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PAÚL DE MAR-SÍTIO DA LAGOA-CALHETA Evoca-se o preciso momento em que, de face para o grande oceano, num instante, perpassam na mente do marinheiro os grandes momentos da sua vida e da dos seus: espécie de filme instantâneo onde se entrecruzam todos os momentos marcados pela vida ou pela morte, pela alegria ou pela dor. Por isso, a pose é de desafio firme e, ao mesmo tempo, de respeito contido. Apresenta-se nu, sem as roupagens da época, porque “ O Homem do Mar”, assim como o grande oceano, pertence a todos os tempos. Funde-se com o passado imemorial e com o futuro que há-de vir. Na sua carne apresenta as marcas do Tempo sem tempo, onde espírito e matéria sinalizam a sua condição. Vai ao mar, trazendo o mar consigo, numa luta permanente entre a vida e a morte. E é neste sortilégio que radica a sua força. A corda da vida serpenteia sempre tensa, trazendo nas suas voltas o dom do tempo, onde o prazer e o sofrimento se entrecruzam. Como símbolo de tudo o que o prende à vida: a família, os amigos, a sua terra, não só de agora como de todos os tempos. E a mão no peito é sinal dessa paixão pelos seus e pelos valores que o norteiam. De pé, perante o mar e a vida, perscrutando no azul do horizonte remoto os segredos e os mistérios do sagrado e do temporal, naquele instante/eternidade de suprema liberdade que acontece sempre no momento doloroso da partida. No passado, no presente e no futuro – assim será.#sculptors #sculpture #bronze #homemdomar #ilhadamadeira #escultura #escultores #humanfigure #manofthesea #paúldomar #art #arte #talent #talented #esculpir #human #bigsculpture #artista #artiste #artistic #artisticpic #artistico #artistique #photography #bw #photoshoot #photooftheday #monocromatic
....3 meses después vuelvo a verte, El Mar infinito...... como echaba de menos tu olor y tu bravura.... Que le voy hacer si yo nací en el Mediterráneo!!! 🌊🌊🌊🌊.... 3 months later I see you again, The Infinite Sea ...... as I missed your smell and your bravery ... What will I do if I was born in the Mediterranean !!! #guerrerodelaluz #buscandolaluz #puravida #1 % #quemasdaloquepienseeldiablo #costabrava #bravecoast #ibiza #Girona #homies #brotherhood # squad #lucky13 #bruno13 #insearchoflight #warriorofthelight #borninthemediterranean #manofthesea #elmundoesunbarrio
The Admiral was awake before the sunlight struck his room, filling it the color to start the day. Lamenting his choice to come here he found little solace in the morning sun like he usually does. "I often adore the new sense of adventure with each sunrise," he thinks to himself, "but something about this just feels hollow." He sets out of the Whimsical Harlot and finds not a sign of Rex anywhere. "Mayhap it too early for him to show up," he says to himself. A voice behind him calls out. "Good morning my dear friend!" "Albert, we bump into each other again." "Aye, it's such a strange phenomenon given that we're staying at the same location. I could have never foreseen this." A laugh is shared by both men as they take a seat on a nearby bench. "So today begins your new mission? I wanted to catch you before you left, as if you need an extra hand, my schedule is free to lend it." "I think I'll take you upon that when I find out my details," said the Admiral, "For now I'm asked, well, told rather that this meeting is to be a one on one." "Indeed it is Hoppington," bellowed Rex as he came around the corner. "I see you are ready, come. My employer is waiting." Admiral and Albert agree to meet later as the Admiral makes way with Rex through the bustling marketplace. #manofthesea #admiral #thestorybegins #animalsofinstagram
'Koalified to party' ~~ Kai ~~ Man of the sea: He could navigate accross the Pacific in the pitch black using the stars as his guidance. Happy Friday!! #cheekychappy #eyecontact #island #islanders #ocean #kai #stars #guidance #pacificocean #conflictislands #manofthesea #itsfriday #friday #party #koala #png #blackandwhite #photography
Out with the old and in with the new. Saying goodbye to our 3406B and hello to a brand new C18 Acert Caterpillar. #repower #rigging #heavylifting #3406B #caterpillar #diesel #power #genset #vikingexplorer #beringseafisherman #manofthesea #lifeatsea #boatlife #happyengineer
It’s just John, moodily posing by the surf... Standard.
"Well, since we're here, mind telling why I was brought to this place?" Asked the Admiral "Patience, dear Admiral, patience," Rex said with a coy smirk "That shall be revealed you tomorrow, alone preferably. Leave your friends behind until the meeting is over." "Rex, you and I have known each other too long to just assume this isn't a death trap." Rex unleashes a powerful laugh from deep within his gut. "Oh Admiral, I needed that one let me tell you. You are in no danger here, of that i assure you. My employer needs you as alive as possible for the task he has set in place. Rest assured, you're more likely to die upon the mission than you are the confines of this city." Hoppington remained skeptical. They had no problem setting his ship upon a hellfire of gun and cannon shots, and diplomacy is suddenly a tool they're employing? His didn't believe a word Rex uttered, but if he defied, then toppling an orc in this confined of a space would become a troubling concern. "Well then, I suppose I should rest for this evening. Where do you desire me come morning?" "Outside this inn shall suffice. I'll be waiting for you not long after first light." "Then I bid you good evening," the Admiral said as he showed Rex out. After shutting the door and laying down he says yo himself "Well, what could possibly go wrong?" (Sorry for the late update folks, been a busy week and finally have some downtime.) #manofthesea #admiral #newbeginnings #mysteryemploy #lifeofasailor #animalsofinstagram
Of all the uniforms i had to wear. This is my favorite. 😎. #marines #soldiersofthesea #armada #navy #manofthesea #infanteriademarina #oldestmarinecorps
I’m letting the cormorant fishermen steal the show 🛶🎣 (also im seriously slacking on the editing front...)
A solemn look falls on Albert's face after hearing the Admiral discuss the details of his presence in Humdrevid. "I'm sorry my friend, that is an unfortunate turn of events," Albert said with a grimace, "betrayal from an old ally is a cold reality." "Indeed," Admiral chimed in, "bit we're too far removed to hope to alter these events." "So what comes now?" "By any luck, Rex and his employ shall show mercy on me and my remaining crew. Doubtful as it may feel." A moment of silence falls upon the party as they drink from their cups. Albert, with a curious look on his face, decides the mood is already tanked enough to where he can ask his old friend a personal question. "Well, I may as well ask....have you spoke to-" Unable to finish that thought before being cut off by Hoppington. "Have not heard from her in 3 years. Perhaps she finally learned her lesson that I am not what she seeks after all." Another moment of silence falls and as the Admiral finishes his drink he stands. "I shall see you later, Albert. I must rest for tomorrow. Wonderful to see you again." They embrace one more time as The Admiral leaves for his room. Upon walking in he sets his personal effects down and slowly lifts his head with a soft chuckle. "You know, hard to miss an orc standing in the corner of a room Rex." "Was not going for subtly old friend. Welcome to Humdrevid," Rex says with a smile upon his face. (Pictured character is how I envision Captain Albert Alexander to look.) #manofthesea #oldfriends #newbeginnings #albertalexander #animalsofinstagram
Last day of the Easter holiday spent out in the sea 🌊🎣 #spiritofnoland #purenz #fishinglife #manofthesea
One of the Most Beautiful Spiderwoman Figures. IMO
Lizard BAF. He's Pretty Sick! 🐉
There’s first time for everything! @thebeach 😍 #puppylife #briard #bergerdebrie #briardsofinstagram #manofthesea
Rock On! 🎸
Seeing Double 👀
Passing down his nautical wisdom ⚓️🚢 #manofthesea #bestfriends
family is ❤️, we miss you papa 🙏 happy easter to all 🙂 #manofthesea #lifeofaseafarer #lifeathome
After exchanging pleasantries, Albert motions Hoppington and Griswald to follow him to a table. "Augustus, these two shall be put under my name tonight. They are not to spend a coin for their own drink!" The bar keep nods and resumes his duties behind his counter. They cross the pub to a table positioned near one of the farthest walls from their fellow patrons. The air is filled with lively chatter and a bard serenading the patrons with song. "Has it been nearly seven years?" Asked Albert "Aye, those days feel like they are decades behind us. A plethora of events have taken place and yet it all feels too common with the lives we lead." Albert looks toward Griswald, the two had not met as of this encounter. "My apologies new friend, my manners have escaped me upon seeing this verile legend in our company. Captain Albert Alexander, I command the Devil's Advocate." "Griswald Haswell, Bosun to the Admiral aboard the Warden's Oath. Been under the guidance provided by The Admiral for 5 years now." "Well met," Albert exclaims while offering out his hand, "Hoppington is not one to often trust his ship to another. You've been given a high honor to say the least." Griswald returns Albert's gesture and shakes his hand. "I have taken a fond liking of the vessel, and I suppose The Admiral isn't all that bad either." A laugh is shared by the three men and the take a drink from their cups. A moment of silence is had while the three listen to the current sonnet being presented from the bard and his mandolin. "What business have you in Humdrevid Albert," inquires Hoppington, "You're usually not one for big cities." "In most cases you are correct, however I have a much needed vacation I wanted to take and since the Dawning Festival is taking place next week, I figured why not see what this town I've heard rumors of has to offer. I could ask you the same question, last I recall, you were neck deep in Guild duties. Find it hard to believe you could just slip away." Hoppington, looking solemn to recall the events, tells Albert what has lead him to Humdrevid. #manofthesea #admiral #newbeginnings #oldfriends #animalsofinstagram
As Hoppington pulls into the port of Humdrevid, he finds himself relieved. A day early thanks to kind waters from the ocean. As the ship pulls in and sets itself for the stay, Hoppington finds himself greeted by the Harbor Master. "Welcome to Humdrevid," he greets warmly, " shall this be a brief or extended stay?" "Undecided for now as I am unsure what my business here pertains. Perhaps though, do you have a courier in your employ?" "Indeed I do sir. To whom do you seek a message sent?" "Rex Saurfang. Inform him that the vessel of Admiral Hoppington has arrived a day early and I await his presence at the Whimsical Harlot." "At once sir." Hoppington and Griswald make their way to the inn as the crew see to the ship. This was the Admiral's first visit to this city and he was unsure what to make of it. Sprawling markets with groups of people happy and carefree. He notices minstrels and gypsies sing and dancing through the streets. "Perhaps a festival is taking place," he thinks to himself. Griswald and the the Admiral arrive at the Whimsical Harlot and check in with the keeper. They make way towards the bar keep and decide a round or two are much needed after the events that just took place. "My sir, two pints for my cohort and I, please." As the bar keep nods and begins to pour their drinks, The Admiral hears feet approaching behind him, human if he were to wager a guess. A soft, friendly voice speaks out to him. "By the gods themselves, Admiral Hoppington as I live and breath. Not since the Mines of Hagrath have I seen that withered torso!" "Now there is a voice for decrepit ears," laughed the Admiral, "Captain Albert Alexander! My have the years been unkind to you!" The Admiral stands and turns around to greet his old friend as they laugh and embrace in a warm hug. #manofthesea #admiral #newbeginnings #oldfriends #unknownadventure #animalsofinstagram
Throwback to portrait gifts of the boyfriend's parents. ❤️ Had a lot of fun with these. #tbt #throwbackthursday
Marvel's SubMariner💦
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. This man... Old seafarer at heart, custodian and caretaker of Dragonfly, old school, hands on, fixer of all the things, lovingly restoring Dragonfly for her life back on the sea...where she is meant to be ⛵ We - Dragonfly and I, are in safe, capable, strong, loving hands and we are so incredibly lucky to be his 😍 :: :: :: #onestepcloser #thomascolvin #colvingazelle #diyboatrigging #manofthesea #handson #stronghands #diyboatstuff #accomplish #oldschool #diy #backtobasics #makingdreamsareality #labouroflove #seakindly #makingprogress #voyages #letsgosailing #sailingtogether #sailingdragonfly #dragonflyrigging
Something You May Not Know About Me - my grandad owned a fishing vessel down in Victoria around Port Phillip Bay. When my dad was a boy, my grandad and a few friends went out in the boat and there was an accident. Two died at sea, one somehow lived. My grandad was found a headless torso. I have the newspaper articles from the time. His death was 9 October, my birthday is 10 October, different years but I find it interesting. His love of boats and the water passed to my dad and me. . . #grandad #manofthesea #seaman #fishingvessel #diedatsea #familystories #family #photographycourse #learnphotography #goldcoastlife #goldcoastgirl #goldcoastgirlsinbusiness #goldcoast #goldcoastwedding #goldcoastweddings #goldcoastweddingphotographer #goldcoastweddingplanner #goldcoastbusiness #bekind #trustyourself #trustyour #trustheprocess #trustgod #creativelife #creativelifestyle #brisbanewedding #brisbaneweddingplanner #brisbaneweddingphotographer #brisbaneweddingphotography
Občudujem morje. Lahko ga zasanjano gledam neskončno dolgo. Toda letos ga še nisem videl. Zato me je danes potolažila že čudovita fotka Pirana v eni ljubljanskih blagovnic. / I adore the sea. I could gaze at it forever. But this year, I haven't seen it yet. Therefore this wonderful photo of Piran in one of department stores made me feel better today. #manofthesea #sea #pahor #president #presidentpahor #slovenia
finished 💪 my first 113km distance triathlon 🏊🚴🏃😁 #manofthesea #lifeofaseafarer #lifeathome #garmin #fenix3hr #tri #triathlon #tinman #tinman6 #tinman2018 #swimbikerun #currimaoilocosnorte thank you for the organizers of the event and all the volunteers and special thanks to my support crew @kilig.to.da.v0n @1122che for the patience and pictures 📸 😁😘
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