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How is it?  In 1 Nephi 7:9-12, Nephi asks this question several times to Laman and Lemuel.  He then tells them they have a choice, and Laman and Lemuel proceed to bind him up with cords.  We are Laman and Lemuel in this story.  We are also Nephi.  We each have 2 different voices that are always working in our heads.  The voice of confidence and desire for good(Nephi), and the voice of doubt, fear, and non belief(Laman and Lemuel). The negative voice is usually the loudest, the positive voice is much quieter and takes a calmness inside to hear.  The voice that we decide to give attention to is the voice that will win.  One voice binds us down and one voice sets us free. We learn a important lesson on how to escape when the negative voice is binding us down by learning what Nephi does.  Starting in verse17 "But it came to pass that I prayed unto the Lord, saying: O Lord, according to my faith which is in thee, wilt thou deliver me from the hands of my brethren; yea, even give me strength that I may burst these bands with which I am bound. 18 And it came to pass that when I had said these words, behold, the bands were loosed from off my hands and feet, and I stood before my brethren," Prayer, and faith in him that he can deliver us.  This faith is not just believing in Christ,  it is "Believing Christ". The key to beating that voice that tears us down and binds us up is to Believe that Christ absolutely makes us great.  That when we partner with him and believe him all things are possible.  We believe in the things he tells us about ourselves.  That we are good, that we can achieve, that we can make a difference, and then we stand strong and take action believing in our goodness.  As we do this, we learn to hear the Nephi in each of us more and more and together with Christ, we increase!#likenthescriptures #bookofmormon #dailyscripturestudy #lifelessons #lifepatterns  #churchofjesuschristoflatterdaysaints #hope #dailyincrease #faith #vision #ldsliving #moveforward #change #littlethings #fillyourmind #increase #believe #believeinyourself #bepositive #worth #rippleeffect #choices #wehavearesponsibilty #believeChrist #staypositive #payattentiontotheattentionyougive
1 Nephi 6:6 "Wherefore, I shall give commandment unto my seed, that they shall not occupy these plates with things which are not of worth unto the children of men." May we spend our time doing things that provide value to us and others around us.  There is a ripple effect of every decision we make.  If we spend our time right today, our choices will impact and influence generations to come.#likenthescriptures #bookofmormon #dailyscripturestudy #lifelessons #lifepatterns  #churchofjesuschristoflatterdaysaints #hope #dailyincrease #faith #vision #ldsliving #moveforward #change #littlethings #fillyourmind #increase #believe #believe #believeinyourself #bepositive #worth #rippleeffect #choices #wehavearesponsibilty
What do you believe? Our beliefs dictate our vision. What we believe will determine what we see. This is true personally, spiritually, and temporarily. Whether you believe in yourself or you believe in your excuses, you will be right. Whether you believe in God's power or in your excuses, you will be right. You will always find what you believe in. 1 Nephi 7 #likenthescriptures #bookofmormon #dailyscripturestudy #lifelessons #lifepatterns  #churchofjesuschristoflatterdaysaints #hope #dailyincrease #faith #vision #ldsliving #moveforward #change #littlethings #fillyourmind #increase #believe #believe #believeinyourself #bepositive
In the middle of a crisis of conscience, Nephi remembered something he had already been taught by the Lord. It was in remembering that he gained the vision of what needed to be done and why. It is so important to take advantage of each day and the chance to fill our minds with good things. By doing so, when the storms come we have given the spirit plenty to pull from to teach us. By increasing our minds, we increase his ability to communicate with us. 1 Nephi 4:14#likenthescriptures #bookofmormon #dailyscripturestudy #lifelessons #lifepatterns  #churchofjesuschristoflatterdaysaints #hope #dailyincrease #faith #vision #ldsliving #moveforward #change #littlethings #fillyourmind #increase
Are you overwhelmed with all of the expectations of who you should be?  Do your shortcomings and weaknesses get you down? Are you intimidated by the checklist of all the attributes we are supposed to have? The parable of Moses and the Red Sea teaches us a profound lesson on the path we must take to eliminate our weaknesses, and become the attributes we need. Moses in this parable represents our Savior Jesus Christ.  The path he creates in parting the Red Sea represents the straight and narrow path or iron rod.  The "water" of the Red Sea represents the Love of God as taught in Lehi's Tree of Life dream. The armies of Pharaoh represent our weaknesses and shortcomings.  Instead of making a huge checklist of all the things we have to fix, we simply stick to the straight and narrow path.  We read our scriptures daily,  say our prayers, and put ourselves in a position to feel the spirit as much as possible. By doing this we start down the path. Each time we do this it is like taking another step.  As we continue down the path, the love of God will eventually wash away our armies of Pharaoh, or our weaknesses.  It changes us from the inside out and eliminates our shortcomings. And replaces them with the fruits of the spirit.  It is important to note that the Egyptians traveled a long way down the path before the armies were washed away.  The same is required of us.  We must stay consistent and create some distance between us and our armies for the lord to be able to wash them away completely.  What's amazing is that in the consistency, the change is so gradual that you don't realize it is happening.  You just realize one day that you are patient and loving in situations you never were before.  The Lord has changed you. This is the Lord's process. We must trust it. #likenthescriptures #bookofmormon #dailyscripturestudy #lifelessons #lifepatterns  #churchofjesuschristoflatterdaysaints #hope #dailyincrease #faith #vision #ldsliving #moveforward #change #littlethings
Gratitude Day 18: the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. I am grateful for the words that record not only the history of the ancient American people, but also truth about Jesus Christ, his atoning sacrifice and the plan of happiness. Today I spoke to our local congregation about how we live in a “like, share, subscribe” culture, but that we can create a liken, share, subscribe heart. We can #likenthescriptures to us- we can learn from other’s experiences and apply the gift of Jesus to our day; that we can #sharetheword by celebrating the scriptures that unite us as Christians (the Bible) and share what we love in the #bookofmormon ; and subscribe by coming back to the word everyday for new updates from the spirit on what heaven needs you to remember. I am grateful for Jesus Christ. He has saved my life- literally. I could easily have contracted AIDS in utero but was spared, I could have fallen off a 2nd story roof as a toddler. Christ has saved me from the depths of despair as I have navigated great trials of grief and loss. He has given me hope and he continues to strengthen me Day by day. I love him. I am grateful for one day each week to worship him. What’s your favorite scripture verse? Whatever your faith- if you love the Bible, and think I’m a coo coo bird or if you share my own faith. Let’s start a thread to celebrate the good word.
We don't always get to choose our circumstances.  We don't get to handpick our trials.  We don't get to decide who things happen to, or the timing of when they happen.  Sometimes others make choices that impact our lives.  Life can be so hard at times.  There are many things that are out of our control.  The one thing we do get to control every single day, regardless of the things above, Our direction!! Are we moving forward?  In 1 Nephi 4:6-7, Nephi teaches "not knowing beforehand the things which I should do.  Nevertheless, I WENT FORTH"!! Whether we are in hard times, are not. (Sometimes it is when life is treating us really good that we quit choosing our direction.) No matter who we are, no matter our circumstances, no matter where you are on your journey,  we must move forward.  If we want life to get better, we must get better.  If we want life to stay great, we must get better.  Moving forward each day brings hope, hunger, confidence, self worth, energy, optimism, light, vision, and achievement.  Standing still or looking in the past brings fear, despair, anxiety, comparison, loathing, darkness, and lack of self worth.  Which are the fruits you want in your life?  May we all decide to face each day with the desire to look and move forward! #likenthescriptures #bookofmormon #dailyscripturestudy #moveforward #hope #faith #dailyincrease #direction #churchofjesuschristoflatterdaysaints #lifepatterns #ldsliving #clarity #patternsoflife
What does it take to make it back to him? To build a special relationship with the heavens? To make our marriage great? To turn our wishes into reality? What does it take?  In 1 Nephi 3 and 4, Nephi and his brothers are asked to return to Jerusalem for the Brass plates. In this story, the Brass plates represent something for each of us. Nephi, Laman and Lemuel represent each of us at some point in our journey. They had good intentions and even tried to get the brass plates through some effort.  Laman did go into Laban and ask for them. Once denied, they were quick to say that it just wasn't meant to be and wanted to walk away.  This has been me many times in my life. The next level of commitment was then demonstrated by going and getting all of their riches and offering them to Laban for the plates.  We know those riches meant a lot to Laman and Lemuel. We know the frustrations they had already had in giving them up. This was a big deal to give up temporal things they loved to try and get their "Brass Plates". This has also been me at so many different times in my life.  I have tried to use money or sacrifice other temporal things to try and get my "Brass Plates". Then we learn from Nephi's struggles what it really takes to achieve. Nephi went into the walls and came upon a drunk Laban.  The spirit prompted him to take his life so he could obtain his goal. Everything that Nephi had been taught in his life is that this was not OK.  He battled every belief and reservation that told him not to do it.  His will said no! Heavenly Father then taught him what the Brass plates really meant to his future. In doing so, Nephi gained clarity, and a certainty in his mission.  For the first time he understood why he was there and he absolutely knew with certainty what he had to do. Only then did he obtain his "Brass Plates". Clarity gives us hope, purpose, and direction. Certainty destroys doubts, fears, and all obstacles.  We must get Clarity in what(our brass plates) and certainty in why! This is what it takes!!! #likenthescriptures #ldsliving #bookofmormon #dailyscripturestudy #clarity #certainty #hope #faith #vision #purpose #family #eternalfamilies #goals #obtain
It is not coincidence that the first real story in the Book of Mormon is about a man's journey to the promised land(Celestial Kingdom). Lehi was a man who had a lot of riches, possessions, and status.  In his story he was asked to leave everything except that which he could take with him to the promised land, his relationship with the heavens, and his family.  These are really the two things that also support us on the journey.  The 2 things that guide us, inspire us, keep us going in the right direction, and make the sacrifice worth it.  They are what makes us grow to be worthy of the "promised land", and what we get to take with us in the eternities.  They should be our top priorities.  Are they? #likenthescriptures #bookofmormon #dailyscriptuestudy #ldsliving #priorities #lifepatterns #family #God
Is gratitude about the past,  present, or the future?  When Lehi and his family leave Jerusalem, The first thing he does when they were clear of danger is build an altar and express gratitude. (1 Nephi 2:7) Lehi and his family had just left their farm, their land, their home, their riches, their friends, and possibly other family.  Literally everything that they had built for their family. They had just given it all up and left. Then the first thing they do is express gratitude?  When I was thinking about this something finally clicked with me.  I don't think Lehi was just expessing gratitude for having to leave everything, or for the danger they had temporarily escaped.  His gratitude was also focused on the things that were ahead.  For each day he would be granted to achieve something new.  He believed in the Lords promise that his family would be led to the promised land. He knew he would need to make progress daily to make it happen.  He was grateful for that day, and the next day, and the next day where he would be able to change, achieve, and move closer to that promise.  This is when gratitude is empowering!  When we can wake up each morning and be grateful for the time in front of us.  Time that we can use to make a difference for us and others.  Time that if we invest it right will change ourselves, our circumstances,  our world.  I am not saying that counting our blessings is not important.  It is very significant in helping us remember who we are, and who is the giver of all. But for gratitude to be empowering and life changing,  we have to be grateful for the days ahead and live them with intention and focus.  May we all be grateful for tomorrow and do something great with it. #likenthescriptures #bookofmormon #dailyscripturestudy #lifelessons #lifepatterns  #gratitude #vision #intention #givethanks
Are there times in my life where I feel the spirit but do not give it the time to teach me? Absolutley!! In 1 Nephi 1, Lehi begins to pray for his people. Because of the outward direction of his prayer the Lord blesses him with a spiritual experience where he "saw and heard much." Instead of then moving on with his day, he returns to his home and gives the spirit more time to open new things up to him. He is then taken into a vision. There is so many times when I am reading the scriptures and feel the spirit. But then I get caught up in needing to get the rest of my scriptures in that I move on. I do the same thing with my prayers. By being in a hurry to move on, I wonder what I have missed out on. We then learn that in Lehi's dream he is given a book to read, and as he does he is filled with the spirit which leads to greater teachings. That is really the point of scripture study and our prayers. They are there to invite the spirit, and then true learning happens when we allow it to teach us. I must show more patience in the spirit and allow it to really customize my learning to what our Father in heaven wants me to know and see. #likenthescriptures #bookofmormon #dailyscripturestudy #lifelessons #lifepatterns  #spirituallearning #patience #ponder
Deny not the gifts of God. Thinking we are good enough denies progression and development. So does not recognizing the gifts we are given. I used to think this was humility. I thought humility was counting our weaknesses and not taking pride in our gifts. If we hide them we are denying them. Humility is actually confidently owning the gifts we have been given, and knowing that we still have a ton of room to grow. It is the want that grows inside to improve ourselves. Then we have to put our gifts into action and give them the positive attention they need to increase. These gifts are given to profit us. True riches are found in using them to profit others. We must be willing to share and use our gifts for the benefit of our growth and the growth of those around us. The more lives that we can touch with his gifts to us, the more we exalt him. Then he multiplies the returns with increase in our lives and turns us into more!#likenthescriptures #bookofmormon #dailyscripturestudy #lifelessons #lifepatterns #humility #confidence #faith
Hope is the key that opens the windows of heaven to us. In Moroni 7:3, Mormon says to the people that he wants to teach them new things because of the hope they have found.  This hope was necessary for them to learn the lessons he wanted to teach.  It is the key that opens up new windows but then accelerates the learning process once they are open.  It is the great accelerator when it comes to learning the things of our Heavenly Father.  Scripture study changed for me when I started having a pencil and post-it notes next to me when I studied. I wanted to write down what I learned.  Instead of just reading I sat down hoping and expecting to learn. Anxious to write those things down on a note that I could stick on that page in my scriptures.  Now I use the notes section on the digital version and I have found the same thing.  This hope opens our minds and  allows the spirit to really teach us.  When we hope to be better than we currently are, the Lord can really go to work and start to mold, teach, and change us.  The "want to" real hope creates gives us purpose in our choices, and the spirit the ability to really customize our learning. #bookofmormon #likenthescriptures #dailyscriptures #hope #lifelessons
Ether 6:4-12. It's interesting in verse 4 that it says the Jaredites entered the Barges and "commended" themselves to the Lord. They trusted him. They didn't try to tell the Lord how they wanted the journey across the sea to go, they simply trusted that the journey would be the right one for them. The Lord then proceeds to use furious winds to move them towards the promised land. Winds that tossed them to and fro, that buried them deep into the sea. Winds that beat them up along the way. He did not make this an easy ride. Yet the Jaredites sang and gave praises both day and night for the 344 days they were at sea. They were grateful for whatever ride the Lord took them on because they knew it was the journey to the promised land. We must also commend ourselves to him, be grateful for the furious winds he uses to bring us each to our promised land. Our home with him again.#likenthescriptures #bookofmormon #dailyscripturestudy #lifelessons #lifepatterns
It’s been a long time since I’ve seen this! We used to teach of Moroni and the city of #ammonihah and compare it to the family! It makes for a great #FHE . #prophets #strengtheningthefamily #nochedehogar #lds #sud #likenthescriptures
FRUITS OF OUR LABORS: Lord rewards those that work for him. He blesses us with his fruit only after we plant and nourish the right seeds. The right seeds(gospel principles and righteous habits) will then grow fruit that will feed us, our family, and others for the rest of our lives. 3 Nephi 27:10 And if it so be that the church is built upon my gospel then will the Father show forth his own works in it.#likenthescriptures #bookofmormon #dailyscripturestudy #lifelessons #lifepatterns
Ether2:6 And it came to pass that they did travel in the wilderness, and did build barges, in which they did cross many waters, being directed continually by the hand of the Lord. Building Barges How often in our lives is the lord trying to help us build barges for troubles ahead. Do we listen, or do we ask God why he did not help us as we come upon these setbacks in our lives. If we will build along the way through good and bad times we will always have what we need to carry us across the hard times. Build through Daily habits and discipline.#likenthescriptures #bookofmormon #dailyscripturestudy #lifelessons #lifepatterns
I had to smile when I read this. Writing mothers can totally relate to Alma...sometimes you really have to hide in order to write all the words. 😂 #likenthescriptures (As a side note, Alma is one of my favorites. He is brave, humble and full of faith.)
So many of us expect God to change us. To change who we are, to change our circumstances, to change our desires. This is not the Lord's way. This takes away our agency. He must work in a way that can influence change, and accelerate change through his spirit, but he cannot cause us or force us to change. We have to make different choices. We have to be clear on who we are, where we are, and where we want to go. Once we gain this clarity, and build that desire, and start to change the lord can go to work. Mormon 9:14 And then cometh the judgment of the Holy One upon them; and then cometh the time that he that is filthy shall be filthy still; and he that is righteous shall be righteous still; he that is happy shall be happy still; and he that is unhappy shall be unhappy still.#likenthescriptures #bookofmormon #dailyscripturestudy #lifelessons #lifepatterns
I have always read this and thought that it was just talking about Joseph Smith and the work he had to do to bring this book to us. Today I realized that the responsibility to bring this book to light is a responsibility that is placed on us all. A responsibility that carries with it a promise that we will be blessed for our efforts. The world needs the principles that we learn from its pages. Whether we are sharing an actual copy of this book, or we are influencing others with the principles it teaches. We are bringing it to light and will be blessed with the power of God as we do so. We have a responsibility to not be selfish with the things we are taught from its pages. Use the principles it teaches to be a thought leader in this world and allow the spirit to work in the hearts of others.#likenthescriptures #bookofmormon #dailyscripturestudy #lifelessons #lifepatterns
Alma 39:16 16 And now, my son, this was the ministry unto which ye were called, to declare these glad tidings unto this people, to prepare their minds; or rather that salvation might come unto them, that they may prepare the minds of their children to hear the word at the time of his coming. The ability to look at your decisions each day and see the effect that they have over time is a gift from the heavens, and is what creates a seer (see-er). It is the skill I lack that separates the successful from myself. I am so transactional in my decisions that I make. What do I want now or feel like now instead of making the decisions each day that build something with time that can have a greater impact for me and generations to come. Being a transactional thinker builds a life of scarcity, where making decisions that time creates increase over time (Compounding thinker) builds abundance. Alma understood this. Their ministry was not just about the people they were teaching, it was more about making sure they converted them so they could prepare the hearts of the next generation. Transactional decisions fixes 1 thing now, where a compounding thinker puts time to work for them and fixes many things in the future. I need to use this formula in me decisions moving forward for me and my family. Choice + time = ? #likenthescriptures #bookofmormon #dailyscripturestudy #lifelessons #lifepatterns
3 Nephi 27:33 ...Enter ye in at the strait gate; for strait is the gate, and narrow is the way that leads to life, and few there be that find it; but wide is the gate, and broad the way which leads to death, and many there be that travel therein... Narrow because it requires consistent movement that is focused on your goals. These goals need to be narrowed down to just 1 or 2 things that are The most important. If we can think through our dreams and find the one thing that we can achieve that will bring us the closest to them. That needs to be our focus. The ripple effect of our ability to achieve that one thing will touch so many other areas in our life. For example: we can set goals to be patient, loving, gentle, meek, etc. Or we can set a goal to feel the spirit once everyday. Then the rhythm of daily action aligned with feeling the spirit everyday creates the momentum that makes the fruits of the spirit part of who we are. The fruits of the spirit are all the attributes that we need to be. The ripple effect of feeling the spirit daily grows the fruits of the spirit in our lives which touches every interaction we have with family and friends. Now we have become a part of all of those attributes that we want to have. I have a tendency to set many goals and achieve none of them because my focus is much to broad. Narrow is the way. We must be disciplined enough to narrow our focus. The stairway to heaven is literally 1 step at a time.#likenthescriptures #bookofmormon #dailyscripturestudy #lifelessons #lifepatterns
I am very familiar with the idea of likening the Scriptures unto us. I know we can learn from all the examples and from the history that has come before us. But somehow I missed this second piece before “THAT YE MAY HAVE HOPE”. May we have the HOPE and confidence to overcome the road before us. And may we have HOPE in the beautiful unknown. My second Ah-ha came from the understanding of why Nephi wrote down the words of Isaiah. That we may learn “about the attributes and mission of Jesus Christ.” What a wonderful addition to my scripture reading this morning. I’m still trying to better understand the words of Isaiah, and this reference helped me unlock another piece of it. #miraclemorning #ahha #scripturereading #havehope #likenthescriptures #understandingisaiah #understandingiskey
So we’re in the war chapters of Alma and this particular scripture is when Captain Moroni tells Teancum to attack the city of Mulek which is currently possessed by the Lamanites. But Teancum “saw that is was impossible that he could overpower them while they were in their fortifications.” • So how do we liken this verse to us today? • Let’s say that the city of Mulek represents any place or circumstance today in which Satan has a powerful grasp and influence. That could be at a particular party we want to go to that has alcohol, or with a movie/TV show depicting violence and bloodshed, music with inappropriate lyrics, or even staying up too late and not getting enough sleep. (I know for me, when I don’t get enough sleep I am less patient with my kids and then we have more contention!) These are places or circumstances where Satan has an advantage over us. He is in his stronghold; his fortification. When we recognize places or circumstances in our lives that give Satan power, do we want to resist or avoid all together? • Years ago I heard the analogy of a cliff—would you rather avoid the cliff completely, or maybe just go look over the edge a little bit? What is the cost of avoiding the cliff versus resisting? We can also use the analogy with cookies—or in my case, Hershey kisses—if I saw a bowl of Hershey kisses sitting on my counter, it would be REALLY hard to resist eating them. I’d rather not even see them! • May we look at our lives and ask ourselves, “where does the adversary have an advantage over me?” And then, HOW can I gain power over the adversary? • Perhaps we need to delete some songs (😬, I know that is hard!) or change what we watch, what we read... but may we answer like Teancum and “abandon...and return...” to places that will keep us spiritually safe! This war we are raising our children in—and are in ourselves—is truly us against the adversary, so let’s not give him any power! #scripturepower #lds #faith #trials #blessed #scripturelessons #likenthescriptures #momswhoknow #teachthechildren #sharegoodness
The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want. Does anyone else sing the Liken the Scriptures song when they read this passage?? I love these verses with all my heart. #scripturepower #jesuschrist #bible #thelordismyshepherd #momlife #ibelieve #likenthescriptures #godisreal #trustjesus
Joseph & the coat of many colors. 💜💛💙 refer to Genesis 37-45. His cost is symbolic of the patchwork journey he had. Sold by his brothers at 17, blessed by God, made a ruler, put in prison for 2 years being accused for something he did not do. Blessed in prison by the Lord. Then, he blessed the lives of the prisoners. Then, back to become a ruler again. He interpreted dreams. Made plans of storage for the years of famine. Finally, he was reunited with his family. He forgave his brothers because he knew it was part of the plan {of God} being saved to preserve them. ❤️ ❤️ This makes me think of our own patchwork lives; the struggles we have and the blessings too. Maybe our struggles are leading us to blessings we don’t know about yet. I think yes! Yes, they are! I can see how my past struggles have blessed me and I’m learning from my new struggles; I am learning to endure more, love more, forgive more, let go of more & let Him in more.❤️ #doodlefaithbymommer #josephandthecoatofmanycolors #ldsart #ldsartist #gospelart #genesis37thru45 #likenthescriptures #drawingnearertothee
Every year I like to DEFINE the key words of the Scripture chosen as the Youth Theme. It just deepens the understanding! 👍🏻 Download for FREE! Link in bio: www.latterdayideas.com
1 Nephi 19:22-23 22 Now it came to pass that I, Nephi, did teach my brethren these things; and it came to pass that I did read many things to them, which were engraven upon the plates of brass, that they might know concerning the doings of the Lord in other lands, among people of old. 23 And I did read many things unto them which were written in the books of Moses; but that I might more fully persuade them to believe in the Lord their Redeemer I did read unto them that which was written by the prophet Isaiah; for I did liken all scriptures unto us, that it might be for our profit and learning. . How has likening the scriptures to you helped your life? And how have the words of Isaiah strengthened your faith in the Savior? . . . #bookofmormon #readeveryday #LDS #scripture #scriptureoftheday #mormon #mormons #christian #quotes #love #religion #instaverse #sharegoodness #mondaymotivation #wordsofisaiah #scripturepower #likenthescriptures #likenthescripturesuntoourselves #learning #profit #lighttheworld
Day #10 Family is everything. I was reminded about that today as I read the #bookofmormon while driving back to Arizona. It makes me so happy when I get to spend time with my whole family at once. So, this trip has really filled my heart to the brim with joy. #comethoufont #tunemyheart #Feast on the word of God #bookofmormon #ldsgeneralconference2017 #followtheprophet #roadtripbiblestudy #Kingmanarizona #lds #bomjournaling #biblejournaling #spreadthegoodword #womenoffaith #bookofmormon #lettering #tombow #messybookofmormonjournaling #mystyle #illustratedbible #illustratedscriptures #likenthescriptures #familiesareforever #❤️mykids
Episode 12 with Heidi Draper is now available on the podcast! Heidi is the first everyday Mormon girl I interviewed that I didn't know previously before reaching out to her to be a guest on the show. It was super fun to get to know her and I loved hearing about her passion for helping children and the work she does in the community. In this episode we talk about: • Her method of likening the scriptures to her passion for running, and how it has not only helped her personally but also helped her teach others. • Her experiences as a single woman, and how the Lord has provided amazing opportunities for her that she wouldn’t have had otherwise. • The importance of funding schools in lower income neighborhoods, and how people in the church can give generously to serve children in their own neighborhood. • The simple importance of loving others and listening to their stories. There are three ways to listen to this week's episode: iTunes (Apple devices) Google Play Music (Android devices) My website: www.everydaymormongirl.com/podcast/episode12 #ldslife #likenthescriptures #podcast #ldsinspire #faithandhope #positivesoul #lookingforthegood #ldspodcast #everydaymormongirl #positiveliving
When the Book of Mormon sums up my life in LA. #likenthescriptures #trafficfordays #trafficupontraffic
#Repost @lds_moreholinessgiveme (@get_repost ) ・・・ Find yourself, your circumstances, and your family in the scriptures. Find your way through your trials in the scriptures. Find your true identity and guidelines for a happy life in the scriptures. Above all, find your Savior, your Redeemer, in the scriptures. Invite the Holy Ghost to accompany you as you learn the truth of who Jesus Christ is and come to know Him personally in the scriptures. . #lds #ldsquotes #mormon #mormonquotes #bookofmormon #nephi #ldsscriptures #scripturestudy #ironrod #holdtotherod #wordofgod #seekandyeshallfind #likenthescriptures #lighttheworld #sharegoodness #princeofpeace #jesuschrist #jesusthechrist
Liken the scriptures to yourself. Isn't that the purpose of learning from past prophets/scriptures?? I definitely have reason to bless my God and my Savior Jesus Christ. #scripturestudy #3rdnephi #likenthescriptures #readeveryday
Find yourself, your circumstances, and your family in the scriptures. Find your way through your trials in the scriptures. Find your true identity and guidelines for a happy life in the scriptures. Above all, find your Savior, your Redeemer, in the scriptures. Invite the Holy Ghost to accompany you as you learn the truth of who Jesus Christ is and come to know Him personally in the scriptures. . #lds #ldsquotes #mormon #mormonquotes #bookofmormon #nephi #ldsscriptures #scripturestudy #ironrod #holdtotherod #wordofgod #seekandyeshallfind #likenthescriptures #lighttheworld #sharegoodness #princeofpeace #jesuschrist #jesusthechrist
One of the biggest reasons we have the Book of Mormon is to have another witness that Christ lives, that he died for us and most importantly he atoned for our sins. He taught his doctrine to others on the world also. Will we accept those scriptures when they come? If we are familiar with his word it will feel and be the same. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. We are so blessed to have his word! #likenthescriptures #2nephi29 #bookofmormon #bofmjournaling #scripturefun #lds #mormon #savioroftheworld #savior #witness #truth
Beware of Satan! He can look beautiful and easy. He can lull us into a comfortable place. A place that we think all is well. #bofmjournaling #scripturefun #lds #bookofmormon #devil #satan #wowowo #2nephi28 #smart #likenthescriptures
Day 114 1 Nephi 17:7-10 Nephi, instead of complaining to the Lord about not knowing anything about building ships, skipped right past the doubts and simply asked, "Lord, whither shall I go that I may find ore to molten, that I may make tools to construct the ship after the manner which thou hast shown unto me?" He trusted in the master plan of the Lord and asked for the bare essentials to get started. Likewise, we have rough waters ahead to traverse across to find the promised land we have been offered in life. We merely need to have the faith to ask where to find the basic materials we need to get started and then fully trust in the Master's plan. #Faith #PromisedLand #DailyScriptureStudy #LikenTheScriptures #Work
Watching #likenthescriptures Christmas movie with my family! #familytime #everychristmas
From the epic Family Home Evening Nerf Battle Night! Apparently Sam is sooo tough he shoots with his eyes closed! And yes, we did have a great discussion about Helaman's Strippling Warriors. #likenthescriptures #familynight #familyhomeevening #fhewithkids #fhe #nerf #nerfbattle #makemagicmoments #maketimeforwhatmatters #enjoythechaos #iamamormon
Watching the director give notes following final dress rehearsal of Bear Creek Stake's youth production of "Esther & the King." So much work has gone into this. Coming together nicely. Opens tomorrow. If you're in the Houston area, come! Fireside tonight. I'm speaking, but you should come anyway. #likenthescriptures
Several years ago, we found some wonderful movies based on bible stories put to music. Basically bible musicals 😂. They were called Liken movies and they put some humor and music into them to make them entertaining for families. My kids LOVED them! One was based on the story of David and Goliath. In the movie, as David is preparing to fight Goliath, he searches for "one smooth stone" that will be a tool for him to overcome his adversary. As he searches, he sings a song called "one smooth stone" and relates how our Heavenly Father needs us to be like the smooth rock he is searching for so that we can be directed in the ways the Lord wants and needs us to go in. If we have rough edges and want to go our own direction, it makes it difficult for us to fulfill the plans the Lord has for us. I'm horrible with giving descriptions, so if you have a chance, check it out! It even has Thurl Bailey in it! 😀 . . . #sundaysentiments #thurlbailey #onesmoothstone #likenthescriptures #letteryourfaith #shepaintstruth #calligraphy #moderncalligraphy #flourishforum #pointedpen #lettering #handlettering #30daysofbiblelettering #letteringvideo #calligraphyvideo #calligritype #typespire #strengthinletters #rockyourhandwriting #letteritjuly #handletteredabcs #calligrabasics #letteringleague #100dayproject #100daysoflifelettered #lifelettered
A sister roadtrip is not complete without a Liken karaoke party. #Likenthescriptures #Jonah #wesurvived
"And it came to pass that we fled into the wilderness...and we hid ourselves in the cavity of a rock." { 1 Nephi 3:27 } This week's school inspiration came from our morning Book of Mormon #readaloud . We are learning about caves, bears and winter. So far we have built a cave out of boxes, created our own pictographs (rock art), read lots of bear books and learned how to draw a bear for online art class. 🐻
The Chipman Family sailing aboard the Disney Magic recognized me as Prince Haman from ESTHER while playing Franco in TWICE CHARMED! I'm twice humbled for two terrific roles that have made people laugh! #magic34 #likenthescriptures
From Haman to Franco, the celebration of evil through song and dance continue! #magic34 #likenthescriptures
You all did fantastic today, sharing with all of us your art talents and also your own personal testimonies of what specific phrases or words mean directly to you in your life today! Moses did as the Lord showed and commanded him to do in front of Pharaoh by showing him the 3 signs: 1. Rod into serpent 2. Showed leprous hand 3. Turned water into blood - and still Pharaoh's heart remained hardened. Not only that, but he became extremely angry and sent his Taskmasters to the Israelite slaves and abuse them in all manner - 10x more. And not only that, but the Israelites became angry at Moses for going to Pharaoh and demanding their release. Moses understandably became frustrated and again asked the Lord: "Who am I" to deliver these people? I did what you commanded me to do, and now the situation is even worse. This is where you guys came in, and did a great job with your scripture blocks - of sharing with us the Lord's response to Moses. And how, by replacing your own name with Moses's, in your word and verses, makes it much more personal and meaningful as if the Lord is speaking directly to you. Always remember how much the Lord loves you personally. And how is He is always there, to help you - deliver - redeem - bring you to him - rid you from bondage - has heard and remembered you - will bringeth you out - be to you a God and take care of you - etc. etc. etc. Put your trust in him every day and you will know and feel He loves you and is with you. ***P.S.*** Thank you everyone for signing up to bring something tomorrow for our Scripture Mastery Halloween - end of the month & birthday celebrations -breakfast!!! #likenthescriptures #moses #deliverer #redeem #seminaryrocks
***10-19-15 - Day 49 - Like this if you read the Book of Mormon today!*** # Intro to 2 Nephi 11 # In the next several chapters, Nephi quotes Isaiah even more. # President Boyd K. Packer wrote of the difficulty encountered by many readers of the Book of Mormon: # “Most readily understand the narrative of the Book of Mormon. # “Then, just as you settle in to move comfortably along, you will meet a barrier. Interspersed in the narrative, are chapters reciting the prophecies of the Old Testament prophet Isaiah. They loom as a barrier, like a roadblock or a checkpoint beyond which the casual reader, one with idle curiosity, generally will not go. # “You, too, may be tempted to stop there, but do not do it! Do not stop reading! Move forward through those difficult-to-understand chapters of Old Testament prophecy, even if you understand very little of it. Move on, if all you do is skim and merely glean an impression here and there. Move on, if all you do is look at the words.” # Both Nephi and Jacob specifically declared that Isaiah’s writings are to be “likened” to ourselves (1 Nephi 19:23; 2 Nephi 6:5). However, even Nephi’s people, who lived less than 100 years after Isaiah, found his writings difficult (see 2 Nephi 25:1–4). Remember that when Jesus Christ came personally to the Nephites in America He taught “great are the words of Isaiah” and instructed the Nephites that they “ought to search these things. Yea, a commandment I give unto you that ye search these things diligently” (3 Nephi 23:1; see commentary for 1 Nephi 20–21 on page 43.) # #lakewood3rdward #bookofmormon #bom #mormon #LDS #embark #scripture #faith #feastuponthewordsofchrist #nephi #jesuschrist #comeuntochrist #lehi #testimony #sharegoodness #enduretotheend #Christian #likenthescriptures #ponderize #isaiah #boydkpacker
***10-18-15 - Day 48 - Like this if you read the Book of Mormon today!*** # 2 Nephi 10: Grace, a gift from God even when we are not deserving. # From President Dieter F. Uchtdorf's April 2015 General Conference address, "The Gift of Grace" # "If grace is a gift of God, why then is obedience to God’s commandments so important? Why bother with God’s commandments—or repentance, for that matter? Why not just admit we’re sinful and let God save us? # "Or, to put the question in Paul’s words, 'Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound?' Paul’s answer is simple and clear: 'God forbid.' (Romans 6:1-2) # "Brothers and sisters, we obey the commandments of God—out of love for Him! # "Trying to understand God’s gift of grace with all our heart and mind gives us all the more reasons to love and obey our Heavenly Father with meekness and gratitude. As we walk the path of discipleship, it refines us, it improves us, it helps us to become more like Him, and it leads us back to His presence. “'he Spirit of the Lord [our God]' brings about such 'a mighty change in us, … that we have no more disposition to do evil, but to do good continually.' (Mosiah 5:2) # "Therefore, our obedience to God’s commandments comes as a natural outgrowth of our endless love and gratitude for the goodness of God. This form of genuine love and gratitude will miraculously merge our works with God’s grace. Virtue will garnish our thoughts unceasingly, and our confidence will wax strong in the presence of God. # "Dear brothers and sisters, living the gospel faithfully is not a burden. It is a joyful rehearsal—a preparation for inheriting the grand glory of the eternities. We seek to obey our Heavenly Father because our spirits will become more attuned to spiritual things. Vistas are opened that we never knew existed. Enlightenment and understanding come to us when we do the will of the Father. # "Grace is a gift of God, and our desire to be obedient to each of God’s commandments is the reaching out of our mortal hand to receive this sacred gift from our Heavenly Father."
And oh how beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of them that get into the mountains #rockcanyon #roomatelove #likenthescriptures
***10-17-15 - Day 47 - Like this if you read the Book of Mormon today!*** # 2 Nephi 9 -- Part three of Jacob's in-depth account of the Atonement. # Jacob wraps up his sermon with a reminder to keep spiritually-minded at all times. He reminds us to remember Jesus Christ, as he is the sole keeper of the gate that leads to God. # (v. 41) "Remember that his paths are righteous. Behold, the way for man is narrow, but it lieth in a straight course before him, and the keeper of the gate is the Holy One of Israel; and he employeth no servant there; and there is none other way save it be by the gate; for he cannot be deceived, for the Lord God is his name." # I thought verse 44 was interesting because Jacob said he removes his clothes and shakes them. This is symbolic ridding himself of the peoples' sins. Now that Jacob has warned them and taught them, he is no longer responsible for their sins. # (v. 44) "O, my beloved brethren, remember my words. Behold, I take off my garments, and I shake them before you; I pray the God of my salvation that he view me with his all-searching eye; wherefore, ye shall know at the last day, when all men shall be judged of their works, that the God of Israel did witness that I shook your iniquities from my soul, and that I stand with brightness before him, and am rid of your blood." # Jacob concludes that we need to repent of our sins, prepare for judgment day. Jacob hates sin, and admonishes his people to partake of Christ's salvation. Jacob praises God's greatness for promising to preserve his people. # #lakewood3rdward #bookofmormon #bom #mormon #LDS #embark #scripture #faith #feastuponthewordsofchrist #nephi #jesuschrist #comeuntochrist #lehi #testimony #sharegoodness #enduretotheend #Christian #likenthescriptures #ponderize #isaiah #atonement
***10-16-15 - Day 46 - Like this if you read the Book of Mormon today!*** # 2 Nephi 9 -- Part two of Jacob's in-depth account of the Atonement. # (v. 25) Divine law makes divine mercy possible. # (v. 26-27) Those without the law are not accountable; those who reject the law knowingly are cursed. # (v. 28-29) Many wise people reject divine counsel. No one will ever be able to learn as much as God, therefore, we should hearken to his counsel. Wisdom is good when it is in harmony with God's counsels. # (v. 30-38) Woe unto rich, deaf, blind (deaf and blind is figuritive for those who knowlingly trn away from Him and won't listen), covenant-breaking, lying, adulterant, idol worshipping, unrepentant people. # #lakewood3rdward #bookofmormon #bom #mormon #LDS #embark #scripture #faith #feastuponthewordsofchrist #nephi #jesuschrist #comeuntochrist #lehi #testimony #sharegoodness #enduretotheend #Christian #likenthescriptures #ponderize #isaiah #atonement
***10-14-15 - Day 44 - Like this if you read the Book of Mormon today!*** # 2 Nephi 9 # This chapter is a really deep and descriptive look at the Atonement. I am breaking this chapter up over a three-day span. # Jacob quotes Isaiah's words so his people can have hope; remember, they are part of the house of Israel, too. # He prophesies that Jesus Christ will come to those in Jerusalem and die for us. Just as death is part of God's plan, resurrection is the opposing force. The resurrection overcomes the fall of mankind and is make possible through the infinite atonement. If there was not a resurrection, what would be the point? In verses 10-12, tells the difference between temporal death and spiritual death: # "10 O how great the goodness of our God, who prepareth a way for our escape from the grasp of this awful monster; yea, that monster, death and hell, which I call the death of the body, and also the death of the spirit. # "11 And because of the way of deliverance of our God, the Holy One of Israel, this death, of which I have spoken, which is the temporal, shall deliver up its dead; which death is the grave. # "12 And this death of which I have spoken, which is the spiritual death, shall deliver up its dead; which spiritual death is hell; wherefore, death and hell must deliver up their dead, and hell must deliver up its captive spirits, and the grave must deliver up its captive bodies, and the bodies and the spirits of men will be restored one to the other; and it is by the power of the resurrection of the Holy One of Israel." # (Did you notice how often Jacob praises God throughout this chapter?) # The resurrection allows our bodies and knowledge to become perfect. Following the resurrection comes the judgment, where we will no longer have the option to shift between conditions of cleanliness and filthiness. Our fates are sealed. # #lakewood3rdward #bookofmormon #bom #mormon #LDS #embark #scripture #faith #feastuponthewordsofchrist #nephi #jesuschrist #comeuntochrist #lehi #testimony #sharegoodness #enduretotheend #Christian #likenthescriptures #ponderize #isaiah #atonement
***10-13-15 - Day 43 - Like this if you read the Book of Mormon today!*** # 2 Nephi 8 # Jacob's sermon continues, and this chapter seems to be all about the gathering of Israel. # We can take part in the gathering of Israel by assisting the missionaries or by being missionaries ourselves. # Remember President David O. McKay's saying, "Every member a missionary"? Here is a great story about the origin of that famous saying from an article in the Deseret News, Feb. 14, 2015: # "President David O. McKay presided over the European Mission from 1922-1924. Rather than focusing on previous methods that typically produced fewer results, the missionaries in Great Britain 'all decided that they would work that year with the thought that every member should be a missionary — every member a missionary.' President McKay said, 'The idea being that every member of the Church probably has a mother who isn’t in the Church, a father, an uncle, some relative, or he may have a fellow workman in the factory, whose heart prejudice is already removed because of daily contact with members. # “'And so it was decided before December of that year came each one would put forth effort to bring at least one friend or relative into the Church, and the record stands there today as one of the best that had been achieved for many years.' # "With the recent emphasis on the Lord hastening His work, President McKay’s motto, 'Every member a missionary,' stands firm as the best way to bring people into the Church. Today he might have added Facebook friends and other social media connections that broaden the network of contacts members have with others. # “'Let the members assist missionaries,' President McKay said. 'Why? Because it brings about personal contact.' — From an address in a meeting held during the 122nd Annual General Conference of the Church, Salt Lake City, Utah, April 4, 1952, “McKay Scrapbook,” no. 32 # #lakewood3rdward #bookofmormon #bom #mormon #LDS #embark #scripture #faith #feastuponthewordsofchrist #nephi #jesuschrist #comeuntochrist #lehi #testimony #sharegoodness #enduretotheend #Christian #likenthescriptures #ponderize #isaiah #davidomckay
***10-12-15 - Day 42 - Like this if you read the Book of Mormon today!*** # 2 Nephi 7 # Jacob's sermon continues. # In verse 1, the Lord asks, "Have I put thee away, or have I cast thee off forever? For thus saith the Lord: Where is the bill of your mother’s divorcement? To whom have I put thee away, or to which of my creditors have I sold you? Yea, to whom have I sold you?" # To translate, He is asking, "Who forsook whom?" God did not call off the deal, Israel's sins did. God is still as powerful and able to save as He ever was. # Throughout the chapter, it appears Isaiah is speaking "messianically" as it says in the introduction of the chapter, as though they are the words of Christ, who is not yet born at this point. He is saying that no matter what the people in the world will do to him, God will protect him because he is obedient. (Wow, the words in these verses are so powerful!) # The righteous need not fear, but those who are not obedient will perish. Time to put on the armor of the Lord. # #lakewood3rdward #bookofmormon #bom #mormon #LDS #embark #scripture #faith #feastuponthewordsofchrist #nephi #jesuschrist #comeuntochrist #lehi #testimony #sharegoodness #enduretotheend #Christian #likenthescriptures #ponderize #isaiah # Click here to go back to the full Instagram album, and check for the latest updates:https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.1055587911119553&type=1
***10-11-15 - Day 41 - Like this if you read the Book of Mormon today!*** # 2 Nephi 6 # Nephi set his two younger brothers, Jacob and Joseph, apart as "priests and teachers". Jacob gave a two-day sermon that spans through 2 Nephi 6-10. # Points from the sermon, in which he quotes Isaiah: # --(2 Nephi 6:4) -- Jacob taught about God and how he encouraged his people to glorify Him. # --(2 Nephi 6:5) -- This is the second time a prophet in the Book of Mormon has asked us to liken the writings of Isaiah unto ourselves. # --(2 Nephi 6: 6-7) Isaiah's prophecy of the gathering of Israel in our day. # --(2 Nephi 6:8-9) Isaiah prophesies the fall of Jeruselem, the captivity of the Jews in Babylon, and their return to Jerusalem under Cyrus the Great of Persia. # --(2 Nephi 6:9-11) Isaiah prophesies the first coming of Jesus Christ to the Jews and how they will suffer and be scattered for rejecting him. # --(2 Nephi 6:11-18) Jacob further explains Isaiah's prophecies from verses 6-7 regarding the gathering of Israel. # The first time the Lord recovered His people, Israel, was when He brought them out of Egypt and sought to establish them in their promised land. The second time He seeks to recover His people is in this dispensation. The Prophet Joseph Smith taught: “The time has at last arrived when the God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob, has set his hand again the second time to recover the remnants of his people” (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, 14). # #lakewood3rdward #bookofmormon #bom #mormon #LDS #embark #scripture #faith #feastuponthewordsofchrist #nephi #jesuschrist #comeuntochrist #lehi #testimony #sharegoodness #enduretotheend #Christian #likenthescriptures #ponderize #josephsmith
***10-10-15 - Day 40 - Like this if you read the Book of Mormon today!*** # 2 Nephi 5 # The people are separated into two groups: Nephites and Lamanites. # Sister McNary pointed out that one of the first buildings created by Nephi was the temple! Nephi said that he built a temple that looked like the Temple of Solomon (pictured). Sister McNary says, "Sound like any other prophet we know? (Joseph Smith never did build chapels only temples.)" # Elder Marlin K. Jensen of the Seventy explained how attending the temple leads to happiness: # “Nephi writes, ‘And I, Nephi, did build a temple’ (2 Ne. 5:16). Nephi’s temple may have differed in some ways from our latter-day temples, but its central purpose was likely the same: to teach and orient God’s children concerning His plan for their happiness and to provide the ordinances and covenants essential to the attainment of that happiness. # “After living on this good earth for over five decades, I can honestly say that the most spiritually mature and happy people I know are ardent temple goers. There is good reason for that. It is in the temple that the full sweep of God’s program for us is told and retold, each telling bringing greater understanding and commitment to living life His way. … # “A good test of how well we are doing in our quest to come unto Christ may be how we feel about the temple and our experiences there. Temple can be synonymous with happiness and joy. It was for Nephi and his people” (“Living after the Manner of Happiness,” Ensign, Dec. 2002, 60). # #lakewood3rdward #bookofmormon #bom #mormon #LDS #embark #scripture #faith #feastuponthewordsofchrist #nephi #jesuschrist #comeuntochrist #lehi #testimony #sharegoodness #enduretotheend #Christian #likenthescriptures #ponderize #inspiredfilesofsistermcnary #marlinkjensen
***10-8-15 - Day 38 - Like this if you read the Book of Mormon today!*** # 2 Nephi 4 # I received the following text in a group email from Sister McNary, or "The Inspired Files of Sister McNary", as I call it. I always want to pass it on because she's so wise and insightful! She is so uplifting and always sees the things I am blind to. (If Instagram cuts off the text, I will add the rest in the comments.) # To begin with Lehi ,knowing he will be dying soon, blesses this posterity and sets up this family organization. After this time there will be 7 different groups namely, Nephites, Jacobites, Josephites, Zoramites, Lamanites, Lemuelites, Ishmaelites. Throughout the rest of the book they are always named in this order. The aim seems to be to organize a household of God in a land of promise. Father Lehi is the only figure in Nephite history called "our father", apparently in reference to his position at the head of the Nephite Society and religion. He is recognized by Lamanites and Nephites alike. # This chapter contains the Psalm of Nephi in vs 17-35. # It comes after Lehi has died and the full weight of his responsibility is on his shoulders. Makes me think that the new Apostles might be feeling some of the same things. # Interesting to see that Nephi is Ponderizing in vs. 15 and 16 and it gives his great peace and strength as he thinks about how the Lord has helped him in his life. Bishop Fisher reminded us years ago the Nephi is feeling the full weight of the mantel of Prophet and perhaps, like President Kimball, morning found him on his knees. He knows that the family must divide soon since Father Lehi is no longer here to honor and obey. # About 30 years ago when I was struggling with life, I read this chapter and it changed so many things for me. I realized for the first time that Nephi had some of the same challenges I was facing. In vs.27 he wonders why he sometimes yields to sin. " Why should I give way to temptations, that the evil one have place in my heart to destroy my peace and afflict my soul?" # (Continued in comments.)
***10-7-15 - Day 37 - Like this if you read the Book of Mormon today!*** # 2 Nephi 4 # "In the Book of Mormon, Nephi speaks often of delight. He delights 'in the things of the Lord,' 'in the scriptures,' and 'in the great and eternal plan' of our Father in Heaven (see 2 Nephi 4:15–16; 11:2–8). Notably, Nephi often remembers his sources of delight in the midst of affliction, serving to lift and focus his spirit on eternal blessings." Susan W. Tanner, "My Soul Delighteth in the Things of the Lord," April 2008 # #lakewood3rdward #bookofmormon #bom #mormon #LDS #embark #scripture #faith #feastuponthewordsofchrist #nephi #jesuschrist #comeuntochrist #lehi #testimony #sharegoodness #enduretotheend #Christian #likenthescriptures #ponderize #SusanWTanner
Last night my belief and testimony of God speaking to us through His written Word was reinforced. I'm very thankful for my wife's willingness to study the scriptures with me and the Lord's readiness to enlighten and teach me on a personal level. @boozle2010 #DoutreLife #HisWord #LikenTheScriptures
***10-6-15 - Day 36 - Like this if you read the Book of Mormon today!*** # In 2 Nephi 4, Lehi passed away. Before he did so, he took the time to bless his family. How sad and hurt he must have been knowing that he could not teach Laman and Lemuel to love the Lord. But what a blessing it was to him that he was buried in the land that was promised to him. # The original painting by Arnold Friberg, titled "Lehi and His People Arrive in the Promised Land" is hanging in the LDS Conference Center, if ever you have the chance to visit Temple Square in Salt Lake City, UT. Ask to take the tour! # #lakewood3rdward #bookofmormon #bom #mormon #LDS #embark #scripture #faith #feastuponthewordsofchrist #nephi #jesuschrist #comeuntochrist #lehi #testimony #sharegoodness #enduretotheend #Christian #likenthescriptures #ponderize
***10-5-15 - Day 35 - Like this if you read the Book of Mormon today!*** # 2 Nephi 3 # What's in a name? # Lehi is telling his son, Joseph, about other significant Josephs. In verses 5 & 6, Lehi says that Joseph who was sold into Egypt prophesied that among his own posterity would be a great seer. That seer is Joseph Smith. # The fruit of the loins (or descendants) of Joseph wrote the Book of Mormon. The fruit of the loins (descendants) of Judah wrote the Bible. These two books have now grown together. # #lakewood3rdward #bookofmormon #bom #mormon #LDS #embark #scripture #faith #feastuponthewordsofchrist #nephi #jesuschrist #comeuntochrist #lehi #testimony #sharegoodness #enduretotheend #Christian #likenthescriptures #ponderize
***10/2-10/3 - Days 32 & 33 - Like this if you read the Book of Mormon today!*** # Image via facebook.com/LDSGeneralConference # I missed posting yesterday due to spending time with my family, and when I finally went to bed at 2:00 am this morning after a late night out with my husband, I decided I was just going to let it slide. But all day it has been bothering me so much! # So during the break between sessions of General Conference, I read through 2 Nephi 2 and started my daily study. # Lehi is dying, and he is addressing his sons (continued from chapter 1). In this chapter he talks quite a lot about knowing good from evil, and that the way to eternal salvation is through our own merits and the choices we make... A lot like what President Dieter F. Uchtdorf said in the first speech given in this morning's session of General Conference: "Exaltation is our goal; discipleship is our journey." # #lakewood3rdward #bookofmormon #bom #mormon #LDS #embark #scripture #faith #feastuponthewordsofchrist #nephi #jesuschrist #comeuntochrist #lehi #testimony #sharegoodness #enduretotheend #Christian #likenthescriptures #DieterFUchtdorf #ldsgeneralconference #generalconference #followtheprophet #ldsconf
***10-1-15 - Day 31 - Like this if you read the Book of Mormon today!*** # Starting off the first chapter of the Second Book of Nephi is a lecture from a loving and concerned father, Lehi, to his sons. He expresses his fears for Laman and Lemuel in particular and encourages them to repent. He teaches them that the Lord will withold blessings from those who do not obey His commandments. # #lakewood3rdward #bookofmormon #bom #mormon #LDS #embark #scripture #faith #feastuponthewordsofchrist #nephi #jesuschrist #comeuntochrist #lehi #testimony #sharegoodness #enduretotheend #Christian #likenthescriptures
***9-30-15 - Day 30 - Like this if you read the Book of Mormon today!*** # Today is both the last day of September, and the last day of the First Book of Nephi! I wanted to start fresh in the Second Book of Nephi on the 1st of October, so today, I'm going to share with you two more articles about understanding and getting the most out of the prophesies of Isaiah. If you get a chance, these articles are both incredibly insightful and fascinating!! # "Ten Keys to Understanding Isaiah" by Bruce R. McConkie: https://www.lds.org/ensign/1973/10/ten-keys-to-understanding-isaiah # and # "Technicolor Isaiah" by LaRene Porter Gaunt: https://www.lds.org/ensign/2014/08/technicolor-isaiah # I hope you've enjoyed 1st Nephi as much as I have. I've definitely gained a ton of new insight this time around! Thank you to everyone following along, and sending feedback! I sincerely love hearing from you and hearing your testimony of the Book of Mormon!! # #lakewood3rdward #bookofmormon #bom #mormon #LDS #embark #scripture #faith #feastuponthewordsofchrist #nephi #jesuschrist #comeuntochrist #lehi #testimony #sharegoodness #enduretotheend #Christian #likenthescriptures #isaiah #brucermcconkie #lareneportergaunt
***9-29-15 - Day 29 - Like this if you read the Book of Mormon today!*** # Did you know that roughly 1/3 of the book of Isaiah from the Bible is quoted in the Book of Mormon? Why do you think it was so important to Nephi and his family to repeat it in the Book of Mormon, when they already had it in full in the brass plates? # Truth be told, I (@Betterbeedaily , for the new followers who are joining us) have never *really* taken the time to study Isaiah in depth, but I have been feeling inspired to delve in this time around, and really take the time to fast and pray about it. I hope you will join me. # The above text is by Ryan S. Gardner (Seminaries and Institutes), and David A. Edwards (Church Magazines), "How Can I understand Isaiah?", New Era Magazine, March 2012 # #lakewood3rdward #bookofmormon #bom #mormon #LDS #embark #scripture #faith #feastuponthewordsofchrist #nephi #jesuschrist #comeuntochrist #lehi #testimony #sharegoodness #enduretotheend #Christian #likenthescriptures #isaiah
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