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من أسباب تسمية يوم الجمعة بهذا الاسم أنه مشتق من كلمة الجمع حيث أنه يوم يتجمع فيه المسلمون لصلاة الجمعة. قصر مكة رافلز يتمنى لكم جمعة مباركة. #قصر_مكة_رافلز #مكة #الكعبة_المشرفة #فندق_5_نجوم #أفضل_فندق Friday was named Jumu’ah because it is derived from the word Al-Jama’ in Arabic which means ‘to gather’, as Muslims gather on this day every week to worship Allah together. Raffles Makkah Palace wishes you a blessed Friday. #Makkah #HolyKaaba #5StarsHotel #LoveMakkah #BestHotel #RafflesMakkahPalace
Dhikr is another way of acquiring Allah’s love. However, we need to be cautious here and ensure that whenever we are doing Allah’s dhikr we should be doing it wholeheartedly and with complete focus. There are two major mistakes people make while doing Dhikr of Allah: We do the dhikr without understanding the meaning of those Adhkaar. We do dhikr absent-mindedly, meaning our tongue is moving with Allah’s remembrance, but we don’t know when we began the dhikr or when we finished it. Still, many scholars say that even if one makes the above mistakes in his/her dhikr, they will still be rewarded, but not with the same level of reward as someone who performed the dhikr consciously and with complete Ihsaan (Allahu A’lam). Finally, I pray that Allah (SWT) grants each of us the tawfiq to act upon all the above mentioned ways of earning His love. Ameen.
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