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Loki froze in his tracks, holding out an arm to stop Thor as well. Thor looked confused for a second before his eyes landed on you. “Is that..?” “It can’t be,” “It has to be,” “But–“ “Who else do you know that radiates magic like our sister?” You looked up, and saw the two of them. For a brief second, you looked extremely scared before recognizing them as well. “Y/n–“ Thor started. “Will you come home?” Loki interrupted, wanting nothing more than his sister to come home again. He wanted you to come home. Of the whole family, the only one close to Loki than you was Frigga. When she died, and you disappeared soon after, Loki had been lost. You were the only one who stood up for Loki, who ever dared to risk Odom’s wrath for him. You’d been the one to plead with Odin for the lighter sentence of imprisonment when they were going to kill him for his crimes. You understood. It was his fault, it was his doing, but he’d been tricked and manipulated and threatened into doing it. You fiddled with the golden bracelet on your wrist as you nodded to your brothers. • #thor #loki #thorandloki #lokiandthor #lokilaufeyson #lokiodinson #thorodinson #marvelcinematicuniverse #mcu #mcuimagine #marvelimagine #marvelimagines #marvel #thorimagine #lokiimagine #odinson #odin #frigga #odinschildren
PART 7!!!!!! I HOPE U LIKE IT! 👇 He had fought and fought all day to win back control but was coming back to the same conclusion that he had lost to his own mind. She was being captivated, not by him; but someone else. A small part of Loki wanted her to like him. She probably did but she was too innocent to see past Thanos' brutal mind control game. He had spent the day in the cabin with her, trying to make her powers even more stronger by mixing his magic with them. She had laughed and smiled and thanked him for helping her find a way out of there and had promised to accompany him in any battle he wishes. That's what happens when you're stuck on a barren planet for about 3-4 months with no one else. She had started to think of Loki as her soul mate. Her knight in shining horse that will sweep her away to a more happier and fertile land. But little did she know he was in a battle with his own mind and he was loosing. "I know not what happens in your mind. But you do know that you rest in mine." Y/N said. Looping her fingers across his cheekbones. "Know that I will always be there for you. Not only here. But everywhere." Loki replied. It was true. He wanted to stay with her for as long as posible. He... He... He loved her. ------------------------------------------------------- Sorry for the short chapter. I'm going to post one very soon. #tomhiddlestonimagines #tomhiddleston #marvel #loki #lokiimagine #lokiimagines #lokid #lokilives #lokifanfiction #lokiedit #lokilovesyou #lokilove #thomaswillamhiddleston #tomhiddleston #avengers #iloveloki #lokiisnotdead #lokilaufeyson #lokithetrickster #lokii #lokicosplay #lokisarmy #
Short Loki one 😝😝😝 Can't wait for the next part of Blood and Dust - dt: lucy - - #imagines #imagine #lokiimagine #fanfiction
Part 6 You walk back to set and you don’t have anything really to do so you just hang and talk to Harrison. Tom walks off set. “You want to watch a movie at my trailer tonight?” Tom asks you. “Sure.” You say. “Alright see ya I got to go get into costume.” You say to both of them. You can feel there eyes on you as you walk away. You get into costume (swipe) you look in the mirror. “Really!” You say as you cover your tummy. “Girl you got a nice belly Why you covering up!” Sarah says. “I didnt think amber would wear this to school!” You say back. “You look great!” She says as you walk out. You walk out with your arms crossed once again and walk over to Harrison and Tom. Both there eyes pop as they look at your outfit. “Nice costume.” Harrison says with a smirk. “I hate you!” You yell as you walk on set. The director tells you what to do. “Action!” The director yells. You walk down the school halls. You walk to your locker when flash pushes you up against the locker. “Hey amber!” He says. “Hey flash!” You say as you try to get from his grip. He leans in to kiss you when peter punches him. “Cut!” The director yells. “I’m (Yn).” You say to the guy who plays flash. “I’m tony! Sorry if I hurt you.” He says laughing. “Nope I’m good.” You say as you give him a smile. End of part 6 comment for moreee 🧡🧡🧡🧡😁😁😁 #imagines #avengersimagines #marvelimagines #tomimagines #tomhollandimagines #lokiimagine #thorimagines #tonystarkimagine #peterparkerimagine #spidermanimagine #captainamericaimagine #steverodgersimagine #marvel #avengersinfinitywar #scottlangimagine
Y/l/n= your last name 🍁- Autumn - - - You flinched in your sleep, feeling your blanket slowly being pulled off of your warm body. You woke in an instant. A man there with long black hair stood their, he held his hand out to you “take it, darling.” He said “why? I don’t even know you.” You sat up, goosebumps forming all over your legs “well I’m Loki, god of mischief, son of Odin,” he said, grinning “you know me now” you couldn’t help but giggle “okay,” you said, touching his finger tips “bring me back.” He said, up to the skies. A rainbow portal pulled you up, Loki held onto you as you were transported through this magical sight. You arrived in a golden room, a man with long black hair was holding a sword in this machine thing “Who is she?” He demanded, Loki looked at you “say your name.” He whispered “I’m y/n y/l/n” you said “she’s with me.” Loki said, dragging you onto a rainbow bride made out if glass, leading up to a beautiful golden palace. “Do you like it?” He asked “like it? I love it! It’s beautiful!” You exclaimed, running down the bridge “hold on!” Said Loki, running after you. - #loki #bifrost #lokiofasgard #godofmischief #lokiimagine #marvelimagines
Sorry haven’t posted in a few days, the reason is very similar to this 💚#justiceforloki #lokisarmy #lokiimagine #lokilives #lokiodinson #loki #lokilaufeyson #lokilokiloki
Part 5 “Stay while we get a better angle.” The director says. Tom just starts laughing as he stares at you. “Oh shut up I’m sorry I’m crushing you.” You say. “Your so light!” He yells back. “Action!” The director yells. “What is going on!” Tony stark yells. You quickly get up off peter. “It’s nothing nothing I fell and he doesn’t know how to knock!” You yell at your dad. “Get out!” Tony yells at peter. “Get some clothes on we will talk later amber!” He yells as he walks off. You plop on your bed. “Cut! Great take a lunch break!” The director yells. You run to the dressing room and put on your clothes. “Dang it you got changed.” Harrison says laughing. “I hate you!” You say to him. “We ready.” Tom says. You all go out to eat and talk about all your life’s and where you grew up. “So you got a boyfriend?” Harrison asks you. “Nope still looking for the right guy. What bout you guys got girlfriends?” You ask them. “Nope.” Harrison says. “Nope still looking.” Tom says. Harrison whispers something to tom but you can’t hear what he said. “That’s not gonna happen I call dibs!” Tom yells at Harrison. “Dude! we will just have to see!” Harrison says back. “Dibs on what?” You ask them. “Nothing!” Harrison says back. “Ok?” You say. “Oh shoot it’s 1:00 we got to get back to set.” You say as you start to walk out but you hear Harrison whisper. “She’s mine!” Harrison says to tom. “You wish!” Tom says back. End of part 5 comment for moreee 💚😆💚😆 #imagines #avengersimagines #marvelimagines #tomimagines #tomhollandimagines #lokiimagine #thorimagines #tonystarkimagine #peterparkerimagine #spidermanimagine #captainamericaimagine #steverodgersimagine #marvel #avengersinfinitywar #scottlangimagine
swipe➡ Loki odinson💚 @twhiddleston 💎 My War Is Over 💔 . 🎬: LaramixK (#YouTube ) 🎼: The War_SYML درخواست خودتون بود گفته باشم😿 لوکی زندس..ولی اینکه چرا دوباره مرگش رو بازی کرد..!؟!! . میدونستید فقط فن های ایرانی اینقدر گی شیپرَن؟ اینو از لایکای پست قبل فهمیدم😐 #SaRa
Loki: stay away from her , or you die Y/n:*smirk* about time you show up #lokiimagine #marvelimagine
PART 6!! NEXT PART IS AFTER 570 FOLLOWERS!!👇👇👇👇 "St-Stronger?" Y/N stuttered as she looked deep within his blue eyes. She furrowed her eyebrows at that sight because she could swear that his eye color was changing. They had food now. All they need was shelter. Loki smirked and conjured up a small cabin like structure standing tall next to the gushing water they had found. They looked across the gray and brown barren land and Y/N started a fire using her powers. Loki's blue eyes widened and she took it that he was impressed. Loki somehow had managed to make the animal smaller for consumption and they cooked their meat. "You make quite a fair partner in war craft, Lady Y/N." Loki said, poking his food. Y/N smiled, "Thank you." Loki got up and sat closer to her, "You know, you could be stronger than this." He tilted her head towards his eyes using his finger by placing it under her chin. She needed someone like him. She was all alone and didn't know how to get out of where she was placed. Cast out as she was, she remembered her family, her land, but to her it felt like large chunks of her memory was taken away from her. But with him, she felt stronger. He wrapped his arm around her and leaned in giving her a slight peck on the lips. "Will you help me? I have a battle to fight and I can't do it alone. Not without you." Loki said. Y/N smiled with tears prickling her eyes. She had finally found someone. Even though she was all alone on this planet her heart finally rested with someone. Loki, however, was still fighting with himself. Fighting to gain back the control he had lost. He didn't want to manipulate her like that. Manipulate her feelings and use her for her powers. But he was already weak. He was dying in the hands of Thanos and forgetting everything in hands of the Black Order. He was not one of Thanos' petty children but he sure was defeated in his own mind. He shouldn't have let go. He shouldn't have met Y/N. Shouldn't have put her in harm's way. But he did have a plan. He had a plan to fight off everything and gain back what he had lost. He had to save himself first though. He would then save Y/N. The woman who healed him. #tomhiddlestonimagines #loki
you turned to face the rest of the Avengers, panting with bits of sweat dripping from your face. “Was that enough power for you?” You said, holding back the insults ready to fly out of your mouth “Now that’s what I call a Stark!” Your dad said coming to pull you into a hug. “Don’t celebrate yet, we still have incoming” Natasha said pointing ahead → uk accent - fabian mazur . . . . . . . . #loki #lokilaufeyson #tom #tomhiddleston #lokiimagine #lokieedit #lokilaufeysonimagine #lokilaufeysonedit #lokigif #tomedit #tomimagine #tomhiddlestonedit #tomhiddlestonimagine #tomhiddlestongif #thor #thorodinson #thorragnarok #infinitywar #thorimagine #chrishemsworth #thoredit #thorandloki #marvel #mcu #avengers #marvelimagines #avengerimagines
Part 4 “Oh! Nice costume I like the sweater.” You say pointing to his costume. “Nice costume.” He says pointing to you. “Ugh I hate it.” You say laughing. “This is my best friend Harrison.” He says pointing to Harrison. “We already met I spilled coffee on him he cursed at me then realized I was cute and said sorry.” You say laughing. You see Harrison blush. “Well once we are done filming wanna go out to eat with us?” Tom asks you. “Sure.” You say. “(Yn)! Tom! Let’s go!” The director yells. You walk over and they tell you what to do. “Action!” The director yells. You pretend like your getting ready when peter walks in. “Peter do you know how to knock!” You yell as you grab a towel and cover yourself up. “Uh umm I’m so sorry (Yn) please don’t tell your dad.” He yells. “Cut where is Robert?” The director yells. You walk off set and walk towards Harrison. You see Robert walk out he walks over and shakes your hand. “You must be playing my daughter since we both our gorgeous.” He says laughing. “I’m (Yn).” You say to him. “Well we gotta go film a scene don’t we.” He says smiling at you. You walk over and the director gives you directions on what to do and all that. “So when you fall on him don’t kill him please.” The director says while laughing. You starting getting nervous. “Don’t be scared I got you.” Tom whispers in your ear which gives you chills. “Action!” The director yells. “Well get out of my room!” You yell at peter. Then you trip on the towel and fall on peter. You both look into eachothers eyes. “Cut! Stay right where you are.”the director yells. You hear Harrison laugh as you have to stay laying on top of Tom just in your under garments. End of part 4 comment for moreee 💚💚💚 #imagines #avengersimagines #marvelimagines #tomimagines #tomhollandimagines #lokiimagine #thorimagines #tonystarkimagine #peterparkerimagine #spidermanimagine #captainamericaimagine #steverodgersimagine #marvel #avengersinfinitywar #scottlangimagine
Imagine: Interview It was a surprise for the fans that you will be in the same panel with Tom in Ace Comic-Con. You've worked with Tom in a movie before and the event planner thinks it will be a great idea to have you two on stage together. ”Good to have you here, Tom,” you said as you two sat down. ”Yes, it is good to be here and see everyone.” Tom and answered with a smile and everyone cheered. ”Looks like I'm not the only who is excited to see you,” you said laughing a bit. “The feeling is mutual, I am excited to see everyone and it is great to meet someone of you up close,” he said looking at the audience. ”And they are also excited to know what you are up to,” you said. ”Same goes with you. I know you have many things to share with us.” Tom said getting comfortable in his chair. ”Well, as long as I'm not going to say any spoilers I'm good.” you joked. ”Let's see.” ”I'm not good at keeping secrets like you.” Tom cackled ”I'm doing my best.” “Shall we start the panel?” you asked pointing your mic to the audience and they cheered. You started to do asked questions to Tom which he politely answered and time to time he would ask you some question. The panel was full of life and everyone was participating. Then it was the audience opportunity to asked questions. You and Tom answered several questions until... ”Hi, I'm a big fan o you two and I love you. It is great to see both of my favorites are close. Well, my question is, are you two dating?” the fan asked giggling. You and Tom looked at each other. ”Are we?” Tom looked at you with a smile on his face. ”Gentleman first,” you said smiling back at him. ”Well, it is known to everyone that [Y/N] and I are pretty close and our names were been linked to each other several times.” Tom let out his famous laugh ”And I thought this is already yesterday's news.” ”Me too, it's been a while since someone asked this to us,” you added. |cont. in ⬇️|
The Poppy, Symbol of Sacrifice, Consolation for a loss or death, Remembrance, Resurrection and eternal life..... From Alexandarcho... . . . . . #marvelcinematicuniverse #lokiart #lokilaufeyson #lokiimagine #likeforlikes #likeforfollow #lokiedit #lokifanart #lokilaufeysonedit #movieart #thorragnarok #thor #thor2 #mischief #lokigodofmischief _____
PART 5!!! 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 Loki's eyes watched as you made stealthily made your way against the animal. He didn't want you to be around while he tried to break out of his mental prison that Thanos had put him in. He saw you walk ahead with courage and smiled. He conjured up his own magic and retaliated at the power of the mind stone that was controlling him. But pain and distraught came his way, only to leave him panting and grasping for air. "DO NOT FIGHT US, BOY! For you will loose!" The harsh voice said. "NO! I will fight you till the end of my days." He retaliated. "LOKI!" He heard a scream; Y/N's scream. He opened his eyes and his eyes were still blue. Blue and stone cold. But he still looked for her. He saw her struggling to kill. He smirked and levitated in onto the animal and killed it mercilessly. Y/N looked at Loki with fear as she backed away. He smirked towards him as he planted his feet to the ground and held her head up by putting his finger under her chin. "I will need you. You need to be stronger." She looked his lips moving with a breeze of cool air. "I shall make you stronger Y/N." --------------- #loki #lokiimagine #lokiimagines #lokid #lokilives #lokifanfiction #lokiedit #lokilovesyou #tomhiddleston #avengers #iloveloki #lokiisnotdead #lokilaufeyson #lokithetrickster #tomhiddlestonimagines #thor #thorthedarkworld #thorragnarok #avengersinfinitywar NEXT PART AFTER 550 FOLLOWERS!!
— [ 8 - loki laufeyson ] → war of hearts (acoustic) - ruelle → requested by @imaginesloki . six months have passed since the incident, and you and loki have never been happier. you cradled your son in your arms as you walked side by side to greet thor, your new brother-in-law. he had that same old wide grin on his face as he approached you, loki, and your son. "welcome home, brother," he said, greeting loki with a firm handshake and hug. "welcome back, y/n." he looked down at your son, who was all smiles. "i get he takes after his uncle?" thor joked. loki reached down and laced his fingers into yours. "actually, he gets his smile from his mother." he looked over at you, and you both shared a quick kiss. "well i'm happy for you, brother. you found a good life for yourself." thor nodded approvingly. loki just smirked. "i found a home in y/n's heart." . . . . . . . . . #loki #lokilaufeyson #tom #tomhiddleston #lokiimagine #lokieedit #lokilaufeysonimagine #lokilaufeysonedit #lokigif #tomedit #tomimagine #tomhiddlestonedit #tomhiddlestonimagine #tomhiddlestongif #thor #thorodinson #thorragnarok #infinitywar #thorimagine #chrishemsworth #thoredit #thorandloki #marvel #mcu #avengers #marvelimagines #avengerimagines
They’ve changed so much but no doubt they are even more handsome than the start- if that’s possible 💚💚#justiceforloki #lokisarmy #lokiimagine #lokiodinson #lokilives #loki #lokilaufeyson
“Away from all of reality”🎶🤞 - - - - - - skskskskskskdndnjsjsjssssksiziakwjsjh what I hate this this🤦‍♀️skskfhhd I’m losing followers so fast, what type of posts do you want to see?💓 - - - - - - #thorragnarok #thorthedarkworld #godofmischief #infinitywar #jotunloki #loki #lokilaufeyson #lokiodinson #thor #avengers #avengersassemble #avengersinfinitywar #like4like #l4l #likeforlike #omgpage
OK. I ADMIT. I have been feeling quite jealous after looking at all the pictures of people with Tom at Ace Comic Con ... BUT ... i am sure that i WILL get to meet him one day , one way or another ! I am sure of it . - - - #loki #lokiedit #lokilaufeyson #lokiimagine #tomhiddleston #tomhiddlestonedit #tomhiddlestonisperfection #tomhiddleston 💋 #infinitywar #avengers4 #acecomiccon #ironman #thanos #thor #doctorstrange #marvelmemes #marvel #captainamerica #captainmarvel
Part 3 “Well peter walks in when amber stark is changing.” She says. “Ya.” You say confused. “Your just in a bra and underwear.” She says laughing. “What!? I thought she would be changed by then!” You yell. “Nope well here you go.” She says as she hands you lace pink underwear. You put it on and look in the mirror. You have a nice body but you don’t like showing it off especially to guys. You walk out and show Sarah. “Dang girl You is hot all the boys gonna be looking!” She says while laughing. “Great!” You say sarcastically. “Now let’s do hair and makeup.” She says. She curls your hair and puts some natural makeup on. You walk out with your arms crossed trying to cover yourself up. “There she is. Go stand over there while we wait for tom.” The director says. You walk over and play on your phone. You scroll through Instagram and see all the photos your tagged in. People always freak out that your in a marvel movie since you’ve been in so many other movies also. “Hey (Yn)!” Harrison says as he walks over. “Nice costume!” He says with a grin. “I hate you!” You say back. You look over and see a guy with brown hair and brown eyes. Dang he’s hot. He walks over to you. “Hey Harrison!” He says he then sees you and looks you up and down and you see his eyes pop. “Uh I’m tom.” He says as he shakes your hand. “I’m (yn) I play Amber.” You say. “Oh I’m Spider-Man.” He says. Harrison laughs. End of part 3 comment for moree 💞💞 #imagines #avengersimagines #marvelimagines #tomimagines #tomhollandimagines #lokiimagine #thorimagines #tonystarkimagine #peterparkerimagine #spidermanimagine #captainamericaimagine #steverodgersimagine #marvel #avengersinfinitywar #scottlangimagine
I'm not really happy about how this turned out but I redid it 2 times and I'm still not completely satisfied so I'm sorry and hope you'll like it!💙 --------------------------------------- °requested by @tomhollandloveeee ° ac: Amber Run - I found (slowed down)
Just an simple imagine on the ship the Asgardians fled on before all the bad stuff happened, let’s just ignore all of that shall we~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ #marvel #marvelstudios #mcu #loki #lokilaufeyson #tomhiddleston #lokiimagine #lokiimagines
[ 1 - loki laufeyson] - “What?” you stuttered in disbelief “Ever since we were kids” he laughed sheepishly “Is this some kind of joke?” you asked, still in disbelief “Nope, now come on..I have something special to show you” He said taking your hand. - - - Song: Dusk till Dawn by Zayn Also, thank you for so much love on these imagines! I only started for fun and would not believe the amount of love these are getting! - - - - - #loki #lokilaufeyson #tom #tomhiddleston #lokiimagine #lokieedit #lokilaufeysonimagine #lokilaufeysonedit #lokigif #tomedit #tomimagine #tomhiddlestonedit #tomhiddlestonimagine #tomhiddlestongif #thor #thorodinson #thorragnarok #infinitywar #thorimagine #chrishemsworth #thoredit #thorandloki #marvel #mcu #avengers #marvelimagines #avengerimagines #avengers
OMG THANK YOU FOR 500!!👇👇 ------------------------------------------------------- Loki snapped back to reality and stared at Y/N. She stared at with worried eyes, scaling every inch of him. He stepped closer to her and grinned. She furrowed her eyebrows as he walked closer to her and she his blue eyes gleaming. //Weren't they green a second ago?// She thought. "Well if we are going to be deserted on this planet then why not be deserted together?" Loki asked, still grinning. Y/N blushed. She didn't even know the man but he was the only one there with her. He has powers and seems to be willing to help. And even if he does try something out of apathy, she has powers too. She nodded. "We have to find food and shelter. Quickly. The sun is about to set." She said hastily. She started walking in front of Loki who was still grinning mischievously with his armed pinned against each other behind his back. She was slightly worried about the change of eye color and how he kept snapping into a trans. She had hoped that this was none of her concern but she couldn't help but worry about him, and her own safety. "There." Loki paused in his tracks, his closed blue eyes scanning the animal that had knocked Y/N unconscious. "Food." He said. "Now hit it with the thing you hit me with." He commanded. Y/N chuckled, "Me? Why not you prince Loki?" "I'll watch you. And I'll be right here if anything was to happen." He didn't want her to go anywhere but he also didn't want her to be with him while... ------------------------------------------------------- #loki #lokiimagine #lokiimagines #lokii #lokilove #tomhiddleston #avengers #thor #thorthedarkworld #thorragnarok #avengersinfinitywar #ilovetomhiddleston #lokiodinson #lokithetrickster #lokilives #lokifanfiction #marvel #mcu #lokimeme #lokilovesme #doitforhiddleston
Loki ❄️ • • Loki: Y/N are you sure about this? Y/N: I love you brother *smiles softly* Loki: I love you too • Audio Cred: @praiseaudios #thor #loki #lokiimagine #thorimagine #marvel #marvelimagines #marvelimagine #infinitywar
I’ve been lagging for almost a month aND I FEEL SO BAD IM SORRY DHXBDJD I might switch to twitter honestly for a fan page hdbxhd
He’s beautiful, and has a big heart that only a few people have been able to see 💚💚💚💚. #justiceforloki #lokisarmy #lokiimagine #lokilives #lokiodinson #loki #lokilaufeyson #lokilokiloki
Part 2 “So where you from?” Harrison asks as you walk on to set. “LA.” You say. “I’m guessing with the accent Britain.” You say laughing. “Got me there.” He says laughing. “Well here we are.” He says pointing to the set. You walk over to the director. “(Yn) there you are. We need to get you into costume.” He says. You walk to your dressing room and there’s a lady there to help you. You look around. “Hi sweetie! I’m Sarah and I will be your stylist and I’m so excited. I’ve been reading the script and really getting into her style and making your outfits go with your power! I’m just so excited I mean you have super speed!” She says excitedly. “I know I’m excited to do the first scene? Where’s the costume?” You say excitedly. “I’m guessing you read the script it’s when you meet peter. He’s a cutie you know.” She says. “I’ve never met tom actually. I couldn’t make it to any of the table reads” You say nervously. “Girl you are filming Spider-Man and you have never met Spider-Man? Well you will meet him today!” She says happily. “The script doesn’t say what I’m wearing but it says some weird lines which makes me nervous.” You say laughing. “Oh they didn’t tell you.” She says. “Didn’t tell me what.” You say nervously. End of part 2 ❤️❤️❤️❤️ comment for moree 💜💜💜 #imagines #avengersimagines #marvelimagines #tomimagines #tomhollandimagines #lokiimagine #thorimagines #tonystarkimagine #peterparkerimagine #spidermanimagine #captainamericaimagine #steverodgersimagine #marvel #avengersinfinitywar #scottlangimagine
Chapter 11: A week passed by and I could already use my powers at my will , Erik was right , 2 days after we had a talk a boy asked me out to the prom, his name is Sam and he’s really cute . Right now I’m dress shopping with Natasha and my mom before the prom “how about this one?” Natasha asked as she showed me a knee length blue dress “it’s beautiful “ I said excitedly and went to try it on , it fit me more then well “you look gorgeous ״ my mom said and I smiled “thanks , now come on I have 4 hours to get ready!” I said and paid quickly for the dress, thanks you dad’s credit card. When we were back at the tower I ran to my room and a long hot shower to relax then put the dress on and applied my makeup on . Then Wanda came to fix my hair and gasped “what?do I look bad?” I panicked “no no you’re gorgeous, like a princess” she winked and I chuckled “welllll let’s get you ready!” She said and started messing with my hair. When she was done I looked at my hair , 2 braids connected to a mid level ponytail “it’s beautiful Wanda thank you” I smiled and hugged her “no problem, enjoy your prom” she said and left my room and went downstairs “wow” I heard someone said from behind me and turned around to meet Charles “hey, how do I look?” I asked “amazing , enjoy “ he smiled and walked to the kitchen “my baby, you’re so beautiful!” My mom said as she and my dad came in with a camera and the rest of the avengers “you’re stunning lady y/n” Thor said and I blushed deeply “guys cool it off with the compliments , I’m blushing like a mad man” I said and my father chuckled “dear daughter , as a stark you should be used to it” he said and I smiled “well come on love I’m your driver” Loki said as he entered the room “you try to kill me before then prom even started?” I asked my dad “he’s the only available one” he throws to reason but I only sighed “well then I’m takeing the Ferrari “ I smirked and his face dropped “if anything happened to the car you’re dead” he told Loki and Loki nodded and I followed him to the garage . When we reached school I went out from the car “enjoy your night” Loki said and I thanked him , than Sam Cassie and his friend came over “Umm Sam what’s going on?
Chapter 10: At 8 am sharp I was at the training area waiting for Erik to show up “didn’t think you’d show up” he said and I turned around to face him “why is that?” I asked “you boyfriend gave me a death glare after offering my help” he said a and I chuckled “Loki is not my boyfriend, he’s my previous failings teacher, that’s it “ I reassured him “well then let’s begin , what’s you powers ?” He asked “I have telekinesis, I can move basically everything with my mind” I said and he nodded “may I know what happened with the previous teacher?” He asked “the only thing he did was yelling at me about how I’m failing miserably and insult me in a lot of ways , so when you offered your help you kind of offered me a brake “ I admitted and he nodded “Okay let’s begin then” he smiled and I stood up “okay first I want you to try and create something, telekinesis can also give you the power to create. Try to create a dagger “ he said and I winced “Okay let’s try something else then , try to create a sword “ he said thoughtfully “I-I don’t know how, with Loki it just happened cause I was angry “ I sighed and he smiled “it’s okay, just focus on you power, imagine it flow through your body and let it out, and don’t let emotions stop you, let them be your motive “ he encouraged me and I could really feel some kind of energy surging through me “can you feel it?” He asked and I nodded “good now let it flow and create a sword “ he instructed and I was focusing on the power and eventually felt a sword starting to form in my hand “well done y/n” Erik smiled and I saw I created a big curved sword “well let’s practice your telekinesis now” he said and I nodded . -third p.o.v- Unknown to you loki was watching you and Erik train and hated every second, of course he enjoyed watching you, but he didn’t like the chemistry between you and erik, he also regretted being so mean to you during practice, but his ego was to big for him to apologize for what he did. “So how’s school?” Erik asked “it’s going well, I’m a senior, dad wanted me to finish early like he did but mom insisted that I will have a normal high school experience, so I got it all, the professions , the proms and let’s not forget
Chapter 8: Y/n’s p.o.v- I woke up tied to a chair , kinda of gave me a deja vu from the time that Loki took me “well looks like the princess is awake “ an agent said as he came in “allow me to introduce myself, I’m -“ “I don’t give a fuck” I sassed and he smirked “oh you’re a smartass, I love smarties , it’s fun to break them “ he said and stabbed my right hand ,fuck that hurts , but I don’t show it -Loki p.o.v- “Shit shit shit , she still have trauma from the time that you kidnapped her , but hydra, they will scar her for life “ tony said , completely dreadful “don’t worry we’ll get her back “ I promised “I’ll go update Fury ,then I’ll try locating her , just relax” I instructed and he nodded -y/n’s p.o.v- After 2 hours of torture they threw me in a cell with a bottle of water “I’ll be back in a few minutes to continue our little game “ he smirked and I spit on his shoe “fuck.you” I growled and he left. And that was the way thing went here for the next week I had been here , they’d take me to the interrogation room , torture me and insult me , but I wouldn’t brake , never. -Loki’s p.o.v- After a week of searching banner has finally found a trace of y/n and where she could be “suit up we’re going now” I said and left to pick My daggers from my room “be prepared guys , it’s an hydra base , this guys are mean” Steve said as we got on the jet “well I’m meaner when it comes to my daughter “ tony said “I remind you that she’s going to be in a serious trauma cause it’s the second time she’s been kidnapped in the last month “ he added “don’t worry, we’ll help her” cap reassured and we were on our way -y/n’s p.o.v- After being nicely woken up by a bucket of water ( note sarcasm) I was taken to the usual room by 2 lovely agent who’s names are scarlet and bob , they led me to my interrogation room to another eventful day “morning y/n” said ward as he came in “morning free bitch “ I spat and he chuckled “I’ve always loved your sass y/n” he said “to bad I don’t do bad boys “ I smirked and he frowned “you sure? Cause you and the asgardian prince seemed to be quit the couple “ omg no “no we’re not , dam I was sure that you had at least a tiny piece of brain , but
Chapter 7: The next day I left early to school, so the only avenger I got to say goodbye to was cap. The day passed by quickly and without noticing I was already at lunch with Veronica and Caroline , but I had a feeling that something bad was coming and that feeling was verified when my lovely bully was coming to me “sup loser? Heard bout you at news , they say that you were missing for a long time cause you were kidnapped “ she said “gee and you had enough brain to remember that?” I asked sarcastically “ well I don’t believe them , maybe daddy took you on a trip and you just didn’t want to say a you spoiled brat?” She asked and I didn’t answer “come on tell us the truth, why were you gone ?” She asked angrily “It’s none of your business “ I said “listen here you-“ “I believe she said it was non of your business” someone said as he came into view, shit it’s Loki “and who are you hottie?” My bully AKA cassy said “I’m Luke , y/n’s boyfriend “ he said and my mouth fell ,my What?! “P-lease why would a guy like would be with a loser like her?” Cassy said “if you weren’t so idiotic you might would be able to understand why” Loki said and I couldn’t help but laugh “ugh you bitch” cassy yelled and was about to slap me but I threw her to the wall with my powers “ sorry love but I need to go” I smiled and went away with Loki “so we have a mission?” I asked “Yes, Fury said that we’re parents and we need to take care of a shield agent that betrayed us and is helping hydra “ he explained “cool that means that we’re partners “ I said and playfully punched him , and surprisingly he flinched “wait does me dad know?”I asked “Yes , he tried beating me but Thor held him back “ Loki chuckled “well let’s go kick some hydra asses” I said and he teleported us to where the man who’s name was ward lived “Okay so what Info do we have ?” I asked “he worked as an undercover with agent coulson and agent Maria , when he betrayed them he was discovered as a high ranked hydra agent , he attempted to kidnap agent sky, but her powers prevented that from happening “ Loki explained “Okay so we’ll do it like that: you will pin him to a wall or something and hold him still and I will use my powers
Chapter 4: The next morning I woke up alone, Loki left a note saying he would be back by dinner, which is great cause I won’t need to handle him till it’s evening. Clint came in an hour after I woke up and gave me my food. After I enjoyed my meal I noticed a hair pin and a note that Clint probably left for me it said: ~ use the hair pin to unlock the cuff and be ready for the avengers~. Excited and shocked that I’m finally rescued I used the hair pin to unlock the cuff and ran towards the door, which surprisingly was open? Loki must thought that I won’t be able to unlock the cuff so he didn’t bother locking , well bummer, for him. I ran down the hall while looking for I way out as a loud BANG was heard and the avengers broke in the building and took down the guards -be ready to be rescued- my dad sent me a message and I kept running until I bumped into Clint “Come with me “ he said and led me towards the exit , but of course some guards just had to show up , so Clint just shot some arrows at them and we ran to the avenger’s airplane that was waiting outside . After we arrived to the stark tower my dad ran something like 20 test to be sure that I’m alright, but I reassured him that I’m okay “you’re not going to missions from now on” he said “oh come on dad that’s not fair! How about I won’t go to any mission that includes Loki?” I asked “you needn’t worry about him shield caught him and Thor took him to Asgard to face his trail” he said and I sighed in relief “well I’m going to bed, I’m wrecked “ I smiled and left to my room ~dream~ I was back in my room at Loki’s building “thought you could escape me so easily?” He smirked down at me and held my neck with one hand “you can’t escape me , I assure you that I will be back for you love , and you will be punished for escaping me “ he growled “p-please I-I c-can’t b-breath” I chocked and he let me go “be ready love , cause I’ll be back very soon” he said and I bolted awake screaming “hey hey it’s okay it’s okay , you’re okay” my dad conformed me and I sobbed on his chest until I fell back asleep, knowing that I’m not free , he will be back , and he will be back for me...
Chapter 3: Loki smirked and walked towards me as I walked backwards “I thought I told you to not leave your room , was I not clear y/n ?” He asked “you seriously though i was just going to accept the fact I’m kidnapped ?!” I snapped “no, but I expected you to behave “ he growled and I was about to take my hand , but couldn’t since I started running away from him “again with the game of cat and mouse love ?” He teased and I just continued running “you do know that I will find you in the end and punish you right?” He asked “well you’ll have to catch me first “ I screamed as I ran into a room and locked the door behind me . Then I backed away from the door as I looked at it until my back bumped into something hard and two arms wrapped around my waist “if I would’ve known that scaring you will get you to run to my room I would’ve done it earlier “ Loki whispered in my ear and I tried to wriggle free from his grip , but he didn’t budge “well love your little trick for you to be stuck in my room , from now on you’ll stay here , and when I’m not here your leg will be chained to the bed “ he stayed and was about to leave “oh and I highly recommend that you won’t try again , cause next time I won’t be that nice love “ he smirked and left , Dammit .... -Tony’s p.o.v- It’s been 2 days since Loki kidnapped y/n and I finally started getting tracks on the place he took her to “banner come here!” I shouted and he ran in “you found her ?!” He asked “I’ve found a location by tracking her phone , in my opinion it’s something , but I need you to help me figure it out” -y/n’s p.o.v- I don’t know for how Loki was outside but I’m getting bored and I really need something to do “yo guard ?” I called to the guard that stood from the other side of the door “what do you want? It’s better be important because Loki allowed me to gag you if you annoy me “ he said “ugh I need food , that’s if , and seriously?” That bitch “yes, and fine I’ll send someone to get you something to eat, anything else ? “ he asked “a book , I’m bored “ I said and he nodded and closed the door , gee he was so easy to upset . 10 minuets later I heard a familiar voice from outside the door telling the guard to leave
Chapter 2: Loki came in my room and I tried to back away from him , but soon meet the wall “I told you I would come for you” he smirked and came closer to me “p-please just leave me alone “ I begged but it didn’t work “I’m sorry love but you’re mine “ he growled and tried to snatch my hand , but I bent down and started running down the hallway with him chasing after “come back y/n!” He screamed and I ran until I bumped into Barton “move !” I screamed but he didn’t budge , then he looked back at Loki “what are you waiting for catch her !” Loki said and Barton grabbed me hand and held me in my place until I could feel Loki’s precent behind me “you came escape me love “ he whispered in my ear and I shivered in fear “let’s go Barton , bring her along “ he commanded and Barton pulled me outside of shield and up to the roof where a big helicopter waited for them I guess , then I decided to ignore the terrifying fear I had and kick Barton when the sun doesn’t shine , he groan and let me go . I started running back inside and kicked everyone who was in my way but soon bumped into Loki “not so fast love “ he smirked and pulled my hand , suddenly we were on the helicopter with my hands tied behind my back. Then I started to feel dizzy and my head hurt “don’t fight it love , just let it take over it “ Loki whispered in my ear and I gave in to the darkness. When I woke up my head was terribly hurt and numb so I went to relieve the pain, but my hands were tied to the the bed post , where am i? Then the door clicked open and clint came in “oh thank god clint, please release my hand , this crazy man Loki kidnapped me “ I sighed in relief but it changed when he didn’t move from the door “hello , world to clint? What’s with you?” I asked and he didn’t answer “he won’t listen to you love , he’s under my control “ Loki said as he came in “but nice try to escape “ he added “ugh what do you want ?” I asked “ohh what happened to the girl who was terrified of me ?” He asked “gone the second you kidnapped her asshat” I growled -Tony’s p.o.v- I sat in my lad in shield, rethinking how I could save my daughter from Loki “hey how are you holding on there ?” Fury asked
Chapter 1: “Y/n wake up!! I need to leave for a meeting and you have school!” My dad tony aka iron man screamed and I woke up “ever heard of shaking ? You probably woke mom too, and it’s her day off idiot “ I said and he chuckled “probably, well I have a meeting I must attend, fury and his stuff, need anything?” He asked “yeah , I need the keys to your Ferrari “ I said and he throws them to me “thanks , I’m coming back late today, I’m going out with Veronica “ I said and he nodded “bye y/n” “bye dad” I said and got ready for school. As soon as I arrived my two best friends came to “sup girl ?” Veronica asked “I’m good girl, we’re still going shopping today right?” I asked “ya bet your ass that we’re going, I need new clothes ASAP” Caroline said and I chuckled. School went fast , thanks to Veronica who always makes drama , and shopping was fun , but when I came back home I saw mom , dad and agent coulson? “Hey sweetie , you’re back soon “ mom said and I put down the bags “mom it’s 9 pm , why is agent coulson here ?” I asked “and I want the truth “ you see I can read mind , so she can’t lie to me “there’s some guy who’s trying to take over earth , agent coulson here came to recruit me and you to be a part of some team called ‘the avengers ‘ “ dad said and I was shocked, it’s my first shield mission “when do we leave ?” I asked “tomorrow morning, sleep good and gather your stuff , we’re leaving early “ dad said and shook agent cloulson’s hand “sweetie please be careful” mom begged and I hugged her “don’t worry mom “ I smiled and she nodded “well I’m going to sleep, see ya in the morning “ I said and jumped to bed . In the morning I quickly packed my stuff and dad drove us to shield’s headquarters , after I was introduced to all of the other teammates we watched as a group of guards led some tall man to a huge glass prison, and as he passed by me and my dad he winked at me , wtf?! , I had no time to think this through since dad pulled me into the meeting room , where we saw fury threatening this man who’s name is apparently Loki , then as fury left the screens turned off “he really grows on you , doesn’t he “ Banner said “Loki’s gonna drag this out so Thor what’s
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