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• เธอทำให้เรา อยากดูแลเธอ .. Thanks @omochazakka สำหรับน้อง “ตัวเล็ก” นาจ๊าาา 😘 .. 📮
Когда ты в долгожданном декрете, то вдруг оказывается, что у тебя есть время разобрать гигабайты своего фотоархива, это ли не радость?! 🙌🙌🙌
. 他人をコントロールしようなんて思わないこと。 . そんなことしても、本当の意味では誰も幸せになんかなれない。
P o r t r a i t Thomazini !
Beautiful beginnings...
Herkese huzurlu,sağlıklı bir hafta dilerim. 🌷☀️
・ * * ・ may be tomorrow ・ * * ・ ・ ・
todays inspiration by:@_andre.diaz #visualsplanet
Justin and I got to stop by the Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library in Indianapolis today! #kurtvonnegutmuseum
. 昨日の千葉弾丸ツアーは激寒でした。 . そして、食いっぱなしでデブWAY真っしぐら。
Hope you all had a good weekend . We stayed home and enjoyed the snow. What can be better than spending time with your family ?!
This is a little different for me, but I’ve watched this light for over a year, so I figured it was time I tried to get creative with it! . . 2018 is my year to practice PATIENCE. This year I am also committing to an artistic, technique driven photography project to push myself outside my comfort zone & into my inner artist. . p52clicks • 12-months • 12-techniques • 1-photo a week • 52-opportunities for growth • a new year, a new artist • #p52clicks #p52clicks_brandimarkham . Week 7: MINIMALISM | NEGATIVE SPACE . Travel the #p52clicksloop full of wonderful togs who have teamed up to support each other through this journey to learn, grow & explore our inner artist. . Next up @this_gr8_kozi_life_ . . . . . #Shotwithmoxie #documentyourdays #dearestviewfinder #letthemexplore #treasuringlittlememories #beunraveled #jj_nosquares #storytellingmama #clickpro #clickinmoms #clickmagazine #thebloomforum #dearphotographer #shared_joy #featuremama #theweekoninstagram #thelifestylecollaborative #ourlightwithin #remarkablyimagined #follow_this_light #lightinspired #subjectlight #lightslove #coi_light #galleryoflightfeature #cic_space #the_cic
to the guy I can always count on to take a picture of me at the worst possible moment, happy birthday @thebrandonbaker 🙃 I love your curiously creative self.
I sometimes look at a person or place and begin editing the images I’d take of them in my mind. I love taking photos, but even more, I love editing them. It’s so fun playing with light within an image. I grew up loving anything art related. My boys help me create art I love. They truly are my masterpiece. #myredroots
Essa mulheerrr 💕 — actress @eujulianearaujo Beauty @flavifrazao Executive Producer: @aopedropaulo Location @bluetreedesign
Slowly but surely making my way into the many thousands of pics I took in Africa. This one stopped me in my tracks because I instantly loved it.
Editorial de hoje 📸 Modelo @rayannithomazini
Thanks sooo much @classicfitapparel for sending us this @instaxhq camera!!! 📸LOVE the color!! Everyone check out @classicfitapparel 🌟🎁🌸
Here we go again! I’m taking part in a diptych collaboration with some awesome and artistic individuals today, click on the left photo by @homemadeinchina to follow the loop! Happy Sunday! #thediptychcollab
Маме блинчики помогает печь 😙
Hey anchorage friends. I’m thinking about coming your way next weekend and can take on a few shoots. DM me if you’d like to set one up! 🌙
🇹🇷 Entrepreneurs in Turkey! 📸 @aidanklessic
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