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Planning today... but would love to be just be staring at this with nothing on my list! Happy Friday 😉
Rain, snow, ill prepared, soaking wet... worth it.
spring sunsets 🔮💎🔅
Whether you prefer short or long sleeve shirts, we've got something for you this spring!
fireplace goals (didn't think i'd ever say that)
Valencia, Spain 🇪🇸
“After opening up about it, it was like breathing again. A weight was off my chest. I became more comfortable talking about it when I learned that people so close to me were also experiencing what I had experienced. I didn’t feel so alone with a sense of community.” Nicole is Ulzi Stories’ first storyteller. #herstory is in the link in bio. Experience with her as she made storytelling part of her healing process, and how she now stands as an advocate for survivors internationally.
Yesterday, @connorfranta tweeted about wanting someone to go to #Tokyo with him. 🇯🇵 Today, I’m still waiting for him to invite me. 😐 - I don’t want to come off as forward, but I am posting this on Instagram just to say, hey 👋🏼 I’m free 🙋🏻‍♂️ I cleared my schedule 📆 I’m fun to hang with. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Take me to Japan. 🗼⛩ - This is how people make new friends, right?! 😂 (Connor & I are tagged in the photo for dramatic effect)
One day at a time; one step at a time; one moment at a time. Cherish every one of them, as they pass quickly and quietly; sometimes without us realizing they have passed us by. #deepthoughts #personalcheck #purple #converse #atatime #checkyourself #payattention #liveauthentic #livefortoday #livewhatyoulove #lovewhatyoulive #nothingsguaranteed #timespeedsbyfast #
Bday girl de hoje é essa pessoa linda tanto por dentro como por fora!! Grata pela tua amizade ❤️
You know you're in Provence...fountains, plane trees and village squares.
I know guac is extra but so am I
Phase 3 started last week and somehow I managed to hurt my left knee after Leg day and before Total Body Core and I have no idea how! . So yesterday after week 2 of Leg day, I told a trainer about it at work and she asked me about my toe flexibility 🤷‍♀️ so I showed her and she’s like, that’s it! That’s the problem! I was like huh? And then I did a lunge and oooooo! I turn my foot out and put hardly any weight on my big toe! I focused all through the exercises today on putting weight on my big toe and no issues! (I’m sure the major rolling session on my IT band didn’t hurt either) . I’m so glad there are people out there smarter than I am (can I get an amen?!) . So ladies, use that big toe your momma gave you. It’s necessary!!! . . . . . . . #bigtoeproblems #bigtoe #werkit #80dayobsession #totalbody #totalbodycore #athomeworkouts #homeworkouts #enjoythejourney #workingmom #lifeofadventure #naturelovers #strength #momlife #athomeworkout #bbg #strongnotskinny #liveauthentic #godisgood #neverstopexploring #fitmom #yogalove #momswholift #momlifeisthebestlife
Been a while 🌚
Molbak’s has been around for over 60 years! Here’s a serious #tbt for ya! 🌿🌧
one year ago today, i acquired these guinea pig slippers in peru’s sacred valley for our unborn baby, just an 8-week old dream at the time. i spotted them in the stalls of the maras salt mines, and one of my lovely traveling companions purchased them for me on the spot. they were lilia’s first possession. that same day i also experienced my first pachamama [mother earth] ceremony and was asked to submit my wishes to pachamama, as she had a tendency of granting them. it seemed a bit far fetched to me at the time, but my wishes did indeed come true — to make it home safely to jason and for a happy and healthy baby. today it is nearly impossible for me to wrap my head around the fact that she was with me in peru [despite making her presence immensely felt every step of the way!] because now - one year later - i have a five-month old who just can’t stop smiling and rolling onto her belly. 👶🏼 these slippers barely fit her anymore but they’ll always serve as a reminder of our first adventure together and the many more to come 🗺 #tbt #traveldiary
I’ve been dreaming of Auroras, so I made this colorful 3-panel canvas piece, totaling 36x36 in size 🔆🌈✨
Hang on, we have a few updates. I have changed my handle to @dailypeak and will be featuring a different outdoor shot every day. If you want to be featured - tag @dailypeak along with #followyourcompass . Look for deals and giveaways on outdoor product. Want to be first to be featured? Ready, set, go. @peakrefuel 📷 @threepeakfilms 👣🌲🏔
Oh you know a total #throwback but post snowstorm sunny weather in NYC has me dreaming of wine filled Sunday Fundays in the near future!! Clearly this is a chuggable wine from @rebelcoastwinery - a stainless steel base Cali Chardonnay (unlike the buttery/oaky ones you’d find) a bit sweeter with lots of tropical fruit (🍏🍍🍈). Perfect crowd pleaser for a casual sunny weekend and makes for fun reminiscing about some of your favorite Sunday Funday stories 🤣☀️ cheers!!
This little fish refused to get out of the tub this morning. To think there was a time when she hated taking baths and I feared her becoming the smelly kid at school 😭. Now, bath time has become more like play time when I try to keep us busy when we are home. Blast music, add bubbles, no splashing restrictions and she thinks I'm the coolest mom ever! ❤️ #pennypoe #almost3 #girlmom
. ✨Headaches.....ain’t nobody got time for that. :: This blend is everything (and bonus, these three oils come in the personal starter kit). :: You can either diffuse this trio (2 drops of each oil in your diffuser), or I like to use a roller bottle for this headache blend. :: Add 5 drops of each oil to a carrier oil (I love fractionated coconut oil or grape seed oil) in a roller bottle and then apply at the base of your neck from shoulder to shoulder + on your forehead. . This is also a great blend for muscle aches. Put some fractionated coconut oil in the palm of your hand, add a drop of each oil, and massage into area that is achy. Lavender + Panaway + Peppermint for the win.
Não posso pedir mais da vida que este presente que ela me dá todos os dias, embrolhado em turco azul com laços de caracóis. Tenho tudo. 🌈
"We are all mad here. "
Can't get enough! Amazing Utah Arches! Sunset glow. Hike into the best with EpicOneAdventures.com. For custom tours email Go@EpicOneAdventures.com @epiconeadventures #epiconeadventures #xputah #wowutah #moab #arches
I see you, spring 🌸
No madrugamos y comimos a las cinco de la tarde. Este era el único restaurante que estaba cerca y tenía opciones veggies. @cris_moratilla decidió hacerme una foto mientras yo observaba lo que tenía alrededor. Así que no, no es cara de noxo, sólo un selfie al natural en un restaurante de Barcelona. ¡Os quejareis! | #igersbarcelona
It’s raining in LA 💦 and my bed is full of color chips (at least they’re healthy) #lovelife #whatfeelsgood #branding . Working on a palette for the dynamic gym @34_north , on Lincoln in Santa Monica. I love a colorful client. Check them out! 💪🏻
Adventure is out there❣ #exploresemarang #EALOVELIFE (direct link on bio) ❤
Layton asked this girl to dance with him 😂 I guess our dance sessions at home haven’t quite paid off.
Wedding fun ❤️
Get them fed, bathed, and laid down to watch a movie so I could shower... get out of the shower to find this. He. Doesn’t. Stop. Climbing. 🙈😩
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