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🌙💕 a lovely view tonight
Last light on the farm. As silent as it looks.
14-15 Desember 2018 Camping Bersama Promanians Bandung & Sumedang di Nangorak, Sumedang⛰. . . Bersama : @aldiyahyaa @riccocheza @kumisku @eskimographer @yosuas_ @egareynaldi @aldiaputra @jasonsonjaa @gibranrn @dhezayn @adiarukmana @rafsanzaniim @_absoll @mahesaflashh @irfanta_ @asfmttwry @habibilhaq @7dpx @dsyudhis @paruulllakbar Terimakasih Semuanya 🙏
milovanost detailu, sněhu a vůně jehličí k tomu.
“Church is not something you go to, it’s a family you belong to.” ⠀ I wanna talk about Rose Church today and how special of a place it is. I grew up in church but strayed, no pastors ever really knew me let alone my name, I was way too shy and introverted and I never felt like I belonged. I know I seem outgoing, it’s because I force myself to be, but if you really know me you know how emotionally tolling it is on me to be in an environment where I don’t know anyone or only know a few people. It takes every ounce of strength in me to not turn and run to the comfort of my home. Because of this, many people overlook me and it can be sometimes difficult to make friends because I rarely approach people I don’t know, but Rose Church, they’re different. From the beginning, people at Rose Church came up to me, and while it was a struggle at first to come out of my shell, I soon realized it was because this was a family and they wanted to know me. The head pastor knows me now by name, from the few conversations we’ve ever had, and to me that is life changing. To feel like I belong, like people want to get to know me, like I’m part of a family, is an inexplicable feeling. Find the community that wants to get to know you, no matter how shy or outgoing you are. ⠀ 📸: @jwirtalla #uniquesharing by @willowfantino . . . . . . . #artofvisuals #thevisualarchive #justgoshoot #exploretocreate #visualsoflife #roamtheplanet #earthpix #modernoutdoors #wildernessculture #takemoreadventures #theNWadventure #liveauthentic #lifeofadventure #lostfam #discoverearth #2instagood #portraitpage #thatPNWlife #pursuitofportraits #pnwlife #instagood10k #lastingvisuals #bleachmyfilm #moodyports #travelandcamp #socality #wanderlust#seekmoments
4am in my element Morning missions feel so damm good 🌅
Another day out with @isabelr_91 and @alfalfamatthews to Beacons wood in Shelton Mallet
MG Motor | Went to ambience mall Gurugram this friday with friends and saw these cars by @MGmotorin. I must say it looks very interesting and sitting inside cabin was a pleasant experience! . #delhiwale #FutureIsCalling #MGIndia #MGMotorIndia
I found a hidden local trail today! It felt so great to come back and hike again. Especially when the trail is challenging and beautiful at the same time. It was a 3 hours hike, deep in the jungle and explore a local cave. Dangerous but fun 😊 . . . . . . . #travel #travelphotography #thailand #thailandgram #tourismthailand #amazingthailand #lightroommobile #fujifeed #fujixt2 #nan #pua #น ่าน #ป ัว #lostfam #dametraveler #wanderlust #wandermore #coregraphy #เท ี่ยวไทยเท่ #amazingไทยเท#travellikealocal #howihue #ihavethisthingwithcolor #farmstay #sustainableliving #wwoof #hiking #trekking #hikingadventures
The city of thee in the planet of noboo. 👽
Get in touch with your own papa, without him you would not possibly be wandering today… Appreciate your follow guys Credit to @tomjauncey @tomjauncey @rufusdusol !! #lostfam #travelfun #ngakakkocak #igersmnl #bergpic #igworld
Deciding to re-watch New Girl was a great life decision.
Air Terjun Ponot adalah sebuah air terjun yang berada di Dusun Sampuransiarimo, Desa Halado, Kecamatan Pintu Pohan Meranti, Kabupaten Toba Samosir, Provinsi Sumatera Utara, Indonesia. Air Terjun Ponot memiliki ketinggian hingga 100 meter dan memiliki tiga undakan air terjun. Caption by Wikipedia 😂 - #airterjunponot #desatangga #asahan #pariwisatasumut #visit_sumut #explorewisatasumut #ponot
"Take me back to summer" but I like winter more 🧣 Pentax 55mm f1.8
I know what TLC said, but you guys were wrong on this tbh. Jason waterfalls 🚫scrubs
I’m bad at choosing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Moments never forgotten, I think I’ll hang you on my wall. I’ve been to this place so many times but I’ve never seen it blow up like this 🔥 #whpjoyful @instagram . . . Do you think buying prints are still cool?
Scale! Out of this world! ⛰
I was dressed for winter weather but the summer rays were kissing me
zoomin by snow falls // car views.
it’s a fact all men are low key afraid of women... even when we love them.
// I’d use the handle of the knife to massage your back rather then stab you with it. 999 <3
A shot from the last trip to Muscatatuck after I ate it on splash traverse. . I’m also getting ready to make my way to down to Chattanooga tomorrow with the gang. Extremely stoked to spend the week down there just climbing and camp again. Should be a blast 🤙🏻 . . . . . #photography #photooftheday #landscape #landscapephotography #portrait #welivetoexplore #peoplescreatives #exploretocreate #visualsoflife #instagood #indygrams #indygrammers #moodygrams #lostfam #featuremedaily #rei1440project #rei #agameoftones #aesthetic #hinfluencecollective #optoutside #nomadstories #envisiontones #creativeontherise #wildernessculture #earthfocus #keepitwild #climbing #indianaclimbing #bouldering
Cloud chamber pt3
Met this sweet bb 🐶 on the way to the Great Sand Dunes NP. He just wanders around a gas station and greets every single person that makes a stop there. 😭🖤
Anyone else think this is the perfect cabin!?🙋‍♂️
There is no place without slow in Colorado.
Cooking it up in the backcountry with Luke, the master pasta chef. Having the Jackery along to charge all the gear is pretty sweet to keep the tunes pumping throughout. They’re offering 20% off till December 24th with the code ‘MASONSTR’ check it out. #ad
Nothing like watching the sun go down on a mountain, warming up by a campfire, then watching the stars on your back into the night. Life is good when you get outside.
Made a video talking about how I edit my photos in Lightroom and how all of the tools in Lightroom work together. It's pretty long but hopefully super useful for anyone who wants to know more about how I edit my photos or wants to know more about Lightroom in general! (Link in bio, series of IGTV videos coming soon) As always if you have any questions about any of this stuff directly just hit me up on DM!
Major nostalgia during finals. Miss hiking with y’all.
Circus Act
Daydream ☁
Haven’t felt too great today so I’ve been mostly in bed but I managed to find one of my favorite shots from around this time last year, it’s not much but it gives me the best feelings and takes me right back to this cozy spot watching the snow fall down. I miss having a wood stove so much. 💔
“Space Needle, 2018” // Seattle
Where are you going next? Seriously, tell me. We all can use inspiration and I’m all ears.
Anyone else wish they had a daily commute this beautiful? 🌲🌲🌲 Photo by: @loganshrop 📷
Tonight is my last class of my M.Sc already. I can’t believe it, it all went by so quickly. I’ll be going home to France soon for a little break before coming back here and start my internship. Everything is falling into place and it feels really good ✨
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