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It was a beach day.
Summer shade.
#TBT to last weekend with mom and Uncle Dougie
The many faces of Lexi!
New friend!
Sick day.
Hiding place #latergram
Early-morning rendezvous with @manolointhecity.
Just shared treats with Roscoe of @twophillydoods !
I’m Mommy’s officemate today
In Chile, dogs wear ponchos! 📷: @cassandragarrison
Lucy, looking in the window for BeBe, who moved to the ‘burbs. 😢 #clintonstcats
stop & smell the flowers 🌼
Hanging with @luke_malmstrom today!
I barked at this stranger - a lot.
My morning squad today.
Ride home.
Bedfellows! #cjandluna
Baby, it’s hot outside.
Chillalaxing before @luna_tuna18 gets here!
Breaking in the new chair.
Fluffed and puffed.
Bella is a besty!
Can’t wait for the @dogdaysthefilm of summer
I always have a good time when I spend it in Monterey. This was especially special because Jess and I got to see a pod of whales come through, including a couple mama’s and their babies, we saw 2 whales breach, I seriously cried. I have been waiting my entire life to witness dolphins and whales like that. I have attempted many times, but yesterday was our lucky day. Seeing the mamas and their babies was very symbolic as Jess and I were hand in hand sitting there in complete appreciation for these majestic animals. I had to run down to the water to put my hands and feet in and say thank you to them. On top of that we saw dolphins too!!! Jess fit in a bit of yoga too. One of my most magical experiences EVER!! #Monterey #myjessiebird #majesticmammals #whales #oceanappreciation #motherearth #dolphinstoo
That moment when you roll down the windows to breathe in the salt air...
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