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Throwback Ducktail sweater 🦆 Size L 10/10 Condition $30 obo
When it is too warm in the office to wear a sweater all day; but too cold outside to get away with wearing just a t-shirt... This Braddon Tailors blazer in union cloth is a LIFESAVER! It’s a heavy fabric, so perfect for fending off the cold, but much easier to manage in the office than a sweater. The colour also looks brilliant with denim. I’m a bit embarrassed to have forgotten to include a pocket square, and I can hear my mate Pip chiding me for doing so. In my defence it’s casual Friday- so maybe it is OK to go without? Heading into the long weekend feeling grateful for the cooler weather and for the extra day off.
What do you all think of this color? Comment your opinion down below👇🏽 🔥Follow @dailyfashion_mens 🔥 🔥Follow @dailyfashion_mens 🔥 📷 @style.for.gents
Kurta, Pajama, and Swag! Did someone call elegance?😉 . . Being a Punjabi, kurtas are our favorite outfit. I got these amazing fabrics from @kurtakampanee 🔥 #mridulmadhok X #kurtakampanee . . . . Kurta Kampanee is doing great as they are standing for a social cause! Outfits from Kurta Kampanee are crafted by unemployed women in rural areas. KurtaKampanee is giving them an opportunity to work and is creating sustainable livelihood and enterprises for Women in rural India ❤️ Guys do support them. 🤗 . . . . . . 🎥: @tarunsinghphotography
🌆 Mostrar lo bueno 🏘🚶🏻‍♂️ lo bonito, eso que aporta e inspira a otros a crear y dar lo mejor de sí 💡. Siento que es un esfuerzo que tenemos que hacer más a menudo. Yo confieso que naturalmente suelo recordar más las cosas malas que buenas 🙎🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️. No me pregunten por qué, es como si mi memoria tuviese una tendencia a lo triste y macabro 👻🤷🏻‍♂️💀. Por eso me enfoco en encontrar todos los días razones para motivarme; dentro y fuera de mí ✨🌈💆🏻‍♂️🎨✨. Les recomiendo que hagan ese ejercicio donde sea que estén porque es capaz de ponerle color a los días más grises. 📸: @charlesbr
My latest tattoo is healing nicely, which means it is itchy as all get-out. It honestly feels like there’s ants under my skin at the moment, but it is healing incredibly well and the colours have remained incredibly vibrant, even after the peeling. Someone once said beauty is pain, and I guess that must be true. At least I have this bad boy protecting me now, fangs bared and all. I’m blown away by how perfectly he fits into the space and how full the left forearm is looking now. It’s a bit like jigsaw puzzle!
Why so serious
Whiskey blue dressing today. This honey-whiskey coloured leather is a fantastic accent for an all-blue wardrobe like me own. It is close enough to orange to be complimentary, and far enough from black to avoid being boring. The brogue details and blue laces don’t hurt at all. My best mates boyfriend was wearing a brighter blue suit and a pair of chocolate brown shoes last Friday when I picked them up from the airport, and it looked so good I have been thinking about getting some chocolate brown shoes myself. Of course, I still have 221 days of my clothing ban left for this year, so...
Um leve ar de deboche #wednesdaymood #gucci 📛
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Weil es gestern Nacht auf meinem Profil @official_jaywest so enorm durch die Decks ging, möchte ich dieses Bild unserer Community hier auf diesem Profil auf keinen Fall vorenthalten 🔥 ---------------------------------------------------- Haircolor by @colourfreedomofficial ---------------------------------------------------- •🐥 Twitter: fashionjayckson 《《《《《《《 •👤 Facebook: originaljaywest 《《《《《《 •👻 Snapchat: mrwestthemonkey 《《《《 ________________________________ #jaywest #ootd #fashionblogger #malefashionblogger #blueeyes #menswear #germanboy #germanblogger #colourfreedom #esprit #espritfashion #ootn #germanfashionblogger #mensfashion #fashion #instafashionmen #notie #nofilter #businesslook #mensstyle #suited #suit #businessfashionformen #fashiontrends #fashiontrendsmen #like4like #l4l #f4f #follow4follow
More and more I am trying to train myself to pause in life, and to stop and be in the moment. Mindfulness. Being present. Stillness. Inner calm. Call it what you will, the act of putting yourself on pause and just checking in to see where you’re at and how you’re doing and what you are feeling is such an important and powerful tool. I must admit that it isn’t second nature? And it doesn’t come easily to me at all. It is something that I really have to work atto maintain, and admittedly something that tends to get side-lined in my routine pretty quickly. But I am getting better at the pause, and I feel better for it.
Hey boys! Just to let you know YES of course we do products for men . . Natural skincare is an essential part of healthy living and wellness. And of course looking good. (Our products literally make magic happen!) . . #cleanseandcondition is a cleanser, a moisturiser, can also be used in place of a shaving cream. It takes care of your skin on a day to day basis. Soft clean and healthy! . . #bodyscrub use in place of soap or body wash. It removes dirt and toxins, stimulates new skin growth, makes your skin soft and fresh and can be used on the face to help with ingrowns. . . There you have it - Nature’s finest skincare just for boys! . . #mensstyle #mensfashion #menofadelaide #boysclub #beardgang #barberlife #menshealth #malefashionblogger #madeinaustralia #naturalskincare #luxurylifestyle #adelaidebusiness #southaustralia
Something that I have been thinking about lately is just how poorly I have built up my wardrobe over the years. If my wardrobe was a building, it never should have received planning approval, and it is probably seconds away from toppling down on top of my tenants. It’s not really feasible to demolish and rebuild, but I do need to look at reinforcing the foundations, and probably a few little upgrades to the facade. Because really, at this point, no one is buying this building!
“it wasn’t me”
Loving this jacket😍 What do you all think of it?? 🔥Follow @dailyfashion_mens 🔥 🔥Follow @dailyfashion_mens 🔥 📷 @stylecompromise
In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.
Extra Long Plaid Necktie Handkerchief Set : Buy Now Only $ 18.92 | Free Shipping Worldwide Buy one here---> https://lyberties.com/check-3-4-silk-fashion-mens-extra-long-tie-necktie-handkerchief-set-q5-pocket-square-classic-party-wedding/ active link in bio | lyberties.com #blazer #outfit #dandy #getdapper #dapperday #bowtiesarecool #groomswear #instagood #moda #streetwear #polo #poloralphlauren #windsorknot #tracychapman #malefashionblogger #sundaysbest #soul #frog #tappezzeria #fiocco #cats #shop #beautifulfun #mod #scottish #plaid #60sfashion #1960s #vintageblazer #tweed
Trying to act super cool with @payal_dalwani 😂 although I lost the dance off, I swear I’ll beat you next time Payal🙊 @allrounder_shots @phoenixmctypune . . . Follow me on Snapchat: shrmsry , fb: Foodieprenequr and on twitter: FoodiepreneurIN for more food and fashion updates! 😉 In the meanwhile, I would love to see your amazing food pictures- tag #foodiepreneur or dm me to get featured. ✌🏻️🍴 #picoftheday #photooftheday #loveit #love #pune #amazing #lifestyleblogger #puneblogger #fashion #fashionblogger #malefashionblogger #menfashionblogger #ootd #ootdfashion #ootdmen #whatiwore #gentleman #gentlemansclub #plixxo #plixxoblogger #boss #danceoff #allroundershots #phoenixmarketcitypune #dance #leanon #djsnake
After the weekend, as much fun as I had, it is sort of nice to slide back into the normalcy of working life. I’m used to the ‘uniform’, as alternative as mine might be, and I am used to the 8-5 routine of working in the Public Service. There is a comfort to the routine, that lets me dream big for the other areas of my life. Blazer, business shirt, jeans and loafers - nothing groundbreaking or even staggeringly stylish - just something that fits and gets me through the day.
That’s quite the collection😳 Which one would you pick?? 🔥Follow @dailyfashion_mens 🔥 🔥Follow @dailyfashion_mens 🔥 📷 @rivped
\\ felling blue bem Maurício ❄️
Which one is more your style?? Left or Right?? 🔥Follow @dailyfashion_mens 🔥 🔥Follow @dailyfashion_mens 🔥 📷 @raretrio
Before the grind
You don’t need diet pills, Slimming drinks, Weight loss gadgets! All you need is Running shoes And determination!! . . . I got my shoes from @campusshoes 💕 #mridulmadhok X #campusshoes Apple Airpods from @gaffar_market 🔥 . . . . . #campus4life #campustech 🎥 @alluringframes @jatin_jcphotography
Opportunity is always waiting for us, but we have to be the ones to peek around the corner and find it. One of the harder life lessons I am learning between 25 and 35 is that I am not really someone who looks. I’m not a go-getter, I’m not a fake it until you make sort of guy. I’m the sort of person who for the most part just sort of accepts what is in front of them and tries to make it work for them. I think that part of being a realist is acceptance of things as they are; but that is limiting in its own way. Maybe for the rest of the year I need to really work at being the sort of person who actually looks around the corner, rather than just in front of me.
Having a good laugh on the radio was always on my bucket list!📻✅ Starting from today Punyachi Jhakaas Mulgi RJ Winnie is having a bloggers week where she is opening up all our secrets🙊 haha you wish!😛Tune into 91.1 Radio City Mon-Sat from 11-2pm♥️ . . . Follow me on Snapchat: shrmsry , fb: Foodieprenequr and on twitter: FoodiepreneurIN for more food and fashion updates! 😉 In the meanwhile, I would love to see your amazing food pictures- tag #foodiepreneur or dm me to get featured. ✌🏻️🍴 #picoftheday #photooftheday #loveit #love #pune #amazing #lifestyleblogger #puneblogger #fashion #fashionblogger #malefashionblogger #menfashionblogger #ootd #ootdfashion #ootdmen #whatiwore #gentleman #gentlemansclub #plixxo #plixxoblogger #boss #radiocitypune #rjwinnie #radiointerview
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