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It’s crazy to think that this is what a baby looks like at 6 months in the womb. This was my first proper look at her face, she was a week old. All squashed from her breathing mask but Nellie all the same, it’s funny how much I can see her in her baby photos. Even when she should have had another 12 weeks cooking. I think it’s that same look of determination she’s always got. When I thought of premature birth it was a baby born 4 or so weeks early, it was a world I had no clue about so when I was told Nellie would be born at 27/28 weeks I honestly didn't think she'd survive, especially with severe growth restriction. Walking into that intensive care unit felt like I was walking into a space ship. So many machines, an array of wires, tubes and blue lights, a nurse or more per baby, so peaceful yet so many alarms, no newborn baby smell just the stench of sanitiser, Nellie was tiny at just over 600grams but there were babies smaller and 5 weeks earlier. So many miracles being worked in that room.
Petite commande Vinted d’une dame qui réalise elle même des petits bandeaux et chaussons. J’ai donc choisis un coloris vieux rose et un beige. #momtobe #futurmaman #baby #babygirl #bebe #littlemiracle #bandeaubebe #chaussonbebe #handmaids #tricot
#Repost @emmaalouisewest with @get_repost ・・・ Them wonderful moments when you feel your little one kick! 😍🤰🏼 So glad your Daddy could feel this before he went away on work.. 🙏🏼❤️ 💋ELW x • #BumpKicks #ActiveBump #19Weeks6Days #OurLittleRainbow #BabyWest #ParentsToBe #BumpDiaries #LittleMiracle ✨19/10/18
Loving the care package we received from Hope for Trisomy! Great organization spreading awareness and hope for Trisomy families. I also love the Bible study they sent! We are so thankful and blessed at all the kindness and care we’ve received during this time. “For in this hope we were saved. Now hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what he sees? But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.” Romans 8:24-25 “For we walk by faith, not by sight.” 2 Corinthians 5:7 💗 #trisomy18 #trisomy18awareness #hopefortrisomy #extrachromiehomie #isabellejaimes #27weeks #littlemiracle
So much love already for this girl 👶🏻💕 #babygirl #girl #love #beauty #somuchlove #littlemiracle #alwaysthereforyou
Remember to treat yourself!!! It’s a perfect day for bathrobes and sparking infused water. Happy Saturday! 🤰✨ Photo: beautiful @emmelypersson
Love is the key to every heart especially love of your 1 year old baby. Yes, today we celebrate the most precious little person, Chloe Anna Kozelka, who from the very first day of her life gifted us all those priceless things you can’t buy❤ October 20, 2017 has officially become for our family the day of happiness and you can easily guess why. That day Chloik unwillingly was pushed out of her little home in mama’s belly. She had no idea that we were anticipating this miracle moment almost for 9 months. And today I mean last year today I felt those unpleasant contractions that despite the pain made me smile. Josef and I were looking forward to meeting our baby girl. We were so ready to become parents or should I say we thought we were ready as now I must admit it was a huge change in our small family of 👫 Today we proudly call us small family of 👨‍👩‍👧 where Chloe is a Big baby boss who brings not only fun and laughter in our lives but also she teaches us to be patient with her and with each other. Our nights are getting shorter and its not because of the season that’s why patience is not just a word. Many young parents are on the same page with us and they know the price of quality sleep. But who cares about sleep when you hold your petite baby and understand the price of life, you realize how lucky you are to be named parents and you simply know that this love is forever. We are wishing you our angel to have all the luck that brings you in the right time in the right place, to be protected by angels and be Blesses by God. May you always be the darling of fortune❤ P.S. Mama and tata love you to the moon and back. Happy Birthday Chloichka❤ #it 'sabirthday #let 'sgotoparty #Chloecelebrates #birthdayinmiami #weloveyoutothemoonandback #littlemiracle #stylishbaby #babyChloe #1year
10 months of happiness 🎉 . . 10 месяцев как мы вместе , но я до сих пор не могу налюбоваться тобой 🤤♥️ Ну как , как ребёнок может быть таким милым , таким сладким ? 🤩🤷🏽‍♀️♥️ Самые счастливые 10 месяцев! 😜 . Люблю до ∞ . . . . . #10месяцев #доченька #смыслжизни #принцесса_ри 👑 #моймир #детки #10months #babygirl #princess #angel #littlemiracle #instababy
Pienenpieniä syksyn ihmeitä - Tiny miracles of autumn #tiny #whiteflowers #autumn #littlemiracle
Our little miracle, Vivienne Grace, makes us so happy!!! #GodsGotUs #IVFBaby #LittleMiracle #gerberphotosearch2018
Vivi-G is so happy to be alive! #GodsGotUs #LittleMiracle #IVFBaby #GerberPhotoSearch2018
That face 💙 my hope is that you can always find a way to be this happy sweet boy. ____ #GerberPhotoSearch2018 #happybaby #sweetboy #bestsmileever #boymom #sweetestsmileever #lovethisface #babyboy #5monthsold #cutiepie #littlemiracle #myheart #thatfacetho
Tomorrow is the day we find out if we are expecting a baby boy OR baby girl!!!!!! I’m actually pretty excited! We decided to do the reveal on the day I turn 22 weeks 😊 - When I was pregnant with Jaxson, there wasn’t really a huge element of surprise...he had his legs WIDE open early on at every ultrasound LOL🙊 - - As I’ve mentioned before...this is our grand finale baby. The shop will be closed after 🤗 So we are celebrating every chance we can! I don’t really have a huge preference on the gender- honestly...I just want a HEALTHY FULL TERM BABY🙌🏾 but I guessing baby is a GIRL.... - 💙💞What do you think? Stay tuned tomorrow for the reveal 💞💙
Hey friends! Sorry we’ve been a little MIA this week on our feed. We’ve been experiencing crazy winter like weather, a busy schedule and preparing for the big GENDER REVEAL of baby number 2! (You can follow along on Mommy’s personal page @themiraclewife ) But don’t worry, we will post pics here also! - Jaxson completed his 2nd week in his new class and is doing AMAZING! He is saying more words, listening well and growing so fast! The switch was definitely the right choice 😊 - Our goals right now are to continue working with ST and growing in Pre-K, staying healthy this cold/flu season and create more awesome memories while also inspiring others! We love you guys 💙
One very happy BIG SISTER . . . . #ivfjourney #ivf #littlemiracle #12weeks
Because our babies are worth the journey it took, to get them here.... - Available exclusively at www.halosandmiracles.com
Proost kleintje! 🍻 Al weer een half jaar bij ons! 🤗 #watvliegtdetijd #halfjaaroud #ourson #littlemiracle #proost #genieten #citytrip #valencia #metmnmannen
be authentically beyoutiful, confidently you.🤰✨ - unknown Photo: beautiful @dani_nanaa
Still that kind of person who enjoys and appreciates a tangible gift. Someone who believes that pen and paper can withhold priceless moments and transform them into beautiful stories... #ablossomingjourney
When you’re pregnant, every day holds infinite changes happening with your body, and baby is going through numerous milestones. If you don’t like journaling, this is the perfect time for you to discover and witness all these changes that entails making a little baby with our pregnancy journal. Already a Blossoming journey journal 📔 available to shop Link in (bio) @pregnancyclock
“Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.” 🤰✨ - Maya Angelou Photo: @pinterest
Only look back at the good memories. And don’t forget to keep making more!!! 🤰✨ Photo: @_megankristine
Document your pregnancy, and discover the magic of journaling and saving such miraculous journey of becoming a Mum. • Already Pregnancy Journal available to buy www.pregnancyclock.com (bio) @pregnancyclock
If you’re trying to conceive or already pregnant. We have designed the best high quality journals to help you document your journey. • Trying to Conceive can be exciting yet frustrating if it is taking you more than a couple of months to get pregnant. Perhaps little attention is being paid to what actually makes a baby, YOUR BODY! Documenting your daily changes can help you understand what is affecting your conception. • Being pregnant, and looking at your bump come to life and start moving around is certainly one of the most marvellous things to experience in life, yet so delicate and fragile. A little human is on its way and keeping an extra eye out is pivotal, document every day of your pregnancy and stay close to all changes, and milestones. Available to buy at @pregnancyclock (bio)
Do you recall when your Mama used to show you her pregnancy journal? And surely still has it in that treasure chest. You know your little ones will also love and treasure reading about their journey and seeing pictures of baby bump times. You might not realise at the time what a treasure a Pregnancy Journal is! BUT IT IS!! Already a Blossoming journey will collect and save the greatest moment of your life ✨BECOMING A MUM✨
Nesting: the extreme desire to organise and clean your home for the arrival of your new baby 🤰👶 Photo: @pinterest
A journal that will accompany you from the day you decide to start looking for a little miracle 👶 to day you meet 🤱. Planning a Blossoming Journey journal Available at @pregnancyclock www.pregnancyclock.com (bio)
Planning on adding a little one to the fam? Make sure to collect and record all your mind and body changes before and during this unique journey of making a little human being 👶
A Blossoming journey 🤰🌺 Photo: @pinterest
Look up and you will see and endless blue, look down and you will see you world move! 🤰👶 Photo: @pinterest
Trust your body, and let the universe do its magic! 🤰✨ Photo via @Pinterest
Already a Blossoming Journey journal: 🤰📒 FIVE Benefits of journaling once you’ve become pregnant with you little miracle or miracles if more than one: 🤰📒 1- There is a deep connection between your mind and body, and you now have a little one who is growing and nourishing from your energy, emotionally and physically. Stay positive! 2-  Learn to interpret your emotions and symptoms. And very important to track your baby’s development. 3-  Healthy mind, healthy body, HAPPY pregnancy. 4- HEALING, YES! Healing. Specialists have proven that writing is a way to healing - psychologically, physically and emotionally. Stress usually comes from emotional blockage. Journaling can help you lower your anxiety and stress levels, therefore allowing your body to work organically and harmoniously. 5- Taking time out to write is way to connect and understand yourself, and also is an act of discipline! Create good habits and they will spread. www.pregnancyclock.com (bio) 🌟
Maternity: not just a dream, is what the heart wants. ❤️🤰 Photo via @pinterest
Holding a Dream has never felt more real 🤰💫 Photo via @Pinterest
Make today magical ✨ 🤰 - unknown Photo via @pinterest
Stay kid. It makes you B E A U T I F U L 💕✨- Najwa Zebian Photo via @pinterest
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