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Das Leben ist nicht immer nur Pommes 🍟 und Disco 💃 Manchmal stellt uns das Leben vor Herausforderungen, um uns zu testen und dann gilt es den Drachen zu besiegen 🐲🐉 Wir gehen gestärkt und als Held aus der Herausforderung hervor und können uns weiterentwickeln 😎💪 Wobei die Drachen für jeden anders sind. Bei mir waren es Ärzte oder Lehrer, die mir aufgrund meiner Gesundheit immer gesagt haben was alles nicht geht. Oder was ich alles nicht kann 🚫 Lass dir von absolut niemandem sagen, das du etwas nicht kannst ❗ Der einzige, der das entscheiden kann, bist du ☝️ . . . #dragon #fightthedragon #marionette #marionettentheater #figurentheaterlübeck #daslebenistschön #daslebenistnichtnurpommesunddisco #heldenreise #lübeckaltstadt #lübeck #lübeckcity #lübeckcitylove #staystrong #trustinyou #beyourself #bethebestyou #imagination #phantasie #lifestyle #lifequotes #lifequotestagram #itsmylife #meineigenerchef #selbststänidigkeit
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Been thinking about this since last night. It's a wonderful realization! • You can know all the people who are where you want to be. But if they don't know you, what good does that do you? You've gotta show up and act!
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❤️Life is an adventure, it's not a package tour. -Eckhart Tolle ✨ We cannot plan every second of our lives - sometimes it's good to go with the flow, to trust and have faith that everything will turn out to be ok.❤️❤️❤️ ✨ Tag a friend who need this. ✨ Follow @ZenLivingCo for daily motivation, inspiration and beautiful nature images ✨✨✨
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I have run out of times I have been asked by friends and family alike why Sweden has my heart and I admit I used to struggle to find the words. Find the words to truly say how it made me feel being there because I just couldn't put my finger on just one thing. And equally I probably didn't want to upset them or them unbeknowingly upset me for not understanding. But this here just about sums it up completely. It's honestly a feeling I just haven't had before, not here anyway. I feel calm and at peace and my head feels clear. The feeling of being free overtakes me and it feels such a relief to be there. The weight gets lifted. It's the only times in my life I have one hundred percent been able to be just me. No pretences or constantly seeking for happiness. No waking up with a foggy head and wishing i was somewhere else. No mornings spent wasted wishing I was waking to fresh Swedish air and a chilly walk by the water. No fears of the comparison feeling rearing its ugly head because there I just don't feel I need to. No feelings of rushing and wondering about what's ahead just totally taking it as it comes and feeling totally content with where I am and who I am with. Because really these are the things that are important. To me absolutely. The things no money could ever buy. The feelings of realness and being truly whole. And content. Just totally and utterly content. Cause when you know you just know and once you do there is no going back. #lifequotestagram #dailyquotes #quotesandsayings #positivevibes #quote #thoughts #wisewords #quotestoliveby #quoted #inspirationalquotes #happysoul #choosehappiness #goodmorning #wordsofwisdom #wordhour #motherhoodthroughinstagram #wordsofencouragement #mymotherhood #motherhoodlife #meantalhealth #meaningfulquotes #goodthoughts #slowliving #bekind #maternalmentalhealth #motivation #motivationalquotes #inspiration #mindset #morningmotivation
Love this! I’m currently a work in progress, what about you? I can’t wait to see the results, but I will still be “work in progress” for another new improved me in the future. Always keep learning something new.
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人生是设计出来的,企业是规划出来的,很多人从不思考未来,奉行走步看一步的策略殊不知前面可能是万丈深渊。 #语录 #语录系列 #语录控 #范盈说 #范盈私董会 #商业语录 #MaggieFong #motivationalquotes #businessquotes #quotes 🖋 #startupquotes #startupwomen #entrepreneurquotes #mindsetquotes #lifequotestoliveby  #lifequotestagram #lifequotestagram #successfulwoman #mindsetmentor Follow my Facebook :https://goo.gl/NyVDbF Subscribe my YouTube channel :https://goo.gl/o5npwTv
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