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ABC News: “The forecast for Cyclone Owen has changed slightly 🌀 This is where the weather computer is expecting the system to track between Saturday and Tuesday. Currently TC Owen is expected to make landfall early Saturday morning as a Category 4 system before tracking east and then south-east. Stay safe, everyone, and stay tuned as the forecast changes”. ~ ABC News. #cairns #cairnsphotographer #cairnsfamilyphotographer #cairnslife #momwithcameras #sonyimages #kidsmood #littleandbrave #thestoryofmylife #best_art_project #cameramama #clickinmoms #pixel_kids #pixel_ig #portrait_ig #dearphotographer #behindtheshutter #momtogs #fancykids #sonya7rii #earth_portraits #fancy_kids #simplechildren #lookslikefilm #cairnsfamilyphotographer #faceless_friday #runwildmychild #mom_hub #lookslikefilmkids #smalpresets
The little things, The little moments? They aren't little.....
Ne güzel bi hatirlatma ile uyandim bu sabah, facebook da biliyor insani mutlu edecek resimleri seciyor ☺️ #2014 nisa daha 18 aylık ❤️ zaman ne cabuk geçiyor.. hangı sevabımin karşılığında seni bana verdi Allah hic bilmiyorum ama sonsuz sükürler olsun 🤲🏻 Allah herkesin evladını tüm kötülüklerden korusun.. gözlerindeki yaşama sevinci, kalbindeki masumiyet hep seninle kalsin Rabbim hep iyilerle karşılaştırsın.. Hayırlı cumalar 🌷 . . . #evlatcandır #childhoodunplugged #clickinmoms #candidchildhood #motherhoodrising #letthembelittle #momitforward #ig_motherhood #littleandbrave #magicofchildhood #thehappynow #mytinymoments
Its Mickey!!! ❤️❤️💕
Пятницааа! На фото Ханна. Кстати, с каблуками, наверно, у многих девочек свои отношения в детстве. Я знаю, что у моей бабушки в альбоме где-то есть похожие ч/б фотки моей мамы маленькой на каблуках и меня. Продолжаем серию. Остальные девчонки тоже любят мои каблуки надевать. Но так как у меня их только 2 пары, то носят их по очереди. И кстати, больше чем я 💃🏻😄 . . . . #candidchildhood #jj_its_kids #cameramama #littleandbrave #childhoodeveryday #celebrate_childhood #momswithcameras #thehonestlens #letthekids #ourcandidlife #momtogs #simplychildren #magicalfamilymoments #pixel_kids #our_everyday_moments #kidsforreal #themonochromaticlens #bnwmagic #bnw_kids_ #childofig #многодетнаямама #многомама #мамаблогер #lifestylephotographer #
On a safari game drive.
Thank you friends for a wonderful 2018! 💗 Have a great weekend 💗#nogiliskid #nogilistudio #bloomsparrow . . . תודה לחברות המועדון שלנו על 2018 נפלא הטבה בלעדית מחכה לך במייל עכשיו...ואם את עדיין לא חברה שלנו... נותרו שבועיים ל 2018 😉 הרשמי באתר ותקבלי גם את ההטבה. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #jj_its_kids #kidsil #momswithcameras #mom_hub #littleandbrave #cameramama #magicofchildhood #candidchildhood #childhoodunplugged #UniteinMotherHood #UMH_Kids #pixel_kids #cutekidsclub #ourchildrenphoto #letthekids #instagram_israel #big_shots #all_israel #iglady #igourisrael #il_instagram #momblogger #oureverydaymoments #לנשום_45789 #Triceps_ii141218
It's that time of year! 🎄Scroll for outtakes 🤣
We did a thing... Jenson has always had long hair. But a couple of weeks ago he made the decision to get ‘boys’ hair. Obviously we found the coolest barber around, packed the camera and let him make his first life decision. It kind of makes me sad that he felt like he didn’t belong, I suppose he was sick of constantly saying I am a boy whenever anyone addressed him as a girl, perhaps I am overthinking it and he just wanted a hair cut. Who knows.... but he looks super cute so who cares. He is happy, I am happy, everyone is happy. Thanks to everyone @mobilebarbershop_depot you did an awesome job ! You should see this place it is amazing 😍 . . . . . . . . . . #goldcoast #goldcoastlifestylephotographer #goldcoastfamilyphotographer #goldcoastweddings #goldcoastweddingphotographer #lookslikefilm #littleandbrave #thatssodarling #longhairboysrule #longhairboysdontcare #thelifestylecollective #byronbayphotographer #lifestylephotograpger #mobilebarbershopdepot
So many of you know I’ve been struggling with chronic migraines since I was pregnant with Louis [basically for the last 3.5 years] every month, twice a month on average 3-5 days at a time I will be in my bedroom, in the dark in absolute agony. ⠀ .⠀ I’ve recently discovered I had a hormone imbalance + for the last 3 months have been trying to balance that out. While I’ve been excited to find out what I hope to be the cure. My skin has been suffering from my hormones being out of whack!.⠀ .⠀ I was reluctant to trial any new skincare as I didn’t want to potential activate it + make it worse...but when I trialed some samples I had of the Rodan + Fields skincare I have NEVER EVER, CROSS MY HEART + all that jazz had a product instantly make a difference. I honestly couldn’t believe it. My skin had never felt that soft + after a few days my skin was clearing up + within a week my skin had dramatically improved. ⠀ . ⠀ I instantly went + bought most of the range + had them express posted 🙊 I’ve been using this new skincare now for almost 2 months + I have never been so happy with my skincare range. Not only has my face cleared up, I feel my skin is firmer + more radiant. ⠀ .⠀ If you’re having trouble with your skin + after new skincare feel free to have a chat to Emma, my Rodan + Fields skincare consultant at @roll.back.time . She has been amazing throughout the last few months. Continually checking in on me ensuring I get the most out of my skincare. I honestly have never been happier with my skincare products. ⠀ .⠀ If I hadn’t trialed it myself I would never have believed it. I’ve been brave enough to share some before pics in my stories, along with my new skincare routine for you to have a peek. ⠀ .⠀ Emma is currently offering $15 cash back when you spend over $100 on any products! + $25 cash back paid directly via your PayPal account when you sign up to PC perks subscription [which gives you ongoing discounts + free shipping]. If you had to try just one [although I’m positive you’ll want the whole range too] is the micro-dermabrasion paste. I use it 3 times a week + it’s like a mini facial!. If you want to get your hands on some samples Emma can help you out with
A special elfie hug for a last birthday treat before bed. #elfontheshelf #birthdaygirl
I am exhausted but so happy. 😍#mymooiemeisies
Good morning handsome dude. It's weekend time 🙂⠀
❄️Never too cold for the icecream❄️ Winter strawberry Icecream cone! 🍓🍦Cheers!! They are not greedy at all cuz they said “Not too much! It’s enough” 😆😄😆... mom 🤔 “okay, good boys! 👍” . . . . #twins #twinsastonares #astonares #toddlers #toddlerslife #toddlerslifestyle #mummyandson #astonareslab #lifelessons #autogramtags #lifeexperiences #selfrespect #liveforyou #livefree #dreamer #childrenofig #toddlersofinstagram #motherhoodrising #littleandbrave #toddlerhood #winter #icecream #icecreamcone #strawberry #winterfruit #homemade #nevertoocoldforicecream
Amelie knows it’s Friday 💃
Warm and cozy in our house tonight. I love this time of year 😊
All is Merry. All is Bright. Another FAVE family of mine. One who’s children will grow up knowing the importance of documenting life & all its glory. @jenna_mitman @__philo
I just love how Archie grabs my hand and holds on when he’s being held this way. Sometimes it’s because he’s in trouble and sometimes it’s because he’s just being adorable... either way it melts my mama heart, even though he’s been a major stinker lately. . Inspired by the lovely @courtneyathome ‘s Beautiful portraits of her boys... . . . . #beyondthewanderlust #atdiff_kids #heaventhrumylens #simplyhappy #shared_joy #magicofchildhood #ig_motherhood #simplychildren #inbeautyandchaos #shamoftheperfect #Jj_its_kids #writeyouonmyheart #thelifestylecollective #DPmagfaves #thesincerestoryteller #candidchildhood #clickinmoms #ig_kids #littleandbrave #letthekids #pixel_kids #momswithcameras #cameramama #mom_hub #our_everyday_moments #childofig #clickmagazine #momtogs
• MOM & JOSH DATE • Very soon my time is going to be divided and I wont be able to give Josh all the attention he is currently getting, so first day of holidays calls for some bonding time, starting with some @woolworths_sa brekkie & baby chino’s!
Coming to terms with the fact there is only 11 more sleeps until the big bearded man comes down the chimney!! 🎅 Having had a csection 3 weeks ago I haven’t been able to get to the shops but am so thankful to all the mummas & small business who made my Christmas online shopping experience rather smooth this year! 😘😘 Now that shopping is complete, nothing to do but to kick back with my babes & relish in the festivities 🎄
DILEMMA / That age old dilemma, should you bribe your little ones with treats in the hope for A+ behaviour at a shoot? ⠀ ⠀ I prefer to call it positive reinforcement but YES! Absolutely you should! Things to remember on this topic:⠀ ⠀ 1. No one will judge you, especially me! We all do what needs to be done to get the perfect snap!⠀ ⠀ 2. Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed if your kiddies lose it on a shoot, most do, I totally expect it.⠀ ⠀ And 3. The treats can double up as cute props, win-win!
When we kicked off this year’s advent activities, it was centered around the idea of kindness so the kids had to be intentional about being kind to one another. On this occasion, the kids made “train carriages” out of boxes and was kind not to leave anyone out even though there was only 2 boxes. Today, they kept me and the hubs away while they went about doing chores at home. They came to us after and said “surprise!” We got out to cleanly mopped (but very wet 😜) floor, dishes kept away and everything else in its place. This is probably one of the best chilled out Friday ever. Can I have it on repeat mode pls? 😍
Hey fam! I feel like I need to apologise for being MIA the last 14 days 😳 not sure who cares but because of social media, I feel like I do need to apologise and explain myself. I’ve been kinda swapped with work and end of school year shindigs. Slowly trying to get through my pile of editing, replying to emails, attending end of year concerts, trying to breathe as well !! Sheesh man they don’t call this the silly season for no reason hey! 😓 Anyways, before the year ends, I’d like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU! Thank you to everyone’s support this year. Whether you’re a small business, a family or a follower, your likes, comments and DM’s really means a lot to this little business of ours. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you. So from the bottom of our hearts a big Vinakavakalevu (thank you in Fijian) from my family to yours 🙏🏾 I’ll still be around over the Christmas and New Years period so get in touch if you’re up for some photos 😊 Peace and love Rusila 💋
daycare xmas party ready 😍🎅🏼🎄 sent these photos to my dad, who said “gorgeous. but did you stick him with a pin?” “nope, he just saw his dad” 😂 #swipe #hisdadwalkedin #hewantedacuddle #emotional
Ayer fue el mercado de Navidad de la escuela y cuando pasé a buscarla a casa del trabajo, se había puesto tan guapa para la ocasión que me la habría podido comer 🖤.
Hey all!! This. Is. Me. Well, me and my crew (minus 1 head 😂). We have some fun and get a little crazy at times. I really love getting in the frame and it’s a total bonus to do it with my halflings. I thought I’d share here and tell you about my set up. I have a @manfrottoimaginemore tripod and a self timer (that I have a love/hate relationship with, so if you have any recs that would be great). I also wanted to say that I am looking for 2 mods to help with the hub, soooo if you’d be interested shoot me a quick message so we can chat. Happy holidays and remember not to take life too seriously. 🤗❤️
What are the chances??!!!! We caught a HAMMER HEAD SHARK!!! Luckily we were able to save it and put it back in the sea. Clemente did all the work. Little and brave boy. Any better way to teach them about life, about being kind, about nature, about not being afraid? #worldschooling at it’s best. . . . . #hammerheadshark #naturelovers #kidsinnature #healthylifestyle #familyaroundtheworld #chilhood #childhoodmemories #nature #wildandfreechildren #runwildmychild #kidsthattravel #showthemtheworld #parentswhowander #familytraveler #adventureswithchildren #travelkids #kidswhoexplore #havekidswilltravel #my_magical_moments #celebratechilhood #seekthepositive #siblinhoodlove #childrenseemagic #natureplay #littleandbrave #marvelouz_world #theartofchilhood
@keedo_international Christmas collection is making me jive to the beat of jingle bells❤️ I simply love it!!! Keep your eyes peeled on our page - I’ve compiled the best looks for you in 1 fabulous blog + a much needed surprise coming up later today! 😘 . . . . . #keedocutie #toddlerclothing #toddlerfashion #christmas #girlclothing #girly #gingham #toddlerfeet #toddlershoes #stylishkids #stylishtoddler #minifashionista #mini #ministyle #tinytrendsetter #christmasfashion #whowearwhat #newblogpost #littleandbrave #letthembelittle #pixel_kids #toddlergirl #mommyblogger #darlingmovement #motherhoodthroughinstagram #holdthemoments #clickinmoms #momswithcameras #sandals #fashionblogger
p i r a t e • t r i o ☠️ How sweet are these!? Featuring our pirate rattle, comforter & squeaker. We will soon have the pirate doll in stock too✨
• T H A N K Y O U • Today we farewelled E’s magic little Preschool and the bloody gorgeous teachers he had this year. Throughout E’s last 5 years in early education settings, he has been blessed with the sweetest of carers and his final year in Preschool was no exception. Those ladies have taught E everything that he needs to know to be ready for school next year, but pre-reading and writing are not why we are so thankful. What we appreciated most are all of the little life lessons E came away with because of his beautiful teachers. They held their expectations high so he would learn to push himself to meet them. They let him fail so that he would learn that mistakes are an integral part of growing. They threw him into challenging situations so that he could learn to navigate out of them. They separated him from his most comfortable friends so that he could learn to make new ones. They got to know his strengths and weaknesses to teach him that no one is perfect but everyone has their own talents and skills. They encouraged positivity, growth and engagement in every little task and experience they set and goodness me how he has thrived. E has come away so very well equipped for school and life and I owe it to these divine teachers. Today we delivered their gifts along with cake and a coffee to say a big fat thank you. The act also ticked off one of our Month of Kindness days. A little gesture sure goes a long way. #amonthofkindness Our FREE advent Kindness calendar so beautiful captured by @thefraleyfolk Still available online!
While Cookie was playing, I just picked up the camera and clicked this picture, only to to realise later that he looks so grown up already! *Someone please stop the time before he outgrows my arms* . . After a hectic week, I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend with no laptops and no work plans. What's your plan for the weekend? . . #RaisingCookie #CookieturnsTwo #TbT_CookieturnsTwo #happyselves #ourplayfulstyle #mycolourfulkids #thechildrenoftheworld #ourchildrenphoto #littleandbrave #Letthembelittle #candidchildhood #umh_kids #childofig #simplychildren #letthekids #thebloomforum #thelifestylecollective #childhoodunplugged #littlefierceones #stunningbabies #candidslumber #ourcandidlife #thewayofawildheartp #childhoodcaptured #magicofchildhood
❤️❤️❤️ "Droga Mamo małego dziecka. Powiem Ci coś bardzo ważnego! Czas płynie nieubłaganie. Brzmi jak banał? Być może jeszcze tego nie wiesz, ale musisz się spieszyć. Spiesz się głaskać małą główkę zanim usłyszysz: „Mamo, nie dotykaj! Zepsujesz mi fryzurę!” Spiesz się trzymać małą rączkę, bo już niedługo Twoje dziecko cofnie ją i zawstydzeniem powie: „Mamooo! No weź! Jestem już duży!” Spiesz się tulić i dawać buziaki, bo dosłownie za chwilę obetrze policzek i rozejrzy się czy nikt nie widział. Spiesz się całować małe stópki, bo za moment, gdy zdejmie buty w rozmiarze 40 albo większym będziesz się zastanawiać, czy coś nie zdechło Ci pod kanapą. Spiesz się czytać mu wieczorem, bo ani się nie obejrzysz, jak zamknie przed Tobą drzwi do swojego pokoju i założy słuchawki na uszy. Spiesz się cieszyć jego 743 pytaniem w ciągu dnia, które rozpoczyna słowo: „mamOoO”, ponieważ teraz właśnie jesteś jego największym autorytetem i najważniejszym nauczycielem, a za chwilę już nim nie będziesz. Spiesz się gotować ten rosół trzeci raz w tym tygodniu, bo nawet nie wiesz jak szybko będziesz się zastanawiać czy w ogóle jest sens robić obiad, skoro nie ma dla kogo. Spiesz się cieszyć gwarem i hałasem w domu, bo cisza, kiedy wyleci z gniazda, będzie aż bolała. Spiesz się radować jego rękami zarzuconymi na Twoją szyję, gdy wchodzisz do domu, bo już niebawem tylko pies będzie się cieszył z Twojego powrotu. Spiesz się układać je do snu i leżeć przy nim zanim zaśnie, bo ta chwila, kiedy będziesz czekać wieczorem, aż wróci do domu nerwowo spoglądając na zegarek, nadejdzie dosłownie za moment. Spiesz się spełniać jego małe prośby, gdyż niebawem jedyną prośbą jaką będzie do Ciebie miał, to żebyś dała mu święty spokój. Spiesz się słuchać o tym, co dla niego najważniejsze, ponieważ niedługo nie będziesz już jego powiernikiem, nie z Tobą będzie dzielić sekrety. Spiesz się pytać: „jak Ci minął dzień”, bo za moment na to pytanie odpowiedzią będą wywrócone oczy i głośne westchnienie. Spiesz się spędzać z nim wakacje, ponieważ nie minie wiele czasu jak wakacje będzie spędzać z kimś innym. Spiesz się rozmawiać z nim przez telefon o pierdołach, zanim będzie wyciszać dzwonek na widok „
Our $5 eagle whistle necklace 🦅 available online and ready to ship ✨
• Not sure if it’s the polyester or the fact she must be a real angel, but check out the glow coming off this little babe ✨ Super proud mum moment watching Nola sing and dance in the school nativity. I didn’t realise Jesus was blessed with such great dancers at his birth! 🤷🏼‍♀️ .. also super proud wife moment watching @apusharski in his directorial debut. Someone get Mr P an Oscar! •
With twelve days left until Christmas, I’ve adopted last year’s mantra of NOT STRESSING about the holidays. “No expectations, no running around all crazy trying to fit all the holiday activities in, no hosting (🎉). We have a tree, we have some gifts for our family and we have our health and each other. Anything else is a bonus, but if we don’t get to it THAT’S FINE TOO.” I’ll cheers to that every year.
Archie is honestly so peaceful and happy. Now I’m not counting my chickens but I think I may have a good sleeper. He never fusses, rarely cries and is happy to just lay in his bed and look around until he falls asleep. Isaac has hated sleep since he was a baby, he dropped his day naps at 1 and I swear has never slept since 😂 Mila isn’t too bad but she’s a clinger so needs mama to sit with her to fall asleep and I too often find her in my bed come morning. 😂 Is it a thing that the more babies you have, the easier they are? Let me know! . . . #interiordesign #interior #homedecor #design #home #decor #homedesign #inspiration #homeinspo #style #instahome #interiorinspo #interiorstyle #interiordecor #modernhome #instadecor #childrenoftheworld #motherhoodslens #simplychildren #MagicofChildhood #letthembelittle #ourcandidlife #simpleliving #candidchildhood #childhoodunplugged #littleandbrave #mom_hub #uniteinmotherhood #momswithcameras
I’m not going to lie. This has been one of the hardest weeks of my life. The last 3 months have been hard. And I am so, raw. I’ve had a lot of alone time with the Lord, more than I’ve ever had. Lots of sleepless nights. Normally I’d reach for my phone but I’ve just had no desire. I’m just trying to hear the Lord in this time of rawness. Drawing closer to Him is all I can do right now. I had a scare tonight because I felt the pain I had before the surgery, and I went into a downward spiral. My mind went crazy with all the what if’s. . You guys know being real and honest is important to me. So I thought I’d share a tid bit of what I’m going through right now. This photo was from this morning, my first real meal after surgery. I’m home now which comes with it’s own set of fears. Asking for prayers right now. I could use them all.
spicy mami, hot tamale 🌶 #momanddad
◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️ No one in your life will ever love you as your mother does. There is no love as pure, unconditional and strong as a mother's love. And I will never be loved that way again. ◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️ 13-12-2015 ~ 13-12-2018 ◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️ #hmwinter #toddlergirl #chilhoodunplugged #mydiva #clickinmoms #litlefierceones #littleandbrave #pixel_kids #momswithcameras #letthembelittle #childofig #oureverydaymoments #uniteinmotherhood #momtogs #writeyouonmyheart #simplychildren #candidchildhood #honestmotherhood #cameramama #takemyheartdear #umh_kids #dearphotographer #kidsforreal #makeportrait #makeportraits
"Childhood means simplicity. Look at the world with the child’s eye, it is very beautiful." - Kailash Satyarthi -----------------------------------------------
"Good habits formed at youth make all the difference." - Aristotle -----------------------------------------------
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