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The more we visit NYC, the more it feels like home. Just today, we were sitting in @reginasgrocery and they put on Drake for Louie, because we told them she likes rap. They offered her cake if she would dance for them, she didn’t perform, but they gave her cake anyways. Then we were talking to them about our love for @scarrspizza and @lindustriebk , so they walked across the street and grabbed Scarr himself. We chatted on the sidewalk about food for 20 minutes, all while he acknowledged every person that walked by... by name. This is why we travel; immersing ourselves into new communities, making friends and enjoying good food. Freaking New York man. #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper #outmakingmemories
So this is what being married for 8 years looks like!? We woke up in NYC this morning and I couldn’t get out of bed... migraine, achey, sore throat. Loren took the kids out so that I could rest and after about 2 hours, I couldn’t stand it. Hopped on the M train and met them for pizza (@psp_nyc ). We walked around a few more miles and got some more pizza (@unapizzanapoletana )... which was the best margherita pizza I’ve ever had in my whole life. I’m back at our apartment, feeling all of the pains, but it was worth it. Happy 8 year anniversary to my pizza loving man! Life is way more delicious with you in it!! @lorenbrinton86 #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper
I’ve been real quiet on here lately and you know what, I can guarantee that NO ONE has noticed (not like in a “poor me” sort of way… just in a matter of fact sort of way). We are all so self-absorbed (me included), that I find it difficult to justify the time it takes to be active in this aspect of life. Do any of you have a journal? You know that moment when you skip a week of journaling… then that week turns into 4 years… and then you’re like, what’s the point? I have been feeling that a lot lately with this whole instagram thing, “what’s the point”? Conclusion: I don’t freaking know. The only thing I do know, is that I like sharing my kids with anyone willing. I feel like they are all things good and right in this world and they represent a ray of hope. I do know that when I share myself on here, it’s usually therapeutic for me and received in an unexpected way (people gravitate and crave reality). I really don’t know where this is all coming from, maybe it’s a little bit of column A (a girl who is absolutely tired of this “space”) or column B (a girl who just got a negative pregnancy test followed by a period) 🤷🏼‍♀️? Be good. Be real. ✌🏻out. #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper #outmakingmemories
We have a few little somethings launching tomorrow... one of them inspired by our Louie girl! Her hands are always full and her heart even fuller, so we wanted to create something to cater to our girl on the go. ♥️ Here’s a little teaser of our muse; the girl, the myth, the legend... miss Louie Juniper! #walkerfamilygoods #outmakingmemories #louiejuniper
Now that we’re back in California, it’s only natural for me to post pictures from our time in Idaho. I mean... how can I help myself, these kids are freaking cute man! #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper
It’s really hard for me to let go of tradition... but it’s easier when it’s to make your children happier! I forwent our homemade family costume this year, because Arrow wanted to choose all of our costumes instead. He has been talking about them for months and hasn’t wavered once... so here you have it... “Dad’s a skeleton, I’m Mr. Incredible, Louie’s a flamingo and mom... you can just be weird.” Happy Halloween from a whole bunch of misfits! 2018. #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper
This is what I like to call a Christmas card worthy photo! How we got everyone to smile at the camera you ask (no one asked)... Oreos. “Smile for an Oreo!” These kids are suckers, works every time. #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper
Before you even think about rolling your eyes, I will have you know this is not an ad... it’s just some pictures of my kids sitting in a dirty parking lot, off the interstate 5, enjoying their happy meals (because I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom)! #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper
I never realized how important it was to spend (a significant amount of) one on one time with each child individually. Arrow had nearly 3 years of dedicated attention from his dad and I before Louie came along... but Louie has only received divided attention. This week that all changed... it was just her and i and it was so lovely. I had zero mom guilt about sharing my love and attention and just focused all my energy on her. She could feel it... in fact, every night she would fake sick so that I would hold her and fake doctor her back to health. She’s so rad. Even though everyone at the airport yesterday told me that “he” was such a stud and so handsome and so well behaved... she’s still my best girl ever. #louiejuniper
I didn’t want to share our miscarriage with anyone 1. Because I choose to be private with things that are sacred to me 2. Because I don’t like people feeling sorry for me and 3. Because I am FULLY aware that there are others experiencing MUCH worse than what I am in life, but Loren told me he thought it would be healthy not only for me but for others. He was right. By no means am I “healthy” mentally or physically yet, but I lay here in awe and drained and humbled and sad for all of you who have reached out to me. In all honesty, I don’t have the strength (because I used all of my energy to throw my son a birthday party last night) to address all of you beautiful humans individually. You have been so brave to open your hearts to me. Thank you. This lonely road is far less lonely because of all of you... and these guys 👆🏻 #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper
Just sweating my brains out with my two favorite little humans. If you try and tell me that life gets better than being a mom of a 2 and almost 5 year old, I won’t believe you... because I am kind of obsessed with them. #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper
I rarely post about work on my personal Instagram (but let’s me honest, I rarely post anything at all on my personal instagram)... but @walkerfamilygoods is hosting a giveaway with @elcapitancanyon and @veergear ! We have made so many fond memories at El Capitan Canyon that it holds a special place in my heart AND our Veer Cruiser is just so so dope, I wish everyone could have one. If you want to see how you could win a 2 night stay in a creekside cabin @elcapitancanyon along with a cruiser wagon from @veergear then head over to @walkerfamilygoods Ok, that’s it! ✌🏻out! #louiejuniper #arrowthebearcub #outmakingmemories
Said goodbye to Idaho yesterday and hello to Utah today. We’ll be in Orem for the next 3 weeks doing a physical therapy program for Arrow... so if you live nearby and want to party then let us know (especially if you have a pool because it’s friggin’ hot right now)! #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper #outmakingmemories
Here’s a second overload of photos from yours truly... now I promise to go ghost for the next 2 weeks. This batch is from our road trip up the coast to visit friends in Capitola and San Francisco. The last photo might be my favorite... notice Louie’s firm little arm outstretched to stop traffic. #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper
Loren and I are currently on a date. Whaaaat!? This never happens! So instead of focusing on one another (as we should), we’re sitting in an empty movie theater scrolling through photos and videos of our kids. But c’mon... how can we not be obsessed with these little humans? Here is overload 1 of 3 from our birthday trip for Louie last week! #louiejuniper #arrowthebearcub
3 months from now she’ll probably be wiping her own butt, and in 3 years she’ll be starting kindergarten. I imagine she’ll learn to play the piano in there somewhere and a few dance lessons or Dad encouraged skateboarding sessions. I hope that she wants to dress like her mom and will always try to find new music to show me along the way. 14 years from now she will start driving and going on her first dates, and then maybe college and probably find someone she wants to spend the rest of her life with and then I just don’t really want to think past that to be honest. Because today, she turns two, and today she’s the best little girl I could ever dream of having. Happy birthday Louie girl! You are my queen! We love you so much! #louiejuniper
2 years ago this little sour patch kid was about to enter our lives (if I had to choose a color of sour patch kid, I would probably say red because they’re mostly sweet with just a little bit of sour and they’re everybody’s favorite flavor)! Ohhhh Louie, you are the greatest daughter we could ever ask for, the strongest little sister for your brother Arrow and the sweetest friend to everyone you meet! We’ve been celebrating Louie’s birthday at El Capitan Campground which is giving me a serious case of nostalgia, because the last time we were here as a family, I was 7 months pregnant with her. Grab a pizza and a slice of cake and celebrate with us in spirit. Happy birthday Louie Juniper! #louiejuniper #walkerfamilygoods #outmakingmemories
God hand selected this little girl for me! She is fierce, loving, hilarious, independent, observant, tender but tough, adventurous, protective of Arrow, loyal... basically she is everything that I could have dreamt of my daughter to be! Today she is 2 and I can’t get out of bed. For some reason I am struggling with this birthday more than any other! I love celebrating my children’s growth, but I don’t love accepting it. Scroll through the many faces of Louie and if she hadn’t imprinted on you before, she will now. Happy birthday baby girl!! #louiejuniper
I started getting worried yesterday that I was posting too many photos with just Louie lately and I wanted to make sure I was being even with both my children (because we all know some troll is out there ready to pounce on moms who don’t love their children equally). Then I had to remind myself that before Louie, we only had Arrow, therefore Arrow has an insane photo album. It is so hard to remember this. Remember that it is ok (and good) to have individualized photos with each kid. I know Louie loves her brother, but I also know that one day she will want photos of herself with her parents or herself looking dope in the Costa Rican jungle. Just my thoughts 🤷🏼‍♀️#louiejuniper
Our water taxi started off with Arrow complaining that I was making him wear “girl shoes” (see picture 3), then we distracted him with popcorn and coconut water. It was smooth sailing for the remaining hour and a half ride... just had to lock Louie indoors because all she wanted to do was climb on the railing and give her mom a heart attack. #louiejuniper #arrowthebearcub
If you’re looking for Louie, she’s just killing life poolside. #louiejuniper
Loren is currently airdropping me better photos than this... but I keep reverting back to this one that was taken almost a year ago. I love the way Arrow is looking at me and Louie is looking at him. This is how I want to remember motherhood: picnics in the park, arms full, smiles big and me wearing some sort of cartoon themed shirt just so that my kids will love me more. @lorenbrinton86 thanks for marrying me and helping me become a mom. @muthabugga thanks for showing me how to be a mother. #arrowthebearcub and #louiejuniper thanks for letting me love you.
Superhero Arrow and his sidekick Louie. These two are faster than Catboy, stronger than Gekko and more powerful than Owlette (I only expect parents to understand). Thanks for this perfect picture @dreaming_outloud #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper
Louie in her natural habitat... outside, barely clothed, barefoot and handfuls of dirt and flowers. I kind of like this girl! #louiejuniper
Paleta life is the best life! She won’t share... but she sure is cute while she eats them! #louiejuniper
San Jose Del Cabo 2018. I’m really good at documenting while on trips, but really terrible about doing anything with that documentation. So here is 1 photo... there may be more to follow, or just this one 🤷🏼‍♀️. #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper #outmakingmemories
I spent the last few days away from my family at a women’s retreat in downtown LA. I made new friends, ate good food, had good conversation AND was completely out of my comfort zone... which was good for me. Today I am back home in my natural state. Sometimes when I separate myself from mom life (like this weekend), I feel as though I’ve lost track of my former self and I try to find “her” again. Then I realize I’ve slowly transformed into a new version of “that girl” and I’m ok with it... because this is exactly who I am meant to be... content, holding two kids eating brownies, with a husband standing by sharing in the joy of what we have created. Life man... it’s kind of great. #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper
We’ve spent the whole day celebrating Easter and all of the goodness that this day brings... then, after dinner, Loren kicked me out of the house and sent me to a hotel in San Diego (for mama time). Now I’m laying on my hotel room bed wondering what to do with my time and the over abundance of silence that is surrounding me. 🤷🏼‍♀️ #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper
After clocking 45 hours on our 2 week road trip, we finally made it home... and it feels ohhh so good!! At this specific pit stop, we ran away from the fire ants, avoided the broken glass and managed to take a family photo on a timer... win win win 👌🏻The fourth win goes to Arrow for doing his best T-Rex impersonation. #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper #outmakingmemories
I’ve been on my feet more in the last 3 days, than in my last 30 days combined. I tried to take the kids swimming today after the Spring at the Silo market and when I got out of the pool, I looked like a baby deer trying to walk for the first time after being birthed. 🦌 Tomorrow is our last day @magnolia with @walkerfamilygoods and even though we’re exhausted... I’m so sad to see it end! 😭 #outmakingmemories #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper
Drove 21 hours, met some good down to earth Texans, spent some time with long lost friends, juggled 2 kids while we designed and constructed our booth, taught those 2 kids maybe a few swear words during said construction, only had like 4 panic attacks and maybe ALMOST cried once, picked up take out pizza and ate it while putting both kids to bed AND now I’m laying here exhausted and beyond grateful to be a part of this beautiful market with so many other beautiful vendors. @magnolia @walkerfamilygoods #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper #outmakingmemories
Holy frick! I can’t even handle how obsessed with her I am! This morning she woke up and pointed to the bruising on my face, (from the wisdom teeth removal) said ouchie and kissed it.... and then she punched it 🙄 She is delightfully unpredictable, independent, smart, observant and a freaking beaut! It feels weird to plug @walkerfamilygoods on my personal Instagram... but we’re having a sale and it ends today... go check it out! #louiejuniper
I was taking a picture of Louie looking like a sophisticated teenager yesterday (probably because she’s not wearing jeans and converse for the first time), and Arrow crawled over... stood up against the wall and said “my turn!” *sidenote: he just started wearing pull ups, so now every time we put them on he sings “I’m a big boy now!” **sidenote x2: does that commercial even exist anymore? #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper
I’d love to hear the advice from other moms of two on how to love your second child as much as your first (because obviously this photo depicts just that). *sorry, this joke will never get old. #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper
One of my greatest memories with my dad was when we went to Lake Powell as a family (I think I was 11-12) and he took me out on our boat, alone, to teach me how to slalom ski. He played my favorite music (at that time, it was Modest Mouse) and coached me through how to get up. Once I got up, I remember seeing his favorite hat fly off into the lake... I panicked and dropped, trying to swim over and find it. He laughed and said... it’s just a hat. I tell this story 1. Because it exemplifies my dad’s personality to a T and 2. Because I have never seen my dad behind the boat... he only drives/owns it, so that he can create joy and memory making for his kids and grandkids. My parent’s happiness is 100% based off of watching their children’s happiness. Yesterday we took Arrow and Louie snowboarding and for the first time I felt what my dad probably felt like on that day he took me slalom skiing... only difference being I didn’t lose my favorite hat. Besides giving birth to these two kids, this was our proudest day as parents. @lorenbrinton86 #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper
I missed the whole "post a family pic and wish everyone a Merry Christmas" day... so here we are wishing everyone a happy day after Christmas! If you look real close, you can see all of the tired and sickness of the holiday festivities in our eyes! 💁🏼 #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper
Celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary... with our kids... at the happiest place on earth... along with 13 million other people! #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper
Thanksgiving 2017: All of my favorite people (Louie obviously being the least favorite... I really need to work on loving her more) 🙄#arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper
This girl turned 18 months old yesterday and to celebrate she kept her brother and I up all night. Anytime Arrow tried to cuddle me (because we were all sharing a queen sized bed) she would smack him in the face and say no no no. She's the best! #louiejuniper
I don't need a Thanksgiving to remind me of all the things I am most thankful for... but I will eat all the food, so maybe I do need a Thanksgiving! #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper
This time last year, our little Louie girl was experiencing snow for the first time! It doesn't have to be great, it doesn't have to be extravagant... simple moments are just as document worthy as any. #walkerfamilygoods #outmakingmemories #louiejuniper 🎶: @beardfoot
Brinton Halloween 2017! Arrow as Elliott. Louie as Gertie. Loren and I as the medical unit. And of course, E.T. as E.T. #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper
Good music, good food, good friends, good-bye Nashville. #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper #outmakingmemories
This place man... makes my heart feel real good, every time. #louiejuniper
Paris Day 2 Pt 2: We stepped out of the metro and didn't even realize we were standing right below this thing. These are one of those photos that I'm excited for our kids to have. #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper #outmakingmemories
Paris Day 1 Pt 3: The Louvre... and the continuation of the running Louie. #louiejuniper
I'm starting to think that every time I say "Louie, look at the camera and smile," she hears, "Louie, run as fast as you can and don't look at the camera." Seems like the only logical explanation for this behavior 👆🏻. #louiejuniper
We reluctantly left Switzerland and spent one night in Montoillot, in the most adorable French country Airbnb. There were no eateries nearby, so Loren found a market, bought some groceries and made us dinner that evening. Once everyone fell asleep, I sat by the fireplace watching Transporter 2 (it was the only English DVD they had) while eating Swiss chocolate. Before leaving for Paris the following morning, we ate breakfast on the patio overlooking the pasture of sheep and then drove over to Chateauneuf... or what we like to call "castle town". I'm convinced that if we pull off on any random road in France, we're bound to find a town like this... rich with history, insanely beautiful and with a small population of people that we will later make up stories for, while debating what they do and how they live there. #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper
We took a tram to Wengen, where we attended a traditional cheese festival. While we were there, a paraglider from Australia told us that we should go on this hike from Mannlichen to Kleine Scheidegg. So, without any hesitation, we just left the cheese festival and headed straight to the hike. We had a city double stroller and one coat for the 4 of us. Ill prepared, we set off on the most beautiful hike of our lives... with 2 pit stops at parks along the way (the Swiss's dedication to children entertainment is admirable... I'm starting to realize that there are mind blowing parks on the tops of each mountain here). #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper #outmakingmemories
Allmendhubel, Switzerland wins the award for our favorite park to date! Reason 1: insane 360 views of the Alps. Reason 2: underground tunnels and kid's zip line. Reason 3: it's surrounded by an electric fence incase your kids try to run away or are acting unruly. Reason 4: you take a tram up the side of a mountain and you get off here... just this park and a restaurant. That's it. Soooo if you don't like parks or restaurants or fun, then you probably shouldn't come here. #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper
We drove from Annecy to Chamonix (home to the first Winter Olympics and the tallest mountain in the Alps... Mont Blanc), before carrying on over to Lauterbrunnen. This photo was taken somewhere in between... where we placed both kids on a trash can, told them to hug each, pretend they like it and don't fall off the cliff. Nailed it kids. #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper #outmakingmemories
Every night we lugged the kids up 4 flights of these spiral staircases while Arrow chanted "there's no such thing as ghosts," only to find out as we were checking out, that there were lights up the stairs all along... just didn't know there was a button for that. Checked out of our airbnb in Annecy and headed towards Switzerland... but not before we had one last hangout on our spiral staircase... sans ghosts. #louiejuniper
Louie has not been sleeping at all on this trip! Loren and I spend most nights mad at each other and almost in tears because we are running on no sleep too (due to her)... and then we have these moments where I am reminded that she is kind of sweet... deep deep down in that deliriously wild body. #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper
Met an aspiring French surfer named Franck. He rented us a boat. We took it out on Lake Annecy and had a picnic. My head is starting to hurt with all of the beauty that we have had the opportunity to explore in the last few days. #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper #outmakingmemories
We rode a measly train around town, where we spent most of the time huffing exhaust fumes and swapping gelato mess. Surprisingly this has been the first time Louie has ever owned her own cone, and she did real good besides smashing it into Arrow's face every 3 minutes. #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper #outmakingmemories
Currently ditching me for the man feeding birds with his baguette. Annecy, France you have stolen a part of my heart. #louiejuniper
I'm currently in transit from home to Hong Kong and then on to Vietnam. I am going to be away from my family for 9 days / 7 sleeps. It's funny that when I fly with my kids, how I longingly look at the solo passengers watching a movie or reading a book and wish that was me... and now here I am, that solo passenger, and all I want to do is offer to hold every screaming child on my flights. #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper
Arrow asked if he could be Flash and if Louie could be Batman. Yes. The answer will always be yes. #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper
I've been overwhelmed with profound thoughts regarding my hair lately... and the removal of it all, (i.e. it being a part of me, my identity, etc) then I realized that I started sounding like Jennifer Lopez insuring her butt for $27 M (it's just an ass-et... not an identity, so why put such a high premium on it)? So here's to a new short haired beginning in life! I presume I will have less altercations between my hair and toilets and baby diapers from here on out! Just so you know, I was going for 50% Lord Farquaad and 50% Kurt Cobain. Personally I think I nailed it. #louiejuniper
I think it's insanely healthy to surround yourself with things that are "larger than life". Whether it be the ocean or the redwoods or the desert... there is a peace in knowing that you are not the most important thing in world! There are billions of people experiencing challenges, successes, shortcomings, love, etc and sometimes it's better to reflect on all of that instead of yourself. I'm not trying to preach... often times it just takes some serious nature to put life into perspective. Thanks for helping my mind you majestic giants you. #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper
Every travel day has been ending in baths and midnight bedtimes. Our kids have never required baths as much as they have in the past few days... but they have been encountering an unsettling amount of river water, wild animal urine and dirt. 📷 @nahbrinton (our very own Hanny McFee and personal photographer) #louiejuniper
These two just adding to the magic of the Redwoods. #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper
4th of Julydaho has always been the closest holiday to Christmas in my home growing up. 2017 will go down as another year that did not disappoint. #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper
When I turned 22 years old, my friends threw me a Lexapalooza birthday party. Cut to 9 years later, and I am throwing my daughter a Louiepalooza birthday party. Just a couple of music loving girls who deserve their own music festivals... only difference between the two, is Louie's had significantly less Red Bull than mine. #louiejuniper
I have a special place in my heart for dads. In my opinion, the greatest foundation for a girl/woman is to know that she is loved by her father. To be loved, sets the tone for everything... how she views herself, how she carries herself, how she chooses to be viewed by others, especially men, etc. I realize we don't choose whose arms we are born into, so I feel especially grateful for the ones that I was. I have been fortunate enough to have that strong fatherly love growing up, and now I'm watching my husband raise both our children (but especially Louie) in that same manner. Happy Father's Day to not only my dad and husband, but to everyone else out there raising their children in love. #louiejuniper
Sitting on an airplane, waiting to take off, leaving for a job, marking this as the first time we have ever traveled to a job without our kids. Whoever thought it was a good idea for me to eat an egg sandwich this morning 🤢... I think I'm going to hurl! Mama will be home in 2 sleeps!!! 😭 #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper
Finally, a pink and white striped store that doesn't induce bra shopping anxiety, instead just strictly salt water taffy buying! I'll take taffy over bras any day. #arrowthebearcub #louiejuniper #outmakingmemories
I just woke up to feed Louie and realized that 1 year ago, to nearly the same minute, I was up feeding her for the first time. This first selfie that I took with her will forever be one of my favorite pictures. I realize the quality is terrible, but it captured the moment. After I took it, I texted it to my family and my brother-in-law responded by saying "beat... but not beaten. Girls are amazing." I hope that I can exude a fraction of the strength to miss Louie that my mom did with my sisters and I growing up. Girls are amazing... especially this one that is allowing me to be her mother! Happy Birthday Lucy. #louiejuniper
Louie Juniper aka Louie girl, Juney B, Lucy, Elouise, Crazy horse, Tiny, Queen, Lewis, Louisa.... baby girl is 1 today! I always thought I was going to be a mom of all boys and then this nugget came along and threw me for a loop... an incredibly beautiful loop! She is insanely funny, smart, spunky, friendly and perfect for Arrow in every way possible! Happiest of 1st birthdays Louie... I know Bob Dylan is honored to share his birthday with you! #louiejuniper
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