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Throwback to that one time @realnickswardson and Chris D’Elia were hanging at the Bodega, shooting for a new project! • • “Another throw back. My bestie @chrisdelia. Check out Typical Rick on Youtube. He crushed. And check out our new specials on @netflixisajoke Comedians of the World. Love you, bud.” 🍻🙌🏼☕️ • #dtla #dtlaeats #eaterla #downtownla #acehoteldtla #fashiondistrictla #southparkla #fidm #usc #fidmlife #fighton #dtlafood #dtla_everyday #dtlaartsdistrict #happeningindtla #dtlaproud #labrunch #brunchla #craftbeer #labrewers #silverlake #echopark #dtlapride #specialtycoffee #lalife #yelpla #dtla_everyday #vegan #losvegangeles #lavegan #veganla
Ugh it’s so late to post, I know—I’ve been sending heaps of work-related e-mails and editing footage allllllll day long 😴 but I absolutely am in heaven because today I received so many packages—first from the lovely LOVELY @healthwarrior family that included new chia bars, pumpkin seed bars, a blender bottle, the cutest mug, and paleo-vegan (or pegan if you will) chocolate protein powder! The next delivery came from my new besties at @iapparel who sent over a new @antidairysocialclub shirt that I’m wearing in this photo along with a yellow sweater I’m cozying in RIGHT as I type away this caption! 🤗💛🌟 Obviously there’s a LOAD of special ingredients (well, eight, specifically) that were integrated into the pancakes: @lakantosweetener pancake mix and monkfruit maple syrup, @bobsredmill flaxseed meal, @healthwarrior paleo and vegan chocolate superfood protein, @nooshbrands almond butter, @grandyoats super hemp grain free “coconola”, @wonderfulpistachios pistachios, and blueberries! 🥞🥥🍫🍁 I absolutely adored them and definitely will be recreating them into waffles or muffins one day. Hope you all have a fabulous Friday!! 🌸💜
Same classic Chaffle. Brand new look. #newyearnewme
Hiya! Long time no #waybackWednesday post! Truth is I haven’t had any time to create beautifully presented meals (they all really look like some kind of mumbo-jumbo bowl of ingredients), plus I look like a rodent in the gym. The throwback photos from my Instagram stories are embarrassing enough. 😂 ANYHOW. I just want to publish a little reminder that it’s okay to experience time periods where your excitement for life is lacking or even when you feel more emotionally disheartened than normal. For the past few weeks, I haven’t been feeling quite as confident in myself (i.e. body image, sufficiency, qualifications, etc.) or really satisfied with where I am in my life. My aspirations seem so far-fetched, I genuinely fear that I won’t progress forward, and I feel so alone in the process. 😞💔 Having said that, I know that every journey starts somewhere, and most of the time, the roots aren’t necessarily favorable. This is not the first time I’ve ever approached a situation that requires a lot of hard work and dedication from me, plus it will not be my last. It’s much easier to despise myself while I’m striving towards my goals—I guess 2019 is the year to change that. 💁🏻‍♀️
If there’s any compliment to our menu you’ll definitely find it in this Rebbl Matcha Latte 💚 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #vegandrinks #vegla #matchalove #healthyliving #losvegangeles #localiyours #vegpower
Even sparkles in the rain! ✨🌧😍 An urban oasis. A beer and coffee filled shelter from the storm. A sandwich sanctuary for the weary weekday warrior. Come on in, we got what you need! 🍻🙌🏼☕️ • #dtla #dtlaeats #eaterla #downtownla #acehoteldtla #fashiondistrictla #southparkla #fidm #usc #fidmlife #fighton #dtlafood #dtla_everyday #dtlaartsdistrict #happeningindtla #dtlaproud #labrunch #brunchla #craftbeer #labrewers #silverlake #echopark #dtlapride #specialtycoffee #lalife #yelpla #dtla_everyday #vegan #losvegangeles #lavegan #veganla
We are so honored to be nominated for 7 categories in this year’s “Best of Los Angeles” awards put on by @vegoutlosangeles ! We’re nominated for: Best All Vegan Restaurant 🥗 Best Dessert 🍰 Best Pizza 🍕 Best Burger 🍔 Best Brunch 🥞 Best Sandwich 🥪 Best Mac n Cheese 🧀 . Click the link in @vegoutlosangeles bio to cast your vote and thank you so much for your support! 💚💚💚 . . #vegoutla #bestofvegan #bestbrunch #bestveganrestaurant #bestdessert #bestpizza #bestburger #bestsandwich #bestmacandcheese #bestvegan2018 #seabirdskitchen #vegan #veganfood #veganrestaurant #losvegangeles #shopsmall #supportlocalbusiness #plantbased #eeeeeats #foodie #vegancommunity #whatveganseat #foodpic #vegansofig #veganfoodshare #lavegan #meatlesseveryday #foodporn #instavegan
I don’t believe in “detoxing” but I definitely need to eat beans & greens for a week when I get back from LA. But until then...fried chick’n!!! 🤤
Name a better rainy day duo... we’ll wait 😇 . Insider tip: order your grilled cheese with mushrooms and a side of Seabirds sauce, then alternate dipping your sandwich in the soup and the sauce 👌🏽 . . #matchmadeinheaven #grilledcheeseandtomatosoup #vegangrilledcheese #rainyday #rainydayfood #vegan #veganfood #veganrestaurant #losvegangeles #vegoutla #instavegan #seabirdskitchen #shopsmall #supportlocalbusiness #plantbased #eeeeeats #vegancommunity #whatveganseat #foodie #foodpic #vegansofig #veganfoodshare #lavegan #meatlesseveryday #foodporn . . 📷: @theveggiepilot
Impossible bacun cheezburger from @wearetheveganhooligans. TFW you’ve died and gone to vegan heaven.
Youth of Brûlée, Thrice Krispy Treat, Cinna-mineral, and S’morrissey from my favorite donut shop of all time.
#flashbackfriday to the day I enjoyed the most heavenly vegan kimbap with a spiced lentil kale salad, AND when I had more time to prepare food 🥗 the kimbap was loaded with wild rice, tofu, carrots, cucumber, kale, and pickled peppers! 🥒🥕🥬🌶🍘 I did meal prep some brown rice and lentils for this coming week, so I’m excited to start consuming lentils again. As much as I adore my Lakanto flax waffles, it’s refreshing to swap some meals here and there. But one food I wish I could access easily back in SLO is the vegan kimbap. It’s superb and I’m already having withdrawal symptoms just by uploading this photo! 😂
Being vegan is so hard!!!( said no one ever in 2019) come in and grab some of our pastries and a warm cup of our new @roseparkroasters coffee. Have you tried the new sugar cookie pie? It’s heavenly 🙏🏼( only available at the Costa Mesa location)
Did you know our Beets Me Burger was voted #17 in @vegnews “Top 20 Veggie Burgers in the U.S” last year? We make the entire patty from scratch using local and sustainable ingredients! Load it up with some cheese, avocado, and jalapeños to recreate this plate 😝 . Pro tip: add our house-made black bean and tempeh chili to your fries for a food coma that will not disappoint 😋 . 📷: @theveggiepilot . . #vegan #veganfood #veganrestaurant #losvegangeles #vegoutlosangeles #shopsmall #supportlocalbusiness #plantbased #eeeeeats #bestveggieburger #vegancommunity #whatveganseat #foodie #foodpic #vegansofig #veganfoodshare #lavegan #ocvegan #meatlesseveryday #foodporn #instavegan #seabirdskitchen
With fitness, I’ve turned back to calisthenics with some increments of HIIT and weight training, but there are two new loves of exercise I’ve found (and somewhat rekindled): the TRX bands and Krav Maga. My first experience with a TRX band took place last Monday—I believed “PFFT these look easy” and my abs are still sore from using them that day. 😂😅💦 As for Krav Maga, I absolutely LOVE my class on-campus since the instructor and my classmates are the sweetest, plus there’s nothing more empowering than obtaining the knowledge of self-defense. I know many people who have been physically assaulted and nothing hurts more than recognizing how susceptible we all are to being harmed in such a way. 😔 This isn’t to say that the sole purpose of Krav Maga is fending off attackers, but it does add a wonderful safety cushion. I already feel stronger in a different way (though my front kicks SUCK) and look forward to gaining confidence and self-security in the future! 👊
We’re NOT a salad place. We’re really not. But if you want a fresh one with roasted beets, mint, toasted rice and house made almond chèvre, well then we can help you with that.
Tut tut looks like rain is in our future! Come in for the perfect winter weather combo of our classic grilled cheese and tomato soup.
Did I have time today to plate these @lakantosweetener mix and @bobsredmill flaxseed waffles perfectly with @barnana peanut brittle and @healthwarrior chia bars? That’s hilarious. I didn’t even have time to buy more writing paper. 📝😅 However, these waffles were take YESTERDAY and I basically ate the exact same meal except dates and PB powder instead of the peanut brittle! As much as I adore the fact that I have no classes tomorrow, Thursday will be jam-packed AGAIN and I am not ready to wake up anytime earlier than 7 A.M. that morning for class. To anyone who naturally wakes up at 4 A.M. every morning, ADVICE. PLEASE. 😴
Don’t I look twelve years-old in this picture? H’YAH. I did NOT come to my first food science labs intending to leave a magnificent impression. 😪 Watch me arrive to my 7 A.M. period tomorrow in my pajamas. I don’t have a problem with that 😂 But one intention I did accomplish was to wear my @iapparel “Eat Your Medicine” shirt—food science, after all, centers around manufacturing and developing wonderful food products that help our consumers operate superbly and create more positive decisions. Anyhow, I’m already loaded with work just after my first two labs so I have to get on with completing them! 📝📓✊
Here’s a throwback to my trip in Maui because my dad sent this photo me took of me in the Iao Valley State Park in Wailuku! I absolutely despise the way I look in this photo but the river is just too breathtaking to not showcase! Truth be told, it looks like I stepped into a painting. 💦🌊🌴 To be quite honest, I’ve been functioning at only 60-70% efficiency, basically as if my head isn’t quite screwed on as tightly to the rest of my body. It’s pretty nerve-wracking to return to university after what seems like a lifetime away from studying and working. 😪🗓📝📚 My vacation just spoiled me rotten—I will say, I’m also ready to get back into shape because uhhhhh by spoil me rotten, I also address that this vacation also treated me FAR more in three weeks than I ever treated myself back in my early years of high school. Worth every moment but you know. 😂
Stop by this weekend for our new BRUNCH TACOS! 2 house made flour tortillas topped with tofu scramb, walnut chorizo, red chile salsa, chipotle sour cream, fermented pico de gallo and fermented pomegranate seeds! Served at both locations 10a-2p, Sat & Sun!
For some reason, I strongly craved a sweeter brunch and was in the mood to spend more time cooking than usual. I’m not the biggest fan of whipping up pancakes—they take several minutes for each pancake to flip and cook entirely, a process I don’t have the patience for and desire to monitor constantly. 🙄 That being said, I absolutely love @lakantosweetener pancake mix with @plantfusion red velvet protein and @bobsredmill ground flaxseed now—you don’t even need syrup or granulated sugar because the pancakes are flavorful enough by themselves! But to add more pizzazz to the stack of four MASSIVE bad boys, I did prepare blueberries, @farmers_market_maui vegan banana nut bread, @naturespathorganic ancient grains granola, and a modest drizzle of @lakantosweetener monkfruit maple syrup! Of course, I had to pair the stack with two of my favorite @healthwarrior bars: coconut and dark chocolate cherry! 🍒🥥🍫🍌🍞🥞🍁 Happy Thursday lovelies! 💞
It’s already the second day of 2019 and...I’m still basking in the fun days of being lazy and having enough time and mental energy to bake and binge-watch How to Get Away With Murder all day. Can’t think of anything more stellar! 🤪💓 Nothing beats a delicious platter of healthy, sugar free, oil free, and vegan cookies made from @wholefoods sweet potato, @bobsredmill flaxseed and gluten free rolled oats, @pbfit.official peanut butter powder, @lakantosweetener monkfruit maple syrup, baking soda, cinnamon, and water. That’s it! Last night @anastasia_yogi and I baked these bad boys—we made around fourteen cookies and there’s only five left (now four since I ate one right after this picture was taken!)! (recipe by @healthycrazycool ) 🍪🍠
✨2019✨is looking so bright
I was invited to the soft opening of @hinterhof_la in Highland park tonight and it was amazing!!! I tried so many menu items including the Weinerschnitzel, kasespatzel, potato leek soup, and the salad sampler. Swipe for pics!!
Dear 2018: kahuna nui hale kealohalani and ka lā hiki ola. In other words, love all you see including yourself and welcome the dawning of a new day. ☀️💖 This year has been a dizzying roller coaster of new heights, unexpected lows, and a massive implementation of hard work and dedication. I strongly know that 2018 brought me some of the best days and some of the worst days of my entire life. As much as I regret some particular decisions I’ve made on my end this year, I will always cherish the unique memories and truths that I’ve learned from these experiences, even if I had to do so the difficult way. Truthfully, I’ve lived more than ever in this year alone than I have for probably my entire life back in high school! 👀 I celebrated the last day of the year with what I’d love to do any day: I visited a local farmers market outside of @farmers_market_maui , which has been my number one favorite grocery store for the entire trip—I’m NOT kidding when I say I’ve been here at least twice every single day once I discovered it. 😂😜 Anyways, I brought home some Israeli sweet bread from @anela.beautymadebyhand as well as chocolate chip nut banana bread, banana nut bread, and coconut macaroons—all of which are vegan! #yayroadtripsnacks 🥥🍌🥖 Honestly, I could spend another two weeks here in Maui and be the happiest ever. I’m not entirely sure if I would reside in Hawaii long-term, but to own a beautiful house with an exquisite view of the ocean would be a DREAM. 😍 In other words, mahalo Maui and 2018. I will always love you both like no other. ❤️
heavenly vegan mexican food at @gmweho 😇 tower of spuds, flautas de camote, chimichanga, and pineapple upside down cake (best thing i’ve ever eaten)
Second to last stay-in breakfast: spicy lentil chili with iceberg lettuce and a dessert plate of Okinawan purple sweet potato, @farmers_market_maui vegan pumpkin bread, and a low-fat vegan chocolate cake! 🍠🥗🍅 Everything tasted SUPERB, especially the chili, sweet potato, and chocolate cake—I’m delighted I ended up trying the cake because it was delicious, even the frosting was magnificent! I’m addicted LOL 🤪🍰🍫 The rest of my family dug into pineapple, taro pancakes, Hawaiian sausage, bananas, corn, Japanese sweet potato, fried eggs, and sautéed onions. LOL I seriously wish the taro pancakes were vegan because I’m the only family member who hasn’t had pancakes every single day! But then again, I can always make pancakes once I return tomorrow! 🍌🍍🥞🌽🍳🌭🍠
Once again it’s been a CRAZY amazing day, and not just because I saw a rainbow from one of the three only blowholes in the world, swung on a vine, ate my bodyweight in vegan corn chowder, lentil chili, and truffle fries, befriended a gecko, encountered more roosters in one day than I have in the past twenty-one years of my life, nearly got lost in a forest, and found my dream house (not kidding). But I will say—the vegan banana bread and the outdoor recreational activity are my main two highlights of today! 🏠🌈🐓🌊🍟🍠🦎🌳🍌🏝 I cant believe I have only two full days in Maui left as well as a week left of my winter break! Not to mention, HOLY FREAKING SMOKES it’s 2019 in two days. 😳 It’s been a roller coaster of a year, entirely loaded with ambition, adventure, and action. I’m seriously going to miss Maui as well as all the memories I’ve created and many of which I won’t ever experience again, which is why I plan on making the most out of every single day I have left. Mahalo to all of you and to the beautiful world that provides for me! 🌏🤗❤️
Best strategy when dining on vacation: eat breakfast/brunch at home, then dine during happy hour. Either way, you’d feast like a queen! 🥂🍹🍸 My morning consisted of a glorious platter of vegan lentil chili with mixed greens and purple sweet potato, then just an hour ago my family and I dug into some happy hour grub at @monkeypodkitchen in @whalersvillage today after hours of snorkeling!! 🌊🐠🦀 My late lunch encompasses vegan corn chowder with kale, a cucumber and tomato salad, and a ridiculous amount of bread (double the amount that is pictured along with heaps of pizza crusts and truffle fries!), but every bite was a marvel! 🍟🥒🍅🍞🍲🍕 I didn’t actually drink anything TBH...my father’s Mai Tai was okayyyyyy...ish, otherwise. But it was either water or overpriced kombucha, so... 🤷🏻‍♀️
Maybe you need something a little.. lighter after these holidays?! We got you, the Lawn Bowler salad is filling and fresh with quinoa, kale, arugula and a bountiful topping of vegetables, avo and sprouts with house sesame dressing! 🥗🍻 • #dtla #dtlaeats #eaterla #downtownla #acehoteldtla #fashiondistrictla #southparkla #fidm #usc #fidmlife #fighton #dtlafood #dtla_everyday #dtlaartsdistrict #happeningindtla #dtlaproud #labrunch #brunchla #craftbeer #labrewers #silverlake #echopark #dtlapride #specialtycoffee #lalife #yelpla #dtla_everyday #vegan #losvegangeles #lavegan #veganla
They see me rollin’ and they hatin’ 😜🤪😎🚘🍱🍣🍙 but can you really hate on sushi? Truth of a matter is, I used to HATE sushi because I didn’t have the best quality rolls for the first time. California rolls aren’t even authentic at ALL anyways! 😂 But I somehow came around and fell in love...now I could eat sushi every day! 😍 Supposedly @misophatsushi is one of the best sushi restaurants in Lahaina, so my family and I dined there last night. I definitely have to agree with all the raves—the staff and sushi were STELLAR. 👍 I dug into their veggie maki roll, their ume and shiso roll, and their natto roll. They’re absolutely marvelous—all stuffed with cucumber, avocado, asparagus, carrot, inari, green beans, and sprouts, then plum and lettuce, and fermented soybean 🥒🥬🥕🍚 not gonna lie, I’m delighted I went on two massive hikes because I ate a copious amount today! 😂
Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday break! Come by and relax on our patio and be sure to bring the out of town family and friends! Show them really #whatveganseat - - - #vegan #veganfood #veganrestaurant #losvegangeles #vegoutlosangeles #shopsmall #supportlocalbusiness #plantbased #eeeeeats #vegancommunity #whatveganseat #foodie #foodpic #vegansofig #veganfoodshare #lavegan #meatlesseveryday #foodporn #instavegan #seabirdskitchen
Signature arching pose and the candid 🤙🌊 I’ve spent nearly an hour alone just swimming and snorkeling in the gorgeous oceans—already I’ve encountered so many cute little fishes and I plan on swimming more! I won’t upload any pictures of my lunch because TBH it was quite a disappointingly underwhelming and exorbitantly overpriced vegan kale Caesar salad and a vegan chia brownie, both of which tasted like anything I could recreate at home. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Well, no vacation is perfect.
Aloha kakahiaka with me and a platter of purple sweet potatoes with seaweed greens salad—just because it’s vacation doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the abundance of fresh produce that Maui has to offer! 🥗🥬🍠💜 The lighting makes it apparent that I’ve lost my tan already, but trust me when I say I’m much tanner than in this photo! Today the family and I will be snorkeling in the ocean to scope out various fish and other forms of marine life. 🌊🐡🦀🐠🐙🐟🦐 We already spotted dolphins and whales yesterday while touring our lovely hotel room, which is such a glorious sign of fortune for Christmas! 🐋🐬
MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM MAUI!! 🌺🤙 What if I told you that...root vegetables can taste like meat? 😱🍔 That’s exactly what this officially confirmed vegan taro patty atop a bed of butter lettuce and various tropical fruits tasted like!! Such a wonderful dish at @hulagrillkaanapali indeed! 🥗🍍🥭🥑 My first official meal in Maui was such an exquisite experience. My family and I dined right next to the beach, shadowed under plant umbrellas, and surrounded by the fresh tropical breezes. 🏝☀️ I DEFINITELY plan on enjoying another taro burger if I come across one at a mostly non-vegan restaurant. All along with sweet potatoes, fruit, smoothie bowls, salads, and many more original vegan masterpieces! 🍠🥭🍍🥥🥬🥝🥗
Merry Christmas Eve everybody!! 🎄🌟 I whipped myself a glorious lunch of my homemade vegan sweet potato lentil shepherd’s pie with @nonglacafe vegan spring rolls with pickled vegetables! Traditional UK dish with a Vietnamese staple, hey hey!! 🥧🍠🥒🥕🥬 Of course, I couldn’t pass up dessert, so my sisters and I shared pieces of vegan coconut pandan waffles that were decorated like Christmas trees with freeze-dried strawberries and @naturespathorganic ancient grains granola—by sharing, I mean I ate 3/4ths of the waffles 😂🌲❤️💛 Today is a get-rid-of-all-leftovers day because we’ll be traveling to Maui tomorrow morning! I’m so excited to visit Hawaii and explore the beaches and enjoy the sunshine for six days!! Stay tuned for LOTS of photos with fruits and flowers! ☀️😆🌺🏝 #cptasteofhome
This wasn’t healthy nor was it #naturalsugar but it IS vegan (yes, even the marshmallows...although they’re not really my thing) and #christmasaesthetic . I wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy holiday season. Make good decisions for yourself and if you mess up, don’t beat yourself up!🎄🍄☃️🍨🎁 #halva . . . . . . #happyholidays #veganchristmas #losvegangeles #vegansofla #veganrolledicecream #veganicecream #icecreamrolls #icecreamaddict #tinseltown #lalaland #twinklelights #vegandessert #veganjunkfood #holidaytreats #veganrecovery
Trust me when I say I’m not sleep-deprived and I’m genuinely delighted to dig into a forest of greens and veggies 🍅🥗🥒 even though it specializes in French pastries and bougie breakfast dishes, @chaumontbh has some lovely salads, including this undressed chopped salad of kale, garbanzo beans, tomatoes, olives, and cucumber. It’s Christmas Eve tomorrow and I’m absolutely excited to celebrate tomorrow! 🎄🌟💫 Not sure what my day will fully consist of, but it’ll involve Christmas movies, cooking, and quality time with the family. Christmas Day will be spent in two different states—here in CA and also in Hawaii, which I’m stoked for as well! ☀️
This outdoor shopping complex known as The Commons at Calabasas was basically my second home during my childhood. Every day after school I’d come and hang out with my friends over frozen yogurt or caramel frappuccinos🍦☕️😜 I’ve moved on from those treats, but hey, I still absolutely love this place! The most recent dish I tried at @lepainquotidienusa was this giant bowl of zucchini noodle Pad Thai with a side of whole wheat sourdough and a baguette slice. The Pad Thai consisted of fresh red bell peppers, arugula, cashews, cabbage, onions, and cilantro in a fresh creamy sauce! I will say that the sauce is far from that of authentic Pad Thai, but it still tasted lovely and fresh. 🍜🥬🥖 I genuinely adore trying healthy yet creative dishes that don’t use too much oil or salt and allow the core ingredients to shine. That being said, all this dish needs is a sauce that really kicks in the face with flavors. Other than that, it’s a wonderful way to eat your vegetables! 💚
Before the knife action vs. after the knife action🍴😏 I was stoked to try more vegan options at @voodoodoughnut in Universal CityWalk today! Parking at this area is insanely expensive but it’s totally worth the visit I rarely ever make each year. 👌 I couldn’t decide between the maple bar or the peanut butter and jelly-filled donuts, so I knocked off the indecisiveness and purchased both for variety. Both were absolutely marvelous, but I love the maple bar more since I was more in the mood for simplicity—however, the peanut butter and jelly donut was made fresh for me, which really elevated the quality of the donut! I could tell the peanut butter was high-quality and natural since it was runny and less solidified. That’s the best kind of peanut butter—nothing unnatural at all! I’m sure if I were in a PB&J mood, I’d choose this one in a heartbeat. The two were so wonderful that once I finished the first halves of the donuts, I ran back to my car to stash them away so I wouldn’t have to carry them around and feel more inclined to finish them. But even if I did...oh well 😂🍩🥜🍁 Yeah it may seem weird that I purchased two donuts, but I literally visit once or twice a year, so why not make the most of it? Next time I’ll definitely go to the amusement part though! Last time I visited was a blast but I 100% need to explore some parts of the park more! 🌟
❗️New Special Alert! ❗️ . . Fried Oyster Mushroom Po’ Boy with fermented mushroom mayo, cucumber kimchi, and lemon arugula 😋 . Long Beach location only! . . . #vegan #veganfood #veganrestaurant #losvegangeles #vegoutlosangeles #shopsmall #supportlocalbusiness #plantbased #eeeeeats #vegancommunity #whatveganseat #foodie #foodpic #vegansofig #veganfoodshare #lavegan #meatlesseveryday #foodporn #instavegan #seabirdskitchen
Yesterday, I hibernated in my house, spending almost the entire day in my pajamas with a mug of orange black tea while binge-watching the first and second season of “How to Get Away With Murder”. 🍵📺🍊 While I absolutely loved spending time being lazy, today I was itching to go out and explore Los Angeles. That’s exactly what I’ve been up to now at @thegrovela for the festive spirit! 🎄🌟 Meanwhile, I revisited my old favorite @halotopscoopshop and snagged a scoop of their nondairy chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and my first ever empanada from @nonnasempanadas which was filled with peas, onions, potatoes, lemon juice, red peppers, and cilantro! Both were magnificent and perfect little snacks for my window-shopping, AKA reading everything at Barnes and Nobles. 😂📚 Don’t know how long I’ll stay here, but I can read books and listen to the Christmas music in the background all day (and night?) long!
Want to wow your dinner guests this holiday season? Pick up one of these decadent peppermint chocolate cakes! It’s gluten free, nut free, and soy free, and it’s sure to please everyone 😋💚. Email cayla@seabirdskitchen.com to place your orders! . 📸: @lbvegan . . . #vegan #vegoutla #veganfood #veganrestaurant #losvegangeles #peppermintcake #shopsmall #supportlocalbusiness #plantbased #eeeeeats #glutenfree #vegancommunity #whatveganseat #foodie #foodpic #vegansofig #veganfoodshare #vegansofla #lavegan #meatlesseveryday #foodporn #instavegan #seabirdskitchen
They really screwed us on the frosting, which is the whole reason for carrot cake. That being said, this was one of the best carrot cakes I’ve ever had. With @amyddanger
This may be the last @veganstreetfair of the year, but it’s my first time at the smaller vendor festival and I LOVED every minute of it! 🙌🥰🎉 There was a marvelous plethora of vegan brands such as @iapparel of the @antidairysocialclub clothing attire, @ab.sorbets aka the tip-top fruit sorbet place that also serves their creations in fruit shells (mine was peach sorbet, which is my favorite flavor aside from strawberry! 🍓🍑), @clean_south which develops the most comforting and hearty “honee BBQ chicken” (quoted since it’s not actually chicken with honey 🍯🍗), @cinnaholic with a vegan eggnog pie cinnamon roll, @the_base_co that whipped up a beautiful iced blackberry charcoal tea, and a fave—@stonergirltreatsandeats as a specialty CBD-infused vegan dessert line that baked these vanilla matcha cupcake and raw hemp ball! 🧁🍵🥧 Also worthy of noting is that the crew of @iapparel are the BEST EVER—my visit consisted of exploring the vendors, freestyling, meeting new people, and break-dancing with @timbothetruth 💃 just kidding, I didn’t actually break dance...I more so made a lame attempt at dancing like how they do in the 70s! 😂🌟
It took me quite a while to decide which photo I wanted to start off this beautiful collage of my first time at @catch in WeHo! My gosh, this is a new favorite restaurant. 😍🤩 First off, I couldn’t get over how stunning the rooftop is—the flowers, Christmas tree, vines, and river encompass this lovely floral setting. I don’t blame why everyone who visits has to stop and take pictures on the rooftop. 🙌📸 Not to mention—service is a 11/10 given how kind and generous the staff is (our servers were absolutely lovely). 💗✨ BUT THE FOOD, OH SNAP I can’t begin to describe...the raves about the menu are legitimate. Even though I didn’t get to experience their more extensive vegan dinner menu this time around, I still had plenty of options for me and selected their vegan vegetable king roll and seasonal fruit platter (nix the mascarpone) as pre-game for Maui, and I could not have been happier with my choices. I also got to try some of @coryevanla ’s crispy cauliflower, charred broccolini, and vegan açaí bowl which were glorious too! 🍉🍍🍇🥥🍓🥦🍌🍱 I’m most certainly returning another night for dinner to gain a new experience, but you best believe that this won’t be my last time around for brunch. I haven’t had a really marvelous experience at a new place in a while and I’m so delighted that I found this gem. Thank you to @coryevanla for recommending this place and for @catch for being so divine! 🥰❤️
Thank you so much to all of the beautiful people who came out today for our holiday catering menu tasting! We’re so thankful to be a part of this wonderful community doing so much good for the animals and the planet. Check out some highlights from today in our story, and email cayla@seabirdskitchen.com to place your holiday catering orders! . . . #allfortheanimals #foodcoma #holidaycatering #vegancommunity
Have you planned out dinner yet? No? Well then you should make this! 💁🏻‍♀️✨🍜 . _ This is a homemade spin off of the most delicious (and vegan) ramen I’ve ever had from @ramenhood in LA! Have you ever tried it?! If you have, throw a 🙋‍♀️ or 🙋‍♂️ in the comments below! _ Funny story, as we were standing in line for a big bowl of goodness, a man walked up to the menu and said “ugh, it’s VEGAN!” And walked away 🤦🏻‍♀️ that dude will never know what he’s missing! 😂 Don’t be that guy, eat this! _ DM me for the recipe!
Having a holiday party soon? Stressing about what to make? Let us help! We have a catering menu with something for everyone, from beer battered avocado tacos to savory grilled cheese and tomato soup combos 🙌🏽. Click the link in our bio to see a full list of our packages and email cayla@seabirdskitchen.com to place your order 🥑🌮🍴#tacosfordays #stressfreeholidays #vegancatering #supportsmallbusiness #holidaycatering
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