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Pero era grande la sensación De vertigo constante
And even though we might have lost tonight The skyline reminds us of a different time
Only 1 1/2 more weeks of finals... 😬 message me to book a session! 📷 3/3
Gotta slide that Christmas red into my feed 😏🎅 and this month has been wild it's flying by so fast what the heck it's literally almost Christmas
Al nadar por un oscuro túnel, llega un momento en el que ya no tienes suficiente aire para deshacer tu camino. La única posibilidad es seguir nadando hacia lo desconocido…
Hey everyone!! About a week ago I had everyone vote on my story on how my next shoot should go. You all voted for me to do outdoor portraits, have a winter theme, keep my hair down with natural makeup, and to have a prop. This is the result! I only had on mascara and lip gloss for makeup and my prop was the Christmas hat :) thank you all for voting because this was so much fun and I want to do more in the future! 💙
••• A different perspective ••• 2/3 Message me to book a session! 📷
Slowly transitioning my feed into my Christmas theme :) Earlier today I took the photos based off of my poll on my Instagram where you got to choose my photoshoot! I'll be putting those photos up soon which I'm VERY excited about so stay tuned :)
- central ave always leaves me happy!!
Smiley pics from a few weeks ago because I have no new photos oof (I know these aren't typical photos that I post but I thought I'd post something different) :)
Do I look tired in these photos or do I look tired in these photos? 😂 (getting up at 6:30 on my day off was the best and worst idea I've had all year)
off in the distance 💭 1/3 message me to book a session! 📷
I just realized that December is tomorrow but I still haven’t posted my fall pics oops. I’m already in the Christmas holiday mood (my hall’s all decked out+I’ve been listening to Christmas songs since before thanksgiving) but I don’t want the fall colors + apple cinnamon flavored foods to go yet. . . . //#featuremeprimrose #seamyphotos #expofilm3k #featuremePF #L0tsabraids #ftwotw #rainbowfeatures #lostskyphotos #immortalfeature #photography #feauturemyworld #wavemyfilm #featurecollective #Envisiontones #ftwwne #in2nature #seekingthestars #photooftheday #photography #rockyoceans #lightslove #fall #autumn #autumnleaves #fallcolors #moodygrams #feedbacknation #caligrammers #aesthetic_creation
this was 100% my morning mood today😴
Guess how many hoots i give🐕bark BARK!!!!!????!!!!!📸:@ginasouth
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