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Hi! I’m starting this page in hopes of being able to be there for someone who might be looking for answers about lupus and about surviving as a high school student and now a freshman in college. I was young and I was scared when I saw all these adults with this chronic illness. I hope to be able to raise awareness and support for us warriors fighting the same battle. #lupus #lupuswarrior #warrior #chronicillness #chronicpain #young #support #purple #college #fucklupus #💜 #purpleribbon #purple #lupusrash #lupussucks #lupusawareness #awareness
in love with my badge clip👩🏽‍⚕️✨ reminds me of my little love snow (it’s as close it can get ok😂) always have to have him close to me 💛🐶
He sido controlada por esta enfermedad, de forma que ni me fotografiaba,no se cuantas veces el Lupus me ha atacado la cara , la piel entre otras, recuerdo, como buscaba la manera de ocultarme, tanto que los sombreros , lentes y el bajo perfil se volvieron parte de mi, . La primera foto fue tomada hace unos meses , me sentía tan horrible y sin ganas de hacer nada que hasta llegue a desear la muerte en ocasiones., hasta que me di cuenta de que tenía que luchar y empecé a dar todo lo que tengo ,aumente mi fe y le entregue mi proceso a Dios , ., y entonces ahí todo empezó a cambiar ,la segunda foto fue tomada recientemente y puedo decir que estoy orgullosa de mi aunque aún falta mi proceso va rápido y puedo decir que soy una luchadora y que el lupus no ha podido conmigo... he aprendido a controlar mi estrés ya que activa la enfermedad y a cuidar más de mi alimentación , pero sobre todo he aprendido a quererme y a entender que esto es solo parte de un propósito .. y donde mismo fui humillada es donde mismo seré honrada .. #desahogos #lupuswarrior #fucklupus #yopuedo GRACIAS mi DIOS eres bueno 🙏🏼🙌 agradecida .. estoy viva puedo contarlo.. el solo pensar en quienes iban a sufrir con mi muerte me dio fuerzas para levantarme.( fue en ese momento que me di cuenta quienes me extrañarían y quienes no ) ...grac por la vida señor..# Un poco de mi
https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/ashton-kutcher-wished-he-could-give-twin-michael-his-own-heart/ Read Michael Kutcher's story and learn about the #bethegiftcampaign #bethematch #becomeadonor #kidneyfailure #kidneystrong 💚 #givethegiftoflife #livingdonorneeded #livingdonorsrock #christhospital #cincinnati #lupuswarrior #peritonealdialysis
Do you even lift still? Yes, when I am able to! I still love fitness so much it has helped me get through a lot of things. Now my type of training is more specialized, so that way I can build back strength to do every day tasks (ie: pick up groceries, lift water jugs, etc.) I have definitely focused less on how I look and more on how I can function better. Dealing with lupus I have to figure a few things out, but I will update you all soon on my fitness journey. ❤ GO CHECK OUT MY NEW BLOG POST! I talk about whether or not you should workout while being sick. Click the link in my bio to read! ➡www.ashleighlivingston.com/blog P.S. I love these @bruteforcesandbags they have become my favorite piece of workout equipment! 💪 -------------------------------- #bearolemodel #fitness #blogger #blog #fitfam #deadlift #bruteforcesandbags #squat #train #bodybuilding #fitnessmodel #functionaltraining #bloggerstyle #lupuswarrior #fit #workoutmotivation #vegas #lasvegas #sandbagworkout
1/16/19: Starting over. Two words that have me looking forward to what could be for the first time in months. Lupus or not, the game face is coming back. With God’s help, I’ll be back in the gym on Monday...with my daughter. @makalaaa_98 ❤️ #lupus #lupussucks #imayhavelupusbutitdoesnthaveme #lupuswarrior #neverthelessshepersisted #weightlossjourney #startover #weightloss #gym #godsgotthis
Yall, @brickhouse901 knows how to kick my ass. I must be a glutton for punishment because I'll be back again tomorrow. In totally unrelated news, I cant get out of my car. #allthesquats #allthelunges #warrior #spoonie #autoimmunedisease #autoimmune #autoimmuneawareness #spoonielife #cfs #lupies #lupusawareness #lupuswarrior #lupie #lupus #lupielife #chronicillness #chronicfatigue #cfs #squatlikeitshot
Yesterday evening was really hard. So hard that when it came to night time I couldn't sleep. I couldn't sleep because of so much fear surrounding my heart and mind that if I did I wouldn't wake up this morning. Yeah it sounds crazy to think that. For someone who knows how many times this body has tried giving up it's really not that far off of a thought. Nonetheless, I was full of fear. I actually said to God, please wake me up tomorrow I have so much to still do but if you don't then I know it will all be okay. I chose to trust the One who's given me life over the one who wants to destroy my life with fear. Eventually, just falling asleep trusting Him no matter what. These are my talks with God guys just being really real. 23 days I've been sick. Up and down. Good and bad days. Moments I could keep going ignoring the symptoms. Then days like today where my body won't let me ignore it's pain or sickness. It got me thinking. This is a hard concept (trusting in a God no matter what) for a culture that says if you work for it, if you decide to, if you hustle, if you etc. It's all about you and how you get there. We as a culture have eliminated our need for God. We've essentially said hey thanks for creating me but now I'm gonna work my butt off for what I say in my life. At one point it was decided by man it's up to us to create our own destinies. When's the last time you said to Him yeah God I'm scared even terrified but I trust You no matter what? . . . . . . _________________________________________ #wednesdaythoughts #transparency #trustgodsplan #autoimmunedisease #survivor #graceupongrace #bracedbyfaith #realthoughts #sickdays #coffeemugs #couchtime #hyggelife #chronicwarrior #lupuswarrior #mylife #insidemyhead #writerofig #shespeakstruth
Dinner. Rosemary baked chicken, a sauce I'll never make again, & the best part- roasted broccoli. A few leftover sweet potatoes too. I ended up only eating 3 of the chicken. Something I still struggle with is over serving myself... but and this is a big but, I've learned to put it back, not overstuff or waste. Saved some leftovers for lunch. #whole30 #wholefoodie #mywholespoonielife #whole30alumni #whole2019 #whole30recipes #whole30works #lupus #fightlikeagirl #whole30challenge #whole30reset #whole30changedmylife #lupusawareness #lupuswarrior #fucklupus #spoonielife #spoonie #wholespoonie #justeatrealfood #januarywhole30 #mealprep #prep #chicken #brocoli
I loved the way this turned out... Ill be ordering more @colourpopcosmetics Tonight since I'm on bed rest! 💄 💄 💋Benefit Pore Professionals Matte Rescue 💋@Colourpop : So Quiche Eyeshadow and Highlighter in the shade Honeymoon, with the Ultra Matte Lip in #Mars ! 💋Maybelline Master precision All day Liquidliner! 💋Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo in the shade Choclate 💋Pretty Vulgar Blush in the shade Make Them Blush 💋itCosmetics Confidence in a Compact Skin Transforming Full Coverage Solid Super Serum Anti Aging Armor SPF50+ Broad Spectrum Physical Sunscreen! (PERFECT FOR DLE) 💋Milani Hermosa Rose Illuminating Face Powder 💋Loreal Paris Voluminous Carbon Black 💋Tarte #Shapetape in the shade Fair and Ready Set Radiant Skin Mist! 💋Morphe Brushes 💜 #Blonde #morphebrushes #MOTD #Slavetobeauty #lupusawareness #makeup #lashes #lipstick #Highlighter #glitter #Greeneyes #LupusWarrior #FuckLupus #Roses #Diamonds #Chronicpain #ChronicIllness #Spoonie #shorthairdontcare #pixiecut #milani
I made the most delicious dinner! It was originally going to be vegetarian, but I found some leftover steak in the fridge, and added that! I got the recipe from @grettastable (check back a few posts) and I added a few more veggies, and more garlic, and used garlic EVOO! It was very filling! I’ve never used the Grillmates Montreal Steak seasoning for veggies before, but it was good! ❤️ My husband loved it too, but he’s used to eating a lot of veggies, since I was vegan for a year, and vegetarian for years after that, which changed my life, from being a very sick lupus patient to lupus free going on 16 years now! #dinner #healthyeating #eatinghealthy #veggies #lupus #lupuswarrior #lupie #autoimmunedisease #healthyishappy #lifeisgood #lifeinthedesert #lifeinthedesert 🌵
‼️Guess what?! Every day you get a NEW invitation to live a fulfilling LIFE! 😍 How AMAZING is that? God gives us a new chance every single flipping day 🙌🏼 • Honestly many of you have been messaging and asking me HOW I am doing through this crazy time and path I am on right now. Is it easy? No, of course not. Any major life change is going to be difficult, but I CAN say that I am staying as POSITIVE as I can because I KNOW every day is a NEW day 🥰 I also know that every day is a chance to make it better than the last. So I’m leaning on faith, friends, family, my workouts (aka my therapy) - (& okay maybe a little Pinot Grigio now and then😉) and I’m going to be JUST fine 💕 Thank you for all the love and prayers 🙏🏼 . . . . . . . . . . #dailymotivation #godisgoodallthetime #everydayisanewday
“Before & After” for my first attempt at applying @maskcarabeauty products. My first reaction was, “I think this may work!” It definitely covered the lupus spots on my cheeks. And, the cream-based color feels good on my face. Not cake-like, but more moisturizing than mineral or powder based products. I wasn’t confident of my contouring abilities, so I think I could probably use some more contouring color next time. I started by applying a mineral-based SPF 30 moisturizer from @rodanfields I mixed 3 shades of highlights & used a contouring color. I used a blush color on my cheeks, eyelids & lips, & an illuminator on the outer top of my eyelid. Then, I blended everything with a finishing powder. I used my own eye liner, eye brow color, mascara & eye liner. With a little practice, I believe I may really like this product! Stay tuned for a more perfected look! #maskarabeauty #makeup #beautycounter #beautybloggers #rodanandfields #lupus #lupuswarrior #discoidlupus #beautyover40
A lupus diagnosis often brings many physical changes, including hair loss. Here are some tips to keep hair healthy. #Lupus #LupusWarrior #BlackHealthMatters http://ow.ly/tiep30n6OQF
Anyone else just SO over being called complex or complicated 🙃 I’m not! As one lovely doctor put it “your anatomy and physiology just works differently than others”. And especially with our growing community, we all share so many symptoms & problems that I start to think we aren’t so rare or different. It’s just the medical world hasn’t quite caught up with us yet! It’s like professionals brush you off because they are like “ahh you are too complex” they almost give up before they start. Instead I loveee the ones who take the time to listen, understand & unpick your symptoms. The ones that enjoy working out what’s going on 🧐 if you find one of those they’re a keeper!👩🏽‍⚕️👨🏽‍⚕️
Sometimes I look my self in the mirror trying to find my self. Is hard for me see how different I look. My face,hair and skin. I HAVE TO LEARN TO ACCEPT THE NEW ME. #livingwithlupuspositively #loveyourself #lupuswarrior #lupus #chronicillness #chronicpain #livingwithlupus
Not your typical keto fair but my whole household is sick and I'm eating what I can. California mix with melted butter, homemade cream of tomato soup, and a bit of avocado. Whipped cream with coconut, berries, and walnuts for dessert. #ketodiet #ketogenic #keto #highfatlowcarb #lowcarb #glutenfree #foodismedicine #wellnessjourney #dinner #lupuswarrior #spoonie
I’m dreaming of more lewks to slay to keep you all on your toes each and everyday💄✨. #jayypinkksvanity @jayypinkk
In the last post, we talked about a group of disorders referred to as spondyloarthropathy (SpA). . Some of the clinical features of SpA include enthesitis, eye involvement (uveitis), inflammatory back pain in addition to HLA-B27 positivity. . What is HLA-B27? . HLA stands for human leukocyte antigen. HLAs are part of your antigen processing machinery, that allows your non immune cells to communicate with the immune cells and your immune cells to communicate with one another. You can sort of think of it as a “show and tell” mechanism that allows fire alarms to be pulled when there’s trouble. . HLAs are some of the most variably expressed proteins in humans, and for good reason. We want a lot of variation, because we have an infinite number of bugs out there to contend with. . Unfortunately this degree of variation predisposes for errors that result in loss of tolerance to ones own tissues. This, in part, explains why you always here this talk about HLAs as they relate to autoimmune disease and the relationship to microbial infections. . Back to SpAs! . SpAs and HLA b-27 are extra interesting because they have been more strongly associated to bacteria and the gut microbiome than most other autoimmune diseases. . Some actually argue, the gut dysfunction is a prerequisite to autoimmune disease. But in the literature, there’s a little more clarity as it relates to these particular diseases . This gut involvement is evidenced by: . Reducing bacterial load in transgenic B27 mice puts SpA into remission Histologic analysis of intestinal tissues from SpA patients reveals subclinical inflammation Many patients with SpA have increased intestinal permeability Sulfasalazine, a treatment for non spinal joint disease, reduces intestinal permeability. . If NSAIDS, Steroids, DMARDS and biologics aren’t your cup of tea, there are some other things that could be tried, particularly as it relates to diet. Stay tuned. . Are you B27 positive? Have you heard about the gut connection? . Nature Reviews Rheumatology (2018): 1.
Hi, today my rheumatologist prescribed me this new medication. Any of you have any experience about it. I will like to know how you feel after taking METHOTREXATE. #LUPUS #lupusproblems #lupuswarrior #lupusflare #livingwithlupuspositively #loveyourself #chronicillness #loveyourself #lupuswarrior #lupusproblems
Having a balanced diet is key in making sure you get the energy you need to help manage Lupus. #lupus #lupusawareness #lupussupport #lupusmanagement #lupuscure #hiddenillness #chronicpain #lupuswarrior #lupusfighter
A cute little cappuccino like this one would be so amazing right now! It’s the little things like being able to have a cup of coffee at a cafe at anytime of the day. That’s what freedom allows. ⠀ ⠀ Freedom allows you to be able to come and go as you please and do as you please. ⠀ ⠀ What would freedom look like to you? Comment below👇🏾
YOU ARE WORTHY POST! ....... PLEASE READ or you won’t understand. The woman I was in March 2017 top left with Lupus and not knowing was worthy - the woman top right August 2018 was worthy and worked hard to get where she was - the woman bottom left September 2018 was worthy and finally the woman January 2019 bottom right is worthy and continues to love herself enough to live a healthy lifestyle and work hard even on days when her body or mind says no. She embraces her body type and accepts what happens. Progress takes time and it happens differently for each of us because we are uniquely made by God. Embrace yourself, love yourself and never give up on taking care of the temple God gave you. It is a gift from above! Be fit for purpose and patient. ❤️🦋#lupuswarrior #faithandfitness #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitforareason #fitover50 #f4p #teamf4p #fitover50women #50plusfit_lifestyle #lupusstrong #makingastrongbody
ISO - YOUR Auto-Immune story 🗨 Good, Bad and UGLY! 🤔 I just may be on a little mission to STOP the Auto-Immune insanity and remind people they are VICTORS in the battle, not VICTIMS. But, I need your HELP! 🙌 I am doing some research for a project and would be HONORED to hear YOUR story of Auto-immune as part of my research. I just want to listen and take notes (possibly audio record in case I can't write that fast 🤣). I will not publish or post anything without your full written consent. This is just background resarch for data purposes. Would you be willing to share with me: 1. Your first symptoms 2. The process for getting your diagnosis 3. What your diagnosis is 4. How you are currently treating it and past treatments you have done (and results) 5. Your future outlook with your diagnosis If so, please drop me a "yes" 👇 and we can set up a short phone call or zoom at your convenience. ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Before work selfie because I’m feeling cute and I’m happy. I’ve had a long run of good days, with a few down moments in between, to be honest. Let me tell you though, for the first time in my life I’m where I want to be...I’m owning my mental health and working through all the trauma. It’s difficult but worth it. I’m owning my body and embracing who God has created me to be. Fearfully and wonderfully. I have never been in this place. I’m healing. Deep soul, gut wrenching do the work and let it go and be free healing. It’s amazing to find who you start to become. It’s amazing and I am in awe of the beauty and depth that God has created us with. I am starting to live in freedom, real freedom, with a head clear, arms wide open, imperfect, and grace led. It’s a process but I’m in it for the long haul and it’s worth every moment. #onethousandgifts #lupuswarrior #goalsetting #autoimmunewarrior #happinessinmyheart
I actually won something!!! Say what?! The world's best Whole30 coach @motivatemelove had a giveaway for these amazing @dnxbar bars... their newest flavor Jalepeno Beef is definitely my new favorite. The only question is if this stash will last til the order I placed arrives! Bonus @paleopowder samples to try, the first is in broccoli tonight. #whole30 #januarywhole30 #justeatrealfood #motivatemelove #dnxbars #jalepenos #mywholespoonielife #wholefoodie #lupus #fightlikeagirl #lupusawareness #lupuswarrior #fucklupus #contestwinner #spoonielife #whole2019
I was excited for my lesson today! My coach is so encouraging and told me I’ve improved since our last session! I felt strong in the pool and made it many laps down and back. She said my lap time was really good also! Working on technique and endurance. That masters group almost seems possible now! Great swim! Also trying some new goggles to help reduce raccoon eyes and bruising. Yep I said bruising. #redheadproblems #swimming #swim #swimlessons #triathlete #triathletelife #conquertheswim #womanfortri #lupus #lupuswarrior #fibromyalgia
It’s okay to be scared, but you have to get out there, open up, love, make mistakes, learn, be stronger, and start all over again. #lupusawareness #lupuswarrior #lupus #lymewarrior #fibrowarrior #spoonie #spoonielife #invisibledisease
Uma leitora escreveu um desabafo sobre LÚPUS, eu gostaria que todos lessem... . 📖 Remissão! #Lúpus , Palavra forte, e tão esperada para quem convive com dores todos os dias. Muitos me perguntam qual o segredo? Eu me pergunto... qual o preço que se paga para ter qualidade de vida e conviver bem com esse diagnóstico? Mas a verdade é que não existe fórmula mágica, não existe receita pronta, tudo é uma caixinha de surpresas. Para mim o preço está sendo difícil, incontáveis noites sem dormir, com fadiga, enfrentando dores, medos, insegurança, problemas familiares, financeiros, preconceito, incompreensão. As pessoas olham somente o que está na superfície, o que está por trás de toda a remissão, de toda vitória é pouco visto, por isso muitos acham que não vão conseguir chegar lá, na verdade muitos nem sabem por onde começar. Há muito medo e insegurança, medo de deformidades, medo dos efeitos negativos que o tratamento pode trazer, medo das doenças oportunistas, medo de perder as forças, até medo de morrer. Com o tempo aprendi a me desprender de muitas coisas, abrir mão de pessoas e coisas, mas não por incapacidade, mas pelo bem da minha saúde física e mental, há pessoas que nos fazem tão mal, que são tão negativas que acabam sendo mais prejudiciais do que a doença em si. Acreditem, eu senti na pele. Aprenda que as pessoas NUNCA vão entender a sua dor, sua batalha, mesmo que elas digam que sim, não será verdade, só dói realmente quando se sente na pele, quando não se está no lugar da pessoa não há como dimensionar a dor e a dificuldade, não há como entender. Conciliar, doença, família, estudo, sonho de uma carreira, não é para qualquer um, portanto nunca se sinta derrotada, nunca se cobre por não ir até o final, por desistir no meio do caminho, não podemos ser perfeitos, com ou sem doença, preze pela sua vida e bem estar, o tratamento por si só não é tudo, faça o que te faz feliz mesmo que pareça difícil, ouça só quem te quer bem e te apoia, segue seu caminho, não bata de frente com os obstáculos, não se machuque mais, procure outros caminhos e seja feliz! Eu ainda não cheguei na remissão. Mas eu luto por ela todos os dias! Lute você tbm. E nunca se esqueça de SORRIR😀
Days 277 e 278 🐺 Saíram os resultados dos meus exames de imagem. Rins branquinhos de cálcio, mas sem piora do quadro. E a ressonância não entendi 80%, mas o que consegui entender confirma que a dor do meu quadril é também sinovite, por fim do lúpus. Talvez seja até pecado eu falar uma coisa dessas, mas eu fico feliz quando os exames confirmam os meus sintomas. As dores são invisíveis, mas não são imaginárias. E esses laudos provam que eu não sou louca, ou ao menos, não tanto assim... Rs #les #lupuseritematososistemico #vidacomlupus #autoimune #lobo #borboletas #lupusandme #lupusbrasil #lupusawareness #lupuswarrior #gratidao #faith #hope #avidaehagora #sohdahpraseguiremfrente #minhadorehinvisivel #minhadornaoehimaginaria #naosouobrigadaandarfeia #tenholupusevaidadetambem
When you've been sick so long, and you notice ALL the medical mistakes on T.V shows and movies. Now you've become the expert. 😂🤣 What is this??? #spooniehumor #medicalhumor #lupuswarrior #lupus #cnslupus
Found a brilliant life hack? Made it to the gym? Done an at home workout? Made yourself a meal? Got out of bed? Go you!! 🏅🏆 Take a pic, tag us in it and use the tag #itsthesmallwins and we'll share it with the world and give you a shout out!! 📷📣
This is the look when your doctor calls you back and tells you to go back to the emergency room. I emailed her this morning telling her I still haven't been feeling well since being discharged this past Sunday. I tried to wait it out but I started having sharp piercing kidney pain that I never had before that is unbearable, so I had no choice but to come back to the emergency room. I just need everyone to keep me in your prayers and I will keep everyone posted....🙏🏾💜🐺🦋#PhuckLupus #LupusSucks #WeNeedACure #LupusIsReal #LupusIsSerious #15YrLupusSurvivor #LupusWarrior #KissMyAssLupus #LupusIsEvil #SupportLupusAwareness #SpreadLupusAwareness #KnowLupus #KeepMeInYourPrayers #FixItJesus #LifeOfALupie #EmergencyRoom #LupusWontBringMeDown #LupusWillNotWin
Two decades of change. First pic I was 17, second pic 37 years old. 3 kids, beautiful marriage, graduated college, started a business, directed two schools, became a therapist, lost loved ones, found my love for yoga, diagnosed with a few detrimental diseases, and so many magical memories in between. A lifetime of love and happiness in my adult life. I couldn’t be more grateful for the experiences I’ve had: The good and the bad. Life is all about perspective and growth and I have come a long way. #happiness #love #throwback #twodecades #healthylifestyle #lupuswarrior #yoga #life 2x #10yearchallenge
🇬🇧🇫🇷⬇⬇⬇ 🇬🇧 Day 16: inner child I'm still a kid for many things! I like to have fun, I like books and movies for children, I love plush toys. Visiting the toys' department in the store make me happy! 🇫🇷 Jour 16: enfant intérieur Je suis encore un enfant pour bien des choses! J'aime m'amuser, j'aime les livres et les films pour enfants, j'adore les peluches. Visiter la section de jouets au magasin m'enchante toujours! 🏰🏰🏰🏰🏰🏰🏰🏰🏰 #lupus #lupusrecovery #luousawareness #invisibleillness #chronicillness #maladiechronique #lupuswarrior
These are my sisters. Each of them put on for our baby. She would be proud. I never thought the day would come when I would see you layin in a casket, Tynecia. I just never thought this would be our reality. It’s heart breaking. I know you are resting, I know you are at peace, I know you knew Tylar would be ok, and last but not least, I know God doesn’t make any mistakes.. Rest up baby, cuz when I get to Heaven we gon have some time to make up for. #TyneStrong #LupusWarrior 💜💜💜.
Lunch for the week! Zucchini and red pepper shrimp 🔥#brittnebabe21daychallenge #LUPUSWARRIOR #fitmom
Down 13 pounds from the start of last year! #lupuswarrior
She dreams of the ocean late at night and longs for the wild salt air. 🧜🏻‍♀️🌊💚
When you are in bed sick cause lupus flairs and your kids give you their winter cold...at least I have the best nurse ever. . . . #lupus #lupuswarrior #lupuschick #sick #sickinbed #bestnurse #autoimmunesisease #mixedconnectivetissuedisease #lupussucks #chronicillness #chronicpain #tattooedgirls #tattoos
Life With Lupus😓 This time i have to stick to my medication! I haven’t take it in so long my doctors are worried but i have faith everything will ok! Im not a fan of pills💊 but living with this invisible disease is not easy🦋 In order to prevent organ damage and to “function” this is what i need to do! Wish me luck💜 • • • #lifewithlupus #invisibleillness #lupusflare #lupusawareness #medication #noteasy #lupuswarrior #sjogrens #fibromyalgia #lupussucks #weneedacure #takecareofyourself #tiredofbeingsick #veganbutterfly #lupusboston #lupusfighter
Just a bit of Coyote's howling winds. . . Morning rain Break, so I went for it. The whole way out my windbreaker was acting like a parachute. By mile 6, the rain returned. Good run, but I can definitely feel my legs working their butt off since they started adjusting my meds down. 🤞 For a smooth transition. . #run #runner #running #runnersofthewild #runnersofinstagram #igrunners #rainyrun #rainydays #getoutside #runwild #runfree #americanflag #coyotevalley #sanjosecalifornia #autoimmunerunner #lupusrunner #lupus #lupuswarrior #runningismytherapy #nevergiveup #soresolesfuelthesoul
Sometimes, when you go through things, it makes no sense. 🤯 You ask yourself, why me? Why am I going through this? 💔 That’s exactly what I’ve been asking myself all day today. Living with a chronic illness can be so challenging at times. 🎗 Receiving bad news from the doctors is never fun. 😢 That’s when I tell myself “my greatest weapon is my ability to choose my response” 💥 Even though I set major goal for myself in 2019, I still have to allow myself time to heal and rest 😴 I’m still here stronger than ever 💪🏻 but there are some days when I just need to listen to my body and relax 🛌 I hope everyone is having a great hump day 🐫❤️
Here are all of the products I used to slay this lewk: F A C E ☮️ @nyxcosmetics hydrating primer @maybelline truBlend foundation “D10” @lagirlcosmetics concealer fawn @fentybeauty instant retouch setting powder “honey” @dermablendpro setting powder “warm saffron”(I’m probably never changing this 😭 I love it) @blackradiancebeauty contour kit “med/dark” @juviasplace festival palette “mmanwu” @fentybeauty killiwatt foil freestyle highlighting palette “stone cold + scandal ‘ice” B R O W S ☮️ @anastasiabeverlyhills dip brow “chocolate” E Y E S ☮️ @toofaced Born this way concealer “tan” @katvondbeauty pastel goth palette “meow” @juviasplace Zulu palette “the purple” (they don’t have names lol) @katvondbeauty fetish palette “corset” @fentybeauty killiwatt foil freestyle highlighter palette “stone cold” @wetnwildbeauty mega liquid eyeliner “electric purple” @sephoracollection #lashstories lashes “lashaway” L I P S ☮️ @nyx lip liner “espresso + brown” @anastasiabeverlyhills matte lipstick “peachy” + lip gloss “st Tropez” @fentybeauty gloss bomb “Fenty glow”
To achieve growth you’re hoping for in the coming years, you should make sure your business is organized. I know this is easier said than done but very important for your small business. Tips: 🔸️Manage your home office space & storage 🔸️Plan a day that you stay in contact with your customers 🔸️Schedule your social media post 🔸️Keep track of you receipts 🔸️Organize your passwords 🔸️Keep notes on Cloud 🔸️Keep track of your schedules 🔸️Clean up your reading list 🔸️Go paperless What strategies will you use to organize your business? #organizeyourbusiness #organizeyourway #schedule #makingyourbusiness #workyourbusiness #vasayo #globalwellness #lupuswarrior #smallbusinessgrowth #growthtakesguts #makeithappen #parentingstrong #incomestreams #personaldevelopment #investinyourself #goals #financialfreedom #motivator #networkmarketingtips #abundance #empowerwomenandmen #workingfrommyphone #entrepreneurship #beyondyourownboss #strongconfidentliving #laptoplifestyle #residualincome #passiveincome #taxbenefits
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