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Let your marriage be more beautiful than your wedding. ✨ There’s a lot of work that goes into your wedding day, but the real work starts the day after. 💕 _⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ _⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ _⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ _⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #pnwedding #intimatewedding #elopement #loveintentionally #belovedstories #indiebride #theknot #radstorytellers #radlovestories #thatsdarling #loveauthentic #indiebride #bohobride #loveandwildhearts #liveauthentic #belovedlife #exploretocreate #artofvisuals #oregonweddingvideographer #videography #designisinthedetails #bedeeplyrooted #isaidyes #sylemepretty #bridal #oregonweddings
I was going to post a political rant here. But, self-control.
I’m sure it’s a pain in the butt for florists but I am so obsessed with long reception tables with greenery runners. It looks so amazing in photos 😻
Can’t believe I get to capture this gorgeous couple’s wedding in less than 6 months! 🖤🖤 There are only a few more spots for weddings in 2019 so if you’ve been lurking, now’s the time to reach out!!
Lasciami, oh lasciami immergere l’anima nei colori; lasciami ingoiare il tramonto e bere l’arcobaleno.
Dreary days make me crave black and white everything.
✨ Adormecendo entrando nos meus sonhos ✨
После новогодней суматохи и праздников поняла,что режим наладить у меня не выходит)Хочется снова просыпаться в 6-7 утра и все успевать☺️Люблю ощущение,что только середина дня,а многое уже сделано)Но для этого и ложиться нужно намного раньше,чем это сейчас выходит 😑Кто знает способы как заснуть в 10,а не под утро,поделитесь?)Ложиться поздно и вставать в 11-12 это совсем не про меня,чувствую себя раздавленной и как будто потеряла пол дня😪😔
Me dropping Patrick off for his first day of preschool today.
Abby + Damon’s engagement session is up on the blog today! 🌿 MackenseyAlexander.com/blog
One of our favorite wedding features: the welcome! Hand-crafted and entirely customizable 😍 • • Initially used to welcome two families becoming one, the couple often keeps it in their home entryways 💑 to welcome loved ones in. • • • • # #wedding #engaged #weddingseason #theknot #shesaidyes #featuremeoncewed #loveintentionally #intimatewedding #destinationwedding #couplesgoals #weddingwire #weddingchicks #weddinginspo #huffpostido #bridalmusings #handmademovement #supportsmall #smallshop #handmadeisbetter #supporthandmade #shopsmallbusiness #handmadebusiness #craftsposure #handsandhustle #makersofinstagram #makersgonnamake #weddingwednesday
If the sky could dream, it would dream of love. A couple session of Sandy & Lisa. Lombok, 2018. #kiokuvisual
I sent a few sneaks to one of my clients this week and her response overwhelmed me in the best way possible. “I’ve never seen myself like that before.” It kind of took my breathe away a little - I think it’s easy to get caught up in the traditional purpose of a session like this - to gift to your partner as a birthday or wedding gift - to spice things up - but the more sessions I photograph and the more I learn about these women and their stories, the more I’m realizing what a gift it is to be able to see ourselves as beautiful and strong. Our bodies are amazing and it’s so rare to find ourselves in awe of them. It’s an honor to be able to share that feeling with other women. Just last week I photographed a thirty five year old woman who was about to undergo a double mastectomy. She wanted a way to remember and preserve her body before her surgery. I share this with you to remind you that there are absolutely no parameters or boundaries in which to stay when it comes to these sessions. They can be fun and liberating or they can me sentimental and precious. Whatever it means to you, we’re here for it. 🖤
Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought. Henri Bergson • New Blog! Maia and Philip in Paris. ::LINK IN BIO::
Blue water, warm sandy beach, slow wind blowing through our hair and three of us... such as one fine afternoon. A couple session of Sandy & Lisa. Lombok, 2018. #kiokuvisual
On the Japanese island of Okinawa, people live longer than anywhere else in the world. There, finding your “ikigai” is considered the key to longevity – and to happiness. The Okinawans know that all lives are valuable; for them, your “ikigai” is the lens that will help bring your value into focus. ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ #loveintentionally #thehappynow #loveauthentic #chasinglight #positivevibes #positivemind #positiveminds #positivemindset #positivemood #positivelife #positiveenergy #positiveattitude #positivevibesonly #positivelifestyle #positiveliving #positiveselftalk #onlygoodvibes #thinkpositive #positiveaffirmations #abundancemindset #selfgrowth #personalgrowth #growthmindset #goodthoughts #thinkhappythoughts #staypositive #selftalk #ipreview via @preview.app
My Facebook tags are killing it....tag your Chattanooga friends looking for a wedding photographer ...you tag & enter in a drawing for a free portrait shoot of your liking! Tag away...winner announced Friday afternoon!!!
Just in case you have forgotten today: You matter. You are loved. You are worthy. You are magical. . @liveagreatstory and the @love.intently team wanted to create a collection that reminded people of simply that. Our first time ever collaboration is LIVE!! . Available for a limited time at www.liveagreatstory.com/pages/love
I love it when a bride goes with something a little more non traditional with her details! 🥿
Don’t forget to look up. You never know what you’ll find.
How about some random Fox thoughts? Too bad. I’m going to leave them here anyway. ANYWHO. Winter, for me, is one of the most magical seasons. Yes. It gets cold AF and comes with some problems and can seem like it lasts forever. (There are much worse problems for many people and animals in this country during this season but I’ll spare you that rant for now), but winter brings about rebirth. Suddenly you notice when the leaves start budding on the trees in the spring and how the birds’ song changes in tune and the way the air smells. We take a lot in this world for granted. And our attitudes towards winter seems to minimize its magic. Do you ever just notice on your drive as you past stretches of untouched snow and just feel a sense of joy? Or the way the woods sound after a fresh powder lay to rest. Peaceful. Calm. Almost eerie in that strange comforting sense. Children’s squeals of delight as they go sledding down a park hill. Everything is suddenly quaint. The indoors become more cozy as the earth sleeps and readying herself for the spectacle of the next season to come. It’s the way snowflakes fall ever so gently as if trying not to wake the ones below. Winter is not sad. Winter is the bringer of new life. 🤷🏻‍♀️✌🏼 . . . #communityovercompetition #seekmagic #adventurebride #wanderingphotographers #loveintentionally #hippiebride #loveandwildhearts #flashesofdelight #chooselovely #indiebride #travelingphotographer #unconventionaltogs #chasinglight #coloradophotographer #coloradoweddingphotographer #pnwphotographer #oregonphotographer #littlethingstheory #washingtonphotographer #portlandweddingphotographer #arizonaphotographer #utahphotographer #californiaweddingphotographer #helloelopment #clevelandphotographer #ohiophotographer #thisiscle #petitejoys #littlethingstheory #thatsdarling #wedcolorado
I’ve just received two gorgeous wedding galleries and simply wow, I cannot wait to share more! This beautiful picture here captured by @anchorandveil of Sam and her Mom is one of my favorites. This wedding was filled with so much love for family and friends and it will be remembered dearly. I feel lucky to have been a part of this beautiful day ❤️ Venue @circlemfarmevents Planning & Coordination @mingleevents & @thewhimsicalrose Photography @anchorandveil Flowers @springvine Catering @roots_catering Cake & Pies @sweetitisclt DJ @dowoakevents Bartenders @bartendersplusclt String Quarter, Charlotte Chamber Players
I love sneaking out during the reception for a few night portraits! #goinggreen2018
Location love 💕 There are so many alleys, buildings and to capture in our city!
Winter love 🖤
A little morning reminder on the beauty of simplicity. | @nessabuonomo
q o t d: last 5 stars read? . This is mine and My God I'm going crazy over this book! I'm already planning to buy all @reneecarlino1 other books, Because i need to, i just do😍😍! . The book starts with Matt, in the present and then we back 15 years to 97, and of how they met? And it's multiple POV, Matt and Grace's . And then like 200 pages in, we go back to the present and see how their life turned out to be and all. . It's a second chance Romance ( my favourite type of romance)😍😍! . Read it, you guys, please do♥️! @busybookworm_ recommended it to me, and i recommend it to all fo you guys🤗
I INSPIRATION I i've got you under my skin... #rhapsody Décoration & Scénographie: @fleurenchantee Robes: @jordanelou_mariage Costume: @monsieur.groom x @messieurs_dames_shop Chaussures: @jonakreunion Bijoux: @jordaneloushop Maquillage & Coiffure: @alexandramaria_jordanelou Video: @lawazinc_production_ Photo: @mickaelmahabot & @segalepetitphotographe Lumière: @decor.re Lieu: @lecafesocialclub Modèle: @helen_sea_ung & Papageo L'oiseau Guest: @magicfiesta I @little_island_reunion I @corle_one_tattoo I Hotel Concept Store I @lesnougatsdesandrine
I INSPIRATION I On peut être à la fois #rock & être une magnifique #bride Décoration & Scénographie: @fleurenchantee Robes: @jordanelou_mariage Costume: @monsieur.groom x @messieurs_dames_shop Chaussures: @jonakreunion Bijoux: @jordaneloushop Maquillage & Coiffure: @alexandramaria_jordanelou Vidéo: @lawazinc_production_ Photo: @mickaelmahabot & @segalepetitphotographe Lumière: @decor.re Lieu: @lecafesocialclub Modèle: @helen_sea_ung & @PapageoL 'oiseau Guest: @magicfiesta I @little_island_reunion I @corle_one_tattoo I @Hotelconceptstore I @lesnougatsdesandrine
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