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Tonight is a New Moon loves, a time of new beginnings and a time for endings. A New Moon, combined with a partial Solar Eclipse (which is only visible in the Southern Hemisphere) is a very powerful time to set your intentions and manifest your wildest dreams into being; the eclipse is especially potent to bring our dreams to life. This is a time in which a plethora of creation is coming to mind for you. The New Moon asks you to focus and to hone in on what you want - prioritize. Your best opportunity to forge ahead is in releasing that which holds you back in order to free up the maximum space for the opportunities that lie ahead. What are you wanting in your relationships? What allows you to be your authentic self? Hold that close. That which does not serve your highest path will fall away one you move forward in your truth. You hold the power to create your dreams. Empower yourself. Speak and act your truth. Dream. Move forward. Scroll for some mantras to help you move forward. #manifestyourhighestgood #dreambig #dreamspace #bringitintobeing #phoenix #11 :11
Focus on what you want to create rather than what you don’t want to create. Speaking and thinking about what you don’t want merely attracts that energy to you. You are more powerful than you know. #ManifestYourHighestGood