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I couldn't be beaming brighter to lock arms with this beauty!!! I met this girl several years ago and so thankful our paths crossed. When you mix 2 strong Mamas who share their struggles, keep it REAL and have a passion for empowering women 🔥The fitness industry doesn't know what is about to hit it!! Join the tribe!! LINK IN BIO! . #fitsisters #fitspo #godisgood #friends #mamasonamission #strongmoms #onlinefitness #igfit #fitfamily #empoweredlife #empoweredwomen
Life is so short, please don’t let tonight pass you by without telling your loved ones that you love them. I almost lost my baby brother today. But, I want you all to know that I’m so grateful for each and every one of you... You still have a few more hours to grab my business Startup ebook bundle at $19 vs $27 . Price will increase tomorrow at 10 am CST. Link in bio💚 💕 💚 💕 All of these ebooks will give you tips and tricks on how to balance your work and family life, how to start your business from ground up and it will also share mistakes to avoid and how not to burn yourself out or drive your family cra cra in the process. Don’t miss out on this great biz startup ebook bundle... again link in bio . . 1. MOMPRONEURS- Steps To balance work, life, & love 2. Moms- The Original Entrepreneur... Ways to start your business 3. Mompreneurs- The Real and Raw Guide To Starting Your Business ( what they don’t tell you) . TAG a friend who needs this
This was my drive this morning. I was one of many turtles on the road, moving slowly. Sometimes not moving at all. 2 1/2 hours to get to work 😳 Do you sometimes think if things are going slowly, you’re never going to reach your destination or goal? Like, why even bother trying? So you give up, then decide to try again...but at this point you’re starting from scratch and at the back of the line. But what if you don’t change the destination, you just alter the path you’re on? Maybe tweak it a little bit? Don’t change the goal, change the plan! #dontgiveup #youareworthit #keepgoing #mindset #reachyourgoals #mamasonamission #goals #turtle #traffic
Yes. It does. It matters where we spend our money! And looking cute can change a nation. Seriously, I’ve seen it first hand. Buying this bracelet is one of the purchases that will give artisans a sustainable income. Click on this link, buy something cute! I’m moving slow on learning the @vibellajewelry ropes. But you need to act fast! The last day to buy this bracelet and other ((on sale)) fall items is TONIGHT at midnight. Check it out. All proceeds go toward the Millers next venture to Haiti. God only knows when that may be ❤️🇭🇹 . . #wearredemption #winstonsalemartist #thisishaiti #kidsonmission #missionminded #mamasonamission #documentedlife #documentedlife2017 #shereadstruth
I had this total Duh! Aha! moment today when I was feeling bummed that Ninja lessons for Tyson (aka Tae Kwon Do) don’t quite fit into our budget... and then I remembered, Heyooo! Crazy side gig!! This ah-MAY-zing, incredible, stupidly simple opportunity that can make me $200-500/month!!! Guys!! The answer was sitting right in front of my FACE! Time to get to WORK to make the most of this thang so T-man can have his ninja lessons! 🙌🙌👦🏼🥋🤺 . . . #mamasonamission #wahmlife
I conquered cardio flow today 💃 🙌🏻 In case you didn’t know, I loath cardio flow day😱 Phase 3 of #80dayobsession changed it up and I like it a little more now! 🤗 i may not like cardio, but I didn’t give up! I did it and then my husband told me I looked like a bad a$$, so you know I obviously pushed harder after that 😜🤩 And cue golden globes speech... I want to thank @autumncalabrese Spotify playlist, (I cranked up the music and conquered) @bose for your awesome sports head phones, and @spotify for always having the greatest playlists at my fingertips! And last but not least; thank you to @nick_haas10 for always inspiring me with your motivational speeches!! (Seriously) Thank you, all of you, so much! 🙏🏻 😭💪🏻 Where are my 80 day obsessors at?!!! What’s your favorite workout? What’s your least favorite workout? WHERE ARE MY WANNA BE 80 DAY OBSESSORS?? What do you want to know about this program?!! Because you will love it!! 😍💪🏻 #spotify #boseheadphones #autumncalabrese #stronger #loveyourself #letsstartyourjourneytogether #conquer #dontgiveup #startsomethingnewtoday #fitmama #mamasonamission #getit
Who doesn’t love a good tea tasting on a gorgeous sunny day?! I love how we’re sipping our tea while mama shows her jazz hands. I love you @janiesm21 @kaypeaches @shmauss 💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #familylife #hightea #queenmary #seattleteatime #sistersinseattle #mamainseattle #mamasonamission #ilovemyfamily #girlparty #fearfultofit #wellnesswomen #seattlesunshine #vitamind #pnw #southendsisters
MAMA GIVEAWAY celebrating mamas everywhere doing thang; midnight feeding, manic school running, aeroplane spoon feeding, rhyme- timing & all time peppa pig suffering. This ones for you! Our award winning versatile Feed®️3in1 is designed for maternity•breastfeeding•sun safety and here’s your chance to bag one for your very own. 👉🏻simply, follow us, like the pic and tag a friend and hey presto! You’ve entered 👈🏻 winner randomly selected from our FB and Insta accounts running the competition announced on Mother’s Day 🌸
Happy #internationalwomensday Mama's!!! We ain't new to this, we're true to this! #wombtangclan#GlowOnGirl #mamasonamission
Two years ago today, on my birthday, I made the same promise to myself that I had made countless times before – I’m going to start exercising tomorrow. And I did. And for the first time ever, I was able to stay consistent with it. After three months I crossed a threshold that I didn’t even know existed for me, where I no longer had to make myself workout - I wanted to. . My goal was to tone up, not lose weight, but I ended up losing 10-15 lbs, going down 2 pant sizes, and finding my abs for the first time in my life, after having 2 kiddos. I feel incredible - strong, capable, energized, confident, LIMITLESS. . Just because you haven’t stuck with something in the past, it does not mean you CAN’T stick with it in the future. Don’t let your past define you or limit you - you determine your future. You can do this. You can do ANYTHING. #illstarttomorrow #gettoned #iamlimitless #firsttimeever #momof2 #youcandoanything
New Blog post in honor of VERY BIG NEWS! ❤ clink the link the bio to see what's been going on! 😁 #mamasonamission #GlowOnGirl #bignews #newbeginnings #imomsohard #livingmybestlife
So thankful that AdvoCare has introduced me to new friends that I never would have met otherwise. Love these twin mamas and their precious boys and looking forward to so many more play dates! #mamasonamission #advocare
When it's doctor Seuss week but you really wanted to be shimmer and shine 😂😂😂 #mamasonamission #GlowOnGirl #heal #help #inspire
These women truly are some of the world’s finest businesswomen, and I get to call them friends and teammates! We all started with the aim to help our families get healthier and bring in a little extra income to help lighten the load. There are a LOT of babies between us all and mouths to feed. I wish you could hear the health victories of each one pictured. This side gig has turned into one of the richest blessings I could have ever imagined. My favorite part is there is always room for one more! Since it’s my birthday, I’d like to gift one membership to someone this week. If you’re not sure what that means, but you’re ready to make a change and be the change... I’d love to chat! . . . #mamasonamission #healthandhappiness #happybirthday #beautifulmamas #rubyromper #giveaway #franklintn #bethechangeyouwanttosee
The look when you start going out on dates and your friends notice your glow lol #GlowOnGirl #mamasonamission #liveyourbestlife
❤️MAMA GIVEAWAY❤️ We’re kicking off our 5 day mama giveaway with this gorgeous cream & green clutch purse, from one of craftmaker collabs (the fabUlous mama of five, Edith Cherry). Perfect to strap to your buggy to carry your phone, money and lippie 💋 To be in with a chance of winning this beautiful quality leather accessory simply follow us, ‘like’ the post 👆🏼 and ‘tag’ a mama friend who would also like this gift. It’s that simple! There are more gorgeous gifts to be listed over the next week so be sure to keep your eyes peeled! •winner announced at 8.00am tomorrow morning• #mothersdayspecial
#marchmeetthemaker 👋🏼howdy folks! I’m Selina, one part of the twin duo! Wanna know more about this maker then read on..... • I blame being cancerian on being sensitive, emotional and waaaay too sentimental (as I secretly stash black and white photos and love letters of peeps long gone that I’ve never even met!) • I’m old skool, have always preferred a postcard or better still, a letter • I’m a visual artist and trained art therapist, but play dough, iron beads and potato printing is the extent of my art making these days!!! •I’m number illiterate, so the finance part of running a business is enough to keep me awake at night. Thankfully I have a very patient numbers man by my side who makes sense of my piles of receipts bank statements for the tax year end! •We have two little crazy energetic girls that keep us on our feet and remind us of the importance of the little things in life • I’m a tea addict, spot squeezer, and prolific photo taker and love to throw a good house party! Sorry neighbours! • Pancakes aren’t reserved for pancake day in our house! Nutella and banana is a firm fave • I’ve got a secret desire to dust off the old rolller skates head to the ramps!
It’s TREAT FRIDAY! It’s pay day, it’s spring (yes I know it’s snowing!!) and it’s time to get your hands on our beautiful lifestyle box. Seriously nothing should be stopping you. Just ask the ladies who experienced our February box, it’s a true delight! We have 5 left, subscribe with the link in the bio and be part of the lifestyle female tribe. Selfcare is number 1 on our list! Xx #selfcarematters #youreamazing #subscriptionbox #uksubscriptionbox #lifestyleblogging #dontmissout #fallinlove #fea #mamasonamission #womensempowerment #fridaytreat #fridaypayday #fridayquotes #5left #happyfriday #happinessbox #pressrelease #prettypackaging #voguegoals #instylemagazine #journorequest #modernmystic #bossbabe
Please read and SHARE! Swipe ➡️ for Spanish With the uncertainty of immigration reform, immigration experts say the best way to empower our communities is to be INFORMED! Know your rights and do not give ICE officials any information. Majority of immigration deportation are results of individuals giving ICE officials the info to take them into custody. Come join us on March 2nd at Rocketship Discovery Prep at 5:30pm to learn about your rights when in contact with immigration and how to protect your family. Details on flyer. Con la urgencia de no tener una reforma inmigratoria, expertos dicen la mejor manera de apoderar a nuestras comunidades es de estar INFORMADOS! Conozca sus derechos y no de informacion a oficiales de inmigración. La mayoria de los casos de deportacion estan en proceso porque individuales comparten informacion a los oficiales de inmigración. Acompañanos el 2 de marzo en la escuela Rocketship Discovery Prep a las 5:30pm para conocer sus derechos cuando en contacto con inmigración y proteja a su familia. Vean detalles en volante. #immigration #immigrationreform #knowyourrights #protectyourpeople #strongertogether #ice #sanjose #bayarea @knowyourrightscamp #mamasonamission
💰Class Starts In 10 Minutes💰 Join me at 8pm CST
Happy evening sweeties! 🙋🏽‍♀️If you are tired of trying to get your business up and running and off the ground, join me tonight as I simply the process for you! 💚 💚 TAG a friend who might need this class starts at 8pm CST Tonight!
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Work is more fun with my mini me and JellyBeans 👩‍👧 Now that I’m all jacked up on sugar, this is the time to hit me up and make something crazy happen. 😜 I have the deal if the year available for another 2 hours, let’s talk. #monthendmadness #MamasOnAMission #EasterCandy #RFDreams #Sugarhigh #slingingskincare #uplate #WillBeTiredTomorrow #RFHustleandHeart #FreeProduct #SuperRowynn #DeterminedPassionateMagnetic #AmbitiousReliablePassionate
👉🏽👉🏽Biz Tip Of The Day👈🏽👈🏽 When starting your business, choose one ideal and figure out what problem will it solve. 💚 ❤️ Here are some questions to ask yourself: 1. What am I naturally good at? 2. Who will benefit from my product? 3. Is there a demand for what I’m trying to do? 4. What is my potential client already buying ? 💚 ❤️ If you need help with choosing your ideal, I have created a free list of 75+ ways to make extra income. Grab it now link in bio ________________________________ Be sure to follow me @mommiemaven for more ways to start and grow your business, personal development and ways to manage your time better. ❤️ ❤️ TAG your mommy friend who might need this
👉🏽👉🏽Self Care Tip👈🏽👈🏽 When was the last time you took a vacation? When was the last time you did something just for you? Today, I want you to plan a mini vacation so you can rejuvenate and regroup. Remember, you are no good to anyone if you are drained and depleted! 👇🏽 👇🏽 Some examples: 1. Get a hotel for a night. Leave kiddos to love on Daddy 2. Plan a weekend getaway. Let kiddos stay with grandparents 💚 ❤️ What will you do and where will you go?
To think without my job, I would’ve never met these beauties! I wouldn’t be meeting up with them in 4 days in FL for the weekend and I wouldn’t have had countless moments where they have helped me to be my best. . They too are both crazy busy mamas who embraced coaching for a variety of reasons and I can’t imagine doing life without them! Jac is a military wife who’s moved more times than I can count, a mom to 3 boys and another on the way! She’s a bubbly, real & raw ball of energy who you’d be best friends with in about 2.2 seconds. And Tracey is a Physicians Assistant working all kinds of crazy hours with two littles and I call her my ninja. She is shy and “unassuming” but will blow you away by her humor and heart once you get to know her. . It literally breaks my heart to think I almost let my pride and assumptions get the best of me and didn’t pursue this incredible opportunity! I would’ve never been blessed by having these amazing mamas in my life. They are some of the top leaders on my team and have literally built their “life by design” over the last few years. When we get together, we laugh, we cry and it’s honestly pure joy to have them in my life. I seriously am beyond grateful to God that he knocked me over the head with this Coaching gig and I finally got over my dang self to see the true gem of an opportunity in front of my face. 😜 . I mean.... I met my hubby online, it’s only normal that I meet some of the most awesome women in my life there too, right?! 🤷🏻‍♀️😉 . I’m bringing on the “next gen” and taking 5 more women to mentor and provide with every single ounce of training that you could possibly need to do this too. If you wanna check it out to see if this could be a good fit.... check out my “Stories” starting today thru Tuesday and shoot me a message to be included on even more deets. . . . . . #mytribe #womenempoweringwomen #riseup #youarewhoyousurroundyourselfwith #mamasonamission #lifebydesign #momlife #busymom #momofthree #momoftwo #momoffour #togetherwearebetter #fitmama #healthymom #momswholift #fitmum
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Good morning Lovebugs! Let’s do a roll call! Rep your city and let me know where you are from
Bali life 💦 💞✌🏼
Prosecco Vs coffee. I don’t know about you, but I look forward to a night out. All the preening, beautifying and feeling like the night’s ours for the taking. Though I’ve made the mistake of hangovers with little ones one time too many and now stick to a rule of a glass of water between each drink. Oh and a good coffee the next day always sorts you out to be mummy-ready to take the little people on the next day! #tipoftheday
No excuses over here. Never to late to work it out. If you haven’t tried our app you don’t know what you’re missing. Tasty recipes, workouts from your own home or on vacay and Fit Coins!! Yes....you earn fit coins to Win free stuff!! #fitnessathome #nevertoolate #workoutanytime #mamasonamission #fitnesschallenge #threemonths #bodycontouring #eathealthy #ketojourney #ketoweightloss #ketotransformation #mamaoftwo #byebyemuffintop
Good morning lovebugs! Remember as you go about your day, that you should only strive to be the best version of yourself and NOT compete with other moms or wives! 💚 💕 You should look in the mirror today and blow a kiss at your dang self because there will NEVER be another awesome one like you! ___________________\___________ Follow @mommiemaven for more ways to start and grow your business & create harmony within your homes 🏠
Seriously I’ve been riding the struggle bus all month long, February goals definitely not going to be complete 🤷🏻‍♀️#keto starts today, after some research it’s definitely what I think my body needs right now 🥓🍳🥩🥦#lchf #ketodiet #lowcarb #mamaof2 #weightloss #ketomoms #mamasonamission #atkinsdiet #atkinsphase1 #longislandmoms #ketony #ketolongisland #lowcarblifestyle
Our training is tapering down for the big event in two and a half weeks .Tonight was a super windy walk. Heres hoping Oxfam isnt in a cyclone like the last time we did it #oxfamtrainingwalk #mamasonamission
New post up!! This is must read too many women making the same mistakes when the solution is simple. #GlowOnGirl #linkinbio #mamasonamission #heal #help #inspire
Good morning lovebugs! Sundays are for setting your goals for the week! ❤️ What are your goals for the week? . ❤️ 💚 Let me know
Here is your funny for today! How many moms can relate to this? Comment below:
Everybody can't inherit old money. Don't let them "I don't see how you do that 9 to 5 shit" people stop your hustle. Work until you save what you need to branch out on your own. You can't build off nothing, those loans they keep taking out is the Debt they can't seem to escape. It's YOUR dream, invest in YOUR brand in a way that won't leave you bankrupt in 5 years. Make you sure you create something that will still be around for your children to take over. #buildstrong #buildsmart #mamasonamission #GlowOnGirl
Good morning sunshine 🌞! Have you been praying for some things lately? Well, now that you’ve prayed about it and asked God for it, NOW start preparing for it and get ready! ❤️ ❤️ Let me know what you have been praying for big or small ________________________________ Follow me @mommiemaven & turn on your notifications
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My sweet friend @laurenyoungphoto and her adorable family. . Basically the cutest human on the face of the earth. We played in forts, cooked on the counter with mommy, jumped on the bed and read lots of books. . Lifestyle family sessions never go out of style! . . . . . . #melkayphotography #melkayfamilies #momtog #communityovercompetition #mamasonamission #momtrepreneur #frederickmdphotographer #hagerstownmdphotographer #theheartofmotherhood #lifestylephotography #shepherdstownwvphotographer #sharpsburgmdphotographer #lemonadeandlenses #lifeandlenseblog #thesnapsocietydailyfav #familyphotography #familyiseverything #familygoals #mamasboy #letthembelittle
My sweet friend @laurenyoungphoto and her adorable family. . Basically the cutest human on the face of the earth. We played in forts, cooked on the counter with mommy, jumped on the bed and read lots of books. . Lifestyle family sessions never go out of style! . . . . . . #melkayphotography #melkayfamilies #momtog #communityovercompetition #mamasonamission #momtrepreneur #frederickmdphotographer #hagerstownmdphotographer #theheartofmotherhood #lifestylephotography #shepherdstownwvphotographer #sharpsburgmdphotographer #lemonadeandlenses #lifeandlenseblog #thesnapsocietydailyfav #familyphotography #familyiseverything #familygoals #mamasboy #letthembelittle
My sweet friend @laurenyoungphoto and her adorable family. . Basically the cutest human on the face of the earth. We played in forts, cooked on the counter with mommy, jumped on the bed and read lots of books. . Lifestyle family sessions never go out of style! . . . . . . #melkayphotography #melkayfamilies #momtog #communityovercompetition #mamasonamission #momtrepreneur #frederickmdphotographer #hagerstownmdphotographer #theheartofmotherhood #lifestylephotography #shepherdstownwvphotographer #sharpsburgmdphotographer #lemonadeandlenses #lifeandlenseblog #thesnapsocietydailyfav #familyphotography #familyiseverything #familygoals #mamasboy #letthembelittle
👉🏽👉🏽QUESTION👈🏽👈🏽 What is your biggest frustration with working from home? 👇🏽 👇🏽 Chime in below: ________________________________ I’m listening 👂 let me know
This morning as I was passing around crafts at Molly’s Valentine’s Day party, I heard 2 girls say “I wish my mom was here at the party too”. My heart sank a little for those girls but at the same time made me feel really filled up that I was able to spend time today with Molly and her class. I can remember pretty much every party and event that I missed when I was working and the girls were in Daycare 😢 I couldn’t get time off from work and my schedule just didn’t allow it to be possible. #workingmomstruggle To think that I now have this honor all because I took a risk and played BIG ! I said YES to taking care of me and then yes to helping other mamas on their journey too ! Many of of the coaches on my team are working mamas or just working the busy life too ! I know many of them share the dream and vision to one day be home with their kids and #momboss it too ! The thing is ... it all starts with a little #sidebiz , daily action in your pockets of time, that day over day, month over month, add up to allowing this possibility to happen !! Whether you dream to one day be home with your kids, earn some extra income to put away for special vacations or bills, or just some spare money at the end of the week, there is a way for you too ❤️❤️ Want to learn more about helping yourself be the best version of you and inspiring others ? Message me ! #teamreveal #mamasonamission
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