other countries in between)🤗 While we were working towards our goal, I used to visualise what our life was going to be like on the road. One day while we were driving, I kind of had a deja vu moment as I was passing Zeb a drink and realised in that moment that we achieved our goals. Little by little we chipped away at our plan to travel Australia. So my point here is if you want something bad enough you can get it. It might take a while but it’s worth it in the end ❤️ —————————————————- #goals #achieveyourgoals #couplegoals #travelaustralia #traveltheworld #inspiretravel #travelcouple #earthcouples #aussiecouple #troopy #troopcarriersofaustralia #troopyadventures #lifeontheroad #vanlife #vanlifediaries #travelbag #lapofaustralia #inspiretravel #inspire #adventurecouple #campinglife #olympus_au #loveaustralia #freedom #livelifehappy #dowhatyoulove #creativetravelcouples #liveoutdoors #travelplaylive #ozshotmag
bye paris • hi london /// I definitely want to eat & do everything when I travel but it’s also random moments like stumbling on a local market while wandering that I remember about a trip. #latergram
Missing the wonderful views of Italy 💕 it's definitely up there in my list of favourite places. I keep telling my family they need to go there. They're probably sick of me raving on about it 😂 but how could you not love this place? . . . . #wanderlust #exploretheworld #mountainscape #italytrip #vanlifeexplorers #outdooradventures #outdoorfun #scenicview #vanlifediaries #sheisnotlost #travelbug #travelgirl #girlswhotravel #travelgram #travelstyle #nature_captures #outdoorslife #travelphoto #vanlifestyle #vanlife #ontheroad #globetrotters #lifeontheroad #passionpassport #traveleurope #travelislife #beautifulworld #travel_captures
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