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I've heard a lot about John C Maxwell, I even had a John C Maxwell diary. I heard he was the "godfather" of leadership and also Christian-beginning his career as a pastor infact. So, intrigued, I decided to listen to an audiobook version of his book #25WaysToWinWithPeople (co-authored by Les Parrot) today whilst organising my office and BOOM. . . . I know I've pretty much only had good things to say about the books that I've read, but it seems I have good taste 😋 because boy o' boy is his recognition and reputation apt. . . . Generally, I don't like books that have these kind of titles (eg How To Win Friends, How To Get People to Like You, etc -- like mean 😐) because to me, it seems like they're going to teach me how to fake it in an effort to gain an advantage, thus being completely disingenuous. No one likes disingenuous people and we generally see through it with blasé...d(?) annoyance. Justly so, no one liked to be conned by some cooped up script spewed at you. 😑 . . . I digress... anyways, I half expected that (above ramble) from this books BUT I was blown away. It described everything to the contrary, it emphasizes the need to grow our sympathy muscles into being more considerate and emphatic towards the other person, it impresses upon us the fact that if you want to receive a better outcome in relationships you need to work on yourself and focus on OTHER people more by consistently and selflessly laying yourself down and "washing other people feet". It's definitely challenged me to be a better leader in a lot of aspects. . . . Being a leader is simply knowing how to serve well. . . . Quote : Your relationships are only as healthy as you are. . . . #JohnCMaxwell #25WaysToWinWithPeople #LesParrot #Realtionships #Leadership #ReadersAreLeaders #100BooksAYearChallenge #LoveYourselfLovePeople #MostImportantlyLoveGod 9/100
“Give yourself permission, to be with yourself, to slow down your mind. If we allow ourselves to reconnect, with ourselves, with the silence...the life can fill our lungs again. Each new breath will become an opportunity for everything.” Venue: @thefstudio @the_fpeople @seminyakvillage Photo Credit @wirayasaphotography #yogaeverydamnday #yogalovers #baliyogateacher #privateyogainbali #yogaclass #balilyfe #begrateful #blessed #instayoga #loveyourselflovepeople
Memo for today, peeps: Baby, you’re a 🌟. Happy Wednesday! #facefirststigler #evenonmyworstday #babyyoureastar #loveyourselflovepeople
Learning how to enjoy company by myself, reflecting on thoughts and feeling beautiful not by what my outward appearance is, or the makeup I have, or finding success from job titles, relationships, or my achievements....when you can truly love you, raw and exactly just as you are, then that's when you can be a friend to others, to have compassion, to give love. It's so easy to concentrate on the things society shoves in our face that is supposed to show us our self worth, but hey you-you are beautiful, wonderfully made, enough, worthy, JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. #loveyourself #onacontinuousjourney #neverstopgrowing #soworthloving #loveyourselflovepeople #youareloved