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Every time I write a meaningful long paragraph and comment before proof reading; I find a mistake when it’s too late to edit it. Why doesn’t instagram allow us to edit our own comments, like we do our posts? 🤗😭
#PacMan ✖️Kaws 👻 not finished
I have been bent and broken, but I hope, into a better shape.
An amazing father needs a woman just as amazing as he to love his children.
Get your mind focus and visualize just how you want your week to go, so that you are ready and well prepared for the chaos that is sure to begin🤪 . Be sure to mark off the stars to signify that you completed your daily rituals/habits✨ . Get yours from Amazon.com or follow the link to our website in bio!
For those wondering about his tattoo.. #bulmabriefs #playboybunny #dragonball
Affirmation: #LoveALL #ServeALL #HelpEVER #HurtNEVER 💕 Inspire a positive future for your loved ones and the children
Okay so chris got a tattoo of what looks like Bulma Briefs.. it’s okay 👌🏽
We need to start taking care of each other on a vibrational level. When we vibe together we bring each other harmony, we bring harmony to what surrounds us, nature, other living beings and even the infinite cosmos. Our planet yearns for our positive collective vibes and as the earth we inhabit vibes on good energy, our consciousness then rises to a higher stage. Positivity is important. Love and friendship is important. Inspire love and inspire each other to keep those positive vibes! Have a blessed day! #positivevibes #1111awakening #indigochild
And in the end, all I learned was how to be strong alone.
Good morning! ☀️ #positivevibes
“My homie said I need to stop it My momma said bitches be watching you They gon' put their hand all in your pocket For the credit card that's in your wallet Drinking liquor when we celebrating Calculating all my funds Tryna get a nigga take the condom off 'Cause she want that tax every month, woo!”
When Bertie feels she isnt getting enough attention she fakes a faint and rolls down my jumper, hangs by a toe and act all cute and dramatic. This tactic is particularly effective when I am talking to the chickens. 😑🙄 #parrot #conure #littlemore #prettybird #cleverbird #dramaqueen
• Busy week. • On Thursday we had the Entrepeneurs from Vaasa on a housetour@vaasankaupunginteatteri. • I had a migraine out of this planet and had to concentrate me very hard to manage through the tour, but everybody seemed pleased. • The guests saw our funny play Älä pukeudu päivälliselle afterwords and loved it. Welcome to see it at New Years eve!! • Now I'm enjoying the evening and making some X-mas preparations 💚#busytimes #work #migraine #littlemore #soonchristmas
Can we appreciate how cute he STILL is because you are all so shallow to say he looks scary like this 😂 he doesn’t know how to look scary so shush bout that
You win this one. But if you ever break his heart or hurt him in anyway.. I will personally and gladly accompany you to the intensive care unit. 🤗
Sometimes when the bullshit is too consistent, all you can do is sit back and laugh
Good morning! ☀️ #positivevibes
Give me a Little More ... Zumba Fridays 💃🏼 #megamix63 #zumba #zumbaworldwide #zumbafitness #zumbainstructor #littlemore #zumbacommunity #zumba ❤️
Goodnight 🌙✨
Poor Royalty wasn’t feeling well today but still couldn’t wait to meet Santa again! 🎅🏽 💕 I love that he isn’t fictional. Yes, Kris Kringle is real.
“We’re here! Merry Christmas!” 🎄😂
I’m just saiyan, it’s almost that time 🎁🎄 @chrisbrownofficial #itsover9000 #vegeta #chibi
They’re lovely, and they always manage to make me smile 💕🦒
What is your favorite christmas movie?🤪 1- Home alone 2-How the Grinch Stole Christmas 3- Four Christmases 4- Elf . Write 1,2, 3 or 4 in the comments👇🏼🧝🏽‍♀️ Thanks @study._.cloud 💛
Why the long handsome face? 💕
Aligned and Blooming 🌸🍀🌺 #indigochild #alignment #ascension
Pretty close to dead. Just hang in there, a little more weekend here we come!! XD #selfie #weekend #whooo #fool #itsthefeelingyouknow #whereidiotsshouldgo #me #haha #killthemoment #fillthemoment #littlemore #hanginthere #yeah
This is how I’m looking at all these edit thieves through my phone because y’all are WILDIN if you think you can steal my art, take credit and get away with it. Idc who you are, you take my art and ima start spazzing 🤷🏽‍♀️ 😂
Thank you for 12.5K 💕
Good morning! ☀️ #positivevibes Congratulations on your win, @chrisbrownofficial #urbanmusicawards ARTIST OF THE YEAR (USA)!!!!! 🎊
He really spends his nights being hella creative and I love the result every time! 💕
Trying to bring some fun to my expenses page by adding a background!
His style is always on fire 🔥 😳
If being “photogenic” was a disease, Chris would be patient zero 😏 😳 💕 #onephotoshoulddoit #hesgotthatnaturalglow
Just watch your day get better 😂😂😂😂 the way she gives up and lets the beds devour her afterward
Bowling team goals 🎳💕 #beautiful
Littlemore Barber has had a facelift and it's great, TV, comfy seats and friendly service as always. #littlemore #littlemorebarbers #oxford #barbers #localguides #googlelocalguide #photographerlife #photography #haircut #style #localbusiness @diegolfm #trim #oxfordshire #littlemorebarber
Catching up with some cosy cuddles with this psycho beauty. #galah #galahcockatoo #cockatoo #parrot #cuddles #littlemore #wrappedupwarm
We had to get a new little Christmas tree as our original one got caught by the drought . We dig it up every year, decorate it and then put it back in the garden. Less wasteful and more enjoyable. We will find a nice spot for this one for the year ahead, hopefully a more weather proof spot! #christmastree #furtree #christmas #decorations #drunkfairy #littletree #littlemore
“This Christmas will be...” 🎶 #itsthattimeofyearagain #christmashatsonallpfp (original art by @officialblackpyramid 🔥I just added the hat and changed the design)
Dear Barbara. Miss this special chicken. #bantam #belgiumbantam #littlemore #prettybird #littlebird #hen #rip
Thank you, Chris 💕 (I was beginning to think you forgotten all about me)
Turn on the volume and enjoy #Thanos @chrisbrownofficial (he reposted in his story!!!)
Heartbreak on a Fullmoon Cuffing Season: “12 days of Christmas” was released a year ago today as a surprise gift from @chrisbrownofficial to his fans, and also as the second disc to #HBOAFM which made HBOAFM a “DOUBLE ALBUM” Soon after, throughout the year 2018, many other artists released double albums proving that yet another year passed with Chris Brown setting the bar for everyone else in the music industry. Happy Anniversary #CUFFINGSEASON 🎁
보아 사랑해 ㅠㅡㅠ #보아 #littlemore
French people; when it comes to headphones, they don’t understand the concept. They purchase, but they’re oblivious to anyone else wearing them. . “Can’t you hear me?” Obviously not. “Hey what’s up? Hello?” Nothing. Busy not listening to you. Goodbye. . I don’t appreciate the lack of awareness to headphones.. if I’m enjoying music, If you see I can’t hear you, don’t wave your hands in my face, don’t pull out my headphones. Pulling out my headphones will make me nasty.
My favorite is a true Star Seed. 💫 #indigochild #starseed #wanderer #gifted
I find that people only care about things when their idols show interest in it. Would it hurt you to think for yourselves every once in a while? Respect yourselves enough to be your own person. 💕 #positivevibes
Oh Chris, they don’t make ‘em like you no more.. 💕 #hesTHATnigga
When you’re browsing Instagram and come across a beautiful photo of your crush 😳 @chrisbrownofficial #madarauchiha
Good morning! ☀️ #positivevibes Affirm: today is going to be a great day!
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