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How good are these bad boys?! 😻 We love our 'College Tees' because they're oversized, super comfy and give you that pop of colour jazzing up any everyday outfit 👯‍♀️ The perfect edgey basic to add into your wardrobe! Shop via the 'New Arrivals' tab babes x #yourockstyle
Serve up some serious edge with these @philipppleininternational aviators. Now available at our boutiques!
Nak hantar anak sekolah pakai Viva, tapi dia nak korang hantar pakai Vios? (refering to a viral video) Nak drive jalan jauh tapi kereta uzurmu takboleh elevate lalu bukit bukau? Atau nak impressed awek yang baru join group assignment korang dengan memandu Honda HRV masa nak shopping material untuk kerja? . Whatever it is, there's always a reason to book a SOCAR 😉 (@socarmy ) . SOCAR ni car sharing app, memudahkan korang untuk booking kereta/sewa kereta. Cuma download apps > provide ic & lesen > add credit/debit card for payment method. Lepastu boleh booking & collect kereta dah . Download NOW on Google Play & Apps Store. Boleh survey survey nak book kereta apa. From axia, vios, mini cooper to BMW semua ada 🚗 . #SOCARmy #SOARCAR @socarmy
When new arrivals look this stunning ...they are just too good to be missed 🖤🙌🏻 Head over to our Facebook shopping group at 8:30pm AEST tonight x #linkinbio #newarrivals #_maxandmae
What is your favorite fandom? One of my all time favorites is Harry Potter! I can’t get enough of it! I even bought some Harry Potter sheets from Target yesterday... 🤷🏻‍♀️ no shame at all. My super wonderful rep @elliebeth_bennett took this gorgeous photo! I’m jealous of all of her merch. Check out my shop for a bunch of Harry Potter goodies 🖤
Happy customer in Ayurvastra collection by Aavaran💛 daisiesndoodles on her way to enjoy the weekend 💛🧡🌴 Wishing her a colorful one too! #Repost  @daisiesndoodles  with @get_repost . . . Wear the energy of Ayurvastra ✨ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Handmade and natural dyed shirt by artisans of Aavaran Udaipur from India daisiesndoodles#chooseartisan #artisanmade  #shopsmall #handmadeisbetter #ihavethisthingwithcolor  #acolorstory #ethnicfashion  #naturaldyes #ihavethisthingwithtextiles  #dametraveler #everygirltravel  #makeyousmilestyle #sustainablefashion  #textilehunter #lifeinsoutheastasia  #sgbloggers #sgfashion  #ethicalconsumer  #haldidye #sheisnotlost  #whomademyclothes #indiantextiles  #organicfabric #daisiesndoodlestravels  #lifeinsingapore #balistyle
When you have super tall friends 🤷🏽‍♀️ meet Louie everyone
Art is a way of survival. Thanks to @jarelis.hairstyle for such an amazing work!
At the end it doesn’t really matter 😘
Just hanging around!
I feel like I haven’t touched flowers in a month! Let’s be honest, it’s only been a week 😂 ✨ Along with working with animals, I have a part time job helping design flowers for weddings. I have been doing it for a couple years and this year has been by far the best! ✨ Designing started as a way to help my friend Mandy but grew to become a significant passion! I love the idea of taking blooms and making art out of them. ✨ My goal for my newest journey is similar if not the same. I am already passionate about helping others but I want it to become an art. Free flowing and fun! This is a journey not only for you out there but me as well, and I am so proud to have you all along for the ride! ✨ Cheers party people! Let’s kick the rest of the weeks ass! 💪🏼🔥 . . . #flowergram #flowersofinstagram #flowerstagramer #floraldesign #floralarrangement #floralstyling #floweraddict #flowerlover #flowersmakemehappy #blooooms #inspiredbypetals #flowerphotos #makeyousmilestyle #positivemood #findyourstrong #positiveliving #powerofthemind #highvibelife #selfgrowth #youarepowerful #positiveintentions #youaremagic #manifestyourdreams #theuniversehasyourback #healthymindset #highvibes #manifest
It's not a london trip without a pic of Harrods..spoken like a true tourist
Well, we have officially made it to Barcelona! 💃🏼☀️ After 24 hours of travel we arrived in our new home. After checking into our temporary new abode, we went out for a celebratory beverage, and unknowingly were sitting right down the street from La Sagrada Familia. Oh man, I think I’m gonna like it here! . . . We’re also fighting some serious jetlag, and have put together a video of our last few weeks in the PNW 💛 From buying our one-way plane tickets (a moment I will seriously never forget) to moving, packing, and seeing everyone we possibly could, it’s been the best whirlwind few weeks we could ever imagine! Head to the site for The Six Things I’ll Miss Most About Seattle, and to check out the full video! Last thing before this long winded post becomes even more of a novel...THANK YOU to all of you for your thoughts, well wishes, and support. You all are the absolute greatest! #badgersdobarcelona
Cuffs, rings ... gimme stacks of ALL the things!! 😍
ever have a love-hate moment with yourself? I could easily look at this photo and pick out all the things that need fixed, worked on, not good enough, etc. Let me clarify, when I saw this photo I DID DO THAT. Then, I took a moment to stop myself from being so self critical and pick out the good. I’m authentically laughing and happy because I’m in the presence of a friend who makes me laugh. I just got my hair done, which is always the best feeling. And the joy that exudes from this candid shot is R E A L✌🏼when you start to self hate, stop yourself. it ain’t good for nobody + won’t serve you in the slightest bit. I challenge you for every one negative thing you say about yourself, say 3 positive things about yourself. Let me know how it goes ✨✨
Happy #worldemojiday ! My favorite emojis are: 😘😎❤️🦄💁‍♀️ What are yours?
Its not a london trip without some graffiti!..i think this one speaks lots of volume
🦅🔥🙏 Yo no puedo hacer nada por iniciativa mía; como oigo, juzgo, y mi juicio es justo porque no busco mi voluntad, sino la voluntad del que me envió. Juan 5:30 DSQUARED2 🎩🙏 #thatsdarling #thehappynow #pursuepretty #wandeleurspark #makeyousmilestyle #abmlifeissweet #abmlifeiscolourful #statementshirt #flashesofdelight #petitejoys #livethelittlethings #dscolor #livecolorfully #liveauthentic #nothingisordinary #finditliveit #howyouglow #prettylittlething #colorventures #thatcolorproject #eeeeeats #theblogissue #abmsummer #foundforaged #exclusive #forgiveness #love #god #grateful #dsquared2 🦅⚔️🎩🙏®️BashtyStore ®️
🖤 Don’t trust everything you see on social media. If the last few years have taught me anything is that you need to take care of you because at the end of the day you’re who you’ve got. Also, sometimes you can only be strong enough for two people for so long until one of you has to tap out.
Umm ... we’d like to live in this modern farmhouse with some pretty cows in the front yard 🐮🙌 @threebirdsrenovations
Walking on a bridge = tourist!
BTS - The finer details shot at #38weekspregnant #justmadeit
Just simply.. impressive
@xoxobeaa showing us her perfect pool cover up in her Birdee blouse 🌊 Tap to shop!
Think about all the different shoes that walked on this bridge
Fourteen years ago you surprised me with a trip to Catalina for the day. You were so excited for our adventure and I ended up so sick on the Flyer on the way over. I remember you kept asking me to switch places with you and sit next to the edge of the boat. I thought it was in case I had to lean overboard, but I later found out that it was because my ring was in your pocket and you didn’t want to risk me throwing up on your pants. When we arrived at Catalina I was practically green, but you insisted we should get breakfast. I watched you eat French toast and eggs while I slowly sipped a cup of milk - because back then I believed milk made everything better. After breakfast you led me to the golf cart rental where we were turned away at first because you were too young to rent the golf cart - we were such babies back then. I ended up renting the gold cart ( because, yes I’m older) and as soon as we turned the corner, I handed the reins over to you. You drove us on the island tour all the while seeming so distracted. We stopped at the lookout where we could see all of Avalon and I went from admiring the view to seeing you get down on one knee. The rest is a blur. In my shock, I barely let you get the words out before I gave you my answer - Y E S 6 months later we were married and it’s been my best adventure to date. 🚙 Today we drove the kids around the island and stopped to show them where you asked me to marry you all those years ago. Katie thought it was romantic and Brayden disagreed. 😂 But for me, it was as perfect!
Some real talk for you: my husband has been away for military training and every time he leaves we seem to find ourselves forced to discuss our lives, our goals, our dreams and the fact that one person can’t fill the role of two people. What kicks you out of your comfort zone and gets you refocused on your future? http://liketk.it/2wBvF #liketkit @liketoknow.it 📷 @vivianhsuphoto
HAPPY NATIONAL EMOJI DAY // Hope your day was all smiles! 😊😍😋😎🤩 #nationalemojiday * * Also, where do we send the petition to add a #flamingoemoji 💕
Sven not lovin' the heat of the sun. #LifeisSweetCebu #MyPensandLens #WhenSweetTravels
Black and white and neutral all over.
Popo rarely missed any of my athletic events when I was in high school...so when I found out my son would be playing hockey in my hometown I should have known I’d find him front and center in the stands.
I am SO proud of my mom. She co-authored her first book and it was recently published and is now available for sale. Her book team has spent years supporting Suzie and together, along with Dr. Hurwitz from UBC, they wrote a book sharing Suzie's life story. Suzie is a woman who puts her whole heart and self into everything she does. She is kind and generous and loves to help people. She has also had 6 brain surgeries due to extreme epileptic seizures that started when she was barely a year old that have left her with life-changing brain injuries. Her story is one of overcoming obstacles and is a testament to the importance of a high level of care in every person's life. If you are a caregiver, or are interested in biography type books or books about medicine/ neuroscience then I highly recommend you pick one up. An excerpt from the book: "When in the moment, Suzanna is all heart. To expect otherwise and despite years of feedback, debriefing, and education is to completely misunderstand the challenge that she and her caregivers must face on a day-to-day basis. She is and will always be in the moment for every moment of her waking day. She is and will always be all love and all fury. Affectionate, "you cutie patootie," hugs and kisses revealing her true individualized personality - warm, kind, loving, and determined to do her best, or unconstrainedly aggressive and anxiously disorganized revealing her limbic-reptilian brain that is an undifferentiated beast that we all share in common with her.” Link in profile! 💗
GARDEN PARTY⠀ ⠀ (Werbung wegen Verlinkung) Summertime is for staying outside with your beloved ones. Look how georgous @kinship_creativedc style her patio. Our collection made of recycled PET bottles is perfect for this: water resistant and UV-treated. ⠀ Photocredit: @kinship_creativedc ⠀ _____⠀ ⠀ #repost #livinterior #myownmagiccarpet #sustainableliving #livecolorfully #makeyousmilestyle #homestyle #athomeintheworld #interior #design #interiorlovers #home #bohemian #thatsdarling #cerealmag #interiorwarrior #wanderfolk #jungalowstyle #finditstyleit #simplethings #nothingisordinary #societyofdesign #apartmenttherapy
Every woman needs a little black dress in her wardrobe because it truly can get you through pretty much ANY occasion. Tap for details and Get this look at www.nakedbodyz.com
A pretty table and good food. We would love to cater your next party, big or small!
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