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Who the hell ordered the snow ❄️ 🤷🏻‍♂️..... this blows!
Making more money isn’t just about making more money.⠀ ⠀ It’s about what making more money can do for you (and how you can use it to make other people’s lives better too).⠀ ⠀ Tonight I got the opportunity to pitch in to fly my amazing assistant, friend, and all around beautiful soul into Ashville for a girls weekend.⠀ ⠀ (And I am SO excited!!)⠀ ⠀ But there was a time when I wouldn’t have been able to financially make this (or gifting to anyone for that matter) happen.⠀ ⠀ It actually wasn’t that long ago.⠀ ⠀ I remember the Holidays when I couldn’t get anyone I cared about gifts because I barely had enough to pay the bills.⠀ ⠀ Or the siblings birthdays where I couldn’t drive out to see them because I couldn’t pay for car insurance.⠀ ⠀ But things can - and do - shift in such beautiful ways.⠀ ⠀ And the days when I’m most grateful are the days like today - when I can do something nice for somebody else (and have an amazing time while doing it).⠀ ⠀ Stop making your goals feel so selfish and wrong. You want to make a good living so you can SHARE it with others.⠀ ⠀ Your increase increases the good of SO many.⠀ ⠀ Stop making it such a big deal and get out there and make it happen - it’s not just for you, and you’ll love everything you can do when you get there. ✨⠀ ⠀ What's the Number One thing you're going to do when you hit your next income goal? Let me know in the comments!
What are the FUNDAMENTALS of a lead magnet? ⠀ ⠀ What is needed for you to have within your lead magnet that has your client saying "I NEED THIS" ?! ⠀ ⠀ Let's run through the 5 fundamentals of a lead magnet that has you bringing in clients like you wouldn't believe! ⠀ ⠀ 1. YOU LOVE IT! ⠀ ⠀ You have to love it or else you won't like promoting it.⠀ ⠀ 2. THE TITLE AND SUBTITLE FOCUSES ON THE SUBSCRIBER'S NEED. ⠀ ⠀ If your subscriber doesn't know that they need this freebie, they won't opt in!⠀ ⠀ 3. YOUR LANDING PAGE IS SUPER SIMPLE.⠀ ⠀ If your follower has to jump through hoops to subscribe, COUNT THEM OUT! Keep your landing page simple and easy, and make the process to getting there easy too! ⠀ ⠀ 4. YOU ACTUALLY GIVE THEM WHAT THEY OPTED IN FOR. ⠀ ⠀ If you sell the vision that you will help them with increasing their sales through a script for their sales calls and it ends up being a crappy script, you WILL lose out on people. So make sure you give them what they opted in for and make it good! Although they didn't pay, they DID give you something in return. ⠀ ⠀ 5. PUT IT OUT THERE. ⠀ ⠀ You can't expect to build your list by promoting it once or twice, or shoving it only on your Facebook Ads. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ GET IT OUT THERE!!
I will never get over this... . . I’m not a 2... or even a 4, 6, or 8. I still eat sweets. I still have fat on my body. I still disappoint myself every now and then. BUT I’m no longer constantly pulling on my clothes. I’m no longer hiding in baggy clothes. I no longer look in the mirror with disgust. I’m no longer depressed every time I go shopping. I am no longer disappointed by the way clothes look on me. . . Am I perfect? Absolutely not. But I am so much better than I was before. The amount of genuine happiness and confidence I feel is astounding. I can actually enjoy my life instead of being so self conscious 24/7. . . Shoot me a message to start your own transformation. . . #youareimportant #transformyourlife #transformyourself #upnorthmichigan #keepcollectivedesigner #tennisplayer #missingcollege #upnorthlife #northernwisconsin #northwoods #comfortableinmyskin #doggymom #dogmomma #makeithappenmonday #wednesdayfeels #teacherlife 🍎 #teacherbloggers #cupcakeaddict #icecreamlove #boutiquelove #fittribe #engaged2018 #2019wedding #winerywedding #missourigirl #wisconsingirl #lakelove
Time to get out of bed and start chasing our goal. @millionaire_lifestyle01 - - - - 📸 || @millionaire_lifestyle01 - - - - Follow @millionaire_lifestyle01 for daily motivational post like this 👆👆 - - - #stopdreaming #goforitall #makeshithappen #startdoing #makeithappenmonday #doitforstate #dontstopdreaming #hustler #goafterit #quotes #jasonstatham_movie
“I don’t have the time.” ⏰ • If I got a penny for every time I’ve heard this excuse I could retire from life, adopt a 1,000 puppies, and buy my own private island in the Caribbean ☀️🏝 • The reality is we are ALL busy. We are all given the same 24 hours in a day to do with what we please. When I first started this journey, I was working 3 jobs. Left the house at 6:30 AM and got back around 9:30 PM Monday-Friday. I know busy. So how did I manage? I realized that I was the only one that could take control over my life. I was sick and tired of always being sick and tried. I drew a line in the sand and made MYSELF a priority. I wasn’t granted more time, but I did use my time more wisely. And when the workouts I do are only 30 minutes from home, a lot of time was saved and a lot excuses thrown out the window. I mean they say at home workouts don’t work but ... #resultsdontlie • Only 4 spots left in my November virtual bootcamp! PM me for details if you are ready to squash those excuses together 🤗💕 Application in my bio let’s rock baby!
We love adding these seeds as toppings for our smoothie bowls ✨✨✨#thebeautytox PS. Try the DIY 3 day detox after your big Thanksgiving feast! Send us a pm with your email and we will send you the detox!
"Mah, barusan lihat iklan dream Cruise di Facebook, pengen rasanya ajak mama liburan bareng @aqeela5608 disana 😍 . . . . . Do'akan anakmu ini ya mah, biar bisa segera membahagiakan mama, menikmati waktu bersama sembari berlibur dan menciptakan momen yang belum pernah terjadi dan teralami sebelumnya..😘 . . . . . Insyallah dalam waktu dan kuasa NYA, Kun fayakun! Bismillah.." . . . . . #mrebesmili #dreamcruise #liburan #goalsetting #makeithappenmonday
#repost from @kclairechapmanstylist with such true words. Patience...
Eight years ago I realized my life was ok, but definitely not what I wanted. On the outside it looked like a dream, but on the inside it felt like I was trying to squeeze into fabulous shoes that didn’t fit. So I made the decision to find my real dream and create a life that actually fit me. If you’re tired of pretending that your ok life is acceptable and you’re finally ready to take the steps necessary to create a life that fits you, check out the Your Limitless Life Membership at kayceemullaney.com - or with the link in my bio 💗 I would love for you to join us for our call this evening at 8pm EDT! If you have any questions feel free to DM me 💗💗 Can’t wait to see you then! Sending you so much love!! xoxo Kaycee
Tip: Your profile photo should be YOU! Not your kids, not your cat, not a pumpkin spice late, not your grandkids, not a group photo of your family or bros. Let people connect with you and get a feel right away for who you are. I am going through so many friend requests and that is the first thing anyone sees from you. Then your bio... we all know how that subject went over on Facebook ;) haha
TYPE "So be it" to claim this!! 🙌🏾 Each morning, no matter how hard, make the decision to be your best. Here are 4 things I do to set my mood in the mornings. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ [ONE] 🔺 Drink herbal tea. (Right now I'm drinking 'Pure Mind' by Buddha tea. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ [TWO] 🔺Set my intention for the day. (what I want to work on, what I want to accomplish, who I want to connect with)⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ [THREE] 🔺Smile at my self in the mirror. Dance to my favorite tunes & take a few selfies! (this is a must for me)⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ [FOUR} 🔺PRAY, PRAY, PRAY! I started writing my prayers down so I don't forget them. Thanks to MBA!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ What do you do in the mornings? Let's talk about it! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #browngirlbloggers #femaleentrepeneur ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #bossbabe #makeithappenmonday #calledtobecreative #thebrandedlife
💥💥💥#makeithappenmonday and my comeback! Missed 2 workouts last week since my back took that L... shoulder appreciated the break too. PSA: don't ignore pain, y'all! Rest, relax, ice, stretch, medicate and see the doc if necessary. Imagine the workout you CAN'T do cuz you're laid up somewhere looking crazy! Also killing the self consciousness-smashing game...do it for the vi... oh, wait...damn! #BBBF90 💥💥💥
Who’s printing on racerbacks? 🙌🙌 Skip the photoshoot and use our totally editable mockups to add your own design and colors to the @nextlevel.apparel 6733 tank!
Ideas ~ Dreams ~ Goals! It all start with you, taking action is what makes accomplishments. STEP into the World of Entrepreneurship without FEAR. (False Evidence Appearing Real)...
When you watch COCO one too many times....🎺💞
Haaappy Monday!🖤 . . . How many of us despise this day of the week?🤚🏽👀 I used to...until I switched my leg days to Monday! Doing this gave me something to look forward to, and helped me start off the week strong!💪🏽🏋🏽‍♀️ . . . Swipe➡️to see some of my favorite quad-focused workouts on my leg day: . . . •Back squats (light to moderate weight for lots of reps) •Quad isolation barbell squats (go down slow and squeeze up with quads)🔥🔥🔥 •Reversed barbell lunges
✨So much in life depends on our attitudes! Yes, yes, yes! Who can agree. You will get further in life with a positive attitude. You enjoy life so much more when you have a positive attitude. And things come together more when you have a positive attitude. Who can agree?? . . . . #makeadifferencemonday #makeithappenmonday #mondaymotivation #mondaymorning #mindsetmorning #mondayinspiration #monslay #mondaymood #MondayMotivation #MondayBlues #MarketingMonday #MindfulMonday #MondayFunday #ManicMonday
60 lbs. 60lbs lost between the two of us. The transformation here is subtle, but it wasn’t just about a physical transformation for us. . When I started my journey 4 years ago my husband didn’t immediately hop on board. He’s always worked out and he’s ran marathons for Pete’s sake, I had not so of course there was speculation from him that I would actually be able to lose weight. . Finally, after 4 years of watching me keep the weight off and basically having a huge physical and mental transformation, my husband asked for my help. The scale was creeping up and he didn’t know what to do. He hated the way he felt. He started doing p90x3, eating nutritious meals and believing in himself again. . Within in 6 months he lost 30 lbs and ran his fastest 1/2 marathon. Like blew it out of the water fast. Throughout these months we’ve grown closer, developed a passion for working out together and learning new recipes. We want to instill in our kids good habits and be healthy enough to keep up with them. . Change is never easy. But sometimes the biggest changes can bring us the most joy. Choose joy. DM if you’re ready. . . #fitcouplegoals #coupleswhoworkouttogether #momofboys 💙 #boymommy #fitmomjourney #fitmomoftwo #fitmomofboys #momoftwokids #fitmomjourney #leowifelife #makeithappenmonday #bodyafterbabies #beforeandnow
I had a long day and still made it to do an hour workout. There are no excuses only distractions. #makeithappen #makeithappenmonday #workoutmonday #startright #motivation #dedication #consistency
Missing the crew @brian62nielsen @beadsmith9 @rxlion But still gotta get it in. Did some @misfitathletics clean & jerk % work and then hit the @generatorcrossfit WOD. 21-15-9 wallballs and kbs. #pushyourlimits #makeithappenmonday #fitnessmotivation
MAKE IT HAPPEN MONDAY "You don't know what you don't know." No one likes taking a before photo.. it's embarrassing, right? You know what's even more embarrassing... sharing an "after photo" from when you thought you had awesome results doing your own thing and it DOESN'T COMPARE to the actual results you have now 😳🤦‍♀️ But as embarrassing as that is, it's pretty amazing when you think about it. How many times have we thought we had all the answers and were content, and not even realize there's another (and probably better!) way! Yet I didn't realize I was unhappy with my body, with my lack of self discipline with food, and my short comings in myself. Ultimately... "I didn't like myself and now I do." - Lady Gaga As long as you're open to something, you are in a GROWTH mindset and able to overcome that ignorance and completely open your world to approval, appreciation, and acceptance. Why wait to achieve that after the holidays when it's THAT much harder to bounce back? Enjoy the holidays, AND keep the weight off. Give yourself something to be proud of rather than depressed about! DO YOU PREFER: getting on track before or after the holidays?? #thinkstrongbestrong #tsbscoaches #makeithappenmonday #makeithappencaptain #makeitapriority #likemindedpeople #mondaymotivaton #busymomma #stayathomemomlife #empowerement #selflovetribe #resultstraining #realthingthis 💯💯 #growthmindset 🌱 #simplicitylove #consistencywins #youdontknowwhatyoudontknow #thanksgiving 🦃 #dessertsgalore #embarrassed #embarrassingphoto #mystoryisntover #holidayseasonishere #beprepared #christmas 🎄
Get the look for less!!! Other items vs. paparazzi $5.00 💲💰💲 ➡Kohls leaf necklace $14.30 originally $22.00 ➡Etsy black bead necklace $34.99 ➡Macys bling bracelet $93.75 originally $125.00 ➡Rue 21 silver studs $6.99 ➡Zales infinity earing $179.00 Stay up on the trends without spending a lot of money!!! #paparazzi #paparazzijewelry #5dollarjewelry #kohls #etsy #macys #rue21 #zales #lookforless #affordable #gorgeous #monday #makeithappenmonday #5dollarbling #pinkblingqueen93
No Video Today! I deleted it by mistake. #MakeItHappenMonday And Keep It Up All Week! #DUECESTOEXCUSES #GetMoving #YourHealthIsYourWealth #30Min3Days
#mcm #NewsHack #BioHack Problem Presented... Osteoporotic Fracture Risk High in Men 👎#Boo —Risk was elevated three-fold in men with a previous fracture. 😮 "These results underscore the importance of timely recognition of fracture events, especially in men, a population in whom secondary prevention is vastly under-implemented," ... Read more here.... https://bit.ly/2K1A6Zy #SOLUTION PROVIDED 🙌 #OsteoStrong #Prevention not just #Treatment . We love our Fathers, Husbands, Brothers, Uncles and Friends and we want to see them live their best lives! Share OsteoStrong Colorado Springs with the MEN in your life and get back #everydaystrong ! #DadStrong #StrongMe #makeithappenmonday #mondaymotivation #sharingiscaring
Showing thanks to your supporters is a fundamental part of fundraising! But sometimes it takes motivation to make it happen. FREE tools like @smileboxofficial certainly help you show your thanks with free custom ecards and get you motivated to continue engaging with your donors and volunteers. 🌟 🌟 #motivationmonday #makeithappenmonday #nationalleadershipinstitute #sipatnli make #philanthropy happen #thankful #gratitude #fundraisingtools #fundraising #fundraisingideas #free #causeleadership #grateful #support #fundraisingcampaign #tipsandtricks #freeresources
The majority of time I’ll say age is just a number, but every now and then I feel my age and older. Tonight my left hip, right knee, and lower back are killing me. I grabbed a scoop of Muscle Through but said screw it and poured the rest of the bag in 🤣 #worthit
Happy #makeithappenmonday !!! This post from @thelatestkate is fitting for days like this... Do what you can. Don’t over stretch or compromise your peace today. Reach out if you need help, and know that whatever becomes of the day- you did enough! . . . . . #motivation #motivationalquotes #inspiration #love #quotes #quote #quoteoftheday #inspire #happy #inspirationalquotes #positivevibes #loveyourself #positivity #motivational #inspirational #qotd #instaquote #pyd #successquotes #GOTRRG #positive #quotestagram #tagafriend #instaquotes #determination #positivequotes #girlboss #fitness #mondaymotivation
#makeithappenmonday #birthdaydo @c.jadea - 💆🏾‍♀️ 💁🏾‍♀️ 🥰
🔥240 Packs!!🔥 Amazing job @pier1albuquerqueuptown !! That’s 240 years worth of safe water for a child or 720 immunizations! OR many of the other live saving supplies/aid/education that @unicefusa provides! Thank you to all of our customers who have purchased a pack and given back to our global community! 💙🌎💙 #pier1love #pier1 #pier1albuquerqueuptown #holidaycards #giveback #christmascards #unicef #unicefusa #albuquerqueuptown #albuquerqueshopping #domore #safewater #globalcommunity #makeithappen #makeithappenmonday #motivationalmonday #childrenfirst #believeinzero
One of the wisest sages EYE have ever known said to look at men like tires. Always have a spare handy in case one goes flat. That's why, no matter the quality of the vehicle, there's always an extra in the trunk to keep you riding to your destination. #lifephysics AND the moral: Don't let the voyage of the ship YOU'VE built stop for anyone who can't keep up. My Aunt Nin was a G!! And a Pisces too!! Thanks for the reminder from the realm, Godmommy. Hail Neptune! ❤❤ #mondaymotivation #makeithappenmonday #myshipMYway #liveforyou #loveforyou #liveyourbestlife #smilebitch 😁 #noregretsnoapologies #youmatter #dailyreceipts #daoracleparables #iamvaljones #EYEAM ??? #thashit
The “behind the scenes” is where the magic happens. Happy Monday - Make It Happen! #makeithappenmonday #monday
First day back doing Bodywork for clients, post surgery. Glad to be back. Voice has almost completely returned. 🙌🏽 . . #bodywork #manualmuscletherapy #LMT #MAT #muscleactivationtechniques #potentiation #makeithappenmonday
Out of 10 seasons of @sharktankabc ... October’s episode featuring @firehousechefstrong may have been the most inspiring story yet. The Cup Board Pro is a MUST HAVE product & a tribute to a hero. 🔥 All 5 Sharks (@lorigreinershark , @kevinolearytv , @mcuban , @thesharkdaymond , & guest 🦈 @matthigginsrse ) invested on a collective deal producing over 1 million immediate orders. Currently sold out on Amazon... Go add The Cup Board Pro to your wish list & order as soon as it’s available ! #MakeItHappenMonday #LiveToLead #TheCupBoardPro #FollowTodayToBeALeaderTomorrow #LTL #SmallBusinessStory #Entrepreneur #SpreadSuccess
#makeithappenmonday 👊🏻 Today we started (and almost finished) our class discussion over protein synthesis🤩. In case you haven’t figured it out by now...I’m a foldable fanatic😍and now my students are too 🙌🏻. I’ve found that doing notes in this way leads to more class discussion than using a PowerPoint in which I’m talking while my students write. What do you think?👇🏻 . . . #mrsvbiology #teachersofthegram #engagingstudents #iteachscience #scienceteacher #scienceteachersofinstagram #iteachhighschool #iteach #teacherspayteachers #biologyteacher #secondaryscienceteacher #teachersofig #teachersoftpt #teacherbloggers #teacherspayteachers #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers #teacher #teacherbsn # #texasteacherstribe #texasteachersofinstagram #tftpickme #igconnect4edu
2 batches of cookies down mini banana choc chip muffins & lemon rice chicken 🍲 soup done! Onto bacon mushroom Mac & cheese 😜#makeithappenmonday #oatmealchocchip #maplebutterpecan #neverenoughfood #thewildwhisk
She believed she could......and so she did!...........and so can you! 💕 . . . . . . #buildyourselfstrong #motivation #makeithappenmonday
“You have enough workout options you don’t get to have that” ran through my head while I was looking at a subscription to take a class I love online. 🌺 What really made me stop though was the feeling that came with it - this you don’t deserve that, nasty part of my mind beating up on the joyful, abundant, happy part of my mind. 🌺 Most women lead with that part of their mind. The “practical” part. The problem is that part also tends to be a bitch to the best parts of you. 🌺 It’s like the mean girl on the playground stealing your toy and beating you over the head with it. 🌺 How often do you let the mean girl in your head win? 🌺 You are an amazing human being, who is allowed to have the desires of her heart. Next time the bitch in your head tries to push you around I want you to push back. 🌺 Stand up for the best part of yourself. Stand up for the girl inside you who knows anything is possible and just wants to see what can happen. 🌺 Need some help learning how to tell the bitchy part of yourself to back off? Book a free call here http://kayceemullaney.com/claritycall or with the link in my bio. 🌺 I’m excited to chat! 🌺 Sending you so much love! xoxo Kaycee 🌺
Something is always better than nothing!! I had every intention of eating oatmeal, fruit and eggs this morning but my 2 year old had another plan! I pulled together these options to make it on time to an early morning meeting. Food is our fuel- have a backup plan and grab and go options available so when life doesn’t go as planned or you have a jam packed schedule, you have something. #makeithappenmonday #sportnutrition #gogriffs
Memberships seem to be all the rage right now. And for good reason. Being able to get people to commit to handing over a little bit of cash each month in exchange for your time or content can be a moneymaker. 💰 . But it isn’t just about getting someone to slap down their credit card. It’s about building and maintaining a relationship + providing content that will allow your members to solve whatever problem they’re coming to your membership to fix. 👯‍♀️ . Memberships also prime the pump for people to work with you in other ways, consume other products or services you offer, or share their wins with their friends—and who doesn’t love ❤️ some good word-of-mouth business?! . Are you wondering if a membership is right for you and your business? Click the link in my bio👆🏻to schedule a 90-minute strategy call where we’ll brainstorm what kind of membership might serve your audience, what content you’ve already created that you can use to get started, and the next best steps to take to bring your membership to life!
Monday Introduction! Well hello 👋🏾 there, I don’t think I’ve properly introduced myself! My name is Angelica and I’m located right outside of Houston Tx! I’m going to jump right in. I’m a Christ believer, mom to 3 amazing kiddos 👧🏾🧑🏾👶🏾, a wife to a super supportive husband, and one blessed photographer. Im a first year of life published photographer who specializes in newborn portraiture, and absolutely loves her career and everything that comes with it. I appreciate the people met, the stories told, the hours kept, and the capturing of some of life’s greatest milestones! #MondayMood #MondayMotivation #MakeitHappenMonday #MondayFunday #mondayintroductions #melaninpoppin #altohphotography #newbornphotographer #newbornphotographyeducation #babywhisperer #learnnewbornphotography #houstonphotographer #txphotographer
Something is always better than nothing!! I had every intention of eating oatmeal, fruit and eggs this morning but my 2 year old had another plan! I pulled together these options to make it on time to an early morning meeting. Food is our fuel- have a backup plan and grab and go options available so when life doesn’t go as planned, you have something. #makeithappenmonday #nutrition
Motivation Monday: “What you put up with you end up with.. you can only EXPECT what you ACCEPT from people.”- Wiz Khalifa @wizkhalifa #motivationmonday #BFE #humboldt #humboldtcounty #motivate #crushit #positivevibes #motivation #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #changetheworld #weedporn #cannavist #makeithappen #makeithappenmonday
Just a simple fur baby appreciation post. 🐾 Ichigo is literally the best! Thank you @pawsofhawaii for connecting us with @_hi_panda back in April! She’s basically our third child and is totally spoiled. 😂💕
🚨🎼🏃🏾‍♂️🎼🚨 • • Quitting is never an option.......because there’s ALWAYS a way!! That’s why it’s important to find the FUNk, put it in yo rump, and make it happen!! • • Treat your dreams and your desires like lil man!! 🤩🤩🤙🏾🤙🏾. This song is the reminder you need 👉 “Put Some FUNk In Yo Rump!” On allllll digital platforms! • • ThanQ @stanwash for letting me use the footage! • • #livefree #keepitFUNky #ThanQ #dreamers #dontquit #makeithappenmonday #millenials #goodvibesonly 💯 #artistofinstagram #independentartist #newmusicalert #streaming #itunes #applemusic #spotify #spotifyplaylists #tidal #googleplaymusic #podcastmusic #musicpodcast #podcast #radiodjs #internetradio #internetradioshow #theshaderoom #songwriters #motivators #creators #contentcreators
📚☕️Today’s lunch break was spent reading + sipping on a vanilla latte next to this indoor waterfall bc #thisismyselfcare _ 💫 There are only 50 days left in 2018! Can you believe that?! I’m curious, what goals are you pushing for before ringing in the new year?! Do you have a plan to make it happen in the next 50 days?! _ My main goal is to find balance in my new schedule. I’m making sure #selfcare is a daily priority while life continues to change so I can conquer every challenge thrown at me! #twentygreatteen #thelast50days #last50days #makeithappenmonday
Let's change IG Live to L.G. LIVE!💪 "Leon Greene T.V." I want to interview all of the producers behind a lot of the popular music you hear to get the story and process behind the music. The real way is to do it "live" and do it with me, @the_persistent_promoter_page @manof_music. #MakeItHappenMonday #GoingLive #AllTheWayLive #LGLive #IGLive #LiveInterviews #Popularmusic #MusicProducers #BehindTheScenes #NoMicrophone #FacetoFaceLive
#mondaymood 🤪🤪 Never miss a Monday! It’s leg day again. 🤪🔥😩👊🏼🤦‍♀️#bootybootybooty #squats #nevermissamonday 🤨#strongerthanyesterday #bulklegs 🏋️‍♀️#bodybeast #makeithappenmonday 👌🏼#newweeknewgoals #youagainstyou #noexcuses
Recently I met with someone who could not decide if the time is truly right to form an LLC for her business. This is such a common concern!🤓 My view on this is admittedly skewed (I form LLCs!), but I truly believe that if you’re making more than $600 in a year, it’s likely time to take the next step and form an LLC. (Or corporation, if you’re looking into investors.)📋 Beyond the fact that you need to consider having a separate entity to sign contracts and shield your personal assets, it’s important to look at how you want to present your business to vendors and other business relationships you have.📇 If you’re planning to hire employees soon and expand operations, you need to start building true infrastructure. Forming a separate entity for yourself lends you credibility and sets you up for bigger and better things.🌎 If you’re confused by the process of selecting an entity, reach out to a business attorney for a consult. #themoreyouknow
I’m ready to rock the week! 👊🏻 #fashiondoodles #illustration
Start now. Start where you are Start with FEAR Start with PAIN Start with DOUBT Start with hands SHAKING Start and don’t STOP 🛑 Start where you are, with what you have JUST START!
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