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What’s the cost of inaction - you may be scared of the outcomes from your actions but what about the outcomes of not taking action? If you don’t pursue what excites you where will you be in a month, year, 5 years? - Next time you’re scared of taking action for fear of what might happen, think about what will happen if you don’t take the action, then just go for it!! - I could’ve not tried to do a headstand, but if I did that, I wouldn’t have this hilarious photo set of my attempt. Laugh it off when things don’t go your way and just try again!
The view from my mobile office this morning! How trippy is that carpet though? Chair massage is a great way to say thank you to coworkers, employees, and is even a great add on for parties. Contact me directly to book your first chair event! #massage #massagetherapy #massagetherapist #mobilemassage #myview #homespa #swedishmassage #deeptissuemassage #triggerpoint #sportsmassage #mobile #lalimassage #losangeleslifestyle #detox #wellness #health #fitness #relax #relaxation #tranquility #medicalmassage #yogaeverydamnday #cupping #cuppingtherapy #aromatherapy #yoga #wellbeing #selfemployed #selfsufficient #sanfernandovalley
Для всех любителей и киноманов! Вот так простенько, если не сказать, что крайне невзрачно выглядит основное здание всемирно известной киностудии «FOX”! # Она входит в 6-ку крупнейших киностудий АмЭрики и является дочкой «21 st Century Fox”! Расположено основное и центральное здание этой киностудии на запад от Беверли Хиллз или на восток от Санта Моники (у них не понять, так как нет четких границ между городками агломерации Лос Анджелеса). Да! Это из этих рабочих ворот (и из нескольких соседних) вышли «Звёздные войны» (до перехода к компании Дисней), «Аватар», «Люди Икс», «Ледниковый период», «Рио», «Крепкий орешек», «Хищник», «Чужой», «Планета обезьян», «Один дома», включая самые популярные телесериалы, такие как «Бэтмен», «МЭШ», «Секретные материалы», «Копы» (Cops), «Футурама», «Симпсоны», «Гриффины», «Американский папаша!», и «24» и мн др любимые и не очень кинЫ! Вторник в моей ленте - день забавностей и обычностей, впрочем, как и особенностей местной жизни! #iphonephoto #iphone8plus #iphone8plusphoto #shotoniphone8 #shotoniphone8plus #shotoniphone #калифорния #uniquecalifornia #уникальнаякалифорния #caligram #caligrammers #caligrammer #californiaoftheday #californiatoday #лосанжелес #la #losangeles #losangeleslifestyle
I enjoyed Beverly Hills very much, and while I was walking along the Lamborghinis and the Bentleys parked, I thought of a question someone send me weeks ago : What do you do, how do you feel when you are around people above your level ? Do you feel insecure, confident?” Well years ago I used to feel bad, insecure, like a ghost, like “don’t look at me”... but it was years ago. Now I take example on these people and I get excited because I know I am going to experience the same or similar results ! Now being around more successful people drives me. You are going to ask “So what changed to create this shift ?” I began to have results in my life that showed me what I am capable of. And years after years I developed an absolute trust in my ability to evolve, to grow, to learn and work towards a result. So the difference is now, I trust myself. I trust my ability to go from where I am to where they are. How is that possible exactly ?? It’s not my ability to work “my face off” or hard. Working hard means nothing, the term is way too vague. And it’s something a lot of people misunderstand. Too many people confuse being active and producing results. Because you can work hard your entire life and yet produce nothing great or big, or even average ! Activity and accomplishment are two different things, you need to be able to make the difference. Otherwise you are just waisting your lifetime and energy on useless tasks. The key is too focus and the tasks that produce a real result, a real outcome. And you can only learn that around people who do it. And that’s the reason why you need absolutely to be around successful people ! Do you get it ? 🤗
SEVENTEENTH on repeat! #lovebeyondmcclouds ... • • • ROAD TO I DO FACT: Aj had me plan almost our entire engagement party (which I thought was his birthday party) — slick one kid! 😉😘😏🖤!! 📸: @miss.niccic
When you’re supposed to go see Rascal Flatts with Dan+Shay but then they cancel an hour before the show 🙄 Has anyone else ever had a concert get canceled on them after they’re already at the venue? . . Super bummed because we turned down @angels tickets behind home plate AND @uclafootball tickets for that same night. . . On the plus side, @ticketmaster refunded us our money we paid for the tickets!
For the first time today at the new hotel @waldorfbevhills ☺️ I was impressed, very stylish, very beautiful, amazing Lobby Lounge with fireplace👌💖 I liked the desserts so much🍰☕
Birthday vibes. 🎂🎉 Ready to bust karaoke with bday girl @age_interventionist Renee Lynn! 🎤 What’s your karaoke jam? . . . . #bdaygirl #birthdaylove #karaokenight #sundayfunday
Small but powerful supports for my business ladies. #entrepreneurialwomensgroup #thewelllivedwoman • Phone consultations are always complimentary. DM me to find a time to talk and see if I’m the right person for you to do individual, couples, or group therapy with. 💛📞 • I hold really special therapy groups, an... ~ Entrepreneurial Women’s Group ~ Motherhood + Identity Group (Encino and a Westside) DM me to find out more info and the date of the next group start!
INTENTION & EFFICIENCY - You can get two different results depending on how you approach a situation. - I like to apply this to fitness & life. Recently I’ve been enjoying more quick workouts; taking advantage of my apartment gym. I could go in thinking I won’t get a good workout because there’s no squat rack that I can load up with 170lbs and I WILL have a bad workout OR I go in with the intention to focus on my movements, work EFFICIENTLY, and I WILL have a killer workout. - Same with life; approaching a situation with the intention to reach your end goal the most efficient and smart way possible will bring those results. - Are you going to go through life with intention and efficiency, or just do the movements with no thought?
I'm gonna rescue you I'm gonna set you free tonight, baby Pour over me Hey, hey . . #lyrics #Malibu #california #moët #champagnelife #travelgram #losangeleslifestyle #instadiary #iphone6s #bubbless #summer18 #cntraveler #littleluxuries
Wedding bubbles are the best. Especially when they’re infused with some Houdini magic 🎩🐰🔮 (📷 @slycecoder )
My first hostel pot luck! Amazing food and people...from around the world! 🍽 🌐 🏳️‍🌈 Getting used to the spice in curry now. Lol #hostelliving #hostilelife #potluckparty #onelove #livingthehighlife #payperview #hboboxing #alvarezvsgolovkin #ilovecalifornia #losangeleslifestyle
sunkissed + happy ☀️💋😍 went to a farmer’s market and picked up some beets! beet greens sticking out the bag 🌱 p.s.- weekend chic is real 💤 truthfully, weekend chic is almost every day for me, but no running shorts at work for this chica 🤷🏻‍♀️ so livin it up in these over the weekend 🙌🏼 • what clothing do you like to hang in on the weekend? . . . . . #sunkissed #sun #sunnydays #weekend #sunnydays #sunnyvibes #vibes #goodvibes #weekendvibes #happyweekend #happy #lifestyle #lifestyleblogger #losangelesblogger #losangeleslifestyle #lalifestyle #weekendattired #ootd #weekendfun #weekendchic #relaxed #chill #chillvibes #comfort #comfortoverstyle
Our new styles have arrived!✨🎇🎆 Check out the all new "dazed and confused over you" mini dress now available at Giovanni's boutique! 💃🍬🍭 Make everyone awe-struck with this hot new arrival out now! Order now through our page! Shipping is available! #newstyleshavearrived #sexynewstyles #giovannisboutique #dazedandconfusedoveryou #fashion #fashiongram #womensboutique #losangeles #ordernow #losangeleslifestyle #shopnow #ordernow #followus #2k18 #summerdresses #ootd #shippingavailable #colorfuldresses #minidresses
Next thing you know⠀ Shawty got low low low low low low low low 😝 When some people just defy the laws of gravity... one of the most amazing Baraat’s I’ve witnessed in modern history.⠀ Couple: @roshni_naik + @jober7 ⠀ Planning: @brightblueevents ⠀ Venue: @calamigosranch ⠀ Makeup: @amirawaldesai ⠀ Cinematography: @roblesvideo ⠀ Photography: @mateihorvath ⠀ DJ: @sodjla ⠀ Henna design: @desairachana
Photo shooting for Los Angeles models by Video Privilege Group. | 📸 Photo Shooting. If you are a professional MODEL - VPG (Video Privilege Group) provides PROFESSIONAL photography using high QUALITY images to create a polished portfolio. Price starts from $1200. All video and photography products are also available for: - Houses - Luxury cars - Yachts - Models - and so on. We are a Team of professionals with many years of experience in Europe. Four years ago, we established our company in the US market. In our portfolio, you will find a variety of samples showcasing the best Realtors and businesses in California. Our goal is to make your business more successful and make memorable moments. Our Team is comprised of: 3 professional videographers and 3 professional photographers each with a unique style that features contemporary techniques. We will help you to translate and transform your ideas into a unique video or stylish photo product. | videoprivilege.com | +1(310)706-8371
The combination of the design and size of the Soames House makes this a rare and unique opportunity to own an extensive family house with unrivalled grounds. A gated carriage driveway leads to a red brick neo-Georgian house, creating an exceptional amount of privacy as it sits behind mature trees and high walls. ⠀ .⠀ DREAMS Magazine takes you inside the walls of this exquisite estate brought to market by @savills - link in bio.
Enjoy a slow & relaxing Saturday morning with a cup of coffee in our #VisionOnWilshire Club Room! 😊☕️
Gangsta love. Art district.#artdistrict #artislife #losangeleslifestyle
Happy Friday friends!! I am ssoooo ready for the weekend, who else is with me!? I got this cute little dress during the Nordstrom Sale and I finally got around to wearing it! This ruched dress is not only perfect for brunch but it’s 40% off right now! It’s great dressed down, but would also look great dressed up for date night! . . I’d say it fits true to size, I got an XS and the ruching is so flattering! It also comes in red. Click the link in my bio to shop my look! #scstylechallenge
Tomorrow Free Event 🔥Join in on the Scream of Independence at 9pm at City Hall 🎆 El Grito Celebration for Mexican Independence Day which also kicks off Hispanic Heritage month! #mexicanindependence #hispanicheritagemonth #elgrito #screamofindependence #laevents #freelaevents #losangeleslifestyle #losangelescityhall #losangelesguide #californiaevents #lameltingpot #meltingpot #thingstodola #freeevents #cdmx #la #cityofla
Find your center with a good stretch & meditation on our rooftop deck! 🙏 #Mindfulness #Yoga
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