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It is technically still the weekend, right? ☕️🍄
My camera on this new mother @xcubanlynk. Congrats to you on your first full month of motherhood. #thesupremo #BabyJordan #maternityphotography #maternityshoot #TCNJfam
Belajar dari pangalaman dan kedewasaan orang tua kami. Bisa berlayar jauh dari titik nol hingga 336 bulan lamanya.. Happy Anniversary yang ke 28 tahun bagi orang tua kami. Selalu menjadi contoh yang baik bagi kami generasi selanjutnya..
I need vit.C 🍊
And then she said YES!
Feast your eyes on this little medley of shorts! This ladies and gents is known as Phobia! These are invented around some of your worst fears comprising of incendiary suspension, hazardous waste, a suspended virus, a bloody eyeball and sour frog spawn. Want to know more...⠀ ⠀ NEW SUNDAY POST : Sipping on haunting creations @spiritsbaruk. Link in Bio! Go take a peak at one of the most inventive cocktail menus to hit Leicester and let me know what you think!⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #be_laviemunches #spiritsbaruk #imbibeme #escapeasylum #buzzfeast #imbibegram #dametravelerfoodie #cntraveleats #cocktails #gin #foodwriterlife #huffposttaste #foodspotting #foodislife #foodgawker #lonelyplanetfood #gramoftheday #foodwriter #onyourtable #foodography #foodgasm #152grams #foodstagram #liveaunthentic #epicurious #forkfeed #eatingfortheinsta #weekendvibes
real few inspiring figures actually touch your heart to become more disciplined in life through their dedicated craft of work. this is one
Don't be afraid of change, it is leading you to a new beginning. 👌
Landed.... about 30 hours in total flight and transfer.... but all worth. In route to first camp. #tanzania #flight #lifeisanadventure #nofilter
"Memaafkan itu indah. Sekali ini saja, cobalah untuk lebih melapangkan pintu maafmu. Kepada ia yang telah membuatmu kecewa, hapuskanlah amarahmu. Belajar menjadi pribadi yang lebih baik, pandai dalam memaafkan, mampu dalam mengikhlaskan. Sebab yakinlah, segala sesuatu yang telah terjadi selalu terkandung hikmah besar di dalamnya, meski itu adalah hal yang membuatmu terjatuh sekali pun.”
હાચું કહે, લાગુ છું ને બાકી દેવાંનંદ જેવો... . . ભાઈ,ભાઈ જ છે...ભલે race3 માં નથી પણ ભાઈ,ભાઈ જ રેહશે... . . . . bts @abhishek_pithwa #travel #traveller #traveler #explore #explorer ##traveladdict #adventure #justgoshoot #wanderlust #exclusive_shot #storiesofindia #indiaclicks #india #instatravel #instagram #travelgram #instatravelgram #travelphotography #liveaunthentic #picoftheday #gujrat #canon #canonphotography #streetshot #mi #nature #wildlife #photography
Off the beaten path ⋆
İnandım ki sevİNCE vardır dünya sevİNCE tüm günlerim bir başka 🍼
Allow me to showcase the manicured ground of #sandalsregencylatoc #landscaping #stlucia #caribbean
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Whether it’s iced, just black straight up, an artisanal pour over or the classic French press, it doesn’t matter. It’s coffee, and that’s good enough for us. Let’s sit and have a sip! - Take a visit to @crematology x Cipete at The Buya Ground Floor, Jl. Cipete Raya IX No. 1, South Jakarta and enjoy your coffee. Don't forget to share your moments by tag us with #thebuyaid #livealifehere . - #thebuya #crematology #crematolgyxcipete #coffeeislove #coffeeaddict #jakartaselatan
Aku tuh bukan typical perempuan yg bisa gaya-gaya, imut-imut, menye-menye apa lagi pas di foto. Jadi menurutku ini adalah foto pertama dimana aku bergaya 😆 . . . 📍Pulau dolphin, Pulau Seribu
The overnight flight delay was miserable but this made up for it 😉🤩 #butlerelite #butlersuite #myownoasis #stlucia #sandalsregencylatoc
A new chapter of my life is about to begin. 😊 First, I thank God for all the blessings and to my family and friends na todo support naku. 👍 I'm so grateful for all your prayers, messages and wishes. I well keep them all in my heart. ❤ Thank you sa tanang ni greet! 😘💕 You're all the best! 💯
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Crystal clear.
how tiny we are.
Do you need some some light papa?
Paradise City
Currently packing to celebrate our 4th anniversary in traverse city !!! Happy anniversary to my love! I couldn’t be more excited for our quick 24 hour getaway. Then I’m headed to Chicago for this weekend‘s wedding, June is always a busy month but so full of good things. Photo: @amyanstatt
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Eerste boottocht voor Luca
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C U R I O S I T Y // the spark behind every great idea. The future belongs to the Curious. Never be afraid to push the limits and boundaries to achieve greatness
i always pray for you, even on the days you forget to pray for yourself💛 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ @uploadkompakan #uploadkompakan #ukmasjid_palembang
Jade • Rachel│Prenup Session Every minute feels like an hour, Every hour feels like a day, Every day feels like forever, But I will wait forever and a day for you. 💄 : Jeannie Magdura Andal 📷 : @aljunecastrophoto
Jade • Rachel│Prenup Session Every minute feels like an hour, Every hour feels like a day, Every day feels like forever, But I will wait forever and a day for you. 💄 : Jeannie Magdura Andal 📷 : @aljunecastrophoto
🌬It’s a Monday Morning and we have to start the day in the right foot. •Be positive, believe in the things that lift you up wether it’s a passion, work, or school and only let positivity vibes come in. •You’ll ve surprise how much you can accomplish with positivity!😋 •Have a great Day! @fear_her 🌝
We were. And then we weren't.
Done reading Daniel Handler's 2012 Michael L. Printz honor recipient, young adult romance. 💡 Rated it ⭐⭐ ➖ Have you read the book? What was your favorite part? 📖 • 📸 @abbysolis_
🌬There has been many cases where many women including myself have felt underestimated for our work. But during those times I forget of what I am capable of and tend to just stay in one place. ✨So today I motivate you and I to take any challenge we are afraid of and work towards it we shouldn’t stays in one place instead, we should be taking action in areas and work our magic.🎩🔮 💋Challenge yourself you are Fearless! @fear_her
Thank you (to all the people), not just for being part of my life but for reminding me that even broken things can be loved. 💙
All you need is love but a little #BrookiesbyMrsFields now and then wouldn't hurt. 💕 #MrsFieldsPH
I got my own back. 👊
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