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So, the hair in my armpits is growing bc I forgot to bring a razor and I'm actually liking it. Which inspired me to share something on how I feel about "Feminism" 🙏 Being feminine is what ever that means to you. Make up/no make up, shaven/hair, glamorous/casual, nudity/fully covered, sexy/modest.... whatever makes YOU feel good and brings out your inner Goddess, that's what's important. And empowering each other to do what's best for each of us individually rather than feeling like we have to conform to society's definition of what it means to be a woman. Or even a feminist or a woman's definition of what it means. We each have our own meaning. The feminism movement to me has become about man hating, or becoming like a man and looking for equality, for me there is no equal, and we shouldn't try to be more "manly" to feel empowered, men and women are different for a reason, we need both energies! I don't even believe in equality, women are superior because the woman brings LIFE, all male actually start as female in the womb, we all come from the WOMBMAN and that should be respected of course, however the rising of divine feminine is also the rising of divine masculine. WE NEED BOTH! The divine masculine is not what's in power right now, it is the toxic masculine. I believe the rising of divine feminine is what will trigger the healing of divine masculine and we will have true divine balance🙏💗👑🌌☯ LOVE YOURSELF>LOVE EACH OTHER #souloverego
Happy Monday!! This week I am inspired by the cold weather here to find ways to get cozy and comfort your thoughts. I look forward to hearing what works for you!! 📸@etsy #getcozy #comfortyourthoughts #coldweather #fall #mentalhealth #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthawareness #thefutureisstigmafree #breakthestigma #liveyourbestlife #liveyourtruth #telehealth #teletherapy #mondaymotivation #fireplace 🔥🍵
I’m excited for the next full moon in Taurus!! I mean shouldn’t we be excited when the full moon is in our own sign? 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ I’ve been working hard on releasing behavior patterns and ideas that no longer serve the greater good. I’ve also been practicing the art of silence...because SOME things (and people) don’t DESERVE a response or reaction. Using discernment in all that I do keeps me grounded. Anyhoo, keep manifesting all the great shit you’ve been getting! And if you haven’t been getting the GOOD shit, it’s time to re-evaluate and refocus on what’s important. There’s levels to this shit... go claim your greatness! * * * * * * #ThereAreNoCoincidences #SpiritualJourney #DivineTiming #LiveAbundantly #LiveYourTruth #LoveYourself #SelfCare #SelfLove #LightWorker #HighVibrations #DoTheWork #TarotReader #iReadTarot #Empath #Empathic #AngelNumbers #Synchronicity #Intuitive #Empath #SoulDestiny #SpiritualAwakening #WokeAF #AwakenedSoul
Nothing like a #nervousbreakdown to get you back to normal. I can’t control my past or how others react to #mysobriety so grateful for my son having my back and a sober event to get much needed distraction!!! Back to #cooking and #healthyfood #liveyourtruth #mentalheathawarness #askforhelp #beyourownadvocate #staysober #bestrong #strivingandthriving #soberaf #soberandhappy #sober #soberlife #soberissexy #femaleentrepreneur #postworkoutmeal #intermittentfasting
What an incredible 24 hour adventure. This place asks a lot of you, but with the work you will not be disappointed. 5:00 AM departure, 18 total miles, 6200 feet of gain, and it was totally worth it, even if we felt like we were going a little crazy. 🙂 Life is never supposed to be 100% easy or comfortable. The more we can lean into it, the more we can hand the challenges and hardships of life. Life is a beautiful journey and I choose to embrace it all. @journeying_jennifer Thanks for pushing me this weekend I needed it. #mountians #peaks #climbing #views #backpacking #scrambles #wild #cascades #glacierpeak #mtfreezer #adventure #optoutside #nature #pushyourlimits centralcascades #liveyourtruth #pnwlife #wow #womanwhoclimb glacierpeakewilderness #womanoutdoors #hiking #dailyhiker #washington #pnwlife #outdoorlife #pnwbabe #pnwonderland
This tribe... With an overwhelming outpour of love & peace for our sister @tandibar , who’s grace and wisdom inspires us, and for the @thehunterswife_healthbar , we practiced and offered up our support for the shifts— the journey— the process of change. And when we do it together, the waves of life roll in with a little more ease, a little more breath. . . . . #love #tribe #yoga #iLaYoga #iLaLife ##yogawenatchee #inspire #teach #experience #grow #liveyourtruth
Change is VERY uncomfortable!! It doesn’t feel good, but the result of the discomfort is the change you are looking for in your life.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .#Browngirlblogger #blackgirmagic#Browngirlblogger #blackgirmagic#blackgirltravels #liveyourtruth #betruetoyourself #believeinyourself #believeinyou #befierce #bebrave #dontbeafraid #moveforward #dontsettle #mindsetiseverything #doyou #imgettingmade #womenwmpowermentquotes #empowerhour
Writing is my go to for opening my heart, for strengthening my connection to my voice, for cultivating self acceptance, for allowing the full range of expression and emotions to be seen and heard, for developing confidence in my connection to my intuitive guidance. . I write daily in the mornings, hopefully before my mind has time to start up. I capture my dreams. I state my intentions. I offer my gratitude and prayers. I vision and align with my desire. I send love and acceptance to the places I feel weak or unworthy. I just allow whatever wants to pour out, beautiful to wretched. . FYI everyone can write. We use words every day, whether intentionally or not the are our own version of sorcery. We all have the capacity to string our words into the truth of who we are and express it. Your style is your style. Fuck grammar and punctuation or proper this and that. Just write. Just let go and sink into the discovery of yourself. . This is also one of the number one tools I encourage all my clients to cultivate. If you ever feel like you are lacking content flow a good session of writing it out can open doorways of expression you never knew were there. It can provide a pathway to depth and vulnerability that will connect you to your sacred message and your soul tribe with grace and authenticity. Try it. Start with using your brands sacred message as prompt and explore how it makes you feel, what yearns to be said as you connect with the sorcery of your words, the energy they evoke, notice what fears come forward in embodying your sacred work or your brands message. That is ALL content is my loves. That is all worthy juicy delicious goodness we all can’t wait to hear from you. So put the pen paper and just see what happens. Release all judgement and see what your authentic voice feels like. Use it as tool to get what is really yearning to be said out no matter how it sounds. . Need help developing confidence in your brand voice and the sorcery of your words? Hit me up. 💫
🚨 MINI ASSIGNMENT ALERT 🚨 . If I ask you to name one woman you love to follow on social media, who was the first person that comes to mind? . Ok, now I want you to think about the qualities that this woman has that makes you feel connected to her. List out anything you can think of. . Now... here's the fun part! 🎉 . When you look at that list, in what ways do you already embody those same amazing qualities? And how can YOU express them more in your own social presence? . Despite all the hype you'll hear on the internet... being a woman to watch has little to do with the next best trend and everything to do with owning and sharing who YOU truly are. 💗 . And, it's an ongoing process. . However, if you're anything like me, it can be hard to see just how amazing you already are so exercises like this help me to get out of my mind and see what's right in front of me (since we connect with people just like us!). . From there, I can evaluate what I'm sharing and see if I'm owning who I truly am along the way. . Up for sharing some qualities that came up for you? I'd love to hear them! . . . . . #dreamersanddoers #liveyourtruth #womenwithambition #savvybusinessowner #girlbossparty #womenonamission #hustlewithheart #hustlewithease #womenempoweringwomen #dowhatmakesyouhappy #sisterhoodovercompetition #girlbossmovement #theeverygirl #iambeingboss #soultribe #fempire #womenwholead #womenceo #thehappynow #womenoftheworld #thatauthenticfeeling #darlingdaily #fempowerment #ambitiouswomen #sheconquers #womenceos #thegramgang #womenofinfluence #weareallbeautiful
Last week I shared some of the fears (yes, there are more 🙈) that have been keeping me from moving forward with my business — fears that I know many of us feel in different areas of our lives. . This process has also revealed to me how disconnected I’ve become over time — disconnected from parts of myself and from wisdom I’ve gained from some of my most significant life experiences. . But why this disconnect? . Again: Fear. . Fear of being hurt, misunderstood, rejected, taken advantage of, not enough, and the list goes on. . I spent the majority of my life being a doormat for other people, and this caused me a lot of pain. . So I decided to set boundaries to protect myself and my energy. . Except I’ve now realized that’s not at all what I did. I didn’t set healthy boundaries; I built unhealthy walls. I was afraid, I tried to protect myself, and I lost myself in the process. . I know I’m not the only one who has willingly entered into this destructive cycle because of fear — you likely have, too, even if you’re not yet aware of it. . This week I want to dig deep into some of my most meaningful life lessons, how they powerfully transformed the way I showed up in the world, and how I eventually allowed fear to stifle my Soul. . I hope to help you recognize how you’ve made similar decisions to shrink back and close off in your own life. Yes, the walls help keep out a lot of shit; but, they also keep you trapped inside. . 💙Lots of Love, Lena
•ѕнє ℓσνєѕ тнє ѕмєℓℓ σf ¢σffєєѕ, вℓσσмє∂ яσѕєѕ & иєω вєgιииιиgѕ• #roses #nofilter #liveyourtruth #flowers #beauty #ohio
"Uma vez perdi tudo... Eu lembrei que eu ainda tinha a minha criatividade. Então eu recuperei tudo." ☕📖 #proseando #prosa #read #ler #poesia #leitura #thinkaboutit #think #reading #parapensar #enjoy #liveyourtruth #liveyourlife #dreams
“ E é assim que a gente vai vivendo, sabe? Errando pra aprender. Se decepcionando pra se proteger. Se machucando pra crescer. Chorando pra sorrir. A gente cai uma vez, pra aprender a se levantar em outra. No fim, tudo que for bom, verdadeiro, tudo o que realmente nos fizer bem, permanece. “ - Iolanda Valentim #vivaoagora #dreams #fé #batteryou #obrigadadeus #goodvibes #amor #amizade #advogada #advocacia #apenasviva #lifestyle #liveyourtruth #fallow #fallowme #boasenergias #beyourself #missyou #tbt #seame #sejaluz #sejagrato
Be true to who you are. Know that you are strong and no one can take that away from you. Let go of ego, let go of self judgement, and live your truth. #weightlossjourney #manifestmonday #bestrong #poweredbyplants #loveyourself #liveyourtruth #motivationalquotes
It isn’t true that everyone should follow one path. Listen to your own truth 🙌🏽 ~Ram Das #liveyourtruth #mondaymotivation #lifeofpurpose #followyourdreams #mylifestyle #positivevibes
"No final do dia, ninguém fará a sua jornada por você. Você tem que fazer isso. No final do dia, ninguém irá sonhar por você. Você tem que fazer isso." ☕📖 #proseando #prosa #read #ler #poesia #leitura #thinkaboutit #think #reading #parapensar #enjoy #liveyourtruth #liveyourlife #dreams
No matter who they are!!! The season I'm approaching is only for the 💯 real ones!! #GetRightOrGetLeft #positivevibes #livelife #LiveYourTruth #KTSE #KnowYourWorth #KingAndQueenIsh
What’s on your reading/audible list? Just finished this good read. Definitely recommend it to all my friends. Definitely geared toward a woman audience, but some great nuggets all can use! Thanks @msrachelhollis #goodreads #goodread #reading #audible #uplifting #positivevibes #selfimprovement #liveyourtruth
Can we have an awareness of higher and lower vibration without judging them as "better" and "worse"? . Can we see that it's a tremendous challenge to be "high vibrational" in all life areas at all times and continue to have compassion for ourselves and others for when every once in a while we drop the ball in a life area or two? . Can we remember that we are here to learn, here to make mistakes - here to experience and that experience isn't good or bad, better or worse? . Can we sit together for a moment, look back, notice where we have been judging others while they were doing their absolute best and whisper: "I am sorry. . Can we continue to love them whether or not we understand their choices, wish they'd picked an easier journey or fear that we might not be able to handle it to see them suffer? . What if love was the highest vibration? What if as we continue to embody love, as we continue to love no matter what then lower vibration dissolved into it? . What if love was the answer? Always... . #liveauthentic #momentslikethese #liveyourtruth #truenorth #beauthentic #inspireothers #livetoinspire #wellnessadvocate #forwomenwhoroar #wellnesswarrior #awakethesoul #beautifulmatters #selfloveclub #intentionalliving #hereforyou #empath #choosetoday #channeling #abundance #spiritualgangster #energyhealing #meditateeverydamnday
How do YOU decide where to focus your attention?⠀ .⠀ On this week's #askjess episode of the Freedom Driven Success podcast, I answered shared my thoughts but would love to hear YOURS.⠀ .⠀ What's your way of getting yourself on track and focused? 👇🏼⠀ ⠀ ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #dreamersanddoers #liveyourtruth #womenwithambition #savvybusinessowner #girlbossparty #womenonamission #hustlewithheart #hustlewithease #womenempoweringwomen #dowhatmakesyouhappy #sisterhoodovercompetition #girlbossmovement #theeverygirl #iambeingboss #soultribe #fempire #womenwholead #womenceo #thehappynow #womenoftheworld #thatauthenticfeeling #darlingdaily #fempowerment #ambitiouswomen #sheconquers #womenceos #thegramgang #womenofinfluence #weareallbeautiful
All these plans to get theses boxes organized and put away so I can finally get the house settled. More phone calls to doctors and medical bills we are getting sent that are not ours to pay. While trying to take of him, the dogs and the everyday stuff. Be flexible because sometimes things just aren’t going to get done. Prioritize! Because honestly these boxes have been sitting around since January so the world is not going to end if it doesn’t get done today. Taking care of me and then him and then us are my first priority.
Most of us have had this experience in our lives. Instead of asking “why me?” Try asking “what is in this experience for me to learn, how can I grow, what within me do I need to heal in order to be more of who I was created to be? Begin today to observe yourself in every interaction. What is your part of every creation. Own yourself right where you are and make a conscious decision to live into the experience for your own personal growth without judgement, blame, guilt or shame. Then you will become a listener rather than a reactor in your life. You will begin to listen to your intuitive knowing, course correct and live your life for your highest and best. There is power is your behavioral choice. Will you react as your 5 year old self, learning nothing , or will you listen for a deeper understanding and respond in your adult voice that sees opportunity for learning and growth in this moment. Photo credit : @thecrystalguruky #growth #mindful #experience #learn #grow #divinemind #acceptance #love #selflove #responsibility #inthemoment #choice #ichoose #humility #grace #believe #coaching #liveyourtruth #imme #beyou #alive
Eres la mejor amiga. Cualquiera persona podria soñar de tener alguien Como tu en su vida. Jamás agradeceré bastante Dios quien ha hecho que nuestros caminos se crucen. Te quiero tres metros sobre El Cielo mi hermana, para siempre.❣️ @morgane.csl #hermana #sister #familia #family #amistad #friendship #vida #life #picoftheday #girl #yolo #mondaymood #instagood #instamoment #liveyourlife #liveyourtruth
Your kids don’t need a perfect mom. They need a happy one. 🙌🏼 I can’t tell you how many moms I come across daily that feel like a failure in some way. Guess what, that feeling is totally normal! Welcome to motherhood! 💩 When I met moms that seemed to have it all together I used to wonder, how!? Is she really so put together and perfect? No, she’s not. Even the people you think have it all together, they don’t. 🙋🏻‍♀️ -When my girls were first born I cried everyday for 2 weeks straight about anything and everything. -When I first started breast feeding, I cringed every time someone told me my baby was hungry. She was ALWAYS hungry. -I used to let them go days without a bath because it was too much of a fight. -My youngest now has my anxiety about being late. -My oldest often wears her clothes to bed and doesn't brush her hair. -I probably lose my patience daily. -I still let them watch TV before bed -My girls eat pizza or scrambled eggs for dinner more times than I’d like to admit. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Here is what I’ve learned… Try your best and make sure to take care of yourself. If you’re always worrying about your kids and never about yourself you will start to resent them, or your husband. Been there, done that. 🙃 Go out with friends, make date night a priority, get in a workout- even if it’s just for 20 minutes, get that manicure or blow out (or massage 😚)!! My kids are so much happier when I am happy, I promise yours will be too. Xo
We make compromises every single day whether it be with our children, our home(chores), our significant other, our workload, etc. We compromise because it is part of life, we make small sacrifices that are tolerable for us.⁣ ⁣ Then there are the more difficult compromises that we make which is more focused on want vs need! Like buying something for a temporary satisfaction vs something that is necessary in life. You get what I mean.⁣ ⁣ We should never compromise on something that we will harbor resentment over. Our health is far more important than that! And health is something to never compromise on!⁣ ⁣ We tend to find we compromise on things for the sake of immediate gratification and then we regret it later because the satisfaction has finally worn off. Or we compromise to try and dissolve a situation that leaves us feeling angry and hurt. ⁣ ⁣ We should compromise only on situations that will result in the highest good of all parties but ultimately what is best for you! ⁣ ⁣ We only get this one life! Let’s make it our best life!
My Libra 🌝 craves harmony , beauty, justice and connection . But sometimes those soul desires can be misplaced. My beautiful friend @zizi_newyork sent me this yesterday as a reminder that the journey always begins and ends with ourselves ❤️ and of course I love that this quote came from one of my Style Sheros @dvf ... #liveyourtruth #styleyourvibes . . . . . . . . . #personalstyle #personalstylist #stylecoach #Fashion #Astrology #Fengshui #highvibeliving #Interiordecor #Manifest #Intentions #Urbanwitch #Music #Moonrituals #fashionmom #fashionkid #spiritual #contentcreator #creative #visualbranding
In an interview on the BBC, I was asked how an individual can overcome adversity and suffering? I think this piece by Richard Wiseman sums it up perfectly: “In order to keep society in one piece, people have to work together and help one another.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ However, some people will always give more than they take, so how do you know whom⁣⁣ to help and whom to ignore? A key part of making this complex decision involves a surprisingly simple rule of thumb: you help those who have helped you. In other words,⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I scratch your back and you scratch mine. That way, we both have our backs scratched and all is well with the world. If every occasion of reciprocation were this instant and equal, there would be very little room for the exploitation that fascinates those who study the psychology of persuasion. It seems as if you want to help yourself, you have to help others first. “
I have had a long and emotional weekend, and it took its toll on me today. But... knowing that I have a plan when I walk into my study tomorrow, knowing that I have direction, that I'm planning ahead for a week or a month or the rest of the year, and knowing that I have a supportive writing community by my side every step of the way... It makes taking some time to myself easier. It makes telling myself to take a step back and care for my health for a moment so much easier, knowing that I'm not floundering- and even when I am, my writerly peeps have my back. . I don't think I was ever as peaceful and relaxed as I was in Bali, in this moment, taking this picture. And when I look at it now, it just reminds me of how important it really is to take some time to relax and take care of yourself. . . . #writingcommunity #writerlife #writersofinstagram #supporteachother #support #loveyourjob #loveyourself #workinprogress #relax #followyourdreams #liveyourtruth #balibabes #planning #dreambig #dream #takemeback #takecareofyourself
Once upon a time there was a girl who believed that she had to be everything to everyone. She would drop everything she was doing on a whim to tend to anyones needs. She would spend ridiculous amounts of time worrying about the whys of many things...especially why the ones she was there for without question didn't seem to be there for her. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ One day she realized her worth and remembered she had value far more than she gave herself credit for. She decided that sometimes knowing her worth meant leaving others alone. It wasn't easy but it was far easier than stressing about other people. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ She is living her own version of happily ever after, fully knowing her worth and value. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The End. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ✌🏼🖤
There's something so empowering about a statement that begins with "I am." ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Lots of times I have a hard time coming up with anything other than, I am tired. But you know you are more than that. You are more than a wife, a mom, a sister, an employee, a student. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ You are courageous. You are kind. You are enough. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ You have characteristics and gifts that are uniquely yours, and I would love to know what some of them are. Even if it feels scary (and a bit over confident) to write them out.....do it anyway. Even if you don't believe the words with your whole heart at first, say them often enough that you feel their truth. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Write them down somewhere, and extra bonus points for sharing them here so we can bear witness to your gifts.
@Regran_ed from @therevolutionarywoman - I used to numb out to the icky emotions. I would ignore them and do everything I could to not feel them. Now, I embrace them. When they arise I make friends with them. I feel them. I sit with them. I check in with my inner child and see what she needs, And then I let them move thru me. For me, this is how I find peace. I surrender to my humanness, I feel ALL the feels. 🙏🏼💛👊🏼 #therevolutionarywoman #risesisterrise #spiritualjourney #spiritualgangster #raiseyourvibration #vibratehigher #mindbodyspirit #higherawakening #inspiringquotes #higherfrequency #womenempowerment #selfdiscovery #findyourself #truthbomb #soulsearching #liveyourtruth #wildwoman #radicalselflove #trustyourjourney #pursuitofhappiness #beautybehindthemadness #womenwhohustle #womensempowerment #selfgrowth #eatpraylove #mindsetiseverything #vibration #wisewoman #womensupportingwomen #sisterhood
Saturday night, I watched my unranked alma mater dominate over number 2 Ohio State in possibly the biggest upset of the year. From the coin toss to the final play, the energy in the stadium was electric and I *knew* Purdue was going to win. Yes, I was biased, but here's the thing - they lost their first three games by a total of eight points. Then, they handily defeated their next three opponents, but in this measurement obsessed world it didn't mean a thing. A 3-3 team versus a 7-0 team? Ohio State was by far the favorite. But rather than feed that narrative, the Boilermakers told a different story about dedication, integrity and resilience. And since actions speak louder than words, they left their testimony written across the field in every tackle and completed pass. I knew Purdue was going to win, because they had done the difficult job of working out the kinks early in the season and then been tested under circumstances where the expectations were lower. And they won. Convincingly. But this was never about meeting other people's expectations - it was always about meeting their own. They knew what they were capable of and they didn't just shatter expectations. They transcended them. A 3-3 team isn't supposed to dominate from the very first quarter. But it happened. Purdue's quarterback wasn't supposed to out-play OSU's Heisman trophy-candidate quarterback. But he did. Two guys under 5'10" weren't supposed to slip past the defense again. And again. And again. But they did. I knew Purdue would win because it was time. They had the coach, the talent, and the national platform to deliver a message: Your statistics don't tell the whole story and we won't let you define us. It takes a strong body, and an even stronger heart and mind to defy expectations and tell your story on your terms. Only you know the fullness of your potential and how the pendulum of your momentum swings. The world's expectations don't determine your fate. You do in every moment. And when it's time, the world will know what's really true for you. #everpresentlife #boilerup #purdue #collegefootball #herosjourney #tellyourstory #transcend #defyexpectations #liveyourtruth
Rules made up by humans can never be objective. Don't accept something as correct just because someone in authority says it is, or a large number of people think it's true. This is how dictators and crooked politicians end up in power.
Others won't always agree with what you do and how you live. It's okay. Live in your integrity, and all will be/is well. #itiswellwithmysoul #itiswell #recoveringpeoplepleaser #recoveringperfectionist #letitallgo #trustyourgut #trustyourintuition #speakthoughtfully #liveyourtruth #speakup #speakyourtruth #dontbeashamed #metamorphyourself #🐛👉🏼🦋
We have been working on additional content in the HSE to make it even more interactive and resourceful to our clients. I would love your input!! Please vote and let us know what you would love to see in our new HSE holistic health platform! • 1.) Stress management 2.) weight management 3.) self love & self worth 4.) exercise & fitness 5.) emotional wellbeing 6.) skin health 7.) digestive health 8.) Nutrition 9.) energy and motivation 10.) spirituality/mindfulness/manifestation 11.) support & accountability
[SURRENDER INTO CONSISTENCY] When I say that word “consistency”, you probably cringed inside... The conscious part of your mind knows you need to “accept” consistency as the elemental part of your success, but there’s an unspoken uneasiness about the word when you hear it. That’s most likely your subconscious mind fighting it because “consistency” is trying to freakin' beat you into shape. OH HELLLL TO THE NO. This was my relationship with Consistency before I truly learnt to respect and honour it. 3 years ago, I chased after every self help video and life guru on Youtube. I subscribed myself to an embarrassing amount of self-improvement related channels (I can’t even count!). Looking back, I was drawn to that kind of energy, as if hashtag grit, hashtag daily grind, and hashtag hustle was the only way to go to achieve true consistency. That’s why I’m here to tell you “hard work” is the WRONG HERO to be looking for. There IS an easy and graceful way that leads the path to success no one ever talks about. Hear this. How you experience consistency is entirely YOUR choice, it all comes down to what you associate “being consistent” with. Here’s what I mean. People who tell you that “grit” is the answer brings your attention to the lack of achievement, which is a SELF-PUNISHING mentality that leads you to constantly believe that you’re “not there yet”, and keeps you in a place of dissatisfaction. The flip side to this belief are people who live in the moment and truly savour the process of micro-level GROWTH. You need to view every step of the progress as an opportunity to celebrate, and associate the experience with an overall warm, fuzzy feeling. When your body is buzzed with all these good feelings, it would be hard not to become addicted to the process. This is where TRUE CONSISTENCY is born. Tell me, how do you see yourself surrendering into consistency in your life, and how will that affect the quality of your experience in achieving your goal?
Shout out to all of us who don’t have their 💩 together! Here is to not having a perfectly organized or clean house. Stuff left unfinished because we have people we take care of. But still striving to to care of ourselves Here’s to most days not getting our makeup 💄 on Here’s to you and being a badass and not letting life defeat you!! Together we can give each other support Together we can do amazing things We are not alone!!! And if you are feeling like you are a alone the join us for my next group November 1st and let’s rock out this life!!! Fill out the link below to join us! https://www.meganmission.com/vip-group
Good morning and happy Monday! What are your goals and objectives for this week? I’m doing a free audio training tomorrow on how you can step into your empowered self making 💰MORE MONEY 💰 and having more fulfilling relationships. Swipe to see more. You can join me by clicking the link in my bio @simonaksoll #womenempowered #catalyst #createthebusinessyoulove
U n l o c k y o u r p o t e n t i a l 💖 Qi Bracelet - Life Force Energy. Harness your power, and become a force to be reckoned with! #strongyetfeminine #showmeyourjewellery #spiritualjewellery
Ok universe I’ve learned good and well now, thank you for the lessons 😍 . . #life #lessons #learn #learning #learned #love #appreciation #alwayslearn #alwaysimprove #trustyourself #knowyourworth #liveyourtruth #quotestoliveby #qotd #quoteoftheday ❤️
10/22/2018 Message from the Angels: We love you. We are by your side even now. We know all who will receive this transmission and deliver exactly what you need to hear. We understand what worries you and what fears hold you back. We are happy to assist you in all the ways you need. When things in your life don’t make sense, unravel them by going within and understanding that maybe they don’t need to make sense, they aren’t supposed to make sense, and that as you move through your life, things will become clearer. When you follow your inspiration, your path may not be recognizable, but we promise that as you continue your journey, you will look back and be amazed at where and how you got there. You can do that right now from where your life is currently. Channeled by Elizabeth @ Spiritual Beginnings #guidance #inspiration #archangels #angelmessages #messagesfromyourangels #spiritual #spirituality #angelsarehere #love #selflove #spiritualawakening #divinemessage #loveandlight #shineyourlight #channeledmessages #mindbodysoul #myspiritualbeginnings #spiritualjourney #raiseyourvibration #lightworker #liveyourtruth #awakening #loa #happinessisaninsidejob #elizabethatspiritualbeginnings #iamenough #iamworthy #myspiritualbeginnings
Flipping the story (and reposting, grammatical errors make me 🤯). “The Story of Eve”✨ . The Story of Eve when I was young, they read me the story of Adam & Eve a forbidden fruit the unconquered need I became curious, I reached I ate of this tree and you ate of me what’s done is done we had become one and each time you felt me you knelt down to tell three friends of your power how our love had grown sour never addressing your willingness only my role in your regress but this time you demanded I merely mention I came back empty handed so tell your stories they’ll believe it of how I returned when I wasn’t needed I walk on with the knowledge the apple freed me from bondage I’ll tell the same story to daughters one day to be weary of men who want it only their way
Don’t NEVA let nobody be able to pull ya cards... 🃏♦️♣️♥️♠️🃏 Make sure the ppl hear it FIRSTHAND⁉️#message #flawsandall #positivevibes #listenlinda #liveyourtruth #liveyourbestlife #goodmorning #bugface 🤭
Hello Monday✨ New weeks, Fresh starts & in my case a New Day 1!!! I have been living way to much in balance lately #yolo I had an amazing vacation where I 100% enjoyed myself so now it’s time to get refocused!! 💪 #lovemondays If you want to do it with me drop me your fav emoji and I’ll send you the info 🤗
You should always #liveyourtruth and honor yourself first ❤️ no one will benifit from you being anyone other than your authentic self #yourvibeattractsyourtribe . . . . . .
Good day friends! 💛 Wishing you all a fantastic week ahead. Espresso yourself ☕️ Happiness in a cup. -Xo Alex
IT'S HERE!!!! I can finally share that the tickets for my January gathering (Saturday 5th 2019) are now LIVE! I want to express my gratitude to everyone that showed interest when I initially asked you about it a couple of months ago. - The first event of the year is going to focus on a subject I'll never stop exploring. SELF SABOTAGE. Psychology Today says "Behavior is said to be self-sabotaging when it creates problems and interferes with long-standing goals". This will resonate with a lot of us to some degree! - The reasons for choosing this topic are plentiful—main one being, if I hadn't acknowledged the many ways I'd been holding myself back—I wouldn't be on the journey I'm currently on. Another reason is because I know a lot of people need this, yet the spaces that exist never feel INCLUSIVE or ACCESSIBLE enough for them. - I also understand that the behaviours attached to this are much more nuanced than we realise. Some things we immediately label SELF-SABOTAGE are just a matter of laziness, bad habits, and poor decision making and that's something I'll be touching on it too—but if you're finding yourself stuck in the same unhelpful patterns, then there's something deeper that needs addressing. - I want to share practical tools and resources that could be useful to you in your journey, whilst being extremely mindful to not overwhelm you, or leave you with a shit-ton of info you can't apply to daily life. - I've purposely made the tickets available two and a half months in advance to give you a little time to decide if this is for you, to organise yourself, and to be honest about whether you are genuinely willing to do this work. - But don't sit on it for too long because the spaces for this are limited, it's very important to me that it's an intimate experience for all of us. If you don't get a chance to book your space for January, the next event will be in March. - Head on over to the link in my bio to read in more detail, and message me if you have any questions! I cannot wait to finally meet some of you and GET TO WORK! We're going to have some fun with this!😊 - #VulnerabilityIsStrength REMEMBER THAT! - 📸 Yup, I took some bangers yesterday!🤘🏾
Sad is when they are not even aware ... that you’re aware ... because they believe their false reality .... is real. And it is ... however only to themselves. . . #clarity #deception #falsereality #lies #seeyou #watchingyou #walkthewalk #truth #secrets #tellingstories #projection #fake #truecolors #tellmesomethingidontknow #tellingstories #beliefs #falsehope #witness #spiritualgangster #glasshouse #icanseeclearlynow #liveyourtruth #livehonestly #saythetruth
Geeking out on my perfect seams! Buying a handmade items ensures there is some love and care taken into creating the garment. Buy handmade and support local designers 🌸💐🌺 #sewingbee #handmadebymoi #sewing #sewistsofinstagram #summercollection #liveyourbestlife #liveyourtruth #femtrepreneur #waketomake #hustlehard #flowerprint #handmadeisbetter
Peace, love, and blessing ✌🏾❤🙏🏾 Stay in control. Stay balanced. #facts 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 #peace #love #blessings #balancedlife #liveyourtruth
This adorable little witch kit includes • a miniature brass cone incense burner • a high quality quartz point • five glass vials of herbs (containing lavender, jasmine flowers, rosemary, cloves and nutmeg) 🍂
TRUTHBOMB: I was so nervous to go dress shopping, because I was afraid I wouldn’t find anything I liked or that fit right. 😬 —— However, I found THE dress of my dreams this weekend and I’m seriously obsessed 🙌🏻🙌🏻 I felt INCREDIBLE and FREAKING CONFIDENT in almost every dress I tried on and in those moments I knew that everything I’ve been working towards is paying off! 362 days to go, but who’s counting?! 🙈😂
. We don't get to choose our family tree, we're linked by blood and the possibility of a organ donation request. We can't make them love us or believe us. . The water we choose are the waterfalls worth chasing. Choosing to celebrate wins, join travel farewells, being there to just be. Sharing their happiest of moments and exuding unconditional love when drowning and not sure if wanting to swim. They didn't have to but these amazing people held me afloat, kept my head above water. These special few mean the World to me and without this aqua family I wouldn't be in this World.
luck (noun): success brought by chance rather than one's own actions . Lucky to travel? In passport gateways yes but I worked my ass off to have debt free adventures! . Lucky to live in Australia? To be born here hell yes! Working multiple jobs for the past decade, sometimes working and studying full time to live the Sydney life I want. Not luck. . Lucky to have such supportive parents? Think twice before you assume. Luck? Support? One parent kicked me out at 18 and drained my bank account. The other parent told me on my 18th birthday as an adult communication was now my responsibility. The psychologist "friend" saying "You're lucky your parents don't care" ... if you want to call that luck you need to check yourself!
This woman had her shit together. She knew what she wanted and had a life plan on how to get it. One goal was to be true to her authentic self. She's a debt free globe trotter with a coffee addiction and food appreciation. She uncovers travel tips and has a diagnosis of inoperable Wanderlust. This woman will have completed post grad studies within 12 months and has worked her ass off to pay off the first degree. She was in the midst of decluttering, learning the difference of quality over quantity and enjoys her frugal findings. This woman experienced the joy and privilege of celebrating the weddings of her closest anchors and was entrusted to be a first time bridesmaid in a few months. She doesn't do relationships nor does she take fancy to one night stands. Marriage isn't anticipated though a future without children would be incomplete. Living in one of the most expensive global cities this woman has never been in rent arrears. No easy feat in Sydney, Australia. This woman has worked 11 years full time in casual roles. Her thumb count of cancellations strictly limited to amusing medical morphine anecdotes. She aspires to work in the Crown Solicitors Office Child Protection Division and establish a photography business. Yes both. In just a few weeks instead of having her shit together it would all go to shit. She broke. It's taken her over 6 months to function and moving forward @elisabethlorn not all posts will be rainbow shitting unicorns. Love it, hate it or something inbetween it this woman is trying to discover an improved version of who that woman I was.
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