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D A Y 8 / 365 // I love that D has his days off during the week. That makes going most places during the week day a breeze. Fewer people, less hassle. 😜 Especially places like Costco. Oh man, the $$ we could drop here buying stuff for our house is ridiculous. Why can’t money grow on trees?! 😩
Things I enjoy lately: - apparently hanging sticks on the wall🤷🏼‍♀️🖤 - reading the India series of @humansofny - chapstick, and lots of it - youtubing homesteading videos - salads with store bought @olivegarden dressing - catching up on laundry, f i n a l l y - @projectrunway allstars and @challengemtv nights with 2 pickles and a sweet tea - getting creative and colorful in my school planner, love following the hashtag #bulletjournal - teaching liam how to count to 💯 - dreaming of the day that I graduate nursing school + building our house on some land + owning a bigger suv to fit 1 more tiny babe 🖤 - what are you enjoying lately? I tag @kayhaupt @melissa_amy_simmons @thewrighthomestead
Can't stop smiling while I edit this session 💕
I primarily shoot landscapes. So when it's cloudy, dark, and gloomy like it was today, it's hard for me to find inspiration behind my camera. Of course spending the day yesterday surround by cans of beer helped me find that inspiration tonight! This beer is called "Awesomesauce" and it's name is dead on. What's your favorite beer? (22/365)
We have a 7 month old. He loves bananas, sweet peas and potatoes, pears, and apples. We not a fan of citrus. He thinks daddy is really funny. He can say “dada” and “Roro.” We are learning how to be gentle with Lily instead of pinching and grabbing and pulling. He will only sit up for food. He LOVES bouncing, standing, and playing space boy with dad. He has started to clearly decipher between mommy and daddy, and sometimes cries when I leave in the morning for work. He loves laying on the bed near Lily and grabbing our faces. I can’t believe you’re more than half a year old, bub. ❤️❤️❤️
our place
Toddlers and donuts making Monday look good! I had such a productive day working on orders and photographing goodies from my shop @petitelittles. And this little sidekick was pretty helpful too. After all, we did get lots of energy from those donuts! Hope you all had a good Monday too xoxo
♦️NEW COLLECTION: EARTHLY HEAVENS♦️ 🎉FREE Shipping on all your orders🛍 Title: The Reflections 🌗 Size: 60x30 inches Style: Conceptual Gallery Estimated Value: DM 📩 Type: Original Recreation Oil Painting on Canvas🎁 📧 skynourcroft@gmail.com for the price and custom size 📍 website: artofanjumsaeed.com #artofanjum #oiloncanvas
When your clients are down to sit in the snow and basically freeze their booty’s off... you know that you have some amazing clients! ❄️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ It's been a hot minute since I've posted some photos her on instagram! I took a little bit of a break when the new year hit to just lay things out and visualize how I want my business to grow for 2018! I was just looking at my calendar for 2018 and visualizing the 30 beautiful weddings that I’m thrilled to be apart of! Sometimes it can feel like a lot of pressure when you think about it - but I’m seriously so honored that 30 couples are trusting me with their day! I seriously love what I do and can’t imagine a day without doing it. ❤️ And with that said, 2018 bookings are about closed for me but I’m opening 2019 bookings NOW! I usually don’t book further than about a year in advance, however, after an influx of inquiries over this past weekend, I realized that 2019 brides are on top of things! So excited for what these next couple years hold ❤️
The best face masks look like a tasty snack. 😍 @thefaceshop.official makes THE BEST face masks. They’re my favorite part of the day. #koreanskincare #blueberrylover #kimmyloveskorea #facemaskswag #kskincare
Illuminate your campsite with @powerpractical 's #luminoodle perfect for contouring to any setup 📸: @powerpractical
• c o l o s s e o • “Everybody knows the picture of the Coliseum; everybody recognises at once that looped and windowed band-box with a side bitten out.” Mark Twain, The Innocents Abroad, 1869 #thechaveztravels
headstands with madelyn: never a dull moment with this girl. i love these moments because we all know they are only little for so long. 🙃 #auntlife
♦️NEW COLLECTION: EARTHLY HEAVENS♦️ 🎉FREE Shipping on all your orders🛍 Title: The Spirit 🌗 Size: 48x48 inches (4 paintings) Style: Conceptual Gallery Estimated Value: DM 📩 Type: Original Recreation Oil Painting on Canvas🎁 📧 skynourcroft@gmail.com for the price and custom size 📍 website: artofanjumsaeed.com #artofanjum #oiloncanvas
Super proud of these dudes!! Last night was the first night they got to preform at the Aggie Theater. And they killed it! We will be coming back to the Aggie on February 10 to open for Dizzy Wright Tickets will be available soon! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ @dvwnmilo @arieh_ap ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #colorado_creative #denver_afterdark #acreativevisual #citykillerz #createandcapture #createcommune #agameoftones #artofvisuals #aov #heatercentral #moodygrams #coloradolive #Canonphotography #photoart #mtnfolk #coloradoInstagram #noco #fortcollins #lifeunscripted #visualsoflife #unsplash #makemoments #liveauthentic #Chasinglight #MountainAdventures #paradoxvisuals
Shoutout to this babe that didn’t complain when I had to take over our Chicago outing so I can get my passport 😘 and for dragging him through a bunch of stores with the temperature so high they had us both sweating 😅 🛍 #mcm
INPUT NEEDED! There are two things that inspire the feeling of my work, music and cinematography. I love to study the grading, composition, and color choice of different films. It doesn’t always translate directly into my work but the creative choices of film makers inspires me to look at the choices I make when I shoot and edit. What inspires you to create? If you share my interest in cinematography, please comment below of films I need to watch! #trevorroycephotography
My baby girl is 26 weeks today!! I seriously don't know where the time has gone but I do know that it's been the best 26 weeks of my life! Not only have you filled mummy and daddy's hearts but you have also filled your adoring brothers hearts too ♥️
Sniffers unite!!
2 stacks and 2 watches 😍😍 —————————————-Tag a friend who would take both!😂 . . . . #primeshots #fartoodope #instagoodmyphoto #shotzdelight #postthepeople #makemoments #streetlife
Growing up I LOVEDDD reading fashion magazines like Seventeen and Teen Vogue and cutting out all the cute outfits and colorful words. ✂️ 👗👠 Each magazine I'd always get so excited to flip through and find their looks for less page where they would take expensive designer items and then find lower prices items for people on a budget. 🙌🏻 Since I loved it so much I decided to create my own new series on the blog called, Look for Less. 😄 My first of the series is a sweet and feminine Valentines Day look. To shop the outfit and to find out where the adorable dress is from head to www.sunshinestyleblog.com (link in profile).
Neither here nor there
& another one in the books. Love you @duh_itz_abrianna #winterconcert
Want to join the HEE+ team? 💕We’re hiring for Spring interns!! 🎉Check out our insta stories to learn more about these opportunities: 1. Marketing & Social Media Intern 2. Graphic Design Intern 3. Production Intern 4. Operations Manager Intern If you love weddings, events, details & decor and are eager to learn, we’d love to meet you! (📷: @elysewhall ) . . . . . . . #happilyeveretched #intern #weddingplanning #lasercut #thehappynow #lcdotcomloves #calledtobecreative #petitejoys #dailydosewedding #weddinginspiration #pursuepretty #thatsdarling #imsomartha #theeverygirl #girlboss #bridetribe #bridesmaid #bridetobe #maidofhonor #flashesofdelight #engagedaf #liveauthentic #darlingmovement #explore #livethelittlethings #livebeautifully #abmhappylife #makemoments #darlingweekend
We went on many adventures last year and absolutely can’t wait to see where 2018 takes us! Cancun + Iceland in the same year?? Let’s go!! What adventures do you have planned? Comment below! ✖️
. You will never “find” time for anything. If you want time, you must make it!
Creative spaces enable creative minds. 🦖 - @nanoleaf I need more panels!
I've got a bad case of the Monday blues, I'm sure I'm not the only one. I think we all deserve more Mondays spent in robes with no worries in pretty hotels like this, that's all. xoxo ❥❥
Sometimes Mondays are my best friend, but when it comes to the winter time, get them out of here! I’ll take all the Sundays and staying inside forever, please! 😴❄️ Tonight is a face mask, fresh candle, pretend it wasn’t Monday all day, kind of night. Who’s with me? #myeverydaycandle
Y bueno ,la tendencia de los metal mate está para quedarse junto con los labios en tonos más arriesgados en el 2018. Este es el tono rockera de @voguecosmeticosoficial , personalmente considero que todos los labiales de este tipo (poco comunes) deben ir acompañado no sólo de un maquillaje de ojos sencillo que no le quite protagonismo ,sino también con un estilo de peinado y outfit que lo complementen para ser el #perfectmatch y lograr un look que transmita lo que queremos. ¿Y tú, te atreverías a llevar lo más #trendy de la temporada ? . . . #makeuplook #makeuplove #makeupbyme #makeupart #makeuplovers #makeuplife #makeupoftheday #makeuplover #styleblogger #vogue #streetphotographer #HypeBeast #exploremore #lifestyleblog #thehappynow #storytelling #soyvoguera #soyvogueraco #sv #postthepeople #makemoments #streetlife #ig_colombia #colombiaismagicalrealism #iphoneography #iphoneonly #iphonesia #iphoneography
A young man looking in a smartphone, sitting in their cattle shed, he told me that it was his first time touching, looking and using the phone.I find this guy in Gishwati-Mukura national park where they live with their cows.
Natural light is the best kind of light. Tag someone who needs more windows! #slavspainting
♦️NEW COLLECTION: EARTHLY HEAVENS♦️ 🎉FREE Shipping on all your orders🛍 Title: Conscience 🌗 Size: 30x60 inches (2 paintings) Style: Conceptual Gallery Estimated Value: DM 📩 Type: Original Recreation Oil Painting on Canvas🎁 📧 skynourcroft@gmail.com for the price and custom size 📍 website: artofanjumsaeed.com #artofanjum #oiloncanvas
1 year ago 💐 #8monthsold #isitspringyet
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“we need to remember what's important in life: friends, waffles, work. or waffles, friends, work. doesn't matter, but work is third.” | leslie knope
I was putting away the vacuum when I heard her sweet voice singing along to The Greatest Showman soundtrack ♡ a million dreams is all it took, here she is and here I am ♡
What closet dreams are made of ✨
My daughter thinks she is a bird whisperer #bird #coollittlebirdy #birdwisperer
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