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Seems like yesterday although years have past since this picture was taken! - With a heavy heart, I'm reminded, - Time stands still for no one. - We all have the same amount of time each and every day and no one has a Monopoly on time. - Time waits for no one. - Time can never be stopped, - Once our time has been used it's gone forever. - Tomorrow is time that hasn't yet become ours, and at any time be taken from us. - Time itself answers to no one and no one can stop it from running. - The time we now have is all we have to actually live in. - Once the time we have is gone, we can't ever get it back. - And no matter how hard we try we can never get more because everyone is given the same allotment of time each and every day. - What can we do? - If we can't stop time, maybe we need to figure out a way to bend it. - Or maybe just use it more efficiently. - For example; - Maybe if we choose to live purposefully in the present we'd be able to make the most of every moment not loosing any of the time we've been just given. - And even though this can't stop or bend time, - I would argue that this is the only way we can stretch our time to get the most out of it while we still have it to live and call it today. - Just Think About It 🤔 - Brad - - - #justthinkaboutit #timemanagement #timewellspent #livewithpurpose #livepurposefully #dontwasteyourtime #maketimeforher #maketimeforyou #maketimeforlife #makethemostofnow #makethemostofeveryday #makethmostoflife #bemindful #livemindfully #liveinthemoment #liveinthemomenteveryday #makethemostofyourlife #bepurposeful #bepurposedriven #bradfordleemace #brad #thinkdifferently #spendtimewithyourkids #spendtimewithfamily
Put your hand up if autumn is your FAVOURITE season for cosy afternoons note taking in coffee shops?! ☝️👋 Love these planners & journals from eco conscious @weareponderlily 🧡🍁✍️
Had a fabulous date night at #tarawinery #maketimeforlife #livethebestlife
Take some time to watch a sunset or two.I promise it's better than that episode on Netflix you've already watched. . . . #maketimeforlife #wanderlust #gooutside #appreciate #nature #love #yourworld #findyourwild #adventurecats
My good friend Alex came to town for a girls weekend. #makemyownschedule #bossbabe #spadate #maketimeforlife
I always try to take Sundays off work, so I can enjoy time with family or working on my faith or a few hours on Saturday to watch some college football... But I want to say a true entrepreneur, in my opinion, doesn't have a 9-5 or Monday thru Friday schedule. Sometimes or I should say many times I'm talking to a client on FB messenger at 10 or 11pm after my wife goes to bed. If I'm available, I'm responding! These social media sites/apps have truly changed the game and if you don't see that you have missed possibly the most important change of our lifetime. As an entrepreneur... Sales people... this applies to you as well. So many ways to help your business on here, on FB, on LinkedIn... Here's to a great weekend! Working or not, have a good one! #entrepreneurmindset #entrepreneurlife #makeyourownschedule #workhard #entrepreneurs #mustworkharder #itsyourbusiness #maketimeforlife #maketimeforyou #maketimeforfamily #football #baseball #9to5 #workweekend #alwaysworking #kinda #vacation #some #entrepreneur #hardwork #dedication #consistency #setgoals #achievegoals #businessandpersonal #business #welcometomyworld #entrepreneurship #workharderthantheotherguy #yougotthis
Every day is the chance for something amazing to happen. Open your mind and your heart to new experiences.💫⠀ ⠀ #choosepositivity
#datenight number 2 🖤💋🔥🍻 @j.ap1_s2k #lovehim #maketimeforfun #maketimeforlife
Malam before birthday Fartini : Love, you tak payah la buat surprise birthday kat I tau hahaha tapi if nak buat jugak I nak cake choc melts super yummyy tauuu 😂 Arjuna : Ehh takde surprise2 nya lah nak masak nasi goreng ikan je lepas tu kek batik Fana buat settle (muka menganjing) . 20/09/2018 it’s ma birthdayyyyy Arjuna : happy birthday to youuu dan tadaaaaaa sepinggan nasi goreng ikan beserta seekor ikan (gambar takde ikan sebab tu semalam harini nasi sepingan tu je tinggal) Fartini : hahaha thank you love ! Mana lilin pacak la atas nasi goreng ni Arjuna : tak payah lilin2 makan je heh Fartini : hahahaha eeeee gerammm laaaa laki aku ni . Siap makan siap kemas siap2 nak balik rumah RAFS kira balik kampung la sebab Arjuna nak outstation . Sampai rumah RAFS tetiba ajak pergi letak vacuum kat rumah along. Gua ni pesen dah masuk rumah malas keluar dah even jalan berapa langkah dah sampai rumah along 💁🏻‍♀️ malas is malas ok hahahahah . Lepas tu balik semula rumah RAFS tadaaaaaa surpriseeee 🎂💕. Alaaaaaa terharu. Pada orang lain mungkin takde mende pun koya lebih kau Fartini oiii tapi pada gua alalalaaaaa 😍 benda kecik bila sama2 dengan family, besar maknanya ! Tak bajet pun ada kek segala ingat memang kek batik Fana je hahahaha. Big thanks to beloved husband Arjuna & beloved RAFS ❤️🎈. Sayang Arjuna & RAFS so much ! 💕 . #HappyBirthdayToMe #LoveLikeThis #MakeTimeForLife #20092018
Saw this yesterday in the gift shop at @aeliawellness , a place by the way full of motivational quotes! This is an important message. We can be so busy earning a living or making a home that we forget to enjoy our life on a day to day basis. We need to stop every day and find some moments of joy otherwise what is the point to it all!
Happiest birthday 🎂 to my #SoulSister si #PenyimpanMohorBesarRahsia2Sekalian Ainnur Fartini Syazwan ! 😘😘😘🎉🎈 . Masa kecik2 dia sokmo berangan nak jadi pelakon, dah besar ni tak jadi pelakon tapi tetap curahkan minat dgn cara memenuhkan memory henpon kakak dia 🙄💁🏻‍♀️ . Jangan marah ekkk adik angah, siapa suruh kamo selalu main henpon gua ? 😆 Me ♥️ you long time tauuu ! Mmuuaaacckkksss ! Euuwww bluueekkk puuiiii 💦 😂 . P/s : syukur this year takde orang call gua wish birthday pada tarikh hari jadi kao ! 😏 . #SeptemberBabies #BelovedRAFS #MySistersAreMyBestfriends #PowerGegurlOfRAFS #GangInCrime #BelovedSiblings #LoveHateRelationship #HappyHappyDay #EverydayIsFamilyDay #FamilyMeansLove #LoveLikeThis #MakeTimeForLife
We live in a world where everyone is too busy. I’m too busy to cook tonight I’m too busy to clean the house I’m too busy to hang out •• “I’ll do it tomorrow” But tomorrow keeps getting pushed further and further back until one day you wake up and you’re drowning. •• We should use being busy as an excuse for anything. Everyone is “busy” doing something everyday. •• Make time for your family, for friends, home, God, your health. Don’t hold off till tomorrow. •• Next time you want to say you’re too busy, ask yourself, how much time have I spend watching tv? On my phone? Playing video games? Life is too short to look back and say you were too busy
The weekend that was. 💕🙏 Well spent with my beautiful Niece and Daughter who have a love for each other like Sisters. #family #copycat
One of my favourite cafes with my favourite coffee 😍 #livinglife #lovinglife #maketimeforlife #yolo #grateful #thankful #china #中国 #感恩
😍 Make time to stop and smell the flowers 😁 This puzzlement toy is one featured in our boxes this month Pre Order Now link in our bio #mondaymotivation #maketimeforlife #dogpuzzletoys #dogenrichment #dogbox #barkbox #dogstagram #dogsarefamilytoo #dogloversfeed #dogsmile #dogfun #dogtreatsplease #happydogdays #healthydogisahappydog
This is the ultimate self-care. ⁣ ⁣ If someone calls, texts or emails you, you can decide if and when you respond. You are not on call 24/7, nor should you be. ⁣ ⁣ I frequently distance myself from my phone so I can be present in my daily life. Whether it’s going into focus mode while I work, putting my phone away when I’m with loved ones, or simply letting the notifications come in but feeling no obligation to respond. ⁣ ⁣ It may take me a few hours, a day, maybe a week to respond to you. It doesn’t mean I like you any less. I’m simply prioritizing my peace. ⁣ ⁣ If I choose not to respond at all, I do so without feeling bad or guilty. I feel like I’ve taken my life back. ⁣ ⁣ I always knew self-care was important, but had no clue where to start. I imagined meditating and quietly reading books, which sounded BORING. ⁣ ⁣ Self-care is setting priorities and boundaries in your life. It is the opposite of being a people-pleaser. It is making time frequently to do things that bring you peace and joy. It’s different for everyone and up to you to discover. ⁣ ⁣ For me, self-care is not being on call 24/7. Getting enough sleep. Making time to get inspired every morning. Long walks. Skipping parties every now and then. Being creative. Naps. Writing. Dressing up and doing my makeup. Snuggling my dogs and my sweet hubb. ⁣ ⁣ What is self-care for you? Make it non-negotiable. Block it in your schedule. Prioritizing YOU is the least selfish thing you can do because it refuels your tank and allows you to really show up for your loved ones. ⁣ ⁣ Is anyone else doing this or planning to do this? How does it make you feel? Put something in the comments. 💕⁣ ⁣ #takebackyourlife #selfcarefirst #selfcaresunday #selfcareisntselfish #behappynow #lifehacking #selfcareday #selfcarematters #prioritizeyourself #makeyourselfapriority #bepresentnow #personalgrowthjourney #calmthechaos #maketimeforyou #maketimeforyourself #maketimeforlife #youareapriority #youareincontrol #careforyourself #peaceisachoice #happinessisachoice #notselfish #youareworthit
My boys having some fun with there cousins this weekend. 😀 . Love this pic of the four of the. Don’t know how they got them all to look at the camera at the same time.
Kita berkata bahwa kesibukan kita untuk keluarga, kerja kita untuk orang yang kita sayang. Namun kita sering lupa memberikan hal yang utama dalam kasih sayang, waktu. #MakeTimeforLife #HumanDevelopment
Aktiviti riadah minggu lepas. 1st time naik Bukit Pelindung selama berrrrrrrrrrrtahun membesar di Kuantan 🤪. Nak sampai ke atas tu semput woiiii almaklumlah biasa hiking style lentang je kahkahkah. Bila ingat anak gua dah sampai atas tuuu so gua gigih lah mengorak langkah sampai atas dan akhirnya berjayaaaaaa 💪🏼 teros rasa nak tawan Gunung Kinabalu 😂🤪 . #BigFamilyGayjuKecoh #LoveLikeThis #MakeTimeForLife
The struggle between positivity and negativity is as fundamental as the principle of magnetism. Balance is what holds all life together during the ebb and flow. Too much of anything is poisonous, even productivity. When the midnight oil is almost burnt up, the next move is none. Take time for yourself and observe what’s going on around you. The best things in life are free, we just have to value them. #vanlifediaries #getoutside #nature #naturalinspiration #recreation #maketimeforlife #maketimefornature #maketimeforplay #maketimeforyou #maketimeforyourself #keepitbalanced #thedudeabides #abidebytheelements
My favorite little human is so intense. I love it. 💕 Any guesses what she was screaming here? 😍
Tomorrow is the last day with a huge discount on some of my most popular items. You can save 50,- kr on 'Make time for life'!!! . On other posters you can save 70,- or up to 150,- kr Stop by the shop through link in bio ❤️
Asalnya nak celebrate birthday lil cuzzy je tapi jadi majlis bacaan yaasin, tahlil dan doa selamat pulak.. Alhamdulillah 🤗 . And of course as usual, annual #SeptemberBabies #BirthdayCelebration is a must ! Weehooooo ! #HappyBirthdayToUs ! 🎉🎊🎂🎈 . Cuma this year awal gila celebrate 😅 Tapi macam biasa laa the “babies” tak cukup geng kan.. . Excuse the selok-ness sbb “babies” tu ramai yg tua2 dari yg kecik 😅🤣 . Thanks to tuan rumah, the sponsors and semua yg terlibat ye ! 😂😘 . P/s : iols tak ready lagi nak enter 3series ni 😝 even statement mengatakan “yg paling cantik tu dlm golongan 30s” 😜 so wake me up when september ends je laa yekkk 🤪😅 . #BigFamilyGayjuKecoh #ItsOurBirthday #ItsMyBirthday #HappyBirthdayToMe #OneHappyFamilyAtHome #HappyHappyDay #OurHappeningMeansHaiPening #EverydayIsFamilyDay #FamilyMeansHappiness #LoveLikeThis #MakeTimeForLife
Today is world suicide prevention day! Maybe a time for us to stop, think about our health and well-being and those around us 💫#healthandwellbeing #mentalhealthawareness #timeout #stressrelief #reiki #holistic #reflexology #maketimeforlife
Daddy son ice cream sandwich time! 🍦Don’t tell mommy! 😜@thenikkicantu . Some needed one on one time with my son. 👨‍👦 . And we even split it! Another way to have those treats is to share it. . . . . . . . . . . . . #cantukiddos #daddyoftwins #twinboys #dadlife #toddlerlife #toddlerfun #daddytime #playhard #getoutside #outdoorlife #novideogames #freshair #kidstime #kidsplayground #fathersonslefie #selfie #takeapic #momentslikethese #lovelikenoother #momentslikethis #icecreamsandwich #maketimeforit #maketimeforlife
Good morning Monday! It’s a new week and time for a fresh start, am I right? 💁‍♀️ We often go into Monday’s with a sense of dread and disappointment, but this morning I’m calling you OUT! 🧐 Every new day is an opportunity to move towards those goals you set for yourself or to actually set some if you've been sitting on the fence. 💜 So tell me how are you going to make an impact today? What are you going to do with this new week?
We’re “too busy” are two words that are way too overused as we trick ourselves and the people around us into believing that we have no time. In reality, it’s just a matter of what’s a priority to you and how you manage your time. If something’s that important to you, you’ll find the time to make it happen.
Formiddag som hjemmepasset; storesøster skal vækkes og køres i skole, hønsene skal passes, folden skal repareres og nu er der picnic på sofaen i selskab med ramasjang ❤️ #hjemmepasning #høns #williamsen #sofahygge #maketimeforlife #vihyggeros
There is a purpose to everyone you meet. Some people come into your life to test you, some to teach you, some to use you, and some to bring out the very best in you. ....... Today was a good day and definitely the best of me. #blessed #livemoremagic #friendship #domore #maketimeforlife #domoreofwhatmakesyouhappy #somepeopleareworthmeltingfor #notyouraveragegirl #unapologeticallyme #Austin #lakeside #boating #sunset #tomorrowiexplore #wakeupearly
Weekend vacation w/one of my oldest and dearest friends | #friendstime #vacation #maketimeforlife #feasting #oceanfront
Actually ni first time iols naik ke sini sepanjang dilahirkan dan membesar di Kuantan ni 😅 Kah ! 😝😂 #JanganJudge ! 🤣 . Iols rilex2 je jalan dgn si kecik lagi pon tak nak laa bagi urat2 terkejut kan sbb dah lama tak exercise 😅😝 and saje warming up masa darling takde ni kalau tak kena perli dek dia sepanjang jalan 😅😂 . Tapi tetiba raisha tak nak jalan pulak, macam nak patah pinggang gendong dukung segala nak sampai atas 😭 Yg lain2 dah laju ke depan nak tak nak kena la hangkut sendiri jugak 😓 . Family yg lain2 banyak kali dah pergi and ajak iols tapi iols malas tapi ni ter rajin pulak bawak anak2 😜 Dah lama kot tinggal activity macam ni, masa study dulu active la join itu ini.. . Sbb tak pernah sampai ke atas, iols positive je “sikit lagi sampai laa” and i did it with the “11kg 🏆 ” on my back ! 💪🏽😅 #IbundaHebat 😎💅🏽 . #WeekendWellSpent #BigFamilyGayjuKecoh #HappyHappyDay #OurHappeningMeansHaiPening #EverydayIsFamilyDay #FamilyMeansHappiness #MakeTimeForLife #LoveLikeThis #CaptionPanjangBaqAngEssayTakMasukExam
Weekend activity with #BigFamilyGayjuKecoh . We have reached the destination ! 💪🏽 Plus with the kiddos and stroller 😅 . Yg monkey 🐒 tu confuse identity, bunyi 🐵 ke bunyi 🐶 😅😂 . Ohhh single kiki challenge is too mainstream thus we used stroller instead 😂 . #WeekendWellSpent #HappyHappyDay #OurHappeningMeansHaiPening #EverydayIsFamilyDay #FamilyMeansHappiness #MakeTimeForLife #LoveLikeThis
Hiburan lepas penat 😂 . #BelovedRAFS #LoveLikeThis #MakeTimeForLife
Warm hot chocolate for me and the boys making us all feel better #horlicks #hotchocolate #myboys #familymeanseverything #maketimeforlife #moomin #moominmugs #peterrabbit #bigmediumsmall
Rolling With The Hommies 😈 ~ Evening Y’all! 🙌🏼 Boy she was a Cracka day! Beaut weather! Had the day with the family! Got to meet some awesome people! Just a straight out Cracka! Haven’t had a day off in a while!!! So takin a knee & spending the day with the fam was lit 👊🏼 kicked off with taking the gents out for a paddle out in Ballarat, then after getting a stiff coffee 😆 it was a decent cruise out to Williamstown, where we spent the day out @timberandworkingwithwood show 😍 the boys done a rippin job! They were my Rep’s for the day, everyone was asking what there dad does & even the missus was flat out chatting to everyone too! The convo starts with omg there so cute! 😍 so they had an absolute ball! I got stuck for a bit at the @japanese_tools_australia stand 🤤 & don’t get me started on all the slabs & burls 😍😍😍😘 if I only took the Ute 😜, then I ended up hanging out at the @tormek_sharpening & @promac_tools stand for a while having a good ol chat with the gents out there! But I did grab a couple of Japanese tools 👊🏼 a new site pullsaw 👌🏼 & a kana, But we’ll get to them 😈 after hanging out at the show for 2 hours, we hiked back to the car, headed out to the park so the boys can empty there afterburners! Had a awesome time chasing them around getting stuck in the slide 🙄 then the boys just lost there shit...... they got hungry & mutated into feral little monsters 😂😂😂 but we gave them a snack & sorted out some dinner before the long hike home 🏡 So nice to hangout with the crew 💕 ~ #familyman #familytime #dayout #lovemyboys #lovemyboys 💙 #maketimeforlife #williamstown #familybuisness #woodworkingshow #burl #burls #japanesetools #pullsaw #familylife #handplane #handplanes #itsmeagain 😜 #handplane #handsaw #woodplane #greatdayout #rollinwiththehomies #familydays #familydaysout #seeyouagain #maybetomorrow 😉
Summer vacation is over and school started. 3rd and 1st . While vacations time , we enjoyed to spend time together, traveling Japan,camping multiple times, Silverwood etc. Now Kids are back to school for their challenge ( studying learning through joy!!) Me I was struggling to make enough time for my business this summer. So September is my new fresh start as well😁No more excuses!!( I know it is hard lol) Next week, I will fly to New Orleans to attend my first Convention. I will learn and have fun with my friends from everywhere 💖 This is going to be my best investment 🤩 and can’t wait to eat oysters, Pinot sandwich, gumbos.....and GRITS!!🤣😋🤣😋 There will be a new product announcement at convention. We are having fun to guess what will be 😆 They mention this will be more impact than Lasboost🤔 I am guessing hair renewal premium shampoo set?🤣 (Aging makes hair less shiny skinny volume right?) Just guessing lol. What do you think the new products? Answer is. .... wait till 9/15🤩 夏休みも終わり新学期スタート。一年と三年。息子は張り切って、自転車登校🚴‍♂️娘ちゃん自分で髪の毛やったりお弁当🍙作ったりしております😆学校でも色々と刺激を受けていっぱい学ぶ!!夏は 日本行ったりキャンプ行ったりかなり遊びまくったので、これから勉強スタート!私も夏の間上手くビジネスに時間を使いこなしてなかったので、また、再出発エンジンかけて頑張っていこうと思います💪まずは、ニューオリンズで行われる年に一度の#rodanfields のコンベンションに参加して刺激を受けつつ、各地から集まる仲間に会える楽しみです。もちろん新製品の発表もあるので、予想ゲームやってます(一人の答えがズラ(笑)だったので、自分は、無難にラッシュブーストに並ぶ商品と言ってたので髪の毛育成シャンプーセットでww年齢と共に痩せてボリュームがなくなっていくでしょ?アンティエージングならこれしかない!ww🤣) 皆さんは、どんな商品だと良いと思いますか?正解は9/15の土曜に発表!!
1000 to-do’s and when time for action the brain is empty!! 😱🤔 Does it sound familiar?? This is what I have studied with my own brainfog, memory and non existing stress tolerance. (I’m sure that I missed something in that list but still.... 😂👌🏻 I have tried tons of apps and note books to keep myself on track but always getting tired of that in the end and then slipping back to the chaos about things I know I should remember to do but can’t struckture when, how or if I even should, living me No time to take care of myself. Non! What comes to apps, they just are so freaking unpersonal and boring that can’t take that. Notebooks in other hand, to find a NICE looking and atractive book with good sectioning seemed to be just unpossible combination. You may wonder why the heck does it even matter how that looks but if you are a creative and really visual person it makes all the differens! So I found a book with good content and sectioning and I made the cover to be more atractive for me to remember WHY I do it this way and it’s easier to make it happen. Beautiful afforisms always talk to me so they are everywhere I put my hands. And as a tip for anyone who struggles with stress, sense of loosing control, rehabilitation after sickness or mental health issues this could be the thing You need to lear. To do your weekly action plan! Be realistic for each day, plan in even your own quality time and be kind. When the life happens and you miss a to-do, if someone did not die it’s not that a big issue to do it first thing the next day. Everything does not always go as we plan so plan the way that you have breathing space for Life. Just my little tip of the day ❤️ Could this be something for You? . . #entrepeneur #postcancerlife #actionplan #maketimeforlife #todolist #makeitfun #lifequality #yogateacherlife
Vi elsker “vores” skov ❤️ #hjemmepasning #skov #natur #maketimeforlife #williamsen
It’s always funny how friendships develop. We met Tim from @theveteransproject and Jill from @labsforliberty at a Sundance Film Festival event that Jill was managing a couple of yrs ago. It was snowing like crazy, everyone was delayed getting there, high stress, and very hectic with a dozen different groups trying to quickly get set up in a very tight space before the event officially started. But as a veteran you’re used to stress & difficult situations (and no one was shooting at us), so amid all the chaos I felt pretty calm. As Tim walked up to Lori and me, I figured he was a vet because he seemed to be calm as well. In his polite Texas drawl, Tim asked if he could put a photo by the coffee setup we had at the event. Lori & I had looked at a bunch of his photos previously & loved his work photographing vets & telling their stories so we said we’d be honored to have it there (swipe to see a picture from that night). In that moment, even though Lori & I are his parents age & he comes from the art world, while we live in the coffee world... we connected on a level of mutual respect. The event got busy & we didn’t get much time to talk or get to know each other, & we went our separate ways. Afterwards Jill reached out to thank us for participating & we invited her to come drink some coffee & chat with us at the shop. A few months later, Tim was passing through & visiting so she brought him by the shop. And then, as usual, good things happen over coffee. We all got to know each other better & friendships were forged. Last week Tim reached out & surprised me by asking if he could spend a couple of days covering me for the project. I was humbled & honored. Yesterday Jill came in with Tim & a couple of Labs for Liberty dogs (a trainer & trainee service dog) and met us & our shop manager Mariah to drink some coffee. Always so great to spend time with friends & catch up, especially those doing great work & giving back. Moral of the story: life’s too short for bad coffee & not making time to hang out with friends. #goodthinghappenovercoffee #awesomecoffeeforawesomepeople #maketimeforlife #alphacoffee
So this is what happens when you agree to let your son do your makeup!! #mothersonselfie #lifeofaginger #bonding ❤️
Sharing this openly so you can be anonymous + listen in /// Debbie is the leader of Dream Team, the team of 78,000 consultants. She’s got a good story to share. Do yourself a favor, take 5 minutes and listen in! #jointhemovement #lifechangingskincare #rodanandfields #everyonestartssomewhere #dolifedifferently #beyourownboss #liveonyourterms #maketimeforlife
Good luck tomorrow Dong! #backtoschool #collegelife #tuesdayevening #watching #missionimpossiblefallout at #cineplex Nice haircut dodongVJ! a.k.a. NickJonas? 🙈✌️😀 DoDongRJ u should watch this film. 👌👉5⭐️ ____________ #maketimeforfamily #maketimeforlife #maketimeforeachother #maketimeforwhatmatters #spendtimewithfamily
I can't wait to see what you do when you grow up. 😍💕 #caligirl #dreambigbabygirl
My phone told me it was going to be cool and rainy. It was 95 and sunny and I instantly regretted wearing a Jean jacket but it was such a fun day with @joshknight7349 #santacaligon #festival #fairfood #vintagefinds #maketimeforlife
Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. #santacaligon #maketimeforlife
Happy Friday! Im back to an empty nest with my son starting classes on Monday in Madison, Wisconsin and my middle daughter starting her first "real job" in Washington, DC this week. Then, the oldest stopped by to take some of the furniture from my basement for her new place. It's an interesting feeling the "empty nest" . . . I'm so proud of each one for the place they are in their lives and yet my heart still aches for the ordinary everyday moments where I knew exactly where they were in a given moment of the day or what they ate for breakfast. Of course, there are many more moments to cherish . . . just now they come more often in the form of a phone call or text! I hope you have a great weekend and get the chance to hug the ones you love! . . . . . . 🌿#moments #friday #fridayvibes #weekendscoming #simplepleasures #cherisheverymoment #emptynest #handcrafted #handmade #theartofslowliving #lovingtheordinarymoments #lovevesselry #studiolife #lovemykids #beautyinsimplicity #choosehappy #lovewhatido #maketimeforlife #modernliving #myeverydaymagic #nothingbetter #slowliving #workingartist #worklesslivemore #quotes #workinprogress
Selamat menyambut hari kemerdekaan yg ke 61 🇲🇾 ! Merdeka ! ❤️ . Semangat bawak anak2 tengok perarakan kemerdekaan ✌🏽😄 sbb nye anak2 nak tengok kereta kebal.. . Gigih pagi2 dah tercongok, deme tak tau yg kereta kebal tu last sekali keluar, tunggu laaa sampai habis 😅 . Dah habis tu konon nak bergambar dgn kereta kebal, sekali kereta kebal start engine gerak ke tempat lain, makanya balik ber huhuhu je la kami 😂 . Last tengok live masa form 3, sbb join perarakan wakil kelab beruniform.. Rajin jugak hakak berpanas masa sekolah dulu2 😝😅 . #Negaraku #TanahTumpahnyaDarahKu #SayangiMalaysiaKu #KitaPunya #TheFarabibs #BigFamilyGayjuKecoh #HappyHappyDay #EverydayIsFamilyDay #FamilyMeansHappiness #MakeTimeForLife #LoveLikeThis
And the countdown is officially on to launch out 2019 planner collection! 🎉 Here's what's new: - New colours: stone, coral, and blush 😍 - A brand new holiday calendar layout and a redesigned Monthly Check-in section, to give you more space to write, paste pictures, and/or draw! ✏ - A pocket in the back of the planner and business card insert, perfect for keeping track of new connections and information you pick up on the go. 📂 - We’ll be sharing more pictures of the planners soon x - We’re clearly very excited about this because let’s face it, we love stationery. 🙋🏻‍♀️Tag a friend who does, too!
Just chillin', eatin' ma snacks, watchin' some inspo "let it go" before I throw around some weights with the girls. #minime
Take notes from the people who are actually out there making a name for themselves. The ones who chase after their dreams rather than watch their dreams pass them by. This is my CEO @jaygauthierjr and he’s has been one of the best life coaches that I’ve had a pleasure of working with. I could have complained about my past situations and would have continued to live the life I was living; but no, I listened and made a promise to myself that I will not be one of those people who made excuses. I will be the one to push myself out of my comfort zone. I would make time for the things I felt were absolutely necessary for me to watch my dreams become a reality. #noexcuses #maketimeforlife #entrepreneurmindset #livelifetoitsfullest #workhardplayhard #dreamsdocometrue #makemovesnotexcuses #grind #financialfreedom #tenacity ™ #newmindset #enjoywhatyoudo
So this guy organised ‘Date Day’ for us yesterday, it’s just like Date Night’ but for exhausted parents like us with very limited baby sitters 😉 and it reminded me that whether it happens weekly, monthly or in our case sporadically date night is a time to have a conversation beyond whether the dishwasher is clean or dirty! We need to not worry about creating the perfect, novel date, it doesn’t have to be a 5 course dinner or even an entire movie, the point is just to take the time to connect with the person you’re lucky to get to do life with. So don’t forget to take some time and catch up with someone you love whether it be your partner, bestie or mum just make the time #maketimeforlife . . . . . . . . #travelwithkids #travelblogger #stayandwander #slowliving #seekthesimplicity #outsiderculture #neverstopexploring #hippievan #campervan #kombi #vwbus #vwfamily #vwkombi #camperlifestyle #homeiswhereyouparkit #livesimply #ourcamplife #ourhomeonwheels #projectvanlife #roadtrip #vanlife #vanlifediaries #vanlifeexplorers #vanlifemovement #vanlifers #lifeofadventure #livesimple #welivetoexplore #travellingparents2018
Tabanca Tuesdays - Travel edition. • Here’s to more experiences in 2019! 🛫🌎 • #travel #London #makememories #maketimeforlife #ihopemypiggybankagrees
Got to love the people who make you feel 20 again... not much has changed in 20 years!! 😂😂😜✨💕 #actingliketeenagers #reunited #friendsforlife #geekedout #maketimeforlife #suckerforagoodsunset #kirkland #kirklandwaterfront #laughter #pnwlife #goodenergyonly
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