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See you soon lovers! July is on it’s way!
Could stop but won’t stop 💁🏻 Can’t hate it when there are too many good ones to share!
Salty Saturday Vibes 🤙🏻
Maybe the journey isn‘t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it‘s about un-becoming everything that isn‘t really you so you can become who you were meant to be in the first place. // Erica Carrico⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Children Wedding⠀ #childrenwedding
#VirgoShit ♍️ (we already know what you need before you realize you ever needed it) #SoulPleasers #LoversOfTheLight #WeAreSomeBadMuthaShutYourMouths #ButWeRemainHumbleAtAllCosts #WeJustDoWhatVirgosDo ♍️
oh hey look how beautiful my best friend is🤷🏽‍♀️ happy saturday everyone!!
Pictures at St. Louis yesterday, I knew when I took this picture that it was going to b/w. The way the sunlight hit Mike as they were posed was too perfect to create a kind of noir look. Behind them is the Arch. Often times when I do pictures in popular areas, I like creating a different perspective than we normally see. These two were actually standing quite a distance away from the arch, but because of the zoom, the arch appears to be much closer. :) . . . #photography #photo #seekeroflight #chasinglight #lifestyle #portraitstream #creative #justshoot #shootandshare #photographer #communityovercompetition #adventurephotographer #belovedstories #radlovestories #radstorytellers #photooftheday #loversofthelight #passion #lovewhatido #passgallery #engagement #couple #love #romance #engaged #shesaidyes #wedstl #thewandererscommunity
Yesterday was special
L + D
I’m ready to explore. Who’s ready to Safari? Does anyone watch The Crown? That episode when the elephants begin to charge! Who knew elephants were so aggressive?!? Or what I should say is protective and territorial, because lord knows when my mamma bear claws come out you better watch out! Taken at the #tylerryeworkshop in Zion. Design @forevermoreevents Florals @bybloomers Gown @cathytelle Suit @perfectlysuited Ribbons @froufrouchic Paper Suit @juliehacalligraphy Muah @nataliaissa Models @jademckennzie @jor_fisher Workshop Sponsors @photovisionprints & @fujifilm_profilm
so thankful to have met such a rad chic that braves the cold wind for all the rad shots, y’all have no idea how much I want to post every single photo from this session, which means they’ll definitely be a blog post about this shoot up sometime soon ✨ thank means be on the lookout for something epic . . . . . . . . #northcarolinaphotographer #emeraldislephotographer #indianbeachphotography #havelockncphotographer #cherrypointphotographer #surfergirl #lostsurfboards #heartsbeatingforadventure #loveauthentic #untamedlovestories #wildrootcollective #emotionoverperfection #belovedstories #forthewildlylove #wildlifewildsouls #wildandfreelovers #authenticlovemag #radstorytellers #oarsandbeanies #loveandwildhearts #muchlove_ig #loversofthelight #thegoodandthererad #rawandreallove #epicloveepiclife #wildloveadventures
What a fun session this was photographing for these two😍so many laughs and fun times. Who says an engagement session has to be serious?! Especially when it was freezing cold and raining outside 😂 so excited to shoot these love birds wedding in December!!!• • • • • • #liveauthentic #sociality #engagementsession #wedding #brideandgroom #makemoments #birminghamphotographer #birminghamwedding #birminghamweddingphotographer #april #moodygrams #engaged #theknot #inspiremyinstagram #legendsoftones #leagueoftones #shotzdelight #ig_color #shoot2kill #moodygrams #thatauthenticfeeling #depthobsessed #theportraitgames #verilymoment #littlestoriesofmylife #feelfreefeed #live #liveunscripted #kristenelizabethphotographie #artofvisuals #loversofthelight
The sun came out just in time for these high school sweethearts to tie the knot this morning 🌷☀️
Sometimes it’s hard to find time for photography with a full-time job, but I’m ready to step up my game! I’ve realized how important to me it really is, so I’m making it happen. I live for capturing the love in a photograph and giving clients allllll the feels ✨ I made a separate insta where I’ll be posting only my photography— if you’d be so kind to give it a follow, I’d love you forever ♥ @katiebertphoto
Not totally sure where time is going.....but it is FLYING. Headed out to a women’s retreat with my church for the weekend. I get the opportunity to not only attend but to photograph this amazing event as well! Ready for a life changing weekend & I cannot wait to see how God do what He does best - exceed expectations! 😭♥️ #happyfriday
Think about how cool it would be if every photo posted had a song attached to it.
Here’s to the weekend, babes 🖤
Happy Friday 🌿 Look at these two cuties!
hey guys, it’s me again!🙋🏽‍♀️ i think another #fridayintroduction is called for since i’m seeing so many new faces on here! if you are new to my page, my name is miranda and i am just a girl livin the dream out here in good ol’ virginia, enjoying the nature & the open fields. i absolutely love virginia and always have since i lived here for 5 years & i’m so happy to be back in this town with all my friends❤️ currently my favorite thing to do is go on my lil balcony & enjoy a good book out in the sun with my favorite kind of coffee (hazelnut). ☕️ my favorite food is either spaghetti or sushi, i can never decide which is better. 🍝🍣?¿ i absolutely love venturing out to find new locations for photoshoots even if it means getting a bit dirty, i love making people laugh and capturing that joy with my camera, & dogs will forever have my heart over any other animal🐶 i am 100% a supporter in #communityovercompetition , especially in a small town like gloucester, we all have a vision in our head we want to create and everyone should have the right to be different and unique🤪 thank you all for following along & i hope you enjoy what’s to come next, so turn those post notifications on!🔝 photo: @makscapturedmoments edit: 🙋🏽‍♀️
Meet me in the place where no one ever goes 🌿 Photographer: @ashleymarksmedia Model: @laineylandry_ Hair: @kdblk_ Dress: @lulus Location: @ripvanwinklegardens Makeup by me
When you’ve been married for 25 years and you still kinda like each other 😍
Cherry Blossoms are coming and it makes me think of how happy people get. Literally everyone runs out of their homes, puts down their devices, and heads outside to increase their vitamin D levels. Which did you know activates a production in dopamine and seratonin? being a holistic/homeopathy family When I’m in the Art Therapy room with clients I sometimes start with, how much vitamin D/C are you getting and have you checked your magnesium levels? Most Americans are deficient in magnesium. If you notice bouts of anxiety or stress during these darker months 1. Get out as much as you possibly can 2. Check your deficiency levels and 3. Watch those pesky binge eating habits! Who knew a picture of peach blossoms would throw me into psychoeducation discussion! If you want to know more about how we use Homeopathy in our house feel free to ask me anything or DM me! Just FYI, this is not medical advice but something to consider asking your regular doctor, homeo/naturopath about. They all collaborate great together!
So I lied, I can’t sleep because, tomorrow’s the weekend for me so I’m allowed to stay up and play. Marissa + Michael, is it October yet?
G’night lovers. Hope to dream of sunshine and warmer days...❤️
Looking forward to getting this wedding season started! Feeling inspired after all the new things I have been working on and experiencing in these last few months. Eeeeep! Cheers to 2018!
I love meeting new friends who vacation down here in SW Florida and wanna meet up for their engagement shoot😋Perks of the job...and the state...and the weather. work=beach for life!!!
Braving a snowstorm or freezing cold has been the theme of our winter/spring sessions this year. We are desperately dreaming for a time when our sessions have a cool breeze and a warm sun. But in the meantime, we’ll be still loving on this winter wonderland engagement session. ❄️❄️❄️
These two! Gah! They are so cute AND they are graduating this year from UNR!! ✨ They made my job so easy! Congrats to these cuties ☺️
Happy Friday Eve!! So I have some exciting stuff to announce! 1. New blog is up on my site! Go check it out, it’s about community over competition☺️ 2. The collab session with @lzgphotog is up and running! You can find out more details if you’re interested at the event link in my bio 😎
Yes I’ll admit that I’m a fool for you. Because you’re mine I walk the line. // Johnny Cash
Is it time for engagement pics yet? 😍🙌🏻
One of the most wonderful couples I’ve ever known. And even sweeter to capture 🌞 ➸ ➸ ➸ #radlovers #radcouples #midwestlovestories #adventurousstorytellers #loversofthelight #loversofthelight_ #wildspontaneouslove
Hiiiiii loves. I figured I’d introduce myself here! I’m an Alabama girl living in Pittsburgh, with a long-time photography obsession. I’m a graphic designer, dog mama, and wifey, with a love for Jesus, animals, tacos, and capturing those non-posed magic moments. ✨ Have you ever looked at a photo and it transports you back to that exact moment: the excited butterflies feeling, the smell in the room, what was going through your mind at that second? To help people relive those moments over and over... it’s basically my life goal. Aside from being a zookeeper and/or astronaut 🤷🏻‍♀️ ✨ Now that you know a little about me, I’d love to get to know you! Let’s hang out and take some photos while we’re at it. 🙃
Yesterday, I spent the afternoon running around downtown with these newlyweds 💍 // I looove photographing clients who are just visiting. It gives me the opportunity to show them just how beautiful Boston is. I am so happy to call this place home!! 💛🌆
It's days like today that have us excited for moments like this.... ✨ // @jenningsphoto
After the sunset disappears when there's no one around and there's nowhere but here Oh my love Let's keep this up as long as our hearts our beating✨
yes, these two are real life & yes, i will continue to post & post some more from their session 🙂
that sweet newborn smell and lil baby breaths 🌱
Getting all jazzed about this weekend 🕺🏼 . Lots of family in town, a wedding & an adventure session in @cuyahogavalleynationalpark So much excitement and too much coffee have me a flutter. Bring on the weekend! . Tell me something you’re looking forward to this weekend 👇🏼 . . . . . . #theweddingpic #pursuingthelove #lookslikefilmweddings #belovedpresets #loveandwildhearts #goldenlovestories #loversofthelight #risingtidesociety #justalittleloveinspo #thisiscleveland #clevelandweddings #captureemotion #epicloveepiclife #destinationphotographer #midwestweddingphotographer #theknotohio #weddingfeature #beherenow #lizzieschlaferphotography #emotionoverperfection
Smoke bombs are always fun 😆 Would you believe it was pouring down with rain whilst taking this photo?! Ain’t no stopping us 💪
This olive grove was incredible. Wild and beautiful. If you would like to have something similar in the blooming apple tree grove (Luxembourg), hurry up as blossoms will be gone in a few days!
How can you not obsess over the gorgeous detail in the dress by @reclamationdesigncompany and it fit so beautifully on @odessajamesphoto with that low back! Can’t get enough Trista!!!
1 week ago already. Why...how..? Taken at the #tylerryeworkshop in Zion. Design @forevermoreevents Florals @bybloomers Gown @cathytelle Suit @perfectlysuited Ribbons @froufrouchic Paper Suit @juliehacalligraphy Muah @nataliaissa Models @jademckennzie @jor_fisher Workshop Sponsors @photovisionprints & @fujifilm_profilm
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