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The Thunder (27-18) visit The Garden to take on the Knicks (10-34). Tip-off: 12:30PM (EST.) Watch on MSG or NBA TV.
One of the most beautiful basketball courts in the world, near the city walls in Dubrovnik, Croatia. 🇭🇷 Would you like to play there? Fun fact: Mario Hezonja (@supermariohezonja ) comes from Dubrovnik. #nba #basketball #basketballcourt #ballislife #mariohezonja #croatia #dubrovnik #dubrovnikoldtown #citywallsdubrovnik #visitcroatia #travel #court #justplay #ArcInThePaint
Knicks top 10 players if they got Carmelo Anthony back. 1. Kristaps Porzingis 2. Enes Kanter 3. Kevin Knox 4. Trey Burke 5. Tim Hardaway Jr. 6. Noah Vonleh 7. Emmanuel Mudiay 8. Mitchell Robinson 9. Carmelo Anthony 10. Mario Hezonja #newyorkknicks #kristapsporzingis #eneskanter #kevinknox #treyburke #timhardawayjr #noahvonleh #emmanuelmudiay #mitchellrobinson #carmeloanthony #mariohezonja #formerthunder #formerjazz #formerwizard #formerhawk #formerbull #formertrailblazer #formerhornet #formernugget #formerknick #formermagic
@iso_zo from high school basketball all the way to nba basketball
It’s amazing how the Knicks are poorly developing and treating Frank Ntilikina. He’s only a 20 year old player who obviously needs more time and developing to reach his potential. The Knicks have done everything right during this rebuilding season except utilizing Frank Ntilikina. Really hope he can start over Mudiay at some point.
Thoughts on Mudiay? Do you believe he’s part of the future? He’s clearly having the best season of his career so far. That being said, there will be a lot of teams looking at him in free agency. He’s restricted, and the Knicks have his bird rights, but what if a team offers him more money than he’s worth? Should the Knicks just let him walk in that case?
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Zo knew what he was doing 👀😂😂😂
Fizdale says he wants Spree to work with some of his “big wing” players, such as Knox, Trier, Dotson, and Hardaway. _ Spree says he’d be happy to help: “I’m definitely open to it,’’ Sprewell said. “Anything I can do to have these guys get better, I’m willing to do that for sure.” _ Spree also talked a little about the Knicks so far, and said he loves to see the young players work hard in practice and compete, despite the record. He’s also a huge fan of “players coach”, David Fizdale.
One day.
I fell bad for @iso_zo. He goaltended in the last second to give the wizards he win. It’s a tank season and it was an entertaining game. We lost a 19 point lead so it isn’t all triers fault.
Zo with some birthday buckets. He’s playing pretty well. @iso_zo had 10 points and 3 assists at the half.
Zo assists Mitchell Robinson who came back after missing 13 straight games.
Am I still dreaming? 💭 What a wild week it's been with Croatian Folklore Group HRVATSKA RUŽA from Astoria NY. 🇭🇷💃🕺🏻🇭🇷 Here's an article in Croatia's popular magazine, @gloria.hr , about our exciting performance on 1/11/19 at Madison Square Garden for the NY Knicks' first ever Croatian Heritage Night (Noč Hrvatske Baštine) in honor of @supermariohezonja 🏀. Thank you all for your continued support! ✌💓🤗#folklor #dancing #proudcroatian #folklorlife #croatianheritagenight #NYknicks #MSG #newyork #newyorkcity @hrvatska_ruza #basketball #madisonsquaregarden #theworldsmostfamousarena #hrvatskifolklor #linđo #hrvatskaruza #samonaprid #hrvati #culture #heritage #traditions #hrvatiunited #narodniplesovi #kultura #povijest #narod #tradicija #mariohezonja #grateful @croatsallovertheworld
Happy 23rd birthday to @iso_zo. Game today vs the wizards in London.
The Knicks (10-33) are in London to take on the Wizards (18-26). Tip-off: 3:00PM (EST.) Watch on MSG. Robinson is available to play for the first time in a month.
#潛在交易及簽約預測 #三方交易 #紐約人 #CourtneyLee #MarioHezonja #公牛 #JabariParker #超長文 早陣子有消息傳出紐約人和公牛探討過有關圍繞Jabari Parker的交易案 紐約人方面願意送出3D老將Courtney Lee和今夏簽來的Mario Hezonja 然而公牛並不想要這包即戰力 公牛更想拉入第三方以盤來選秀籤 故事到這裏停了一下 / 早兩天又要消息指出公牛紐約人重啟有關交易Jabari Parker的交涉 紐約人這次的籌碼變成了Enes Kanter 國王亦有意加入成為第三方 國王願意送出陣中以Zach Randolph為首的到期約並接收Enes Kanter 然而這次公牛紐約人兩邊都想獲得至少一枚選秀籤作為回報 交涉又就此暫停 / 好 這些就是目前有關Jabari Parker交易案的傳言 回到鵜鶘方面 鵜鶘當然不需要Enes Kanter 鵜鶘需要的是Lee跟Hezonja這包 因此我認為鵜鶘其實可以嘗試介入成為第三方 / 預測 公牛送出Jabari Parker(2年40M;第二年球隊選項)獲得鵜鶘的Solomon Hill(2年26M)和Wesley Johnson(1年6.13M)加2019和2020次輪籤 紐約人送出Courtney Lee(2年25M)和Mario Hezonja(1年6.5M)獲得公牛的Jabari Parker 鵜鶘送出Solomon Hill和Wesley Johnson加2019和2020次輪籤獲得紐約人的Courtney Lee和Mario Hezonja / 紐約人之所以會想在Enes Kanter的交易中獲得至少一枚次輪 是因為Kanter是有一定戰力的到期約 紐約人從來都沒有迫切性要把他交易掉 反而是Lee身背兩年合同比較難處理 由於紐約人的藍圖中是在夏天直接開兩張頂薪合同搶來兩個超巨 身 因此紐約人是有迫切需要找到Lee的下家 甚至為此不惜以幾乎白送Lee的形式為公牛做嫁衣 目的純粹在於得到Parker這張到期約清空間 / 公牛方面就更簡單了 雖然要吞下Solomon Hill 但用輪值外的Parker盤來兩枚次輪籤 怎麽看都是划算 / 鵜鶘方面 是的Lee帶來的價值可能不怎麽大 畢竟也是過了而立之年的老將 可是除了Lee這個以3D球風作賣點的老將以外還有Mario Hezonja 他作為曾經的樂透秀年輕有潛力 對鵜鶘來説就是用兩張爛約換來兩個小前鋒即戰力 而且兩枚次輪的代價不算太大 鵜鶘確實有誘因作這筆交易
Here’s some unfortunate news: According to Woj, the Enes Kanter to Sacramento deal has pretty much fallen apart.
Looks like the Kanter/Kings trade talks have fallen apart, according to ESPN’s Woj. Knicks however are still looking to clear cap space, and are unwilling to include future picks in any deals to do so. Trade deadline is in a few weeks. Largest contracts on the roster: Kanter: $18.6M Hardaway: $17.3M Lee: $12.2M Kanter is the only one on an expiring deal.
The team in London. 💯 Knicks take on the Wizards tomorrow.
Travelling all the way to London to meet your basketball heroes: accomplished ✅ this is why we do it 🔷️🔶️❤ #nba #newyorkknicks #london #nbalondon2019 #frankntilikina #lukekornet #timhardawayjr #noahvonleh #mariohezonja #basket #basketball
Coach Fiz on where he wants the team to be a year from now. 💯
After the loss to Philly, Kevin Knox was asked if he saw any similarities between NYK's rebuild and the Sixers' process. Here’s the full quote: "Yeah, I mean they went through a lot of struggles these last few years but they never gave up. They kept working. They kept with the same plan every single year. Got some draft picks, got healthy. Kind of similar to how we're doing it. We're a young team, it's going to be a struggle. We're going to go through some ups and downs but we're still going to keep working each and every day to get better. You could definitely say it's kind of a similar path."
David Fizdale on where he sees the Knicks a year from now.
Who says no to this deal?? I personally would like it very much. I think DSJ has more potential than Frank, and getting rid of Timmys monstruous contract would be great. Btw, this come from Woj tweeting last night about the Mavs actively shopping DSJ and the Knicks showing interest🙀 Leave your opinions in comments below👇🏻 _______________________________________________________ #knicks #porzingis #knickstape #gameday #game #nba #basketball #mitch #robinson #trier #isozo #nyk #newyorkknicks #knickerbockers #hardaway #burke #knox #timhardawayjr #hardawayjr #mariohezonja #nyknicks #knickstank #knickstape #goknicksgo #frankntilikina #dennissmithjr #eneskanter #kknox #zionwilliamson creds: @nyknickseverything
The right way to rebuild. Can’t wait to see what this homegrown talent turns into one day. 🤫💯
Kornet tied his career high in points last night against Embiid. He also shot 53% from the field. Thoughts on Kornet so far this season?
The Knicks are signing Westchester guard Kadeem Allen to a two-way contract. Allen, 25, plays both point guard and shooting guard, and averaged 13.7 PPG, 5.2 RPG, and 5.4 APG with Westchester this season.
The knicks have signed G league guard Kadeem Allen to a two way deal. Currently Allen averages almost 14 a game. (SHAMS, yahoo) _______________________________________________________ #knicks #porzingis #knickstape #gameday #game #nba #basketball #mitch #robinson #trier #isozo #nyk #newyorkknicks #knickerbockers #hardaway #burke #knox #timhardawayjr #hardawayjr #mariohezonja #nyknicks #knickstank #knickstape #goknicksgo #kanter #eneskanter #kknox #zion
The Knicks should hold their heads up high after that one. The Knicks rallied back from 24 down but ultimately came up short, losing to Philadelphia 108-105 - Kev - 31 points (20 in second half), 7 rebounds, 2 steals Kornet - 23 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists Mud - 19 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists Mario - 9 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists Frank - 8 points, 6 assists, 2 steals - The Knicks play Washington in London on Thursday afternoon. It’s an ‘away’ game for New York. #KnicksWay
Here’s an update on the Enes Kanter trade rumors. The Daily News revealed that the Knicks have contacted the Bulls about a Kanter for Jabari swap, but talks didn’t progress much. There would likely have to be a 3rd team involved, and the article stated the Kings could be that 3rd team. The Daily News also explains that the Kings have discussed a Zach Randolph for Enes Kanter swap in a separate deal, which was reported last week. It’s said that those talks are in “early stages”. Knicks want a “sweetener” in the deal, such as a second rounder. Jabari has a $20M team option that the Knicks would likely decline if that deal went through. Randolph is on an expiring deal. Let’s see what the Knicks decide to do in the coming days.
Knox with the step back on Embiid 🔥.
A new career high today for Knox! He’s the sixth youngest player in NBA history to score at least 30 points. 🔥 Kobe Bryant, Devin Booker, Kevin Durant, Jaren Jackson and LeBron James were younger.
Knicks fall to 10-33 on the season with a 105-108 loss to the 76ers. Knox: career high 31 points, with 7 rebounds and 2 steals on 12/23 FG. Kornet: 23 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists, 7/13 FG Mudiay: 19 points, 4 assists, 7/17 FG Frank: 8 points, 6 assists, 2 rebounds, 2 steals, 1 block, 4/11 FG
@luke_kornet with the slam❗️
Despite the deficit, here’s Kevin Knox with the strong move to the basket for the layup 💪🏽
HALFTIME: Knicks trail the Sixers 50-66. Knox: 13 points, 5/11 FG Kornet: 11 points, 4/7 FG Frank: 6 points, 3 assists, 2 steals, 3/5 FG
Early game today, as the Knicks (10-32) host the 76ers (27-16) today at 1:00PM (EST.) Frank and Dotson are available. Hardaway is a game time decision (hamstring). Kanter (flu) and Robinson (groin) are out again. Watch on MSG.
Stepping away from Zion, who else are you a fan of? R.J. Barrett (SG/SF), Cam Reddish (SG/SF), Ja Morant (PG), and Jarrett Culver (SG) round out my top 5 prospects as of right now. Of course this could change every week depending on the level of play.
Not the wisest decision by Enes Kanter 😅 -- Follow @knicks.everyday if you're a real Knicks fan!
David Fizdale still can’t believe he has Kristaps Porzingis 😊 — Follow @knicks.everyday if you’re a real Knicks fan!
#Knicks simply couldn't keep up with #Pacers Emmanuel Mudiay: 21 pts, 3 asts & 2 rebs @knicksnation_ny
#NBA1819 #골든스테이트vs뉴욕 #20190109 . . 골든스테이트가 푹 쉬고 나와 공격리바운드를 다 잡아냈다. 기본적으로 워리어스는 올 시즌 빅맨들이 부족한 상황이다. 캐번 루니를 제외한다면 조던 벨이나 요나스 예렙코만으로는 빅맨진영이 풍부하다고 하긴 어렵다. 그런데 뉴욕이 오늘 그들에게 공격 리바운드를 너무 많이 뺐기면서 2차 공격 상황들을 많이 내주고 말았다. 그리고 1월 드디어 재가동 되기 시작한 득점기계 클레이 탐슨이 팀을 이끌었다. 기계가 작동하기 시작하니 커리는 자신의 역할을 포인트 가드에 맞춘다. 14개의 어시스트. 그가 뿌려주는 패스가 득점으로 올라가기 시작하자 커리는 득점보다는 어시스트에 주력한다. 커리의 득점은 부족했지만 늘 평균값은 해주는 케빈 듀란트까지 더해지며 워리어스는 뉴욕을 상대로 기쁜 승리를 이어갔다. 오늘의 MVP는 재가동되기 시작한게 분명한 클레이 탐슨이다. . . #골든스테이트 #워리어스 #오늘의MVP #클레이탐슨 #Klaythompson #스테픈커리 #StephenCurry #케빈듀란트 #KevinDurant #뉴욕 #닉스 #마리오헤조냐 #MarioHezonja #NBA
🏀 Indiana Bojana Bogdanovića svladala je Hezonjin New York sa 121:106. Babo je za 25 minuta zabio 15 uz dva skoka, asistenciju i ukradenu loptu, a Hezonja je za pola sata igre zabio 10, no imao je šest skokova, čak pet ukradenih lopti, dvije asistencije i blokadu. Odlične individualne učinke ostvarili su Ante Žižić i Ivica Zubac u porazima svojih momčadi, dok je Dario Šarić podbacio. Detalji su na www.germanijak.hr. #bojanbogdanovic #mariohezonja #antezizic #ivicazubac #nba #nbaliga #nbaleague #basketball #kosarka #germanijak #samosport
Tank season is going pretty well.
The @nyknicks can’t keep up with the @pacers as they lose 121-106 @emmanuelmudiay 21 points | 3 assists @wholeteamdot 15 points | 6 rebounds | 4 assists @kknox_23 14 points @timmyjr10 12 points | 6 rebounds @nvonleh 12 points | 3 rebounds | 2 steals @treyburke 12 points | 3 assists @supermariohezonja 10 points | 6 rebounds | 5 steals #newyork #knickstape #knicks #nykalltheway #letsgoknicks #newyorkknicks #emmanuelmudiay #damyeandotson #kevinknox #timhardawayjr #noahvonleh #treyburke #mariohezonja
Knicks fall to 10-32 on the season with a 106-121 loss to the Pacers. Mudiay: 21 points, 8/18 FG Dotson: 15 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists, 4/7 FG Knox: 14 points, 5/10 FG Hardaway (hamstring) and Dotson (calf) both went to the lockeroom.
@iso_zo with the block on oladipo.
As expected we are losing. We aren’t doing to bad though.
Mario Hezonja je na konferenciji za novinare izjavio da bi želio i sljedeće sezone igrati u New Yorku iako mu istječe ugovor i iako je u zadnje vrijeme ispao iz rotacije na koju računa David Fizdale. Ali kako su se Knicksi odlučili na tankiranje (iako to naravno neće javno priznati) to bi moglo otvoriti još ponešto prostora za dokazivanje i možda ostanak u Madison Square Gardenu i sljedeće sezone #nba #newyorkknicks #mariohezonja #madisonsquaregarden
HALFTIME: Knicks trail the Pacers 52-64. Vonleh: 10 points, 4/4 FG Hardaway: 9 points, 3/8 FG Burke: 8 points, 3/5 FG Knox: 7 points, 2/5 FG
Someone said Giannis is smiling somewhere 😂😂 (via NBA/twitter)
Pacers tonight. It’s tank season so don’t expect a win.
Frank (sprained ankle) and Kanter (illness) are both out tonight vs Indiana. Tip-off is at 7:30.
What are your thoughts on Mario Hezonja’s season so far? Should the Knicks bring him back next season? Leave your thoughts below👇🏽 (🎥 Via @knicksfantv )
Mario wants to stay a Knick. In the last three games, he has averaged 14.3 points, 5.0 rebounds, 0.7 assists and 2.3 steals in 23.3 minutes per game while shooting 57.7 percent from the field. Let's see how he responds in the 2nd half.
Thoughts? I think @stephenasmith is crazy
Cmon Stephen A! This is just so crazy and I thought you are a real New Yorker. New York is the Knicks city and if anyone big is coming to NY it is gonna be the Knicks. If people are gonna decide they wanna play and live in NY they want the garden and want the MECCA. Lets just pray KD comes to NY and pairs up well with KP and future Knick Zion Williamson😂 _______________________________________________________ #knicks #porzingis #knickstape #gameday #game #nba #basketball #mitch #robinson #trier #isozo #nyk #newyorkknicks #knickerbockers #hardaway #burke #knox #timhardawayjr #hardawayjr #mariohezonja #nyknicks #knickstank #knickstape #goknicksgo #kanter #eneskanter #kknox #zion
Thoughts on what @stephenasmith said? 🤔
Mario Hezonja had one of his best games as a Knick this past Tuesday against the Golden State Warriors, he shot the ball pretty well and was doing a great job stealing the ball on defense, how do you think Hezonja played, Thoughts? #knicks #nyknicks #knicksnation #knickstape #nba #ny #newyork #mariohezonja #mario #hezonja #supermario #supermariohezonja #knickslose #knicksftw
We’re officially halfway through the season, and the Knicks have the 3rd worst record in the league at 10-31. The two teams worse than the Knicks are the Suns (10-32) and the Cavs (8-33). One thing to note here is the Knicks play much more home games the second half of the season. It’ll be interesting to see what the Knicks do at the deadline, with rumors already swirling.
Not what we want to hear...😳 @thescore
@treyburke with a nice move to the basket
🚨🚨🚨 - What’s your thoughts on this? Should the Knicks go through with it? @knicks.clique
Zach Randolph return to the Knicks? The Knicks and Kings are discussing an Enes Kanter-Zach Randolph expiring contracts swap. Nothing is close at the moment. The Kings might want to add more expiring contracts, third team may be involved.
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