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i don’t know what this account has become, i’m done. #320changesdirection #makechesterproud #fuckdepression #❤️
Guys... this song means a lot to me... just wanted to let you guys know. It describes me “nearly” perfectly... I had so much certainty Til that moment I lost control And I've tried but it never was up to me I've got no worse enemy Than the fear of what's still unknown And the time's come to realize there will be Promises I can't keep... #mikeshinoda #posttraumatic #posttraumatictour #makechesterproud #promisesicantkeep please follow me: @m_shinoda_bigfans Via: @mikeshinodapics #mikeshinodainthailand #mikeshinodalive #mikeshinodainitalia #mikeshinodafans #mikeshinodalips #mikeshinodaart #mikeshinodainpoland #mikeshinodainchile #mikeshinodaisperfect #mikeshinodainrussia #mikeshinodaenfrance
Tamang Praktiks Lng nang Guitara 😊 Messenger By @linkinpark Sakit na kamay Ko hehe Keri Lang to #makechesterproud
#OneMoreChicken 🐓😂 this video makes me laugh everyday 🙏❤️ • #IAmTheChange #320ChangesDirection #MakeChesterProud #LinkinPark
Pronti a ballare? Sabato dopo il "One More Light Memorial" fermatevi con noi e gli amici di @dirtymondaysmilano per un Dj Set a tutto rock! Per chi è in possesso del biglietto per l'evento l'ingresso è gratuito! 🤘🏻 #wearefamily #makechesterproud #onemorelight #onemorelightmemorial #onemorelightitaly #onemorelightmemorialmilano #chesterbennington #onemorelightmemorialitaly #soldiers #linkinpark #dirtymondaysmilano #alcatrazmilano
Received my ‘Mind’ badge today to show and pledge my support to Mental Health Awareness. Get yours on the Mind.org.uk website when you donate towards the charity. #minduk #mentalhealthawareness #worldmentalhealthday #makechesterproud
💙 Do you want this? 🔟 ↪️ Get yours from profile ➡ @anna.blackhawks 📌 Follow us: -@blackhawk_family Via: @anna.blackhawks Thank you so much !
'Sometimes you don't say goodbye once You say goodbye over and over and over again' . #mikeshinoda #posttraumatictour #MilanoRocks #linkinpark GIVE CREDIT IF REPOST
Nel 2011, a dieci anni dalla prima esibizione italiana dei Linkin Park, la band è tornata nella Penisola per il tour di A Thousand Suns, precisamente il 26 giugno, durante la seconda giornata del Sonisphere Festival, tenutosi all'Autodromo di Imola. Prima dei Linkin Park si sono esbitie band del calibro di Sum 41, Alter Bridge, The Cult e Rival Sons. La setlist è stata leggermente ridotta a causa dei limiti di orario imposti dal festival. Eccola: The Requiem The Radiance Faint Lying from You Given Up What I've Done No More Sorrow From the Inside Jornada del Muerto Waiting for the End Numb Iridescent The Catalyst In the End Bleed It Out Empty Spaces When They Come for Me Papercut New Divide Crawling One Step Closer Qual è stata la vostra canzone preferita di questo concerto? Perchè? Foto: Marco Di Laudo #LPFamily #LinkinPark #LinkinParkItalia #AThousandSuns #MakeChesterProud #fuckdepression #LPIT
Good morning guys! Today will be a spectacular day. Take care, do not forget that Chaz takes care of us, keep him proud. I love you soldiers @chesterbe #fuckdepression #makechesterproud
.. so recently I'm having a lot of bad flashbacks. shit from the past that I actually forgot, or I thought I forgot, comes back at the most random times. like I didn't need the memory of the breakdown I had because I accidentally jammed my cat's tail in a door to come back. I didn't need the reminder of that disaster where I woke up in the middle of a foot surgery. I didn't need the memory of an ex boyfriend trying to overrun me with his car. just when you think you finally feel better fuckery like that happens. out of nowhere. what the fuck is going on .. . . . #linkinlove #LPoneFamily #lpfamily #iamthechange #320changesdirection #fuckdepression #makechesterproud #posttraumatic #linkinpark #chesterbennington #ripchesterbennington #ripchester #chesterbenningtonisperfect
I love to edit ⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵ And I'll be sorry for now That I couldn't be around Sometimes things refuse to go the way we planned Oh I'll be sorry for now That I couldn't be around There will be a day that you will understand You will understand After a while you may forget But just in case the memories cross your mind You couldn't know this when I left Under the fire of your angry eyes I never wanted to say goodbye #MakeChesterProud #Sorryfornow #Onemorelight #Chesterbe #LinkinParkForever
(Is it a bit sad how much I love this flavor? So I've been taking beech-nut baby food stage 1 (and this one floor in stage 2, but stage 1 is easier) and breaking it down even further, pureeing it with core water then dividing them into small jars and basically making baby food icy's....I can still only keep it down on very lucky days, but they are delicious....if only it stayed down...😢😧) Last week and this week has been so freaking crazy. With both good & bad, a lot of bad though. My mom is driving me crazy and is absolutely no help at all,my family never has been but she's getting worse 😧 HOWEVER, she's not ruining today because I'm heading up to williston,FL and checking in/settling in today because tomorrow- I'm officially being paired with my SERVICE DOG 😊😭 and that is such a major,major blessing that I keep praising the Lord for. As for my (continually declining) health, I'm just trying to get through each day until the doctors *actually* do something 😒😂 I have testing days Oct.11th-13th but until then I guess I'm on my own,as always 🤐 so yeah, I'm going to be training until the 29th with my SD (in my wheelchair, because I'm now completely bound, like 100% if I even take a few steps I fall.....) so I most likely won't be posting alot, but I'll definitely share a picture when I'm paired. Just keep taking it moment by moment warriors...that's all we can do, sending love & prayers everyone's way.....🐶 P.s- I've been slowly drinking cap fulls of core water (2oz at most) to try and make it easier, I can still only have certain mount of liquid oz, and 1 icy (if I'm lucky) but I'm still bringing it back up,everything like I've said from the top of my esophagus all the way to the colon/rectal 100% paralyzed. So I just don't know know what to do, I can't get down medicine, food,liquids, and it's only worsening...😩 any ideas?
life can be full of surprises,, *and im not prepared for it!! #MakeChesterProud
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